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  1. Who do you want Summer 2018

    If we sell Gray, I wouldn't mind using the proceeds to go after Hirving "Chucky" Lozano. Chucky is a mexican international, and a raising star in the Eredivisie. He's scored 16 and assisted 12, in 27 league matches. He's got that creative flair that we lack when we try and break down an opponent with a lot of men behind the ball. He's also quick and lethal on the counter.
  2. USA Foxes

    It sucks that the best quality I can get is 720p. Usually the feed is low res and the frame rate is mediocre at best. It looks best on my phone due to the pixel density, but I'd much rather watch it on my TV, especially if I'm having people over for the games. After having programming in 4k, watching soccer in sub 720 feels like watching hockey in standard definition before they did the stupid glow puck. At the end of the day, we have no leverage to fight NBC gold, because as non big 6 clubs we are constantly relegated to streaming only services.
  3. Burnley Away 14/04/2018 - Pre-Match Discussion

    Schmeichel Dragovic - Morgan - Maguire Albrighton - Choudary - Silva- Chilwell Mahrez - Vardy - Gray My gut says that having 3 at the back would free up one of the CBs to step into midfield. This would help alleviate the issues we're going to have with Ndidi suspended and Iborra injured. It would allow Maguire to get forward and pass the ball through Burley's defense. Having another big body would help us defend crosses and set pieces. If we play a 3-4-3 the only other question is Diabaté or Gray. Assuming Burnley retain a lot of the ball since our midfield is sure to be overrun, Gray's pace will help us on the counter attack. Additionally, Burnley are very happy to allow shots from distance. Gray has shown in the past that he can hit them when he cuts inside in the area of the pitch that Burnley chooses not to defend.
  4. USA Foxes

    I feel like we've been on NBC Gold more than any other team in the premier league. I guess it's good that I'm getting my money's worth, but still the two games on TV are Brighton/Crystal palace and Everton/Swansea. Those 4 teams have some relative safety from relegation. Everton and Brighton are likely playing for nothing but pride. Meanwhile Burnley and Leicester actually have something to play for.
  5. World Cup Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 19 seconds  
  6. Who do you think will win the World Cup?

    My heart is telling me Brazil/Argentina, my brain is telling me either Spain or Germany.
  7. President Trump & the USA

    Raiding Michael Cohen's office/home might finally convince Trump to try and get away with firing Mueller and ending the investigation. On the otherhand, the seized documents might directly link Trump and Cohen to campaign finance crimes. The evidence gathered might be damning, and if so, it might force Trump to make a move. Trump would love for AG Jeff sessions to fire Mueller, but he recused himself. He would need to fire sessions and replace him with a new attorney general to fire Mueller. Unfortunately for Trump, sessions is protected by the Republican Congress so firing him might make the Republicans more inclined to impeach him. If they get killed in the mid terms, they might see the writing on the wall. Meanwhile Manafort was just denied bail, and could likely tie Trump personally to a number of crimes if he is willing to cooperate. However, he is banking on Trump pardoning him if he refuses to play ball. But if Trump is going down anyway, due to this Cohen raid, who will pardon him? Perhaps the closer Mueller gets to Trump, the more likely Manafort will crack. Russian spies, hacking, porn stars, legal drama, partisan politics... The story will make for a good movie one day.
  8. That's a pretty positive, attacking lineup. Hopefully we don't get overrun in midfield without ndidi and okazaki.
  9. A defence of Matty James

    Currently having Achilles problems myself. The big difference between having an Achilles injury vs other lower body injuries - you can never really rest your Achilles long enough to heal it. Normal activity (walking, going up/down stairs, driving, etc) all exacerbate the injury. Running or playing a full 90 minutes would be just about the worst thing for you. At a certain point you just have to do surgery or completely immobilize it long enough to heal. The way he's built might be leading him to putting a lot of pressure on his tendons (ACL, Achilles, etc.). I worry that not only he wont be able to play at a premier league level during the prime of his career, but i worry that he won't be able to play at any level. He is suffering from non-contact injuries because his tendon's cannot bear the stress he is putting on it from training. It's a shame because he's a quality player and seems like a really good guy. I hope I'm wrong and he has a long career without any long term health issues. However, it may be wise for him to consider a career within the sport in a non-athletic capacity. Maybe he could work on getting his coaches badges or getting into broadcasting. He's probably made enough money throughout his career where he can still live comfortably. You don't want to end up not being able to function because you've destroyed your body trying to play in the premier league.

