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  1. It's kind of the norm when you're watching sports over the internet. Most Leicester games I watch are on a sight delay, so you have to be a bit careful about checking your phone while you're watching. Some of my friends have alerts for certain matches automatically sent to their phone, so you occasionally will hear the vibrating of someone's phone before a goal
  2. Part of becoming a champions league type team is increasing the depth and quality of the squad. Between midweek champions league matches, FA Cup, and EFL Cup there will be plenty of matches to go around. You're right in that he's been often injured and he has not fit into Real Madrid. That is why you are only paying 40M for him, when his value in form would easily be twice that. James Rodriguez is a mahrez type player that can change the game with a flicker of magic, and he can be the best player on the pitch in any game. This would be a gamble, but it is one that could pay off tremendously. I believe a manager like Brendan Rodgers could get him back into form, and integrate him into the team.
  3. I was so gutted for Kelechi when his goal was initially ruled offside. Thank god for VAR
  4. It's too bad Gray is not on the bench. He would be a nice option to change this game for us.
  5. Yep, unfortunately, that's what the new rule will have to be for the players. Take one for the team.
  6. I guess I'll be in the minority then. James Rodriguez is an excellent player, and I'd be thrilled to have him in the squad. We are happy with our current squad, but we'll need to improve it when we add in midweek champions league fixtures. We can't play Maddison and tielemans twice a week and not expect fatigue or injuries to happen.
  7. So i can't tell you anything specific to Florida, but i will just explain a few things about watching the premier league in America. Although each game is televised, not every game is aired on a cable channel (NBC. NBC Sports, etc.). That means Leicester's match against Watford (midweek), will likely not be on TV if you go to a bar. Some of the less popular matches are locked behind a paywall, in a subscription called "NBC Sports Gold." To watch those matches, you have to pay for an annual subscription, and then stream the games online through the NBC Sports App. Leicester vs Aston Villa (on a Sunday), will likely be televised. This is a good resource to use to determine which channels the games are on in America: https://www.livesoccertv.com/ Just note that the data is usually not completely updated until the week of the matches. There may not be many Leicester fans in Florida, specifically, but the premier league is popular in every major city. Florida has a large Hispanic population, and they have a MLS team in Orlando (and one soon in Miami), so finding soccer fans should not be difficult. To narrow down a bar, i would look on google maps, facebook, or some of the local subreddits. What you should be looking for is a "soccer bar," or an irish/english pub that opens early enough for the game. If you're staying at a hotel, concierge will probably know where to go. That's probably not what you were looking for, but I hope that helps!
  8. We're one injury (God forbid) away from Dennis slotting into the starting XI. With the kind of season we are having, we cannot afford to take chances for a minimal profit on his sale.
  9. Watchmen definitely turned a corner last episode. I am excited to see how all the different storylines converge at the end.
  10. Wilf! What an improvement in his game since Rodgers has arrived.
  11. The wire is also on HBO, if you're going to sign up for that to watch any of their programs in the future.
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