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  1. And people are surprised, the way he acted was like he was a prisoner that got paid nothing. He signed a big contract for us and was paid well too, if it wasn’t for us he probably still be applying his trade in the lower French leagues. Get over yourself Mahrez.
  2. I think this truly sums up how good of a start we have had and just how well we are playing. I remember last time when we were top people claiming we hadn’t played anyone good yet that excuse is out the window this time
  3. If we finish top four we might get invited to that world tour friendly rubbish again, I say turn it down and play Hinckley
  4. I would never say it is impossible after 12 games, especially with that December them going to the club World Cup and all ... they are however in a great position and it will be tough to close in on them
  5. The fact is Liverpool have had the rub of the green and the refs on their side recently; I will not be saying the title race is done yet; however Liverpool are now clear favourites but December will be a test of their resolve.
  6. Don’t overlook that fixture congestion in December and they have got jammy in some games recently, us, sheff United and Villa
  7. I think Man City have looked fragile recently, and have suffered some injuries especially at the back. Everyone was saying Liverpool and Man City are I’m a different league, I don’t think so they are catchable and we are above Man City now
  8. Big gap between 4th and 5th and then everyone is pretty close. Just how I like it
  9. We will be expanding the stadium, we are having a world class training facility built. Why can’t we make this a regular thing, and truly break in to the top six. Why should we just be happy to be in the league. Annoyed me when we won the league, and everyone felt we should just accept relegation and not look to grow on that. So narrow minded.
  10. He should not just get in the england 11, he should be one of the first names to be in the 11, I could argue he should be the first with what he provides. Imagine him, instead of Henderson, providing for sterling, sancho and kane... Southgate is a mug if he continues to not play him. This guy is world class without question, just sublime in the final third, every ball he plays is positive and he nails it.
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