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  1. Could not agree more. Could not agree more.
  2. Did the Grand Canyon Rim 2 Rim hike with one night sleeping at the bottom of the canyon, amazing stars at night but very sweaty. Couldn’t walk properly for a week after.
  3. I’d stop looking, don’t do it to yourself.
  4. Ok. Got my hopes up for a minute then. Still rooting for your chaps though.
  5. I know they annoy me either way, The one we had against spurs I wasn’t happy with but would take it expecting the same to come back against us later.
  6. If this is true, come on the wolves.
  7. Hang in there mate, strange times for everyone and they probably feel as weird about the situation as you do, at least you have some company so try and make the most of it, focus on the positives.
  8. At least the other results went for us but we need to find our form and fast !
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