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  1. Every defender that plays alongside him (except Ryan Bennett) has been regarded as an £80m defender, this can't be a coincidence. I think he's underrated by a lot of Leicester fans, he's excellent in the centre of a 3, or a back 4. Would be madness not to keep him here, as we have with Big Wes. Another absolute bargain acquisition.
  2. I see boring football. We got the win but its hardly entertainment.
  3. Mendy and Fofana have been superb. Evans too
  4. Interferes where though? When Lacazette heads the ball, Kasper is 3 feet further across the line, misses the save, it bounces past Xakha an in. He blocks nobody's sight at all. It sours games, I'd be fuming if it was the other end.
  5. Sometimes on a Sunday evening, I find myself just moping around waiting for the inevitable Monday morning, feeling sorry for myself .....so I know how the players feel.
  6. Dreadful, dreadful on the eye for the spectator. But going to plan I guess. Time for the main man and to lose the lead weights a little.
  7. Not completely, we've passed it around our 3 CBs and Mendy for a good chunk.
  8. Vardy obviously only has 45 mins in him. We are playing for 0-0 clearly. Not 1 shred of ambition.
  9. I think if we can stop them scoring, we could come away with at least a point..
  10. As a relative feat the gold is, in fact, as good as if not better than Jess Ennis' Odd comment.
  11. A win is a win. Couldn't control the game as much as we used to and the subs made the game very sloppy and disjointed. But I guess it was about minutes at that point. Have a feeling that'll be the easiest game of the group so good to get a comfortable win, but I'm not buying the hype as much as others.
  12. Hasn't Praet played on the right recently? I'm sure he played there against Man City.
  13. Kasper Castagne Justin Morgan Fofana Thomas Mendy/Choudhury Maddison Barnes/Albrighton Iheanacho Under Some players need wrapping up, but not much we can do. Would have played Gray in this...
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