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  1. Kramaric scored a hatrick for Hoffenheim tonight
  2. Exactly. Patience required, the club are obviously just messing around with the big reveal
  3. Wouldn’t they just announce it and state ‘subject to a work permit’ ?
  4. I wouldn’t want to let go of either Gray or Benkovic. We have far too many games to play this season, we don’t need to weaken the squad further
  5. Looking back. I Can’t believe we actually tried to ‘butter up’ Claude Puel by the club wishing him happy birthday a couple of weeks ago, on our official web site 😂
  6. Perisic-Vardy-Ünder ✊🏻💦
  7. Thing is, it really should work for him. It’s all set up for him to fight for his position with Evans and Soyuncu. This should drive him on
  8. We’ve got Fuchsie (Austrian) close enough
  9. And Courtihno. He’s at the peak of his career ffs
  10. Could take him on loan 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Would be gobsmacking if true
  12. https://www.fussballtransfers.com/a785021254549143056-perisic-drei-bundesligisten-eine-heisse-spur Article summary; apparently Everton and ourselves have been in touch. United have him down as back up option to Sancho deal. Premier League is his most likely destination.
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