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  1. My friend invited me to this game as his brother couldn't make it. Had more fun laughing at the embarrassing GSTQ and ENG-ER-LAND chants.
  2. Bit biased to list those minuses and not state that Chilwell had a poor game, both defensive and attacking.
  3. This thread What would Maddison have done differently to Barkley in a Southgate team? Southgates tactic is literally, find a simple pass to any of the front 3 and let them do their stuff. Failing that, give it to the CB and he'll give it the full back. He'd be wasted. (I'm not bitter)
  4. Maddison or not. Front 3 are frightening, no doubt about that.
  5. We have 180 minutes of football to play over these call-ups. Is Trippier ahead of TAA? Rose ahead of Chilwell? He will get his chance, hopefully from the off, on Tuesday. Barkley had yet another chance today and didn't influence much.
  6. Do people realise that Maddison will probably start on Tuesday and get at least an hour, along with Sancho. There was no need for him to come on today.
  7. The boy is so nonchalant about everything he does too, its borderline insulting
  8. Thought he was attempting to plant his foot between player and ball, rather than tackling over the ball as such. I'm guessing that's how VAR saw it too.
  9. Thought Fuchs was superb today too, what a man!
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