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  1. ramboacdc

    2 free avengers infinity war tickets!

    contact odeon on their chat and explain and they will refund.
  2. ramboacdc

    Sea of thieves

    its a Rare game. and certain things work but to compare to AC i would say the boat is better but there is no contest on storyline/quests etc.
  3. ramboacdc

    Explosion on Hinckley Road

    the shop between morgans bar and i think tjs? had a flat above it if i recall?
  4. ramboacdc

    Explosion on Hinckley Road

    he still in exile in belgium?
  5. ramboacdc

    Explosion on Hinckley Road

    silk rumours?
  6. ramboacdc

    Explosion on Hinckley Road

  7. ramboacdc

    Explosion on Hinckley Road

  8. ramboacdc

    Explosion on Hinckley Road

    sky news now sending out alerts to every app user. i got it and shit my pants! gas leak?
  9. ramboacdc

    Membership 17/18

    i will see if i can budget for it. had money issues this year and made it to 0 games thanks to it. may just renew my membership until i am back on my feet and stay there.
  10. ramboacdc

    Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    there wasnt a home priority system last year...its new this year.
  11. ramboacdc

    Sky to get rid of Satellite Dishes

    so if you got shit internet you are pretty much screwed.
  12. ramboacdc

    UEFA Nations League

    Nations League: League A League A completed Group 1: Netherlands, France, Germany. Group 2: Iceland, Switzerland, Belgium. Group 3: Poland, Italy, Portugal. Group 4: Croatia, England, Spain Nations League: League B Group 1: Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia. Group 2: Turkey, Sweden, Russia. Group 3: Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria. Group 4: Denmark, Republic of Ireland, Wales. Nations League: League C completed Group 1: Israel, Albania, Scotland. Group 2: Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary. Group 3: Cyprus, Bulgaria, Norway, Slovenia. Group 4: Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania. Nations League: League D completed First ever Nations League drawn Group 1: Andorra, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Georgia. Group 2: San Marino, Moldova, Luxembourg, Belarus. Group 3: Kosovo, Malta, Faroe Islands, Azerbaijan Group 4: Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Armenia, Macedonia.
  13. ramboacdc

    Great Movie Soundtracks

    Baby Driver
  14. ramboacdc

    Fortnite Battle Royale

    god god i suck at this game. i cannot think in 3 dimensions and build up as quick as others. best i've managed is 8th....with no kills.
  15. ramboacdc

    Sea of Thieves

    Beta open in half an hour. if you want it free go to amazon, pre order the game and they will email you and beta key but not charge you until it ships in march. Cancel the order and you have beta access for free!