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  1. I hope that we beat spurs, even if we don't get 4th. That way we know we did everything we could do. It would be gut wrenching to draw/lose and have either Liverpool or Chelsea drop points, and know we could have qualified for the champions league if we just took care of business.
  2. I agree. I have not resigned myself to 5th place either. We just need either Chelsea or Liverpool to drop points in one of their (combined) last three games amd beat Spurs. If we completely rout Spurs, we also have a chance to beat liverpool on GD/GF. 538 has it at 40% chance of happening, which seems pretty fair.
  3. Two wins, and United losing against Wolves, and we finish in 2nd.
  4. He's injury prone. His pace and ability to stop so abruptly comes at the expense of his hamstrings. Tuchel said that he played the full 90 mins earlier in the week and picked up a knock, so they were keeping an eye on him. I thought he (and Chilwell) played very well when they came on. Hopefully, with Maddison in the starting XI, we can hold onto the ball a little more and dictate the game. I am not sure we can sit back and defend like we did during the FA Cup and expect to keep a clean sheet. We are going to need to get on the scoresheet earlier and look to hurt them on the count
  5. If we are in the champions league (and perhaps even if we are only in the europa league), we pretty much need two - first team capable players at each position. I'm perfectly happy playing Gosens in the champions league midweek and then Thomas on the weekend in the premier league. Justin might also be called on to be a 3rd CB if we play 5 at the back, so then we'd have - CB - Evans, Fofana, Soyuncu, Justin, and probably a transfer CB LB - Gosens, Thomas RB - Castagne, Pereira
  6. The harsh reality is this. If we miss out on Champions League on the last day of the season (again), more people will associate Leicester with being bottlers that than they will with being FA Cup winners. Players care about playing in the Champions League. They want to test themselves against the best players/teams in the best competition world football has to offer. We can't keep our best players if we consistently miss out on Champions League football. The other lesson we learned is that the Europa League is a brutal competition. It weakens your squad in terms of inj
  7. I really think Tuchel got his selection wrong on Saturday. I think we'll see Havertz, Pulisic, and Chilwell. I think it makes sense to rotate a few players and give Chelsea a new look to deal with. Schmeichel Castagne - Fofana - Soyuncu - Thomas Tielemans - Ndidi Pereira - Maddison - Albrighton Vardy
  8. I re-watched the second half because it was all such a blur. Morgan made a ton of great defensive headers after he came on. To be at fault for an own goal in what would likely be his last leicester city appearance would have been unfair and exceptionally cruel. Rodgers really made a ton of tough and important calls. Starting Perez over Maddison. Perez played with a 10/10 defensive work rate through the full 90, closing Chelsea defenders down and tracking back. He made the crucial interception that lead to Youri's goal.
  9. But his distribution.... What an absolutely world class performance. It reminds me of how big he was in our champions league run. The biggest occasions bring out the best in him.
  10. I just screamed, and now my wife knows I am not working
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