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  1. You’re probably best bringing a bit of quiche wrapped up in tin foil!
  2. All seems logical. I didn’t realise we were strapped for cash. Last time I read anything relating to Leicester’s finances, we’d just made a mint from our CL exploits, and we were being bankrolled by KP with loans covering the training ground etc
  3. I may be completely wrong, and must confess, I haven’t been totally keeping up with our finances, but if we offload high earners such as Slimani & Silva and those fringe players which were out on loan, along with Simo and Okazaki off the books, then cant we get Tielemans and a few youngsters, without having to sell the likes of Maguire
  4. If we want to seriously challenge for the top six (now would be the best chance to do this, with issues at Chelsea, United and even Arsenal), then we should keep Harry Maguire if our ambitions are to finish top half and pay off a large chunk of the training ground, then we should sell. It really should be viewed as simply as that.
  5. A new Baby Lon in the world! Congrats
  6. Between Evans, Benkovic, Soyuncu and Morgan we should have this covered, quite frankly. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather we keep Maguire, but if we are going to lose a player from any position for silly money, centre back is the one place we have good cover, with potential to push on and get as good as Maguire IF they are given the chance and regular starts (and Benkovic can keep fit)
  7. Olly at Utd, Lampard at Chelsea, it’s great to see ex players managing their clubs. Dragging them into mid table mediocrity, with limited managerial experience. Gives two more clubs a chance of breaking the top six
  8. If you’re looking to break the top 6, as we are, £12m for ‘squad players’ (a term all managers, would disagree with) is going to be about right in the current market. The finances in premier league football is now crazy
  9. You forgot to mention Big Wes
  10. No I’m not joking mate, nor am I being stupid. The list you give above all look ok on the YouTube show reels, but to be fair to Townsend, I think he’s a competitive squad option (which is what I believe we need to supplement Barnes and Albrighton) and at that asking price, looks a better option than the unknown quantities in the prem, you mention above.
  11. Fair enough. Like who....?
  12. This kinda works for all parties (us and Palace) if they don’t want Zaha to go. They will try to keep Zaha, and price him out of a move. I feel he’ll throw his toys out of the pram, then under perform. Palace may sell Townsend to us, and tell Zaha “we can’t let you go as well” and hide behind this. We get Townsend, without too much of a struggle. Palace have more reason to want to keep Zaha. Zaha goes on strike. Palace get relegated!
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