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  1. He’ll have more options than that tbf
  2. This. I really don’t want to go into our final game of the season needing to produce anything! Heart can’t take it
  3. But if Chelsea beat Arsenal, and Utd beat Liverpool, then Chelsea would have nothing to play for against us in the league, yet we’d still need a point
  4. So are we at least now guaranteed European football next season ?
  5. So if we win tomorrow and Liverpool lose on Thursday, is it pretty much all over barring the shouting?
  6. Hopefully they’ll go De Gea AWB Bailey Lindelof Telles Matic Fred James Van De Beek Mata Rashford
  7. He’s a brilliant manager. Poor defending cost us tonight. I agree with many, that we should have gone to 4 at the back, once Evans was injured, but when you’ve spent all week training in a set formation, to then change, literally last minute, I have some sympathy with the staff.
  8. Not bother about last three league results, just want improved performances from individuals. Just win the cup ffs.
  9. Schmeichel Castagne Fofana Soyuncu Fuchs Ndidi Mendy Under Praet Albrighton Vardy
  10. Last year, I could see the way it was going, early enough, and I resigned to the fact that we would be Europa League. Tbh, this year I’m more optimistic. However, I would be genuinely happy with our season, if we finished 5th and because we have reached the cup final, this certainly softens the blow, should we finish fifth. The biggest issue is that we are in the top four all season, only to drop out at the last. But on the flip side of the coin, our targets at the start of the season are top six ✅ and cup finals ✅
  11. Clam down, it’s all going to be fine
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