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  1. Shah johns

    β€œHelicopter has crashed outside.”

    Geoff, We had a beer in Seville and you seemed a good guy but the way you have handled this tradegy has been commendable, must have been horrible for you but thanks for sharing this, it’s interesting to hear from your perspective. Keep doing what you are doing mate and onwards and upwards I guess !
  2. Shah johns

    Online order problems

    Try option 4
  3. Shah johns

    Online order problems

    I had loads of problems but called Jim and he sorted it out, items arrived today :)
  4. The security chap going nuts after the winner against Villa.... proper passion!!
  5. Shah johns

    Saints Cup Home Match Thread

    Link 8 working for me πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
  6. Shah johns

    Brighton Match Thread

    Anyone PM me a stream please Thank You
  7. Shah johns

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 85 seconds  
  8. Shah johns

    A Legacy For Your Tributes

    Sorry for the maybe stupid question, I have some good photos to add but keeps saying the size is to large, just taken from an I phone...any ideas?
  9. Shah johns

    Saturday 10th November- Walk for Vichai

    Can I check this is leaving from jubilee square ? Coming over with the wife and kids !!
  10. Shah johns

    Saturday 10th November- Walk for Vichai

    You and me both pal πŸ’™
  11. Shah johns

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Proud of you lads, that must have been so difficult πŸ™
  12. Shah johns

    Helicopter crash

    Please excuse the typos
  13. Shah johns

    Helicopter crash

    First post enter the events and hard to know what to say. I’m not that local anymore to Leicester but was at the West Ham game as I will be for Burnley. The whole thing is devistating to the family, players, friends and fans. I stayed offline (mostly) for a few days just to try and process this after hearing the emergency services sirens after the event. So sad but a massive thank you to the boss and all we can hope is us the fans and the players put in the effort and give the support Vichai would have been proud off and wish Top the best through this impossible time , we are all behind you buddy !! COYF 🦊 πŸ’™
  14. Shah johns

    Burnley Ticket

    Thanks, just got a couple
  15. Shah johns

    Burnley Ticket

    Showing on website 447 tickets available in block M2, is that not the away end??