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  1. Tommy G

    Barnes coming back

    Ok my points still stands regarding how lightweight they are, I think Gray's header straight at the keeper yesterday was one of the first times he's headed the ball, he always ducks out as does Maddison. I didn't take the trouble to look up their exact weight in stones and pounds on the lcfc website but hopefully you got my drift. Nevermind.
  2. Tommy G

    Barnes coming back

    Hes better built than the likes of Gray and maddison who are about 8 stone wet through - he likes to get stuck in a bit. The two mentioned need to get on the bench press asap, not built for premiership football IMHO
  3. Tommy G

    This loan

    Very standard practice this
  4. I'm sure LCFC have their short term business visitors record up to date!I I've just had a load of fluff from PWC on that for our company. Top will be well looked after tax wise I don't think any of us lcfc fans need to worry.
  5. I think certainly Top will remain in the short - mid term, until the shock of his father passing under the tragic circumstances sink in....a year down the line who knows how he'll feel? He could be too upset to want to continue with LCFC, and who would blame him. Every match he comes to he will be a few hundred meters away from where his dad came to his death in tragic circumstances, I wouldn't blame him if he sold up. On the flip side it could go the other way and he wants to carry on and continue the great work him & his dad has done. Major projects coming up including the new training ground and stadium expansion to oversee with Susan Whelan, both come with significant investment from King Power again. Uncertain times indeed, but for now all our thoughts should be away from LCFC's future and with him and his family during this sad time.
  6. Tommy G

    Players talking to BBC/Stringer - Its Time!

    I think its improved since Jason B moved on, he was like Stringers little puppet and idolised him... it was all a bit cringe tbh.
  7. Tommy G

    New season ticket/ card ?

    I got my new card in the post yesterday