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  1. True. It was a silly question
  2. Why are we talking about Andy King in the Slimarrrrrni thread?
  3. I have a feeling this is a done deal now. Hope I'm right.
  4. Boudebooze
  5. There's a condition in my contract that states I don't have to work at Christmas.... its called the Santa Clause
  6. Anyone but Arsenal please Riri
  7. Hope so
  8. Not really interested in the buy back clause. Get the deal done. What's the worst that can happen? We only make £10m profit on him, when we sell! Who gives a fcuk
  9. I would love to stand all game. Happiest days were standing at Filbo
  10. Liverpools issues aren't with the forward players, their problems are at the back
  11. Leave him alone ffs. Perfectly good striker. First season to try and settle in, second season to bang in goals, and make him un droppable. Have faith
  12. Maybe, just maybe we've sounded both out. Smelling thinks he should do better than Leicester, but Evans would come to us, if the deal could be done. It's all about what the player wants, and how we can convince them.
  13. I doubt very much anyone's been promised anything. I detect your scepticism too. You get purchased, as agreed between the two clubs. You then have to knuckle down to work for you place in the team. No promises will have been made. It surely don't work like that.
  14. Bringing it back on topic (ie not Evans or Smalling), we should go for Hoedt, he looks the shiz.
  15. What's he got under the bonnet?