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  1. Just seeing their names together brings a smile to my face, with Ndidi looking after them. Keep them together, it's scary how good they could be.
  2. What a guy to have around for when the fixtures start to pile up in December. Playing devil's advocate, I wonder if we bought this guy as a contingency plan, a la Soyuncu, for the pending departure of Maddison? If we miss out on Europe, Maddison will likely move on. If we get Europe, then we'll need the bigger squad anyway. This club is run so bloody well
  3. I mean, he's not wrong though is he? Receiving £8.8m for a manager who's job could be filled by any tw*t in a Glasgow park is good business. In fact "Eddy" could well be Eddy from Customer Services, he'd still be knocking in 20+ goals in that league.
  4. Bellerin genuinely seems like a top bloke from the PR I've seen him in. Also has the best cockney accent with a hint of Spanish
  5. What can't I see here? I've genuinely no idea.
  6. For arguments sake, it's the highest level of women's football. Unless they can move into the men's game, it's the pinnacle.
  7. Yes they have a point, it's just the ONLY point they use to differentiate the two is the players' gender. There's so many other factors involved that are conveniently set aside to pursue their argument.
  8. We are kind of in the same boat re: money spent and the perception of a young side though. ~£80m midfield 3, ~£55m right side ~£50m on the bench. I know it's not quite the same but we get similar praise in that aspect and neither side's hardly Bilbao.
  9. Watching back again, it's crazy that we were so dominant yet still had 20 minute spells in both halves where we didn't score. It's easy to say they were woeful but we genuinely looked like we just went and scored when we felt like it.
  10. Agree with this. Maddison's free kick was the most 'obviously going to happen' things I've ever seen. It's so central yet he is stood SO far to the left, Maddison couldn't believe his luck.
  11. Kante was irreplaceable. Mahrez was irreplaceable. The difference this time will be less about what he does during 90 minutes, he will leave a massive gap in the character of Leicester City. We've adapted and improved since the departure of the other 2 of the Holy Trinity, I trust our club to do it again.
  12. Because in the original photo, Paul McCartney is barefoot.
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