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  1. I agree. People slate Matty James all the time, as if he is personally responsible for his injury history. I can't imagine the disappointment he (and Pipes) must have felt after each setback. I can see how easy it would be to fall into addiction and depression when you tie your self worth to your footballing ability.
  2. See, you too want the status quo! Maybe not the best example, but you get my point.
  3. Leicester, RB Leipzig, etc. are examples of teams that are trying to upset the established order of world football. Even though other clubs might have been charmed by our miracle title win, the majority prefer the status quo over parity. Even more salty are the supporters of clubs that have not been able to keep up with the evolution of modern football. We saw how upset Celtic supporters were, because losing their manager to a "smaller" premier league club was a reality check that they are not the European giants they pretend to be. The reality is there are maybe 10 "Big" teams in Europe, and they might even walk away from their domestic competitions to form a super league which would stop any blue bloods from joining their ranks.
  4. The problem with playing three at the back is putting the full burden of wide attacking play on the wingbacks. We couldn't break Watford down because we were not overloading their defense out wide with attackers. It is no surprise that Chilwell and Ricardo struggled. They look much better when they are overlapping with another winger like Barnes or Gray, than they do on their own.
  5. There certainly isn't a way in for them now.
  6. Celtic are content with being a big fish in a small pond. They enjoy winning trophies every year, and bowing out early in the champions league stages. If they had ambition, they would have joined the Premier League ages ago. They could have retained their manager, and had real money spend in the transfer market to compete in Europe (should they have qualified). They can look outward and blame Brendan Rodgers for being disloyal, and they can blame Leicester City for poaching their manager, but the real blame lies at their own feet. They had the chance to evolve with the changing landscape of world football, and they chose to stay the same. Now, Premier League money has become the great equalizer, and even a mid table premier league club is bigger than the likes of Celtic.
  7. Completely biased, because I watch him for the US national team. Timo Weah is a really promising young player, borderline Pulisic level hype. It's hard to breakthrough at PSG, given their squad, so PSG might be willing to part ways with him for the right price. Transfermarkt has him valued at 5M euros. To us they'd probably want 15-20M. 4 years from now I could see him going for beyond what Chelsea paid for Pulisic, which in of itself was an outrageous fee. He's shown that he's maybe a bit too good for the SPL, even though he has mostly made substitute appearances. I'd like to see what he could do in the premier league. I think his attributes would make him a very good winger or #10 playing under Vardy. He has the pace to break on the counter, and he can really pick out a pass.
  8. Some powerful closing remarks from Elijah Cummings that go above politics:
  9. Really looking forward to Cohen's testimony. The fact that he has documents to prove some of Trump's criminal activity is crucial to possible impeachment. If we've learned anything from Justin Smollett, it's that if you're going to commit a crime, you certainly shouldn't be writing personal checks that prove it. That's why Trump was so unraveled on twitter when the feds raided Cohen's office.
  10. When was the last time we scored first?
  11. Tieleman's price tag just went up a couple million
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