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  1. I wouldn’t want to lose, Schmeichel, Ricardo, Soyuncu, Evans, Chilwell, Youri, Ndidi, Praet, Maddison, Barnes or Vardy all the rest could go without me shedding a tear
  2. The name Ferdinand is synonymous with football, thanks to Les and Rio, as is the name Schmeichel with Peter and Kasper, so yeah, definitely up there.
  3. Ok, all the above, basically! Our starting 11 of the most famous players ever to play for us. For debate. Fame to me is defined by numbers, so globally over uk. Fame can be bought by things done on and off the pitch during or after their city career.
  4. I was going to say Savage, and Collymore too
  5. It’s not that, Facecloth is merely pointing out that those names are not household global stars, as per the (admittedly very loose) criteria
  6. Agree to an extent, quite a famous name though
  7. Some great shouts there! Good call on Kane, whilst keeping Lineker and Vardy
  8. So, for example, does anyone really think Danny Drinkwater is more of a household name (globally) than Roberto Mancini or Esteban Cambiasso?......The answer is no. 5/10 for effort
  9. Bit bored, so thought I’d have a go at writing down our most world recognised starting 11. Just a bit of fun, for debate. Not much criteria, just the 11 through out our history which are regarded as being ‘house hold names’. Here’s my attempt: 4-3-1-2 Banks Kåmark Keown Evans Fuchs Mancini Kante Cambiasso Mahrez Vardy Lineker
  10. Always looks too laboured for the speed of the prem imo
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