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  1. If there is anyone allowed to question the standard of young players today, it is him. I think he is right just maybe he could have toned it down a bit
  2. Out of all that; McGill was in the wrong, I’m sure Clarke didn’t intentional stand in the line of the shot. He moved when asked
  3. I think us and wolves are the closest to the so called top six... two seasons, have proven wolves aren’t going away
  4. I wouldnt call a team average that is progressing well in Europe and finished 7th in the PL ... average is like West Ham and Everton at the moment
  5. No doubt in that, just think they are similar to us and not better depth wise...
  6. Man U yes, wolves not so much... we both have a very good 11, but depth wise weak. Besides we finished 5th, where were wolves again?
  7. Rudkin, seemed to get the blame for everything back then
  8. Winning the league title isn’t good enough, they want that CL so not surprised really. A poor result and performance
  9. To be honest when playing a sim you don’t use the behind the plane view... probably looks worse because of that. These games are usually pretty spot on
  10. That final session was probably the best Selby has played in quite a while, unlucky for Noppon
  11. The problem with having great players for a club like ours is it is hard to fend off the sharks.
  12. Yep, just totally losing concentration, his form has been shocking for a couple of years now. He has gone from the most focused player to possibly the worst
  13. Selby finding something in the last two frames
  14. Straight swap for Henderson please
  15. The QF with Spain was just as bad if not worse
  16. To be honest with or without CL we will be chasing the same type of player... we are looking to break top six on a regular basis. A season of CL wouldn’t change a players mind of whether arsenal, Man U are a better option. We need to sustain our level and hopefully be trying to fight again next season. When we won the league the players we got in weren’t world class...
  17. A golden era that has already seen us win the league title... a little better than that so called elite top 6 side spurs I would say
  18. Max could have won without that pit stop... good driving from Lewis to keep the car on the track though
  19. No different with or without VAR, Man U are either very lucky or there is a hidden bias, even if not intentional, towards them
  20. He is frustrating, plays such a good game and has the shots... but those errors are criminal. Just can’t do that
  21. Just frustrating... we only got 9 points from 9, don’t know what our players were doing during lockdown, but we were totally off the pace
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