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  1. This high press game they enjoy so much and works is physically exhausting, you could see that on Vardy last night. In my opinion Musa should be rotated with Vardy in that role. He's not as physical as Vardy but he will find his own way I'm sure. I just can't see him as a winger (personally) Much better to have options and always have a fresh, energetic, pacey striker if we continue the way we did last night.
  2. I appreciate your positive spin, however that was the only shot on target. One. Put that into context, we lost 2-0 and if we'd scored with our every shot on target we'd have still lost. I've seen us play worse recently I guess that a positive? But really we only tried to push Swansea later in the second half, and for a team fighting for survival against another that is really not good enough. When we go a goal down we fall to pieces, regardless of if we played some half decent football upto that point. So we have to show more aggression from the start, if we go a goal up first I'd have more confidence in securing some sort of a result. But past experience shows that if we play for a draw we lose, we need more aggression from the very start
  3. People are really calling for Amartey to play RB over Simpson? Even overlooking the fact he has just played 120 minutes after just returning from a tournament, he wasn't exactly a shining light against Derby mid week. Amartey done a reasonable job and is reasonable cover given our options, or lack there of. But first choice RB in a crucial league game? No chance. He was mugged on more than just one occasion by Anya who isn't a first team regular for a championship team, he's okay, nothing more there, and he's nothing on Simpson, who may not be the best attacking RB, but positionally significantly better.
  4. Just imagine a midfield two of Wilf AND N'Golo though
  5. Keep working hard lad and urine with a chance.
  6. As nails.
  7. 3rd different league title he'll lift for the same club. It's certainly a club record, but is that a national record too?
  8. Wes Morgan lifts the PL trophy every single MOTD Saturday
  9. Deep
  10. I prefered Holloway, but he's a close 2nd.
  11. I'm calling in sick. I'm going to stay in bed on my ipad and pull myself off to every single goal scored and clean sheet made this season. Then I'm taking my missus down to the training ground, and demand that she gives a soapy tit f**k to every player, every member of staff, and every one associated with this incredible story. Then I'm dragging her down to London where she's going to do the same to Eden Hazzard.
  12. Inler, Moore, Hamer all there. Played virtually no part, and they're there. F***ing LOVE these boys One Team!
  13. One thing's for sure, Arsenal at home with the league as it is (even if they win tomorrow), will have more pressure, and be feeling more pressure than Leicester will to win. Given their track record of handling expectations, I can see this being a win for us. We get an early goal and ride the storm as we usually do, time goes on and they'll chase the game, and we'll seal the win with another.... hopefully. I'm the most level headed type going, but I'll say this much, win at Arsenal, and we'll win the league, I'm sure of it.
  14. Matt 'Sticks' Heath?