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  1. Negro Modelo is really good... by far one of the best Mexican macro lagers. Mexico had a lot of German settlers back in the day, and they brought over their beer culture. Although the reputation is Mexico makes subpar beer, I find a lot of their lagers to be really good. Pacifico, Bohemia, Victoria and sol. That said, my favorite lagers are still German. Especially the darker (dunkel) lagers.
  2. Some interesting information on ACL injuries from Barca Innovation Hub https://barcainnovationhub.com/recovery-time-of-the-anterior-cruciate-ligament-injury-in-elite-football/ Here are a few relevant bullet points: 7% suffered complications before playing the first match (a new rupture or other complications in the knee). The average downtime after ACL reconstruction was of 6.6 months to come back to training and of 7.4 months to come back to competition. Coming back to competition a year after suffering an ACL injury was high (85.8%); however, only 65% (60 out of 93 players) were capable of competing at the highest level three years later. So, based on the above points, the average elite athlete with a mid-march ACL surgery might return to training by the end of September, and back to match fitness sometime in late October/ Early November.
  3. You don't have to provide a credit card, so there's no risk that you'll forget and they'll start charging you (like other free trials).
  4. I tried this out last week, it's pretty neat. You can basically watch any game from the last decade. You can go into the settings and turn off the scores so that you can randomly pick a game from the past and watch it not knowing who won. I only wish they had more classic games. I'd love to see more footage of the great players from the past. I watched some college football games on youtube from the 50's... what a different time: leather helmets, old school formations like the Wing T, and QBs that drop back from under center 10-15 feet before they throw the football. The game has come a long way.
  5. I think the fact that he was able to play likely means that it was a lower grade injury than a complete rupture. I would hesitate to put this injury in the same category as Matty James. When you rupture your ACL, you use a cadaver tendon to replace the ruptured tendon, and the recovery time is 6-9 months minimum. I would expect he would be back to rehab and training in the summer. The concern is that he will have lost some mobility and strength in his knee, and he will be more susceptible to re-injurying it again. The good news is, maybe this will scare potential suitors to going after him in the transfer market
  6. I went out for groceries on Friday and came back with a six pack of beer and a bottle of bourbon for the same reason.
  7. We may still be dealing with this when next season is supposed to begin.
  8. The Watford match is surely going to be cancelled, right?
  9. I'm in the same boat. We just got our first cases of the coronavirus here. I expect in the next few weeks that our company will shut down the headquarters, as it is open to the public. I can not believe, however, that we will shut down our plants. It will lead to a big issue because those who can work from home are generally white collar workers, while those in the plants are union laborers. We just got through a work stoppage during a labor dispute that cost us a lot in terms of production. I doubt we can afford to shut plants down for months on end. On a personal note, my wife is very pregnant and is in the last few weeks before she goes on maternity leave. Her job is very much public facing / working with customers and volunteers. My fingers are crossed that we can stay out of this mess until the baby is born. If this becomes an italy/china level pandemic here, I imagine going to the hospital for the delivery is going to be a nightmare.
  10. Personally, I wouldn't go as the risk is unnecessarily high, especially to your mother. Worst case scenario and she takes ill while she's over there, what do you do? What quality care would she receive? Could you afford to extend your stay for a number of weeks while she recovers? Can you afford to self-quarantine for two weeks after you return home?
  11. If there even is a champions league next year
  12. I mostly put Barnes in for Iheanacho for fitness reasons. If Vardy isn't fully fit and he can only go like 70 minutes, then we'll need Iheanacho to come off the bench.
  13. Our striker, whether it be Vardy or Iheanacho, has been too isolated. Against Norwich, they showed Iheanacho like 20 yards away from the nearest Leicester player. If Maddison is our #10, then he needs to be farther up the pitch. It's time to bring back the diamond, which, coincidentally enough is how we beat Villa last time. Schmeichel Pereira- Soyuncu - Evans - Chilwell Ndidi Tielemans - Praet Maddison Vardy - Barnes
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