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  1. So it's not the same fit as the current one then? (Sorry, I have a torrid time having to dive between L and XL)
  2. Loads of them in my town (Bridgwater, Somerset) and spuds out in force today and for the past few weeks. Never see their shirts any other time 😂
  3. Ordered mine on Friday. Hoping it turns up tomorrow as the postie didn't have anything today
  4. No mention of the players being snakes though by other fans etc..
  5. I reckon he will go in the Summer tbh.
  6. Javier hernandez anyone? DM saying earlier Tammy Abraham has turned down a loan move to wolves. Gerrimin
  7. DM transfer section says us and West ham are outside tips for Balotelli who is potentially off to Newcastle Would anyone here actually take a gamble on him?
  8. Pretty sure i saw it was only 2 million as well?
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