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  1. He was always good for a goal against us. I remember he scored an absolute peach of a free kick to Chris Weale's near post, he was clutching thin air.
  2. Devastating news. Thoughts go to all his family.
  3. Every other League would need to comply, Europa League and Champions League would need to be shortened/scrapped meaning we miss out.
  4. He's not confused, he just doesn't like people praising players he's slated. Has a similar agenda with Praet iirc, so yesterday must have been a really bad evening for him.
  5. Was excellent tonight, and just what we needed, a bit of heart and desire in the lineup! I won't slate the guy, but I was disappointed to see him on the team sheet as I thought he was poor overall in the cup despite getting the assist, he proved me wrong today. Fair play Sharkey There will be games where he just isn't the right pick, but Brendan got it spot on today, he left it all on the pitch (except his shooting boots, he left them at home)
  6. Just remember I said this, OK.
  7. Shocking decision. And not 1 single f**k was given. RETRIBUTION!
  8. He did, and Chilwell was part of a back 4 that kept a clean sheet, yet he still get pelters. I suppose Brendan is looking for 100% work rate today, which is why Marc is in. I just don't expect much. (destined to prove me wrong now )
  9. I love Albrighton, I really do. But he is difficult to watch nowadays 😔
  10. I agree with this too. I'd like him here on the right terms, but it won't happen. We lack intelligent, cultured players in my opinion. He'd fit the bill.
  11. Is Willian a realistic option as he has rejected a contract from Chelsea? Wants 3 years, perhaps too much of an outlay on somebody who'll be 34 be the end of that deal. Would be a free agent however. Sale of Albrighton at around £4mil could at least subsidise his signing on fee and wages in some part. Similar age and would certainly be more productive.
  12. The tactics are the same, but teams now know how to play against it. Narrow defending on our left (people will happily let Chilwell have the ball) double up on our right, crowd the middle. It's so obvious. Running out of ideas, Rodgers and the team itself.
  13. I don't care if we bring Danny Ward on, please just take Albrighton and Gray off!
  14. I've seen it numerous times and can only see Godfrey handle it onto Iheanacho's hip.
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