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  1. If it wasn’t for that shitty 20 minutes, we would have beaten Everton easily... poor side. We threw away points after the restart. Confident though after the palace game that we can get that top 4
  2. Could well be, plus lack of crowd doesn’t impact the viewing or drivers in F1.
  3. Haha It was the most exciting GP I have watched in a while
  4. Should have at least attempted it, giving Bottas was guaranteed first. Besides Hamilton’s error in the first place, should have given room. Great race though. Driver of the day must be Lando though, excellent work in qualifying and then to land a podium in a mclaren
  5. Great for Norris, can’t believe they didn’t allow Hamilton past Bottas what a poor call
  6. Not even rain needed to stir things up... crazy race
  7. Fair and right decision, Lewis should have left that room. Albon again misses out
  8. Hard one to read, Hamilton maintains the racing line but surely albon was in front so Hamilton should have left just that little more room. See what the stewards say.
  9. Albon moves into third now... oh this is exciting
  10. Albon being on the soft, will make this a very interesting end to the GP. Mercedes can’t take it easy now if they want to get the 1/2 finish
  11. Now it is boring, although who’s car will fail. Another safety car race back on?
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