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  1. I have a huge amount of unwarranted optimism for this. Something about Saturday 3pm, a sense of normality. Palace with nothing to play for. 0-2 Palace.
  2. See you all in Post Match. I'm going on FM
  3. "Do you want to save game before exiting" "No"
  4. Richarlison vs Justin Must win. Won't win. Can it get much worse. Probably. Yay, optimism!
  5. Probably an example being made for his sh*t-eating grin at the final whistle.
  6. Chilwell all smiles. That's good to see....
  7. Just phone the season in Brendan, lose every game 3-0. Its better than getting my hopes up for every game and feeling like the players are just getting it over and done with. I don't tend to get overly emotional about football but I'm f**king fuming that most of them can pay off my mortgage weekly turning in performances like today and Saturday.
  8. We won't score today if we don't change something. NOBODY IS BREAKING INTO A JOG!!
  9. With You Then, With You Now, With You Again??
  10. Then we should be actively whoring Chilwell to Chelsea in the hope they take him and leave Telles alone Him or Grimaldo please.
  11. These prices are definitely a fantasy Seriously though, if we were to sell Chilwell and bring in Telles for anything around half the price then we've played a blinder again. I would be happy to stick with Ben but Telles is streets ahead, especially for our style of play.
  12. But when the ball finally goes behind the line, half of it is also in line with the post. I'm just theorising, a possible flaw.
  13. Guarantee the technology only stretches from post to post. So the sensor isn't active behind the post.
  14. If that's the case, I should be on Barca's books. Every pass I make is perfect, regardless of whether there is a player at the other end of it. I love Albrighton for his work rate and his professionalism, but I can't deny his style of play isn't what most managers want from a modern winger.
  15. If we sign Benrahma for the left wing, Barnes is quite capable on the right, he has 2 good feet.
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