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  1. I have yet to see anything like that Bournemouth game last season... there isn’t any comparison to this team.
  2. Exactly, no guarantees in this league... West Ham, Man U, Liverpool and Chelsea aren’t going to all go on amazing runs. We just need to ensure we pick up the points like we have been. Not winning for two games isn’t going to kill your chances of top 4
  3. Thought out game was end to end at times, Man U palace however
  4. Did Man U create a chance... swear their goals have dried up a bit in the league, yes they had that 9-0 but were wobbling a bit before then. They play Man City at the weekend too
  5. Shows that we won’t be the only ones to slip up... no one is going to be winning all their games
  6. If Man U draw, with them playing Man City next... we could be second by the end of the week
  7. They did it a few times last season and this... let’s hope palace hold out.
  8. There are tough games, but we also play the likes of sheff u, Newcastle, Southampton, West Brom, brighton, palace... so we have very winnable games too especially with players coming back. We have more games that we can certainly win compared to not win
  9. The games exciting to me because Man U aren’t winning ...
  10. Lol will be great if Man U don’t win ... so no complaints yet
  11. I don’t understand the comparisons because we haven’t gone on a run like last season yet. We haven’t won in two league games, that isn’t anything to be concerned about, players are coming back too. We will have a chance to rest players for almost a week between matches something we have rarely had.
  12. I would say 18 points from the next 11 should be enough in my view... it is still very possible, and we are in a good position. Everyone around us aren’t going to win every game like some seem to think
  13. The team that wins the euros, will be the one able to field 11 players
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