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  1. what changed at watford, the away end or where they stuck the TV cameras?
  2. still not made it down but been told at least the book will be open Saturday. Even if i can't stick a scarf or some flowers down at least i can sign the book..
  3. someone pass the popcorn...this will only go well. I must say though, very well put. The reason is the factory they are produced in just to put minds at rest. Cadbury has a Halal certificate for Eastern Asia but thats for peace of mind, not animals or alcohol in there. Also Halal i didn't realise a prayer was said after every kill? That's got to be one noisy killing floor.
  4. well everyday is a school day. thank you!
  5. wait..which one is stable? both crash.
  6. oh god i saw that last night and it ****ing ruined me! one of the best compilations i have seen yet.
  7. its not loading for me (work wifi) but is it the one off sky sports news they were playing yesterday with "time to say goodbye" in it?
  8. I think he may show his face at some point. Pearson too. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a memorial service and all ex managers under his leadership turn up.
  9. gonna have to stop looking at all this now or i won't sleep. feel raw and beat up and down by it all and i cant even imagine what people who knew him or the other 4 are going through right now. no one should ever go a game of football and not come back.
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