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  1. Because Sterling and Rashford exist. That's about it really.
  2. So deflating, the only England game I've been excited for in years. Family are Scottish too, acting like they've won the thing. I'm going back to the Patson Daka thread to cheer up.
  3. Rice and Philips have both played 85 minutes.
  4. It's well documented that he doesn't want to leave Italy. He's very settled at Sassuolo.
  5. This was his only decent scoring season of his career to date, and the fact that he was in the final year of his contract would have meant that Wolfsberger likely just cashed in while his stock was as high as it could be, before losing him on a free. Daka has done it over 2 seasons, is over 2 years younger aswell I guess.
  6. Nope, it really is £1 per month to read longer versions of articles they post on twitter...
  7. Got YPOTY in La Liga IIRC. He's very tall and slight, looks unorthodox. But he looked the most likely against Spain yesterday.
  8. Anybody would think the players and staff have gone on a well deserved break after a tough couple of years. How dare they!?
  9. And he'll be dog shit from now on too. He's just awful, has been for ages.
  10. I've only just realised England kick off at 2. Thought it was 6, now I'm even less pumped up for it
  11. Mings, Walker, Sterling.... so uninspiring. 3atb? 4231??
  12. Even more so now. 2 characters like this would be priceless.
  13. Your's not been in this so far. Stay hidden Mr. Tielemans
  14. I can only relate by saying sometimes after distressing situations, I prefer to continue with what would have been routine otherwise. Of course, seeing him conscious will have had a big impact. Sometimes, waiting after that sort of thing can have a bigger impact on your mental state.
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