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  1. @Ashley They are superb. Would love the club to at least see these. That yellow one is something else 👍👍👍
  2. It's not the senates job to do the houses work. "Witnesses" used loosely should of been presented at the house stage. Besides, as the Dems so desperately kept saying, if it was such an emergency that he should be removed immediately as thats what the American people deserve why did darth pelosi withhold the papers for so long before passing them on to the senate. She even said it would be unwise to proceed but went along with it anyway due to party pressure. Low and behold, it failed just like the "muh russia" and the Mueller investigation. It's Trump derangement syndrome pure and simple. They still can't accept the result of the 2016 election, just like the Remoaners here in the UK regarding Brexit. As for Romney, he is a RINO. He is still bitter he didn't get the nomination to run for president and Trump did. His saving face by voting not guilty on the second vote to save face still won't do him any favours. Remember when the dems called Romney a disgrace and akin to hitler all those years ago and now is being hailed as "stunning and brave" by the typical left leaning media outlets and dem voters. Hypocrites and again only shows this is a bias against the president and nothing else.
  3. Glad the sham has now finished and the Democrats have been shown to be just who they really are at present, The SOTU especially proving this with their utter lack of respect. I hope he does get another term in office 👍 Think bernie "free everything" sanders would be the nominee but will undoubtedly get screwed over again so creepy joe gets it. Bootyjudge, warren, yanggang, boomerberg won't get a sniff. Gabbard would of been a good contender.
  4. Tough going watching that video being played in the stadium. Hits me every time.
  5. The Dems have provided no concrete evidence as to why they have pushed impeachment through. It has been heresay,nothing more and they have moved the goalposts along the way. It won't pass the senate (thankfully) and normal service will resume. Dems have dug themselves a hole and instead of climbing out with some dignity, they have kept digging. Against the speaker of the houses wishes, the radical left element of the party got what they wanted but the consequences will be another 4 years of trump because they cannot get over the 2016 election result and "orange man bad"
  6. According to arsenal and man u friends of mine, him going to Arsenal isn't a step down but a step up and that he is too arrogant and cocky to turn it down.....oh and because we won the league we are still not a big club
  7. Proper chuffed for the team and the club as a whole. 👍💪
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