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  1. We have put out a second string, they are bear full strength... not surprising
  2. 15mill now that would be a steal
  3. That is good news
  4. Vettel what he deserves
  5. Gives me nightmares seeing threads like Sean st ledger and Steve Howard
  6. Again, as long as hamiltons car holds up.. no headrest issues or anything like that he should ease to victory
  7. Kyle Walker is a very good player, just not 50 million good though, maybe half that.
  8. Absolutely not
  9. I actually did that for the Pacquiao and Mayweather fight, I was going to watch it on re-run but heard the fight was rubbish so didn't even do that. Not paying for this though, it is going to be an awful fight like must Mayweather fights are.
  10. No idea but that was rejected too it seems, wonder if Everton will go in with more
  11. With the TV money, every club in the PL doesn't need money from sale of players so they can play hardball and overvalue their players to drop interest. Sigurdsson is so important to Swansea they aren't going to sell for market value, frustrating but it is the way it is now.
  12. The Christmas tree formation could work with Rooney up top and klaassen and Sigurdsson just behide
  13. they certainly would be, £40 mill surely is the absolute top you would want to pay.
  14. Absolutely seemed nailed on that he was going Everton earlier.
  15. Worth around £30 million, if Swansea are rejecting £40 million then we certainly shouldn't try a bid. Be interesting to see if Everton go in with another bid