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  1. I’m not all about falling for the ‘stats’, but how can Newcastle pin their hopes on spending £40m on a striker that’s never scored more than 8 goals in a season 🤔
  2. Anyone else getting a gut feeling that Benkovic is crocked? haven’t seen any pictures of him training, or in u23 matches or anything!
  3. I find it a real shame regarding Adrien Silva. We really have fuched him about. I still reckon he could do a job in our squad. I rate his ability higher than both King and James. Although King is a legend if I had to choose to move one out and keep one I’d keep Silva. Just my personal opinion!
  4. Thinking about it, I’d throw Praet in tonight as well
  5. Hopefully Benkovic is given 90mins for his fitness, to make the match day squad for the weekend🤞
  6. Anyone send me a link to a stream for the match? Couldn’t make this one 😔
  7. Get your fax straight! It’s done
  8. He’s highly rated. You seem to get so much better value in the Italian market. On a negative, his stats don’t match his relative hype, but... the same could be said about Maguire 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. He’s very good. An all round midfielder that can play as a DM, No.8 or AM. IMO he’ll be used, rotated with Youri and Madders. He’s a quality addition to the match day sqaud.
  10. Ivan Preric. In 2004 there was a hurricane named ‘Ivan’
  11. That’s very true. Gray’s 6 minute highlights reel would look fantastic. Ligue 1 is bobbins tbf
  12. Problem we have is our window is shutting much earlier than those in Europe, so all the talk of a ‘domino effect’ might not pan out that way, as they are not time pressured. It it does mean that we can shift some out to European teams for a couple of weeks so that helps.
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