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  1. I think this world cup shows what to expect from VAR in the Premier League. Officiating is subjective. When a penalty is given because of a foul in the box, VAR is going to be used to prove whether or not there was a foul, but not whether or not that foul deserves a penalty. The debate on the two penalties is not whether or not there was a foul. Both times Spain went in for a challenge, did not make contact with the ball, but did make contact with the player. Anywhere else on the field, that foul is given 100% of the time. The question is, does that deserve a penalty? That's my issue with the handball rule as well. In a perfect world, there would be an alternative punishment to a penalty for these types of innocuous fouls that don't clearly deny a goal scoring opportunity, but occur in the box. Perhaps an indirect free kick? I don't know. All that said, Spain fouled early and often. Sometimes, recklessly so. I don't feel bad for them
  2. I think whenever you pick an arbitrary number of teams that qualify for a tournament, you inevitably end up excluding good teams or including bad teams. I think for the sake of growing the game around the world, FIFA should err on the side of including more teams than might be necessary.
  3. It seems like Trump's own administration is trying to lead him down a path of increasing conflict with Iran, with the hope that it will end up as a full-fledged war. A tried and true gameplan: Fly the drone a bit too close (or directly into) Iran's airspace. When Iran inevitably acts, advise Trump with options to strike back on some limited scale. Use physiological techniques to entice him into action. It reminds me of how JFK had to constantly reject his own generals' advice to strike first against Cuba / the Soviets during his time in office. I worry, how anyone would be able to do the job of the president, surrounded by corrupt politicians who have much to gain from a war, or even other non-politically affiliated, trust-worthy career military advisers who are a little to eager to solve political issues with military solutions. They say that when all you have is a hammer, all your problems look like nails.
  4. I have no shame There's a few other new ones. I'll take a picture next time I'm at the store.
  5. Since I know some of you enjoy the IASIP labels, I'm drinking this right now:
  6. I think the reason this feels different than other transfers, is that he's had such a successful loan period here. The transfer window really feels like it would only be successful if we manage to sign him.
  7. England have so much talent and competition for caps, i'm surprised more players with eligibility do not try to go elsewhere to play internationally. It's a damn shame that Marc Albrighton has not been capped for the senior England team. Someone get him an american passport
  8. More of a military-industrial complex issue for sure, but don't discount the neo-conservative ideals of nation building (which was a big theme in Iraq). I am tired of the perpetual warfare. These politicians think they can use war for their own personal gain, and it costs our society trillions of tax dollars, and thousands of lives. My biggest fear is that Trump will find himself backed in a corner, and decide to use war in Iran as a way to boost his popularity. Labeling the tanker attacks as Iran's responsibility could be the first step towards that. The state department, prior to tanker attack issued a statement telling US citizens to leave Iran, so it seems to be tracking in that direction.
  9. same I just keep checking back on this thread every day to see if it finally happened.
  10. Alright, spin this https://abcnews.go.com/amp/Politics/id-exclusive-interview-trump-listen-foreigners-offered-dirt/story?id=63669304&__twitter_impression=true
  11. Agreed, complete domination by the US on the ball.
  12. I've been obsessively playing it (on the switch). It's a really solid game. I found it for like $35 on amazon, and i've definitely gotten my monies worth already.
  13. https://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/news/record-breaking-fifa-women-s-world-cup-tops-750-million-tv-viewers-2745963
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