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  1. I'm struggling to hear much of what hoddles saying with his tongue so far up Harry kanes arse
  2. These really are absolute pony, I was tighter to maguire there sat on my fuching sofa
  3. How hasn't Chilwell found this type of delivery consistently for us yet 😂 cracking crosses
  4. Can see how his comments have triggered folk, but do we genuinely care, he gave us some cracking memories and performances, and had he stayed would have been remembered as a legend the same way vardy Is going to be when his time with us comes to an end, all I see with mahrez now is a very talented player who is struggling to make his way into a team, who let's face it, never ever needed him, come the end of the season he will be in the same situation and more then likely get loaned out or sold abroad, at times last season we missed his bit of world class play that would get us a goal but we are in such a better position now with the TEAM we have, sorry it's not worked out for you Riyad, as some have said it shows the grass isn't always greener
  5. I genuinely have no idea how both of those goals stand, one handball in the build up for the 1st and salah technically offside for the 2nd,what the fuch is VAR actually for
  6. I think the price we paid hasn't helped his recognition to be honest, for Vardys type of play I think he's essential, perez goes looking for the ball and is a real workhorse, so when he drops deep for the pass, opposition defenders tend to follow him allowing more space for vardy to run in to, granted it would be nice to see him score more but I think at times some tend to forget how understated the job he's doing is recognised
  7. Allows madders and youri so much license it's crazy, plays a selfless role no one else can in this league (bar Kante) what a player, a delight to watch
  8. Running out of things to say about him, so cool with everything he does, unreal talent
  9. Had a good game tonight I felt, unlucky to be subbed as I feel he was putting in a better shift then Harvey
  10. Outstanding performance, the build up for both goals was breathtaking, we really are a special team, gray is different class when he's in that mood, everyone was superb, so fuching happy
  11. Job done, was very nervy at times, thought gray was terrific, always on the front foot and driving at their full back, felt justin and hamza were a bit unsteady, glad for nacho to bag a goal, he harried well and put in a good shift
  12. Genuinely a night that will live long in the memory, the era we are living at the moment with our club is truely breathtaking, im loving every second of it, we have such a well balanced group of players, arguably the best midfield 3 in the prem, a striker who will go down as an all time legend, a cb pairing which looks one of the most solid weve had in recent years (aside from morgan and huth) full backs who support the attack at every chance, a goalkeeper who for me is the best ive seen play for us (my first game was 98 and keller in the sticks) and some very very good strength in depth, get a solid back up striker in jan and the push for champions league will be well and truely on, drink these moments in because some of the dross we have put up with over the years means that our whole club deserve the addulation and plaudits we are getting, im sure vichai is up there beaming with pride, what a club 💙
  13. Ayoze was just defrosting over the summer months, the man comes alive in the winter!!!! What a finish and what a ball
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