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  1. Shakey Sacked

    FFS !
  2. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    If fact, if we beat Swansea, Leeds and then Everton at home (which is not un realistic, in terms of who those teams are and their current form) then that would actually constitute a decent first ten league results and start in the cup.
  3. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    If we win on Saturday against Swansea, then you'd have to say yes, he is still the right man
  4. Who plays up front with Vardy?

    Yes, as said above, depends on formation. Slim (when 2 up top) or Okazaki (when 1 in behind)
  5. Swansea away pre match thread

    Who would you replace him with?
  6. West Brom Post Match

    Tony Penis just kills off away games. Yawning hell!
  7. West Brom Post Match

    I don't think so, personally. Maguire needs to chill out abit. I think the England stuff has gone to his head a little. He should concentrate on hitting a blue shirt with his passing. Do this in training with Fuchs and Simmo in a triangle
  8. 3-5-2

    Simpson was steady tonight, defensively, but he falls into the same trap that most are falling into currently - trying to hit the space in behind for Vardy to sprint into. When teams like wba, don't leave that space, Simpson (and some of the others) have no plan B. If we went 3-5-2, the formation would encourage passing through the middle, or hitting a front man to knock it down.
  9. West Brom Post Match

    To be fair wba did what they always do, defend well. We didn't test Myhill with any rangey shots, but that was because wba crowded out the midfield.
  10. 3-5-2

    I Agree. It's definitely something we should explore more.
  11. Kasper

    Put a man on a post. Keeper to cover the other. Basics.
  12. West Brom Post Match

    His 'passing' was shiiiiite tonight!
  13. West Brom Post Match

    He wasn't great, but in the three, he improved.
  14. Swansea away pre match thread

    Yep it's good, and deserves a go. (Swap Dragovic for Maguire in position, for me).
  15. The Iborra Thread

    He was ok. Abit rusty on the odd pass, but so was the whole team! I think conditions were tricky for any crisp passing, pitch dried out very quick in that wind. Stick Mahrez or Gray in front of him and Ndidi in a 3 in the middle and he'll slot in a treat.