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  1. Brendan Rodgers after he’s nipped down the M69 and took a look around Hinckley?
  2. Monster of an old school Defender alongside Huth, the two brought out the best in each other. An absolute crime he was never selected for England as Harry Redknapp said...
  3. Absolute clown of a manager, I don't care what's happened since, and what's still to happen, I'll never let water go under the bridge over the way he conducted himself at this club. Yes, we were a relegation waiting to happen, but the way he conducted himself in the media, and coming out with stupid s**t before crunch games like 'we thrive on the pressure', he just didn't give a f**k, I don't care what that man says. Absolutely dire man management.
  4. Was probably instrumental in us gaining one of the best full backs in world football right now, so as pants and depressing as he was, he was also a not insignificant piece of the puzzle of why we are as good as we are right now.
  5. One. Million. Pounds Far and away the best one million pounds spent by any club, anywhere, ever.
  6. No. Anything other than a domestic treble, golden boot winner, PFA player of the year, and Brendan and the boys having a Christmas number one with a rendition of ‘The fairytale of Fosse Park’ is just lack of ambition. pull yourselves together.
  7. Obviously would love a win, but really would love us to be ahead and comfortable, and Iheanacho to come off the bench, bang one in and get off to a fresh start. He’s unquestionably a talented lad, and I think under BR’s influence, if he can get a goal, get his confidence up, and generally feel the love, this could be a turning point in his time here. It’s been a long summer, absolutely buzzing we’re back proper now!
  8. Impressive. If he’s regularly as good as that for us we’re going to be some force. Infact if he, Tielemans and Maddison light it up together I’ll have a boner that’ll dig up the pavement.
  9. With respect, you don’t know how his career would have unfolded had he stayed. He had his injury issues whilst here, were it not for them it could be argued he’d have had more England caps. The injuries he’s had at Chelsea would have probably manifested themselves here, and no matter how talented he may be, a broken player isn’t playing, ala Matty James. Cashing in at Chelsea’s expense was possibly a blinding move for us and for Danny in those circumstances.
  10. Thought this was new link back to us then! Lots of respect for Danny, but not a signing we need here now.
  11. I think Harry can hold his head high for the way he’s handled himself, and he deserves credit for doing so. Be under no illusions, most players today would have made much more fuss to agitate for a move that doubled their wages. I wish you well Harry, just not against us. You seem like one of the decent guys in the game. Seriously though, how many fans would have thought twice if a few weeks ago you were offered to swap Harry in the squad for Youri no questions asked? Leave alone Harry for Youri AND 40mill?! No doubt our squad is poorer for not having him in it, he’s a quality defender that can play, but on the whole, our squad is in a fantastic state, and in a great place to achieve something great this season!
  12. That’s a bit of a stretch. He ain’t a bad looking gent like, but can’t see that happening for me.
  13. This has nothing to do with the Maguire deal though. Ed Woodward is basically just cold calling clubs, with a bag full of cash in one arm, and Phil Jones in the other.
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