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  1. Hang in there mate, strange times for everyone and they probably feel as weird about the situation as you do, at least you have some company so try and make the most of it, focus on the positives.
  2. At least the other results went for us but we need to find our form and fast !
  3. I do agree totally but it can’t help, but is a leak that should not be there. On to the next.
  4. I may be missing something but...I know we all laugh about it but not (sean from wherever) posting the team an hour before it’s official released pissed anyone else off ?
  5. You’re handling it well, come on Pearson .
  6. Atmosphere Is quiet (except that annoying drum)
  7. Your Sounding great I’m sat the the home end keep it up lads 👌
  8. Nervous as I’ve been for a a while. I’ve had to go in the Holte End tonight 😳 sing loud and proud lads !!
  9. I’ve had to go in the Holte End, Anyone got a spare scarf!!
  10. Personally I’m glad some people can’t make it. I was a season ticket holder for many years then moved away but it was never an issue to get a ticket for any league game when we were shite. I now have a ticket for Wigan and Villa after only being able to get into one league game all season.... happy days ! And I’m bringing an inflatable !,,
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