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  1. Signed a pre contract agreement with Galatasaray apparently. Lock thread. Shame I thought he’d be the ideal cover/competition for Ricardo, especially for our impending Europa League campaign 👀
  2. I guess because people see him as a better option, in their formations, than JJ
  3. Listen, a good win tomorrow and it’s game on. Must win, end of. Bought this pressure on ourselves
  4. Alexis Mac Allister for Brighton looked good against us, and generally looks a real gem of a find. Mark my words, one to watch
  5. Think we could get a finished article on loan. We’ve already got our quota of developing players in Barnes, Gray, Maddison etc in those positions. Probably get better on free transfers also.
  6. We can do much better than these two imo
  7. Surprised by this tbh. Both looked great prospects to me 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. If he’s fit, I’d put Bennett in for this one. Protect Evans or Soyuncu for the remainder of the games. Maybe Fuchs for Chilly
  9. Ok, to answer the question, I would like us to qualify for the champions league, win the FA Cup and therefore have the pulling power to attract: Elabdellaoui - free RB Demiral £30m CB Carvalho - £15m CM G Bale - Loan RW (name the 9th hole after him at Seagrave as part of the deal) Mitrovic - £25m FW and obviously keep hold of all our current players which play regularly. We can but dream!
  10. Would you take a Europa League spot and winning the FA Cup? i would
  11. It’s a genuine article if that’s what you mean?
  12. We need someone to be able to ping an incisive ball from the number 8 position
  13. I guess it’s all about having a balanced squad in terms of age. We have a good few young uns too
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