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  1. Have we bottled it, we are in a cup final and still top 4 at least wait before calling us bottlers
  2. Who ever finishes in the top 4 deserves it... Chelsea lost 5-2 to West Brom ffs and shipped 8 against them, do they deserve it?
  3. Yeah, hoping a good pre-season can get him going again really
  4. Frustrating really, thought he was a smart guy with the way he comes across in the interviews... but I’m doubting that now, he had a chance of going to the Euros, but that party and total rubbish form has cost him massively.
  5. Mount has been very good since Tuchel come in, different player to what he was earlier in the season
  6. Total idiot when he had to party before the West Ham game, add the fact he has been total crap on top and well what can I say, be lucky to get anything for him.
  7. Cup final and 3rd, not good for some... people need to calm down and wait to see how we respond. The next few games are the biggest now we will need four points minimum. I get it we have made the job very hard for ourselves, but it isn’t impossible we have beaten all these sides already this season
  8. You seriously aren’t comparing us to Chelsea, they spent like nearly 300m in the summer on their team ...
  9. Anyone wanting a manager gone that has you in a cup final and going for top 4 is truly insane.
  10. Seem to ship weak goals and the game gets away from us, has happened a few times, especially at home.
  11. our away form is seriously much better than at home... I still believe we will do enough. I will remain optimistic
  12. Worst performance from Soyuncu, from the off I knew something wasn’t right... slow to everything and practically tripping over the ball, getting it tangled in his feet
  13. Well as we have seen teams lose to anyone... wouldn’t surprise me if Everton beat West Ham
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