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  1. I would think so, he doesn’t seem to be on a downer just getting better ... he has become smarter and sharper
  2. Even with only playing 20 minutes a game
  3. What pot will Celtic be in for the last 32?
  4. Very much so when you look who is to come back still
  5. Hope Vardy signs a lifetime contract, he is only getting better...
  6. More like it, so much better when we push players higher up
  7. In this situation feels like a massive win, qualified and top by 3 with two to go
  8. I celebrated like crazy at the end... that goal was massive. In terms of qualification and being able to rest players with a great chance of topping the group
  9. Draw keeps us in command of the group and qualified... excellent result
  10. Wanted to win the game can’t complain about that...
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