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  1. Detroit Blues

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    That's kind of what I am saying. We're so focused on the individual results in the short term. Surely the majority would not be saying Puel needs to go after we beat Man City, Chelsea and Everton. But we lose against Newport, and then again against Southampton and people want him out. Yet i don't see the specific things people think he should change. What player is he not playing that will unlock defenses when teams sit back? What formation or style should we be playing? Everyone wants to play the "Leicester way" of pressing and counterattacking, but that's not going to work when the opposition sits back and concedes possession. What would a different manager in his position do, and how different would our league position be? That's what I struggle with. If there's a better option, i'd be all ears. But what mid table teams usually do when they fire their manager is hire a retread manager that has been around the league. In the short term the team plays better, but over time they typically do worse. Also, how many managers would be clamoring to get the Leicester job when we sack Puel for being 8th in the table?
  2. Detroit Blues

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    I think the majority of Leicester supporters would rather see him go. To me, that is just another example of the obsession the premier league has with changing managers. Without the fear of relegation, we shouldn't be so short sighted in our approach. We stuck by Pearson and allowed him to build the team that eventually won the league. Our patience with Puel might just pay off as well. He's bringing in exciting young players. He has us getting results against the best teams in the league. We just need to improve against teams that sit back and defend, but that's always been something we've struggled with. To make his system work, we need to bring in players that are quicker at moving the ball, and more creative in possession. Mahrez could unlock many defenses, and losing him was massive. We've not found his replacement yet. I don't see how a new manager will take this same crop of players, and do with them what Puel couldn't. We'll see a brief uptick in results, as the players get some extra motivation to play for the new manager. But after awhile, the new manager will struggle with the same issue that Ranieri, Shakespeare, and Puel all did. Whats our plan B when we go against teams that sit back and defend?
  3. Detroit Blues


    My wife and I bought our first house a little more than two years ago. I would agree it's quite the nerve racking experience. We bought a fixer-upper, so there were quite a few surprises along the way, even after the house became ours. The mantra that there's always something breaking is true. It may seem like life is just the period in between housing emergencies . But like others have said, it's a chance to build up equity. Even more important, it's a chance to make something yours. When it's not a frozen wasteland outside, i'll sit outside in my backyard with a beer, and it all seems worth it.
  4. Detroit Blues

    Robert Huth Retires

    Wes Morgan really improved when we brought Huth in to pair with him during the great escape. You could probably make the argument that we would not have stayed up, let alone won the league if it were not for Huth's contributions.
  5. Detroit Blues

    Jamie Vardy to Chelsea

    I'd be shocked if Vardy handed in a transfer request. Until he does, no move is happening, we're 7th in the table, and completely reliant on him for goals.
  6. Detroit Blues

    Nintendo Switch

    Same. I moved on and figured I'd come back to it later.
  7. Detroit Blues

    Premier League Thread 2018/19 stuff it in here.

    Yeah, people are acting like Pulisic is some pedestrian player because he's 2nd choice behind Sancho. Sancho has been incredible this season for BVB. From a selfish standpoint, i wish Pulisic signed with Liverpool instead. I think he would fit better tactically, into their system. He already has familiarity with Klopp, and I think he could develop better without the supporters' expectations as being Hazard's "replacement." As if anyone Chelsea is going to bring into the club will be as good as Hazard. Having watched Pulisic quite a lot, I think he is very good, but he is by no means a finished product. He tends to frustrate, like Mahrez, in that he likes to dribble a bit too much when you'd rather he just pass/shoot. Sarri will probably break him of that. If Chelsea are patient enough with him, I can see him developing into one of the better wingers in the premier league. But knowing Chelsea, they'll consider him a failure after three matches and ship him away.
  8. Detroit Blues

    Cardiff Home Match Thread

    Cardiff's keeper is keeping them in this game. Another half with the same effort and we should win this 1-nil.
  9. Detroit Blues

    Cardiff Pre Match

    It's a trickier match than meets the eye. I would assume a lot of players need to rest after playing 3 matches in eight days. Plus, we want to be fresh for everton away. But if puel makes several changes, and we disappoint against Cardiff, he'll come under scrutiny for tinkering too much. That said, I would treat Cardiff like an early round of a cup competition and rest the full XI. Ward Fuchs Soyunchu Evans Simpson Ghezzal Iborra Silva Diabate Okazaki Iheanacho
  10. Detroit Blues

    Man City H Post Thread 2-1

    Great match, great win.
  11. Detroit Blues

    Man City H Match Thread

    You know he's doing a good job when you hardly notice him on the pitch.
  12. Detroit Blues

    What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    I just started playing Xcom2, which was one of the free PS Plus games from months back. Finally got around to it, and now i'm pretty much obsessed. I made some mistakes early on, so it's going to be a race to the finish!
  13. Detroit Blues

    Christmas 2018

    During my childhood, I could remember celebrations of Christmas in America starting sometime in mid-December, and petering out in early to mid-January. It seemed like a reasonable length to get together with family, exchange a few gifts, and celebrate a religious holiday. Now, in the name of advertising revenue and retail sales, Christmas has spread like a cancer into the other holidays and seasons. It wasn't until the beginning of this "Black Friday" nonsense, that the Christmas season began starting a day after Thanksgiving. People would actually leave their Thanksgiving dinner to go stand in line to buy cheaply manufactured crap the next day. Then each store tried to outdo each other by opening earlier and earlier. Now Black Friday actually begins on Thanksgiving day, which is a Thursday.... For awhile, the sanctity of Thanksgiving was the last thing stopping the outward expansion of Christmas. Once Thanksgiving was fully consumed, there was nothing that would stop Christmas from starting earlier and earlier. Halloween was a mere speed-bump in the path of Christmas. A single day that, radio stations switch from Christmas music to Halloween music, and then back to Christmas music. Store owners stand around on Christmas, nervously anticipating Halloween to end so that they can put up their Christmas decorations. Now by the time Christmas Day comes around, it has already overstayed its welcome by a full two months. If your wife told you that your in-laws were staying over at your house for Christmas, and they showed in October or November, you'd be pretty upset That's my rant on Christmas. I look forward to celebrating it for maybe 48 hours, and no more.
  14. I suppose I am in the minority then. I think Puel's building something here at Leicester, and I'd like to see what it will look like around this time next season. I don't think there's any pressure to make changes right now, because we're in no danger of relegation. At some point you have to stop switching managers every season, and stick with one. I fear that our desire for immediate results will erode the supporter's belief in what Puel is building. Like every other premier league club, we'll fire him and hire a more pragmatic manager who has bounced around in the premier league. Our results will pick up for a month or two, and then the same problems that plagued Puel will plague them as well. We will realize all too late that the issues during Puel's tenure have more to do with Leicester's squad, and less to do with Puel's management.