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  1. We need 12 points from the next 5, don't care how they come but a win here would relieve alot of pressure.
  2. Would never be here without you, we'll never forget that.
  3. Man City 2-1 West Ham Everton 1-3 Man City Man City 3-0 Spurs Losing to the media darlings won't define our top 4 chances.
  4. Here we go. Could the Kings of the collapse strike again.
  5. Where it started to go wrong on Tuesday. Not keen on Stokes at 3, prove me wrong please.
  6. I'd have "accidently" put that catch down
  7. I was typing "we need another 6 overs from these" just as Bairstow chose to go for another 6, forgivable but a poor choice, from that point I have no idea what the game plan was. Wickets 1 to 7, you can't even look at the India bowling and say it was good. Felt inevitable as soon as Morgan almost got caught on his 1st ball.
  8. Could have really frustrated them in the middle overs, wasn't any need to keep the run rate up. But some really poor shot choices and now we need a couple of strong partnerships I just can't see happening from here.
  9. We lost alot of pressure games last season to exit a cup in the semi final to a relegation threatened team and fall out of the top 4, after blowing a monumental points buffer. I hate Spurs as much as the next guy, but don't think we should be crowing just yet.
  10. How good were Youri and Wilf today?? All 4 of them, superb!!
  11. Shout out to Soyuncu who had his best game since returning from injury today.
  12. EFL FFP dispute?? Settlements for families of the helicopter crash?? Disputes over construction planning for the stadium/training ground? Could be any or all of them maybe.
  13. Joachim Low won the German Cup and the Austrian Bundesliga as a manager and nothing as a player.
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