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  1. Tielemans dictates the pace of any game he plays. If he needs a rest, he takes it mid game and makes sure the other 21 players follow suit Games are a stroll for him in the position we play him.
  2. Or perhaps 2 goals up by the time they score, you could look at it that way. We were a bit soft 1st half, but you could see the result coming once Brendan got into them.
  3. Talk about an overreaction. You can't have started watching us until the Pearson days, and skipped past the Paulo Sousa era. Agreed though, big step towards wembley
  4. Mendy, Thomas and Amartey have had poor halves. Brentford settled into the game. Still there for the taking, no panic here.
  5. Most of the players you mention regularly start in various positions, and can play up top when needed. We need the same. We can't "upgrade" Iheanacho with a better out-and-out striker. We should be looking at a quality RW who can also play as a striker, which means upgrading Perez. I don't mind Perez in as much as I've seen some tripe in the blue shirt, but he's largely ineffective.
  6. Rookie error, corrected point still stands though.
  7. Carlos Vinicius Shane Long Cenk Tosun Andy Carroll Divock Origi Wesley Michy Batshuayi Just some of the, frankly, average Premier League strikers sat on the bench week in, week out. We aren't the calibre of club to have a prime Solskjaer on the bench. Iheanacho is going through a rough patch, but only a few months ago he was doing the business in the Europa. If Edouard comes in, great, but Iheanacho as a backup is about the level can expect.
  8. A minor detail I missed in that case, excellent point.
  9. But would you have been happy with his ineffective displays nursing an injury up until then, because clearly something has been effecting his levels. He will win us more points later by having it now, than waiting and potentially making it worse in the meantime.
  10. I was calling for him to be gone in the summer, purely for the fact I thought we had outgrown him. Marc, I am sorry.
  11. He is godly. My only crumb of comfort is he will likely bypass the stepping stones of Utd, Chelsea or Man City on his way to Bayern, Real, PSG or Barcelona.
  12. She is always class. Best referee's assistant in the Prem.
  13. Fortunately, they're managed by somebody with about as much qualification as your average FM player. "My Profile > Go On Holiday"
  14. Pacey, technically superb, and doesn't have blinkers on when it comes to finding a pass. His style reminds me of Sadio Mane. Id never seen him play before, but from as much as you can judge from 5 minutes, he looks like a Prem player.
  15. Judging by the video, he seems to bounce off players, and wriggle through tricky situations. He's Brazilian though, and I think our club has an unwritten rule against signing Brazilians.
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