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  1. Shah johns

    Wolves A Match Thread

    That corner was not in the circle
  2. Shah johns

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Yes you can
  3. Shah johns

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    I’m out of patience sack him now ..please
  4. Shah johns

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    I’m done sack him
  5. Shah johns

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    - football can do that to you
  6. Shah johns

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Barnes looks good I hope we don’t suck the confidence out of him
  7. Shah johns


    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 83 seconds  
  8. Depends on your perspective, I remember all the seasons of top and bottom battles throughout the years but not much of mid table mediocrity, not that I’m suggesting 8th in the premier league is mediocre I just have an issue with the placid football !!
  9. Because it’s so predictable and boring most weeks.
  10. Shah johns

    Man City H Match Thread

    Great strike, come on boys hold out 🙏
  11. Shah johns

    “Helicopter has crashed outside.”

    Geoff, We had a beer in Seville and you seemed a good guy but the way you have handled this tradegy has been commendable, must have been horrible for you but thanks for sharing this, it’s interesting to hear from your perspective. Keep doing what you are doing mate and onwards and upwards I guess !
  12. Shah johns

    Online order problems

    Try option 4
  13. Shah johns

    Online order problems

    I had loads of problems but called Jim and he sorted it out, items arrived today :)
  14. The security chap going nuts after the winner against Villa.... proper passion!!
  15. Shah johns

    Saints Cup Home Match Thread

    Link 8 working for me 👍👌