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  1. Our position is good, we have two games in hand, even if we lost those the gap is maintained at worse with only 4 games to go...
  2. He does it all the time, but no one will give him a job unless they are in the relegation zone lol... he is a good manager always has been, and Palace will do well with him he suits them.
  3. Mahrez won't be here next season, and gray is sure to get more minutes and runs girly so, he suits the way we like to play perfectly
  4. It is why I thought the draw against Palace was a good result when we went there, they have hit serious form and won't go down now
  5. Offside, then uses the arm... I think there is some sort of conspiracy here ...
  6. Chilwell is so skillful, he had a fantastic game, Shakespeare with the two changes really got at Atletico, they had to fight hard in both games for that one.
  7. Makes a huge difference though, no there wasn't but if we just needed one more it puts even more pressure on them .
  8. One that also has a help in hand from the ref... which makes a big impact on the match
  9. Effectively drew both games
  10. Done by a dodgy decision ... and some back to the wall defending, we played great in that second half
  11. I feel they were there for the taking
  12. Can't believe how soft their goal was though
  13. Such a frustrating team aren't they... well 3 goals is impossible but let's get something out of this
  14. Chelsea aren't as good as we were last season ...
  15. Well an important point especially with the other results, just a shame we had a two goal lead and let it slip