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  1. Nothing less then I expected to be honest, sets no example for other teams at all, may aswell do what you want
  2. Sounds daft but im more anxious about this run in then when we won the title, purely for the fact that the media and most have bigged us up all season, to see us drop out would be disappointing but to crack the big 6 in Brendans first full season in charge shouldnt be sniffed at, shows how far we have come
  3. We may well slip out of the top 4, but I must say should we finish top 5 thats still a massive achievement for us this season
  4. Not a bad point overall, better 2nd half even before they went down to 10
  5. Not a bad start from us either, such poor poor defending though, no choice but to go for it now
  6. Gotta go into every game with the mindset of every team chasing us is gonna get 3 points, its down to us and still in our hands
  7. Its the luck that Chelsea have just had which we are gonna need going into these last 5 games, even just a little bit
  8. Nothing to do with what Sky or anyone else says pal, I just find it so needless when since the start of lockdown its hardly been red hot😂 I see your point though, maybe the stress and nerves of supporting us at the minute is tipping me over the edge😂
  9. How did that last chance not go in, imagine us having luck like that😂
  10. Exactly this, if its roasting hot then fair enough but its getting rediculous, if teams have the momentum in the game it can completely disrupt their rhythm
  11. Sort of match related, but does the drinks break infuriate anyone else? I dont know why but it really winds me up😂
  12. Should be a much more open game then our last 4, they will come at us, genuinely worried about this one
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