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  1. He hit two parked cars so I would be surprised if he wasn’t drinking
  2. I think we might go a couple of more too... playing brilliantly at the moment
  3. Must have been a good thing, we won the title didn’t we
  4. The only one disappointment is, you don’t get the Iconic crowbar in this game...
  5. Been playing it and my god this is the best VR game, it certainly breaks new ground. Love half life and to have it done so well in VR is incredible. Videos don’t do it justice, you need to play it for yourself.
  6. Not really, I only have two toilet rolls...
  7. 3. Southampton 4. Blackpool 9. Wolverhampton Wanderers 14. New York Red Bulls 15. Crystal Palace
  8. That would be day light robbery, but you know the chance of putting Arsenal and Man U in regardless of whether they deserve it would be to hard to resist.
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