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  1. Have we ever had Evans, Soyuncu, Fofana on the pitch at the same time? I'm not the biggest fan of the back 3/5 but at the same time it is a way to make sure our best players aren't languishing away on the bench. Schmeichel Ricardo, Fofana, Evans, Soyuncu, Castagne Ndidi - Tielemans ???? Ihenacho - Vardy
  2. Honestly, if they are roughly equivalent at providing the delivery, wouldn't you prefer Maddison to be standing at the edge of the box waiting for a rebound to come to him rather than Albrighton's weakly hit off target long shots?
  3. I dont know how Brendan can watch the last 10 minutes and not make a change. It reminds me of Slavia Prague 2nd leg - 1st half. We are getting pinned deep and have given up a fair few chances because our centerbacks are getting beaten and our wingbacks don't have an outlet in midfield to play through.
  4. I see you are a man of culture. I really like the hot buffalo wing one too, but the honey mustard & onion is king.
  5. Schmeichel Thomas Fuchs Soyuncu Amartey Castagne Ndidi Tielemans Albrighton Vardy Ricardo
  6. If they are going to roll around on the ground, we might as well give them a reason
  7. We have been a lot better at home in the Europa League though. 3-0 vs Luhansk (lost 1-0 away) - 4 goal difference between home/away legs 4-0 vs Braga (3-3 draw away) - 4 goal difference between home/away legs 2-0 vs AEK (won 2-1 away) - 1 goal difference between home/away legs (on average 3 goals better at home than away) On the other hand, Prague has been much worse away in the Europa League than they are at home legs. Lost 3-1 away to Hapoel Be'er Sheva (won 3-0 at home) - 5 goal difference between away/home legs. Lost 4-0 away to Leverkusen (won 1-
  8. On the otherhand, if we concede even one goal, we need to score 2 to advance. Keeping a clean sheet is paramount. Worst case with a clean sheet, we goto extra time and a shootout.
  9. It's funny you should say that. I listened to a podcast (Five Four podcast, check it out) about McCleskey V Kemp that really resonated with the state of the criminal justice system, and conservatives lack of interest in making it more "fair" for people of color. This is what one of the podcast hosts (Peter "the law boy") had to say: "They’re deeply concerned about playing Jenga with the social hierarchy. This shit is so deep in conservative psychology because it’s fundamental to the protection and justification of the status quo. If what you want out of politics, if yo
  10. Like @South Shire Fox said, everything is pretty safe and tourist friendly. I went there with my wife for our honeymoon, and the "worst" thing that happened was people trying to sell us weed, "hand made" trinkets, etc. It's really an incredible place, and very cheap comparatively. A week all inclusive was far cheaper than going to Disney (in Orlando).
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