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  1. Tuck them back under the seat mate, you crack on
  2. Dragging on the floor fella. The wife's always got a headache. Frigid bitch
  3. You really can't help but be impressed by, and respect the lad's dedication and professionalism after reading that. His character and demeanor always suggested to me he was a genuinely level headed professional, and I was gutted when he went down with injury, and noted his subsequent set backs. During our promotion season and our first season in the PL, I along with many thought he was ahead of Danny, and dare say his career would have followed a similar trajectory had those unfortunate circumstances not have unfolded. I'm not sure if he'll ever be able to get back to those levels or better, but I am sure I'd not be happier to see anyone else do so.
  4. Cambiasso Retires

    I think a lot of the hype around him, then and now, was down to the attention that such an icon of modern football signed for a newly promoted East Midlands club like ours, which then lead to more focus on the things he did right, and a general brushing under the carpet for the things that he was no longer able to offer. He was one of the footballing elite in his prime, but his prime wasn't during his spell with us. Some of his passing, and his vision was sublime, of that there is no doubt, but it's a very fair observation to note that his movement on the pitch and his tracking of players was well below par of what would otherwise be expected of premier league standard. For every stunning pass and moment of quality vision, there were equally moments of free space for the opposition to take advantage of that would not (or should not) have been evident with a more mobile, more physically able player in that position. With him in our team we gave away as much as we gained, but he offered something else, and those moments of pure brilliance quite rightly stick in people's memory, but let's not get carried away. Watch any 'legends' match and you'll see moments of brilliance akin to those we're mentioning, but as great as some of those ex players are, they'd get run ragged againt a premier league opposition, and that's the way he was going. I firmly believe that his reason to not sign another year was down to this alone, he was (and still is) a very intelligent footballer, and he would have known this, and known his limitations. He came here, he gave it everything he had, he accomplished his goal and was well respected for what he did contribute but knew he had nothing more to give, and THAT for me is a measure of the man. Doubt he'll ever end up here in any coaching/management role mind. As certain as I am that he has very fond memories, and holds the club in high regard, I'm just as certain that Inter Milan is where the man's heart lies. I fully expect him to be back there in some form, and bloody good luck to the guy, he'll be a great asset to whoever he works for.
  5. Drinkwater says farewell

    We ain't half got some bitter sods on here I suspect having to play through injury last year due to lack of depth, and missing opportunities with the national squad have left a sour taste, maybe he could see the same happening this year. Or maybe he just wanted the step up in his career he deserved. Pro footballers have what 10-15 years shelf life on the pitch, and you're all kidding yourself if you think if you walked in those shoes you wouldn't maximise your possibilities too, we all would. Danny's not a world beater of a midfielder, he's a very good midfielder, and he was every bit as crucial to what we've achieved recently as anyone else I can think of. For that, he gets my unwaivering appreciation and respect, he's earnt it.
  6. Ulloa new contract

    Actually yes, from a starting 11 point atleast. The guy deserves more praise and respect than he gets from the majority of fans in my opinion. Solid in his first season, and scored some crucial goals and showed some real bottle in the title winning season too. Not to mention his defensive efforts at set pieces when he's come off the bench have often been overlooked by many, and have been equally as crucial with the way some results went as his goals were. Having said that, he's one of those players who's form and ability has fallen off a cliff as time has gone by, to the point he's no longer a premier league quality striker at any end of the table, and I mean that with tremendous respect for the guy, he just can't put himself about enough to have any real impact on the game in an advanced position, very much how Heskey went later in his career. Does he deserve the new contract? Well yes in my opinion. That's if he's willing to cash in his cheque in return for being a 4th choice insurance policy, who's game time will be reduced to little more than cup games to rest legs. It's a similar situation to having Ben Hamer, is he good enough to be starting premier league games? no, he probably isn't. Do we need a second backup keeper if Kasper gets injured? Absolutely we do.
  7. Musa - Opinions so far

    This high press game they enjoy so much and works is physically exhausting, you could see that on Vardy last night. In my opinion Musa should be rotated with Vardy in that role. He's not as physical as Vardy but he will find his own way I'm sure. I just can't see him as a winger (personally) Much better to have options and always have a fresh, energetic, pacey striker if we continue the way we did last night.
  8. I appreciate your positive spin, however that was the only shot on target. One. Put that into context, we lost 2-0 and if we'd scored with our every shot on target we'd have still lost. I've seen us play worse recently I guess that a positive? But really we only tried to push Swansea later in the second half, and for a team fighting for survival against another that is really not good enough. When we go a goal down we fall to pieces, regardless of if we played some half decent football upto that point. So we have to show more aggression from the start, if we go a goal up first I'd have more confidence in securing some sort of a result. But past experience shows that if we play for a draw we lose, we need more aggression from the very start
  9. Swansea City ( a ) next Sunday

    People are really calling for Amartey to play RB over Simpson? Even overlooking the fact he has just played 120 minutes after just returning from a tournament, he wasn't exactly a shining light against Derby mid week. Amartey done a reasonable job and is reasonable cover given our options, or lack there of. But first choice RB in a crucial league game? No chance. He was mugged on more than just one occasion by Anya who isn't a first team regular for a championship team, he's okay, nothing more there, and he's nothing on Simpson, who may not be the best attacking RB, but positionally significantly better.
  10. Wilfred Ndidi

    Just imagine a midfield two of Wilf AND N'Golo though
  11. Will we ever see Nong Pee

    Keep working hard lad and urine with a chance.
  12. Best looking City player

    As nails.
  13. Andy King

    3rd different league title he'll lift for the same club. It's certainly a club record, but is that a national record too?
  14. New Things For 2016/2017

    Wes Morgan lifts the PL trophy every single MOTD Saturday
  15. Now you know how it feels like