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  1. International play is 10x worse in this regard, especially among South/Central America teams.
  2. I'll just run through some recommendations of shows I haven't seen listed yet: Bojack Horseman - Some of you may be turned off by the fact that it's animated, but the writing is smart enough that I'd suggest you give it a try. It's a perfect juxtaposition of funny jokes, and characters suffering from crippling depression. A - List voice acting cast - Will Arnett, Alison Brie, Patton Oswalt, Aaron Paul, etc. Breaking Bad - I can't believe this hasn't been recommended yet, but maybe because everyone has already seen it. If you are one of the few that's heard how good it is, but haven't yet watched it, shame on you . Don't worry about the slow pace. If you can get through the first season, you'll be hooked. Dark - Season 2 was pretty garbage, but season 1 was definitely worth watching. Without giving too much away, it's a science fiction drama that takes place in a small german town built around a nuclear power plant. The english dubbing is terrible, so id suggest watching it in german w/ english subtitles. F is for Family - It's another animated show, but it really captures the essence of living in a dysfunctional family in America during the 70s/80s. It reminds me of S1 of the Simpsons, when Homer is not some lovable idiot, and he's really more of an abusive and shameful father. Bill Burr is the creator, and he's the second funniest comedian on the planet. Haunting of Hill House - Probably the best "horror" TV show ever to be created. Kingdom - I know the zombie genre is well played out, but this is a brilliant show. It's one part 18th century, south korean, game of thrones type political drama, and one part creepy horror. There's only one season / 6 episodes, so you're not really committing to anything long-term. Season 2 is in production. Mad Men - Another show, similar to breaking bad, in that most people have either watched it, or know what it is about.Truth be told, i was just in proximity to my wife watch the show, but it got so good I got sucked in. The drama / character development is solid, but what really stands out to me is how the show captures the time periods / historical events. Narcos / Narcos Mexico - Who doesn't love a good gangster film? The first three seasons tell of the rise of fall of Pablo Escobar, and let you understand the terrible effects of the war on drugs. I've already seen a few recommendations for Ken Burns' Vietnam War documentary. I am very interested in all things history, but I never really understood Vietnam and the era surrounding it. I've seen my fair share of Vietnam war movies, and learned about it in school, but I never had the same experience as those who lived through that time period. This documentary really changed me, and my perception of my parent's generation. It should be required viewing for students.
  3. With vardy injured, I feel like iheanacho and Perez need to be rested for Villa and then Chelsea. That puts us in a tough position for selecting a striker.
  4. I actually thought chilwell had a pretty solid game
  5. Charles Aranguiz? I can't pretend to know how well he's been, but I remember his transfer speculation thread going well over 100 pages
  6. I'd like to see Vardy be a bit more selfish there and take that shot.
  7. Perez is really growing into this game. I can see him bagging a goal or an assist this game.
  8. Yeah. It's tough to judge a player when they don't get consistent games. I thought Mendy was actually quite good against Burnley.
  9. Early in the season, Stringer made the misfortune of claiming that Hamza has played in a holding midfielder role this season. Brendan corrected him, and stated that when Choudhury has played, it has been as a right sided midfielder. When brought on, Hamza's job is to help the team press farther up the pitch Brendan also mentioned that he believes Choudhury needs to work on what he does in possession of the ball. So all that said, i think Brendan believes Hamza to be a long term project, and a player in need of development. He sees Mendy as the short term replacement for Wilfred Ndidi. That is probably because Mendy is more cautious about staying in that holding midfield location of the pitch in front of the centerbacks. Brendan might also believe that Mendy is tidier in possession.
  10. His lack of pace makes him a weakness that we should be looking to exploit between Barnes/Vardy.
  11. Who on God's green earth has a knee operation and then plays premier league football two weeks later
  12. I looked at the stats from the last 15 premier league games (leaving out the cup games) to get an idea of if our performances have been getting worse, or if we have just been getting "unlucky." All in all, I can say that our performance has dropped off regardless of our luck. The only games where the outcome deviated from the expected outcome based on xG was the two games against Burnley. Away, we deserved to win, but lost. At home, we deserved to lose, but won. So what has changed since our winning streak? In the last 7 games, our expected goals has decreased by 1.08. However, our actual goals scored decreased by 1.84. Now, there is some statistical anomalies in the mix. For example, the historic 9-0 win over Southampton, and our games vs significantly better opposition in Man City and Liverpool. However, even with those games removed, our expected goals decreased by 0.48 and our actual goals decreased by 0.69. What is strange is that, during our recent struggles, the number of shots we've taken and the percentage of shots that end up on-target have actually increased. We are creating chances, and putting shots on target, but we are lacking a lethal edge. Though Jamie Vardy has been in the team sheet five of the last seven games, nobody would argue that he has been in the same form since his calf injury/absence. He scored in each of the eight games that we won, and he has only scored once in his last five premier league starts. This is where it gets weird. In the last seven games, we have actually conceded fewer goals, both expected/actual during our recent struggles. We have limited our opponent to about 3-4 fewer shots per game (a greater than 20% decrease). However, of the shots we have conceded, the % of shots that end up on target have nearly doubled. Maybe this will change some of our perspectives on what is "wrong" with Leicester. I know so much focus has been on the defensive side - Ndidi's injury, Chilwell's performance, etc. But the statistics say that we have been conceding a similar number of goals, but it is our goal scoring that has significantly slowed down.
  13. I've found the easiest way to cut back was to cut it out during the week. Limit it to social functions and the like on the weekend.
  14. Both are likely true. They probably have him doing PT, working on building back strength and flexibility, and then outside of training he is using crutches to keep the weight off of his knee.
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