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  1. Thank god that sh*tty handball rule is getting changed next season
  2. It was obviously going to happen one day but still gutted, blokes a legend, League 1, Championship and Premier league winner, with some screamers scored along the way
  3. Pushed the best team in the league all the way. Great 1st half, dropped a bit in the 2nd but had to do a lot of running to fill the gaps their movement created. Big shouts to Hamza, Wilf, Chilly and Madison tonight
  4. We need a better option on the bench than him if we really are going to try and push on and break the top 6
  5. Going for quick nimble players in my team who can play various positions Poole G Mills. Grayson Izzet Mahrez
  6. Just watched it on the Soccer Saturday show, plus the tributes the panelists gave, was really touching and well done by Sky. Bought a lot of emotions back.
  7. It’s oooh Tommy Wright for me. Sat in the east stand as a boy and everyone in there loved him, even if half his crosses landed in Pen 3! Honurable mentions to Lloyd Dyer and Spencer Prior, who I always thought was a bit of an unsung hero back then, fully committed.
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