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  1. Detroit Blues

    Arsenal away next­čś│

    I feel like I haven't watched Leicester play in about 3 months. I can't wait for another international break in less than one month...
  2. Detroit Blues

    Ice Hockey

    I knew before I scrolled down that this would be referenced TBF, back before HDTV, the glow puck was kind of brilliant. Trying to watch the games on our like, 22 inch TV in SD from the couch, finding the puck was a legit concern. Now with big screens TVs, HD broadcast, etc. if you can't find the puck, you might need an eye exam.
  3. Detroit Blues

    Ice Hockey

    True. Once Seattle joins the NHL, there will be 4 divisions of 8, 16 in the west and 16 in the east. It will be hard for a new team to join the NHL after that. The only other option would be relocation, but outside of Phoenix I don't see many teams struggling. Phoenix relocating to a Canadian city would probably result in booting Columbus out of the East to re-balance the conferences.
  4. Detroit Blues

    Ice Hockey

    Did you see Carolina is bringing back the Hartford Whalers jersey for one game this season? https://twitter.com/NHLCanes/status/1045373023170252806/photo/1 I recall some speculation that Hamilton or Quebec City could get an expansion team, but it seems like Seattle is next in line, with a stadium in place.
  5. Detroit Blues

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    Mahomes is the real deal. KC vs Pats is going to be an interesting game.
  6. Detroit Blues

    Ice Hockey

    Wings fan. Looking forward to the Babcock Derby, Thursday night against Toronto. From a full season outlook, it's going to be another year of rebuilding for the Red Wings. We're expected to finish around dead last, and we're playing a lineup full of young prospects. With Henrik Zetterberg retired, it seems like the end of an era. We've had 3 captains since 1986 - Steve Yzerman (1986-2006), Nick Lidstrom (2007-2012), and Henrik Zetterberg (2013-2018). In that time span, I have been lucky enough to see them win 4 Stanley Cups. Now we are without a captain, and without any expectation of success. That said, it's an exciting time to get in on the Red Wings from the ground floor, and hopefully follow the next generation. It's also a fantastic opportunity to buy tickets since they should finally come down in price at the new area The big excitement here, is of the possibility of Steve Yzerman, returning home. Since resigning from his job as GM of Tampa, he's moved back to Detroit to work as an analyst for the Lightning. The speculation is that he should be the successor to Ken Holland, longtime GM of the Wings. Though Holland has been one of the most successful GM's in NHL history, fans/media have grown a bit tired of his reign and think an injection of new blood/ideas would be good.
  7. Detroit Blues

    Why does Morgan play?

    It's funny, because if we signed Wes from another team, people would be clamoring for him to play. A premier league winner, a team captain, a solid old-school defender.
  8. Detroit Blues

    President Trump & the USA

    That's not the feeling I get. What is going on with the Russia probe, the supreme court nomination, etc. is causing more non-typical voters to be engaged (young people, the working class, ethnic minorities). Voter registration has really been pushed hard in the media for this cycle. I've seen a ton of ads for voter registration on non-traditional platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. Normally mid-terms have pretty low voter turnout, but I think this election is going to be viewed an extension of the last presidential election. A lot of people will see the opportunity to vote as another chance to boot Trump out of office.
  9. Detroit Blues

    Carabao Cup Fourth Round draw. At home to Soton.

    We'll certainly feel better about our draw if Southampton ends up as our opponent.
  10. Detroit Blues

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    Although it's historic, the Oakland Coliseum sucks. It was actually pretty common back in the day for NFL teams to share stadiums with baseball teams, but now it is a relic of the past. That is a big reason why the raiders are moving to Las Vegas. Their owner held the team hostage in order to try and get a new stadium paid for by the city, and when they refused, he decided to pick up and move to a city that would.
  11. Detroit Blues

    President Trump & the USA

    The irony is that the Republicans refused to confirm a democratic nomination for the supreme Court for the last ten months of Obama's presidency.
  12. Detroit Blues

    President Trump & the USA

    There's a New Yorker article with email evidence showing the Republicans obstructing a second accuser from testifying before the committee. Use common sense. What is more likely? A rich kid and his buddies routinely drank too excess, partied, and took advantage of women. Multiple separate accusers are lying under penalty of perjury as part of a liberal conspiracy to delay his appointment?
  13. Detroit Blues

    President Trump & the USA

    She seemed very detail oriented to her answers, and did not get trapped in indecisiveness or contradictory statements. It's unfortunate that Kavanugh is just going to get pushed through without any further investigation. His appointment is for life, and yet due to political motivations, Republicans are just going to ignore Dr. Ford's testimony.
  14. Detroit Blues

    Newcastle Away Pre Match, 29/09, 15.00pm

    I'd like to see Iborra in the lineup, but that would have to come at the expense of either Mendy or Ndidi. I can't imagine dropping Ndidi, and Mendy has just been playing so well lately. Kasper Amartey´╗┐ Evans Maguire Chilwell´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ ??? ??? ??? Iheanacho Maddison Vardy Fill in the blanks in CM with 2 of - Ndidi/Mendy/Iborra Fill in RW with Ricardo or Albrighton
  15. Detroit Blues

    Your last Pint?

    In America, a lot of our communities had German immigrants and a history of brewing. Beer was a staple of the agrarian societies they came from and emigrated to. When they settled here, they would create their own breweries to serve their communities. Unfortunately, the Prohibition movement shut down their breweries, and really destroyed the beer culture here. What came after Prohibition were breweries like Budweiser, Miller, etc. making cheap mass produced adjunct lagers with the corn that was readily available in the Midwest. That beer had a literal monopoly on the market for about 50 years, and completely distorted what beer was in American minds. Generations came and went drinking beer that was nearly uniform in taste. It wasn't until the 1980's that new breweries we're legally allowed to enter the market. Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, etc. really paved the way for "Craft Beer" to fill a very small niche of drinkers who wanted something new and different. Now it's as if there's a brewery on every street corner. There's over 300 breweries in my state alone, for a population of around 10M. It just makes sense that people would want a locally produced product made with higher quality ingredients, even if it is more expensive.