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  1. Is it not quite obvious why nobody gives the English managers a chance. British people are shyt football-wise. Playing, managing, analysing, you name it, we can't do it. The Englishman at the top is Gareth f**king Southgate.
  2. Pointless

    Anybody but the big 3 players and maybe Kasper I bet were low.
  3. Appleton MotD Interview - staying a No 2

    I read it as 'I want to stay number 2, I've seen what happened to Shakey and I'm not about that, thanks'
  4. Shakey Sacked

    Not really no, but yes I did write him off. I supported him whilst he was here, but felt he would fail. But no, I'm not happy.
  5. I laughed aswell, looking back I just couldn't believe it took 4/5ths of the season for anyone to figure us out. Memories.
  6. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    I, like most, don't really have an answer on who we can replace him with. All I feel at the moment is we seem a little exclusive. Since Pearson has been here, we've had largely the same influence in the dressing room. It's believed that even CR stuck to the old ways and I went to pot when he tried to change things. Continuity is great if it's a positive influence, but everything around the club seems stale and I feel we need somebody to come in who has different ideas, we're stagnating.
  7. Destiny 2

    I'm stuck at about 270 now. Made the mistake of opening my powerful engrams. Friends and I are going to try and do the Rat King quest tomorrow. Other than that, it's just the raid left for me this week. PvP seems a little sluggish to me and I miss the random perks on legendary weapons, eventually people will figure out the meta and then there will be NO variation in play at all, all using the same 2 or 3 weapons (it will be Thorn all over again). Though I'm still excited for trials, my friends aren't so PvP oriented so we won't get far. I seem to be the only Xbox player, but if anyone wants to add me, W4RDST3R
  8. Destiny 2

    You've no need to worry about being under levelled in general PvP, power and level play no part, but those green weapons you have would be a severe hindrance
  9. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Loan him to someone in Turkey quick-sharp, and get on the blower to Joe Ledley as an alternative best we can hope for...
  10. Vardy - I want to win more trophies

    This is why football is so broken. PL winning players on our books, proving it can be done with hard work. Now half that squad looking to move on to 'win trophies' Believe Schmeichel will probably go next summer anyway (with every fans blessing I would imagine) Maybe it's just best they all left, and we just get in players whose careers peak at us. It's not often we have teams above us wanting our players, we're usually selling Max Gradel to Leeds for a dinner money.
  11. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    None. They've just found a massive loophole and laughed in Fifa's face
  12. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    If it was something as simple as a server delaying the receipt of a document, do you really think we'd still be here now if we can prove it? We've not followed the rules on this one, it's clear by the lack of noise our end.
  13. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Am I mistaken, or in England is 'a source close to the player' basically code word for 'we're talking out our ars*'
  14. England u21 v Latvia u21

    I would love to see a 433 with Albrighton tried at rb. Gives mahrez freedom with Albrighton providing the width. Have Iborra sitting in front on the defence. Gray and Mahrez either side of Vardy/Iheanacho.
  15. England u21 v Latvia u21

    Can't tell if Sarcasm lol. Our wingers are asked to do too much defensively. I suppose I meant 'role' and not 'formation'