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  1. I'm not sure if this phrase has crept into the British vernacular but anytime i hear someone say "It is what it is," a little part of me dies inside.
  2. Jamie Vardy

    Uhhhh what do those colors mean? Why is there no label on the X axis? Oh Vardy has 20 greens somethings, which is better than Kane but he has significantly fewer red somethings.
  3. Next up.. Peterborough.. (A) F A cup.

    I get your point, I just put more value on finishing higher in the league table than making a cup run this year. A cup run to me is more of a gamble. Its a tournament where the draw will likely have the biggest impact on how far you go. This year we have something within our grasp that requires no luck or good fortune. Defeating Everton puts a lot of distance between us and them. If we keep up our form we can firmly secure 7th place and even start to dream about catching 6th. Plus, it's not like playing our squad players against Peterborough ensures certain failure. There's a really good chance that they come away with a win or defeat them at home in a replay.
  4. Next up.. Peterborough.. (A) F A cup.

    We're trying to keep a foot in both competitions, which is always tricky. Play your strongest XI away @ Peterborough and you'll likely advance in the FA cup, but you may end up dropping points against Everton. Rest all 11 starters and play the backups, and it wouldn't be unthinkable to lose and spoil your chance at a cup run. It will be interesting to see how Puel handles this challenge. Personally, i think that Puel believes our squad is deep enough to rest most of the starting XI. Everton, having been recently defeated in the FA cup by Liverpool will be rested and waiting for us. Given where they are in the league table, they will be focused on trying to get 3 points closer to 7th. Maintaining our league position is likely to be an easier route to Europe than winning the FA cup, and so the league should be our priority. If we get to the quarterfinals, I can see wanting to field your strongest XI, as you'd be a win away from Wembley. But until then I think you'll see a very rotated lineup.
  5. President Trump & the USA

    It's a symbolic move to appeal to the republican evangelical base. There's no way this will hold up in court, but it does show that Trump is trying to deliver on his pro-life campaign promises. Everyday, more and more moderate republicans are falling out with the current regime. The only way to maintain any semblance of popular support is by throwing a bone to the evangelicals. It is the same reason why Trump picked Mike Pence to be his running mate. He needed to lock up a key demographic of the Republican Party. By passing this law it puts evangelical Christians in a moral quandary. No matter what Trump does, if you really believe he stands for pro-life and the only alternative (democratic candidates) support abortion, wouldn't you have to support Trump? Is he an acceptable means to an end?
  6. President Trump & the USA

    Same size -
  7. Okazaki

    And for such a bargain price looking back at it.
  8. President Trump & the USA

    There's no way that he is only 239 pounds I feel like he's comfortably 40+ pounds heavier than that. The dude's diet consists of fast food and steak, and he never exercises.
  9. "Rooney" Rule

    I do not think anyone would argue that black people we're denied the same level of opportunity due to racism in the past. The issue is that not having past managing/coaching experience has a cascading effect into the modern day. There are plenty of black and minority candidates that would make good coaches, but they don't have the necessary experience. Why don't they have the experience, because back in the day no team would hire a black manager, let alone an assistant coach. So when the next premier league job opens up, who will be the first names listed as possible replacements? The same 5-6 white candidates who already have had experience at the premier league level. I would completely disagree with the Rooney Rule if it was affirmative action, where teams we're given an incentive or quota to meet for hiring black or minority candidates but that's not what it does. The Rooney Rule gives them a chance to interview and get their foot in the door. When you think about it, all it does is forces teams to do what they should have been doing already. In any hiring process, be it sport or business, it makes sense to interview a diverse set of candidates with different backgrounds and experiences. Don't just settle for the same retreads because they're experienced and familiar. I think the NFL is an extreme example. The vast majority of athletes in the NFL are black, yet the vast majority of NFL coaches were white. Too often you would hear racist phrases like "black players don't have the brain to be a quarterback or a coach." Luckily those days are long gone. But none-the-less the Rooney Rule forced teams to consider black candidates for jobs, and shockingly enough, former athletes might know a thing or two about the game they played. Once teams started feeling comfortable with hiring former athletes to be position coaches, they would have the necessary experience to work up the ladder to eventually become a head coach. That's what i mean by getting your foot in the door. You don't have to hire black and minority candidates to become a premier league coach with no experience, but they should be given the opportunity needed to get into coaching and work their way up just the same as anyone else. I want to add one more thing, and i don't know if it's necessarily appropriate. But i notice some posts on FT that remind me of what people used to say about black athletes in the NFL back in the 90s. A lot of time when people criticize black players from Leicester like Jeff Schlupp (maybe a poor example), Kelechi Iheanco, Ahmed Musa, etc. it seems borderline racist. It's always "these players are lazy, they don't have a brain, etc. But those same phrases are never used when criticizing shit white players. They're just generally referred to as slow, or poor work rate, poor final ball, etc. I assume most people here are not racist, but it just kind of makes me wonder because it reminds me so much of Philadelphia Eagles fans criticizing Donovan McNabb back in the 90s, saying he doesn't have the brain to be an NFL quarterback.
  10. Smuts' NFL Thread

    When was this?
  11. Leicester vs Fleetwood (FA Cup replay) match thread

    At least our backup keeper looks quality
  12. Leicester vs Fleetwood (FA Cup replay) match thread

    Time for the captain to knock it in.
  13. Leicester vs Fleetwood (FA Cup replay) match thread

    With everyone complaining about nacho, you just know he's going to score a screamer.
  14. Leicester vs Fleetwood (FA Cup replay) match thread

    Benny just ran that man over
  15. Smuts' NFL Thread

    Actually the TD didn't change the outcome of the Vegas line. Minnesota didn't kick the PAT so they didn't cover.