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  1. Those statistics is why we struggle to put it away, you can’t rely on long shots... it is about how many you are getting in the penalty area, six yard box, it looks like we are low on both at the moment.
  2. Man City losing 3-1 to a depleted Norwich; that is football and why we love it
  3. Barnes is so much better though and has pace
  4. They have spent millions and their players are on three times as much, so in contrast they have been pretty awful
  5. It is the best way to play us, especially when playing 2 dms
  6. As much as people go overboard when we win; they are those who go overboard when we lose a tight game away at OT. I was frustrated but over that now, and seeing the game for what it was; not terrible, we just shown them too much respect. We move on, still a young team learning
  7. It was a game we had more possession, more shots, more corners... and we played 2 dms, that is the issue I have. Felt on the whole a draw would have been a fair result, as bad as Man U were going forward, they did defend well. We looked more a threat once we played Maddison and tielemans more in the middle, so hopefully we will start seeing this from now on.
  8. We have one, his name is Barnes; just for reasons unknown we played gray today...
  9. It was Man U away; they got their mandatory soft penalty, and we just didn’t look up for this. Still another 33 games to go
  10. Doesn’t really touch Rashford; looked liked he leaned on him and Rashford just fell over... soft no doubt
  11. We will have better days; over this now, fifth game in, and still in a decent position.
  12. Just hate it when we play two dms like we are against Barcelona and they are going to have all the ball... why do it? not only that it was a depleted united side that offered nothing going forward
  13. Probably the softest penalty you will see; the ref wasn’t good at all, but we weren’t either... a great chance to beat a poor Man U at OT and we set out to just hope we don’t lose... rubbish
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