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  1. What I’m saying is there’s probably more to keeping him than just making him the highest earner.
  2. Ah, that’ll add a few quid on the resale value then.
  3. Class act today, brilliant. Isn’t he a Monsell lad?
  4. For a second I thought that was Cool Runnings.
  5. Not necessarily. He needs to be suitably rewarded financially for his worth, I would agree. He also needs to feel part of something special, and aspirational for his talents, which I think he is. Winning trophies and qualifying for the top competitions in a club he clearly loves being a part of is a not inconsiderable factor in keeping him with us.
  6. He tapped the badge, he tapped the fuching badge
  7. On a side note, I can’t help sniggering like a school kid whenever I hear Khun Top.
  8. Made the Chelsea contingent sound like a Sunday service. Boys, Girls, and everyone in between.... take a bow.
  9. bUt HiS kIcKiNg Is TerRiBlE wE cAn Do So mUcH bEtTEr
  10. Carlsberg don’t do football owners... But even if they did, they couldn’t hold a candle to ours.
  11. A very, very good player no doubt, but some worshipped him like the messiah at times. He did have his flaws, although what he did do well probably outweighed them. Taken as a whole he probably came and went at the right time. The alternative to signing him was James Mcarthur, who he was better than, but has he stayed another season we may not have signed Kante, who was without question a better player for us all told. Nevertheless, very pleasing to watch him work his magic, very classy, and by all accounts a top bloke, apart from Vardy, who seemingly thought he was a bi
  12. Looking good for a late charge up to 2nd in the table
  13. Offshore-Niles didn’t do too much to shout about either.
  14. We may be a catalyst in it, but if it wasn’t us, it would be some other club(s) History shows that the dominant forces at the head of the top division ebbs and flows over time, go back decades and clubs that have long since dropped off held dominance over today’s ‘big six’, and the simple answer is fear of it happening again. But unlike decades ago, today’s biggest clubs are riddled with debt that would cripple them unless their income from being centre stage is sustained. The answer is greed. We shocked the world of elite football when we won the league, an
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