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  1. Sounds like she wants you to do that to her
  2. I'm really in to Beavertown Neck Oil at the minute. Unfortunately, it's £7.50 for 4 330ml cans in Sainsbury's
  3. Thanks mate. Sorted something temporary. Delivery driving for Amazon! Just waiting on my background checks to come back and I'll be on the road. Not a lot about in the industry at the minute, it's traditionally a quiet period now anyway. Me and my old boss are thinking of setting something up in the new year in the leasing market. Need to do a bit of research and see how the no deal Brexit affects things in the early months. We think we could make a success of it if we can get on board with the right partners.
  4. They're quite nice, sold a couple before. My only quibble with Ford is the entertainment system. The radio isn't the easiest to use, especially with DAB, but don't let me put you off, things like that are down to personal preference. I'd recommend having a look at the Nissan X-Trail too. All the toys on those for a good price. Renault Koleos and Peugeot 5008 also worth having a look around before commiting. Peugeot's are loads better than they used to be, at the top of the reliability charts these days and better than you think
  5. Anytime. December is a quiet month in the car trade, so you might get a good deal at the minute. Also, when buying, try to do it in the last week of the month. You'd be amazed how much movement there is if you take delivery before the 1st of the next month. All about monthly targets! What sort of thing are you looking for?
  6. All depends mate. A common misconception is that cash gets you a better deal, it doesn't. A dealer prefers you go down the finance route, as they get a cut of the interest as commission. So finance could get you a better deal, however, offset the lower interest from a personal loan and you might be better off that way. A good thing to do is speak to the salesman and tell them you're edging towards cash, but would consider their finance. That way, you'll be classed as a 'cash conversion' customer, so they'll do what they can to offer you a better APR. Typically it's bet
  7. How was the Cazoo experience? They're the one's that bought out our company and made me redundant. Not doing very well by all accounts. They're struggling to get people into their customer centres to collect. They will soon be charging £150 for delivery and the retail director has parted company with them this week. The investors won't put up with that for long. These were the concerns I had at the start to be honest. BCA own Cinch, so they should be set up to handle the online market better.
  8. I make a point of it to my step-son all the time. Look at Man City around the opponents box. Always looking for the ball, always making runs. Pinging balls about slickly and quickly. We just can't for some reason. That's the difference between a team that finishes top 6 and one that doesn't. If we got caught on the break, but peppered the opposition goal, I could take that. But being so flat and predictable is so disappointing.
  9. Why can't we break teams down and create chances? We've got the players, but we don't get in behind anyone who defends as a team against us. So static in the final third. No movement, no give and go, no runs. Why? It was exactly the same against Wolves.
  10. An absolute f****** disgrace. Answers needed.
  11. Sorry to hear that, mate. There's still 45 minutes
  12. Go and change it now. I'm wearing my new maroon shirt that I got for my birthday on Friday. Might sneak off and put my blue one on
  13. I'd take Mendy and Thomas off for Under and Barnes. Let Youri sit deeper and dictate play.
  14. We have no idea how to break a team down. Happy to play in front of a teams defence. Until that changes, we're a mid-table team.
  15. tom27111


    Still talking the Mrs in to letting me have an Akita called Shinji Dogazaki
  16. Yesterday was the anniversary of the 11th goal and we missed it. I propose that be the Vardyism equivalent of Easter...when he rose above the rest. From August 29th, when his streak started, we enter our period of Lent January 11th is obviously our Christmas as it marks the birth of our Lord. January 18th is New Years Day. I hope year 34 is better than year 33
  17. Then he takes off Werner and leaves Abraham on Now Redknapp is defending it in the studio. Maybe Frank has got his uncle Harry to make a dodgy deal that Tammy knows about
  18. Spending a quarter of a billion pounds and persisting with Tammy Abraham, is like us dropping Vardy and playing Slimani up top.
  19. And West Ham. Was an absolute beast in that Fulham side though. Like an early Wilf. With goals.
  20. Reports suggesting that Papa Bouba Diop has died. Only 42. Loved 'the wardrobe' when he was at Fulham
  21. The amount of Derby fans defending this in Twitter is amazing
  22. I hope you're ready for tomorrow evening then We'll boss it, but create absolutely nothing in the last third.
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