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  1. Point gained is the best way I see it, we were poor but better teams have gone to turfmoor and came away with nothing, as others have said Vardy really needs a rest
  2. time to switch to 4 at the back, the amount of time they are getting on the wings due to us playing WBs is scary
  3. its interesting to see how differently we look at matches, Mendy is getting pelters by some yet I reckon hes having a good game
  4. What I took from that half Castagne, Mendy and Nacho having good games Every time they loft the ball into the box my bumhole twitches like a rabbits nose
  5. just what we deserve unfortunately, been absolutely pathetic tonight
  6. Long may we still go unnoticed by the likes of Sky etc, at the end of the day their bread and butter are teams such as Man City, United, Liverpool etc, im absolutely fine with that, we are still quietly going about our business, getting results and (how we are doing it I dont know) still keeping players who we know are world class for us, slightly under the radar, if you want honest opinions and coverage check out fan channels on Youtube, you get a much better understanding from neutral fans about not only our club but many others, lets finish whats been yet another outstanding season strongly
  7. Anyone else relieved we didnt get Kabak😂 genuinely looks one of the worst CBs ive ever seen at Premier League level
  8. I genuinely watched more of coronation street then that half 😂 anyone of us could be in goal for either side tonight and not feel threatened
  9. Also, would rather listen to my grandparents at it then have to go through another 90 mins of listening to Don Goodman
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