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  1. Win the FA cup and secure a Champions league place, that’s my dream.
  2. Heard that said about another Leicester DM not so long ago
  3. Good player. Great impact player. Keep him coming off the bench, start him in the cups
  4. Tight game, as expected. Keep the faith.
  5. Can our players handle the pressure of being favourites against Arsenal? If the answer to this is yes, then we’ll make a massive statement to the rest of the league. if our young team ‘freeze‘ under the pressure, then it’s gonna be a tricky afternoon.
  6. I take it that “minutes played” should read “games played”. !
  7. Amartey, Mendy, Benkovic and Jakupović must feel wounded
  8. Go and buy Tiimo Werner for £65m. Job done. What you all staring at?
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