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  1. Tommy G

    Baby Names

    Whats his new name?
  2. Tommy G

    Baby Names

    We went with Oliver last year....a few weeks after naming him we looked up ''top 10 baby names'' it was top of the bloody list, didn't realise it would be anywhere near> could bet on George or Jack being 1st
  3. If you or anyone wants to lease a vehicle I know a top broker. He is fantastic and trustworthy
  4. Bucharest in Romania was surprisingly brilliant. It was a stag, but what a weekend.
  5. Tommy G


    This is all based on large m2 extentions I presume, you are quoting 100-120K, based on a 2 story extention at £1,800 a sq m2 you are looking at a 65m2 extention, thats huge, Adding another bedroom on the back isn't in that league as much smaller. Moving house typical costs Est agent £1k Solicitor £2k Moving costs £1.5K Stamp duty £10K Roughly could be 15K, that could go a long way to adding an extention. I'm going through the process at the min and have done the maths, rough idea of the cost and got an est agent to value the property based on plans and I shouldnt nearly double my money in terms of money spent vs house value increase
  6. Think Chelsea looked good in 1st half especially last night, they cant lose 3 on the bounce? L for me, just being realistic.
  7. Take it here https://www.granbycarsales.co.uk/ I flogged my wife's motor and my grandma's to them. Sold for what I would of expected privately. Decent guys, hope that helps.
  8. Anyone had an experience of owning a hybrid? I’m keen to dip my toe in the water, test driving a 330i at the weekend but been reading a lot about the 330e, and all positive. My current daily commute is 10 miles unless travelling away from normal place of work so I can do that all on electric which is the appeal
  9. It’s not the top selling point - it just noticeably much cleaner than anywhere else you go. It’s just an observation, chill
  10. I think anyone who slags off Dubai just haven’t been - fantastic place, cleanest place I’ve ever been to, hotels and restaurants amazing. No crime, feel completely safe. Fantastic place and different. All about opinions though!
  11. Question it yes but the reaction it’s got outweighs the issue tbh. They have tried to reward the loyal (for a better word) fan base by not putting up season ticket prices for 5/6 years. Perhaps they should of put them up in line with inflation? If they had had put season tickets up £100 this year then yeh, ultimately it’s the clubs decision and a few fans having a hissy over it, it’s boring
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