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  1. Drinkwater

    Why should he? From a fan's perspective it's great. From the player and agent's perspective, doing so achieves nothing positive. if he declares himself 'happy to stay' he cools interest, and pushes away leverage for an improved contract further down the line. He may well be perfectly happy to stay, but why would he close the door on potential suitors interest that can only do his valuation and worth good. In either circumstance in which he stays (having stated he's happy, or just said nothing), he'll be under contract at this club for the foreseeable future, and the fans won't resent him for having said he'd stay or not.
  2. Tom Lawrence

    Beat me to it. I was going to draw comparisons to Chris Wood myself. More than decent champ level player, not quite good enough for the prem. £7mil is a decent deal all round, and I think it's right for the lad, and I genuinely hope he has a decent future elsewhere alike,
  3. Drinkwater

    Nzonzi won't be coming here whether we trigger any release claue or not, he wants Champions League football. In all reality, IF Danny leaves, we'll probably end up in for Clucas, or someone of similar calibre.
  4. Andros Townsend...

    Come again? Two club Morgan a journeyman??
  5. Andros Townsend...

    I'm another in the camp of 'good addition' He was brilliant at Spurs and QPR, quite clearly got the goods. Didn't work out at Newcastle or Palace I grant you, but he has some good attributes that fit well into our team IMO as said above. Fast, hard working, likes to take a player on, and when he cuts inside he's got a rifle of a shot on him. Fitting in with our counter attacking ethos it could work extremely well. Would very much like to see this happen, myself.
  6. Mahrez to .......................?

    "F**k me, 200 pages??!"
  7. Musa - Opinions so far

    This high press game they enjoy so much and works is physically exhausting, you could see that on Vardy last night. In my opinion Musa should be rotated with Vardy in that role. He's not as physical as Vardy but he will find his own way I'm sure. I just can't see him as a winger (personally) Much better to have options and always have a fresh, energetic, pacey striker if we continue the way we did last night.
  8. I appreciate your positive spin, however that was the only shot on target. One. Put that into context, we lost 2-0 and if we'd scored with our every shot on target we'd have still lost. I've seen us play worse recently I guess that a positive? But really we only tried to push Swansea later in the second half, and for a team fighting for survival against another that is really not good enough. When we go a goal down we fall to pieces, regardless of if we played some half decent football upto that point. So we have to show more aggression from the start, if we go a goal up first I'd have more confidence in securing some sort of a result. But past experience shows that if we play for a draw we lose, we need more aggression from the very start
  9. Swansea City ( a ) next Sunday

    People are really calling for Amartey to play RB over Simpson? Even overlooking the fact he has just played 120 minutes after just returning from a tournament, he wasn't exactly a shining light against Derby mid week. Amartey done a reasonable job and is reasonable cover given our options, or lack there of. But first choice RB in a crucial league game? No chance. He was mugged on more than just one occasion by Anya who isn't a first team regular for a championship team, he's okay, nothing more there, and he's nothing on Simpson, who may not be the best attacking RB, but positionally significantly better.
  10. Wilfred Ndidi

    Just imagine a midfield two of Wilf AND N'Golo though
  11. Will we ever see Nong Pee

    Keep working hard lad and urine with a chance.
  12. Best looking City player

    As nails.
  13. Andy King

    3rd different league title he'll lift for the same club. It's certainly a club record, but is that a national record too?
  14. New Things For 2016/2017

    Wes Morgan lifts the PL trophy every single MOTD Saturday
  15. Now you know how it feels like