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  1. Done
  2. I'd wear your leicester shirt and tin hat today !!!
  3. We have been overrun the 2nd string is way off the pace, I don't believe we can blame skaley as he only has the players fit to choose from and hopefully from his coaching experinace he will know what we need to do for next season still really hacked off though as I wanted to beat these or at least not get embarrassed
  4. He is
  5. Hate to say it but I quite like it ! I'll go the docs tomorrow
  6. Really pissed off don't mind losing but really !!!!!
  7. I think we've been good today, ref terrible and I'm not one that generally moans about this but some of the decisions have been laughable
  8. Get waz on to smash a few of them
  9. Speechless
  10. If we get anything from this game it's a massive bonus
  11. Fully deserved, although I'm a little sad
  12. Take mahrez off now
  13. This is painful , I've paid £39 to sit the the baggies end 😢
  14. After an adult and child or 2 adults if anyone can help
  15. T#at