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  1. Being predicted to finish bottom after signing Kante, great times
  2. Surprising, I always thought Leicester was rather not racist and quite welcome to all
  3. Boothroyd should have started Abraham, lacked anything up front and didn’t make the most of the possession we had.
  4. To guarantee but looking below, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh would need to win all.
  5. True beat the Aussies and that should be enough
  6. Pathetic really, doubt we will make the semi finals with what games are left... should be thrashing these, two poor defeats.
  7. It was a tough ask but I would still take the draw after being down to 10
  8. That is how you do business, now just smash Wilder
  9. Ruiz proved when it comes to fighting it is different to being an athlete... not about being ripped at all. Bruce Lee studied Wing chun, and that was about fast movements, in a small space... but he only built his body to look good on tv for the movies, otherwise he wouldn’t have got so ripped because the energy required to move such muscle. Fury is about fast movement and making his opponent look like an idiot
  10. Fury will be brilliant I admit, but still has the body of the guy at the bar of your local
  11. I agree, which is why we were massively underperforming under Puel... keep this team together, add to it and top six isn’t so crazy
  12. I want him to stay but if we get 80m plus for him I would be okay with that. Just need to sign an adequate replacement though
  13. For 5m he is worth the chance we are desperate in his position... and he will make for better backup than what we currently have
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