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  1. Puel-come to the future

    We are playing possession football but playing the likes of Morgan James and Simpson... when we have much better to do that in the team... Puel hasn’t found his best team yet, but he is leaving obvious options out
  2. Stoke post match 1-1

    Well first 10 minutes good... and last 20 was more like it the rest we were very poor but still stock only had one chance, which unfortunately ended with a goal...
  3. Champions League 2017/18

    Heard them on talksport saying Sevilla wouldn’t do well in the PL and this should be comfortable for United. Reason because we beat them last season what a joke, they are a top 4-5 La Liga side and very capable of beating this united team
  4. Champions League 2017/18

    Chelsea better team that half should be going in at least 1 up, lots of possession from Barca but not worried Chelsea too much at the moment...
  5. FA Cup 2018

    Every big team that falls is good for us, I think we can win it this year
  6. FA Cup 2018

    HELL yeah!!! justice served !
  7. FA Cup 2018

    The inevitable Harry Kane goal happened ffs !
  8. FA Cup 2018

    Newport was close until kane ruined it for us all
  9. V The Blades - Match thread

    Good to see, and would have been easy in this type of game to just think he can stroll around
  10. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    oh dear, stole a taxi heard it all now
  11. Iborra could face a six year ban from football

    He might of been in the team doesn’t mean he knew anything about it... hopefully
  12. Champions League 2017/18

    2-2 now, got to give it to spurs they are playing very well
  13. FFP Champions 5 - 1

    This I can’t believe how quiet it was you would have thought they were losing 5-1
  14. FFP Champions 5 - 1

    The next two games we most be looking to get 4 points at least just to ensure our safety, this game I expected us to lose but not in the manner we did, that second half was absolutely pathetic
  15. Man City Away Match Thread

    Good change Puel