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  1. Kasper Ricardo Slabheed Evans Chilly Nidid Marc Tielemans Maddison Barnes Vardeh
  2. Yep. Needed to win on Friday night, to stand any chance of finishing 7th. Thing is, the one positive of European football, is that we’d have to have a squad full of quality. Now that we won’t be finishing 7th, we’ll again have a quality first eleven, but not a great deal on the bench, as plan b.
  3. I hope he stays. Him and Chilly have the left back position covered.
  4. Looking at all the relevant fixtures, I predict we will finish 9th, maybe on goal difference to Watford, with Wolves in 7th. I think we’ll get another 9 points, losing only to Man City
  5. I’d be happy with Benkovic and Evans with Soyuncu as a back up option..... IF Maguire was to leave
  6. He’s not having a great 2nd half of the season. It’s Harry that needs to get a grip! It can be a quick decline, in football, if your form peaks and it doesn’t level off for a sustained period
  7. Ryan Fraser. Good player. Need to keep a special eye on him, for sure. They play with two up top so we’ll probably go 3-4-3 for this one. Which will probably mean him running at one of Morgan or Evans. Hopefully, he’ll be too busy being pushed the other direction by Ricardo, thus getting replaced early in the second half by Stanislas - a much better prospect for our back line to face
  8. Very good today. Have him doing the dirty work, with his go go gadget legs, and have Tielemans doing the more creative stuff from deep
  9. £22m + Adrien Silva, or £10m + Silva and Mendy, or James King Silva and Mendy
  10. Schmeichel Ricardo Maguire Evans Chillwell Mendy Tielemans Ndidi Maddison Vardy Gray
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