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  1. You HAVE to put these on now. Imagine not buying in and predicting it on a forum
  2. I don't get it. Offside is offside. Its the right call, its what VAR is for. The rule isn't open to interpretation so its what VAR is best used for. Whether it's ruining the game or not is another matter. Where VAR has it wrong tonight is the Maguire call, and that IS open to interpretation. That's where the laws of the game need a tweak, the ref should be forced over to the monitor to make the final call on it there.
  3. United now, have 3 left backs on Reminds me of our team of right backs. Edit: Dalot is a right back. Ignore me
  4. With all due respect to ourselves, if they wanted a CL medal, why would they come here? There are elite clubs in Italy, Spain, Germany and France that would all be more attractive than us. In all likelihood the ban will be reduced to 1 year anyway, and I'd argue the majority of players will see out that year and look to reestablish themselves at the top of English football.
  5. I think any 3 at the back formation we play will need to have an inside left-winger shoehorned in to help Chilwell. Mahrez and Walker/Cancelo will send him to the shrink without help.
  6. Oh I'm firmly in your camp, I believe there's enough winnable games to see us over the line, but I'm far from confident of it. But to claim fans are unhappy at being 3rd in the league is wide of the mark.
  7. It's not what people are getting at though is it. Of course when people take a step back and look at it, they'll be over the moon. But what people are also saying is with recent results and performances, they're worried teams can catch us, it's fair reasoning. Losing champions league positioning from this point, with the high stock on most of our players, could be devastating. Europe will be our best hand to play in keeping the likes of Maddison, Ricardo, Chilwell, perhaps even Soyuncu and Ndidi.
  8. If Perez drops out its Gray in for me. People don't fear Albrighton. As you say, Tielemans is off form, has been for too long. But we haven't even given Praet a chance to see his form, gain any momentum. Iheanacho, I feel, should be most frustrated with his minutes lately. The guy scores whenever he plays. And as for Ndidi being injured, it's him or Mendy next week. Or perhaps 3 at the back with Bennett in?
  9. In the 15-20 minutes he played, whilst with 10 men you mean?? Something needs a shake up, you know that. Too many teams are "doing a job" on us.
  10. Time for Iheanacho Time for Praet Time for Ndidi Ultimately happy with a point though.
  11. Nothing wrong with VAR as a concept, but it's massively highlighting the grey areas in the laws of the game. I find that decision ridiculous but where offside is concerned, its black and white, he was offside. Removing VAR isn't the answer, it's time to revamp the laws.
  12. Pathetic pathetic decision. This isn't football anymore.
  13. We'd feel like crap, and likely be getting pelters from all corners including Man City fans.
  14. Really not confident of getting anything here. Have the same odd feeling I had for the Villa 2nd leg. Would take a draw happily, but who knows. UTF!
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