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  1. I’d be absolutely ecstatic is we went out and purchased the three obvious targets: Edouard Otavio Thauvin get it done Rudders
  2. Amartey is decent in terms of a back up central defender. That is all.
  3. Great news, init. He’s the next big ting.
  4. Yes but I think he’s injured. Lamptey
  5. Wasn’t great tonight. Needs dropping.
  6. I’d get the old band back together for the left hand side, for this one (Fuchs and Albrighton) Fuchs is fresh and Brighton aren’t blessed with pace on the flanks, so this could suit him. 4-4-fuching-2 Schmeichel Castagne Fofana Soyuncu Fuchs Ricardo Tielemans Ndidi Albrighton Iheancho Vardy square pegs, square holes (apart from Ricardo 👀)
  7. He’s missing Maddison and Barnes. They have been a massive part of his game this season. He’ll come good again
  8. He needs to play through this period and get a goal or two
  9. To be fair, Brighton at home might suit him for a starting berth
  10. 😂 I guess it could be suggested that Ricardo and Timmy can bomb on up the flanks when Ndidi sits in, and provide the bullets for Tilly, Vardy and Nacho! that’s all I have
  11. Mate, I’m not the manager, and this isn’t my suggestion of formation 😂 I was just pointing out that these 11 players listed by sfe could line up like this!
  12. This is true! It is very fluid. But it doesn’t look to bad to me, considering the injuries
  13. What about if it was a diamond in midfield? Schmeichel Ricardo Amartey Soyuncu Castagne Ndidi (base) Hamza (right) Mendy (left) Tielemans (top) Two up front Vardy Nacho not so bad 🤷🏻‍♂️
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