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  1. Put up a decent show for the majority of that, both goals absolute comical thinking about it, highlighted a couple of players who we need to move on
  2. Laughed when they scored that, what on earth is Ward doing there😂
  3. Playing pretty well, even first half, need to get into Saka a bit quicker
  4. Theyve gone stronger then we all thought, obviously want us to win as always but wont be too disheartened should we not
  5. I said Youris passing was sublime...30 seconds later he plays THAT ball to Timothy I said Dennis is having a cracking game... minutes later he scores an absolute thunderc**t Call me the oracle
  6. Justin, absolutely deserves that, gggeetttt iiiinnnn
  7. Would be a massive win this if we can do it, makes Man City next week a bit of a free hit
  8. Youris range of passing has been tremendous so far
  9. Good half that, we are going forward with purpose and looking to get the ball forward quickly, mendy has been great, barnes looks well up for it, assist for timothy and creating good chances
  10. Thing is i totally agree with you 😂 stick to what you know i guess
  11. Its been said to death but these are a real orrible, turgid side
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