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  1. Thanks Mate No membership or season ticket so can’t see them yet. Don’t mind if seated together or not, I’ve got help from here in the past. I’ll just keep them crossed.
  2. After 2 adults for this if anyone can help please PM me. Thank You
  3. I was first taken to Filbert Street as a kid by my Mums ex boyfriend in about 1989, £5 for a child to stand on the Kop and used to love it. It was a different era to today so things that went on down there would not be acceptable today never mind in football but in society in general, I used to love the slightly (Ok very) aggressive banter and when a big team game to visit the place would be electric. Away fans in pen 4 and the east stand I stood in pen 3 and even as a 13 year old kid you felt part of it. I used to enjoy the mostly constant singing, coins flying everywhere and getting crushed against the standing bars whenever we got near our goal., when we scored it was carnage in there. I do love the KP but it’s different now but not worse, society and football have moved on, some of the things I saw at Filbert Street looking back were unacceptable and the new stadium is fantastic and will hopefully get even bigger and better but Filbert Street for me is part of my childhood and I will always miss it.
  4. I’m Still after one if anyone can help.
  5. The Brewery area just off the Main shopping Street has a number of decent bars and the ground is walkable from there.
  6. Wes looks like a suspect from death in paradise!...but I like it !
  7. Anyone been on this and know roughly how long it is?
  8. Getting battered here.....still fancy a cheeky 1-0 though !
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