    Here's the first thing I read about brewing: http://howtobrew.com/book/introduction John Palmer's book is on the website, free to read. He'll go over the basics and take you through a brew day. Required Equipment (in my opinion)- Brew kettle (stainless steel). If you're going to do a 5 gallon batch, you need a 6 gallon or more kettle. Carboy (glass preferred). This is where you store the beer as it ferments. Glass is better than plastic because plastic can get micro-cuts on the inside where bacteria can hide. Glass is more expensive though. Carboy brush - Long L-shaped brush used to clean out the carboy You'll need a long stirring spoon, you might already own of them. PBW - brewing detergent to clean with Starsan - brewing sanitizer Funnel - don't use the same one you use to change your oil. Auto siphon + hose - Used to transfer beer from kettle into carboy, and you could use it to bottle (though it's more difficult). Bottles. You can re-claim bottles of beer you buy at the store. Rinse them out as soon as you drink them, then before bottling, let them soak, scub the labels off, clean the hell out of the inside of the bottle with the PBW + sanatizer. 12 oz's work, but 5 gallons fills a lot of 12oz bottles. I have a bunch of the 750ml bottles for homebrewing. You're going to have to pour your beer into a glass one way or another because of the yeast anyway, so it won't matter. Bottle brush - tiny version of the carboy brush for bottles. Air Lock - plug that goes into the carboy that let's foam out, but keeps air from getting in. Once your beer starts rapidly fermenting, it stops your beer from becoming a bomb from all the expanding gasses. After that it's done fermenting, any carboy plug will do to stop it up. Just measure the opening of the carboy and get the size that fits. Hydrometer - Technically optional, but really recommended. It tests the gravity of the beer after you brew and after you ferment. It's the only way, truly, to know when the beer is done. It also will tell you the final ABV of your beer. Optional Turkey burner (the kind that uses the propane gas) so that I could do it outside. Some people use their range in the kitchen, but it will take a lot longer to heat the water and may make a mess inside your home vs outside. But both ways are fine. Bottling bucket - plastic bucket to put fermented beer in, and then it has a nozzle/tap to pour into the bottles Beer thief - Little device that makes taking samples out of the carboy easier (than the auto-siphon). Carboy/bottle sprayer - an attachment to any sink/faucet to spray water at a high pressure upwards. You push the carboy/bottle onto it and it sprays the hell out of the inside to clean it out after you use the brush. Hop bags - used so you can pull out the hops after A lot of brewing equipment is perfectly fine to buy second hand. A lot of hobby brewers end up getting out, or upgrading their equipment so they're willing to sell their old stuff for very cheap. So I would look around on your local classifieds (craigslist here, as long as you do it saftely), maybe there is a local homebrewers group/guild/association in your area, etc. I did buy most of my stuff on amazon, however. This should be enough to do your first extract brew. Buy a kit from your homebrew store or online for your first brew. Something easy like an Ale with good directions. The homebrew store might offer to put something together for you, that's fine as long as there's good directions. The kit usually contains: Liquid Malt extract (and maybe some grains to steep) Hops Yeast - either dry or liquid Bottle caps Priming sugar - to put in the bottles to carbonate them This is not the same as one of the kits that includes the equipment (like "mr.beer"). That's something that usually makes 1 gallon of beer that's little better than piss. A lot of people have their first brewing experience with these kits and never go back. I am by no means an expert (i've maybe brewed 10 batches), but let me know if you have any questions.
  11. Leicester City Vs Newcastle United

    If James or Amartey were fit, I would imagine Puel would play them in a 3 man midfield Iborra and silva. Vardy would play up top flanked by Mahrez and Albrighton or Diabate. A 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 depending on how attacking we need to be. Since they are both out, I imagine we have no choice other than playing Iborra/Silva in a 4-4-2. Though many of us would prefer Diabate or Gray in for Okazaki, I think that we may need Okazaki's defensive work to help out a weakened midfield with Ndidi suspended.

    From my experience, if you buy decent equipment, clean very thoroughly, and follow the directions you'll make pretty good beer 90% of the time. The beer you'll make at first will be at least better than the cheap macro brewed stuff. Once you get good at it, you can get it as good as "craft beer." The initial investment for extract brewing, kettle, burner, glass carboy, etc was like $200 (in the US). Some people buy the cheap brewing kits but i'd advise against it. After that it costs me like $30-50 of ingredients to make a 5 gallon batch. It can feel daunting when you get into it at first. If you have friends that homebrew id start off by just helping them on a brew day. If not, watch a lot of videos on YouTube so you understand the basics and ask questions at your local Homebrew supply shop. The kit with the ingredients will provide the step by step directions. When it comes to the brew day make sure you have help. For me it's usually my brother or a couple friends. We sit out on my patio, drink some beer and brew on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon. It will take like 4-6 hours from when you startup until you're done cleaning up. After you go through 4-5 batches you'll really start to get the hang of it. Then you can start experimenting with different ingredients, maybe try kegging instead of bottling, etc. If you like beer, it can be a fun hobby. However for a lot of people can be a money sink. Some people over do it and spend thousands on commercial equipment. Others get in for a few hundred and it sits in the garage unused. So I'd just caution you. But personally I like it a lot. That was kind of a lot. I hope that helps.
  13. The World Football Thread

    The LAFC - Galaxy match was incredible. The chants for zlatan while he was on the bench were deafening, and then he comes on and scores a brace to win it.
  14. BHA versus LCFC match thread.

    Albrighton 39% pass accuracy today
  15. BHA versus LCFC match thread.

    I'm a big fan of iborra but he's been dreadful as well today. It's almost like they aren't used to the surface. Every long pass on the grass goes twice as far as they thought it would.