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  1. I listened too , he was being an arse saying we just moan about having injuries constantly and found it highly amusing in a sarcastic annoying way. Apparently we haven’t hardly had any injuries 🤷
  2. Just got into Ozark and can’t believe I didn’t start watching it before as I thought it looked a bit like breaking bad but I was very wrong , just watched season 1 and was blown away
  3. Series 1 & 2 I’ve seen and were great fun but bonkers in a good way , it’s a who’s done it whilst she’s having a breakdown of sorts but hard to explain without giving it away , it’s original though and season 2 ending is a brilliant twist leading into next season which I can’t wait to watch. I would definitely recommend it if you like crime dramas with a twist.
  4. More like crack heads , serial killers , prostitutes , homeless all put into one area of L.A. and left to do what they want , bit like Coalville
  5. Yeah I watched it all and enjoyed it , the stuff about Skid Row was more shocking than anything
  6. Yeah all the prehistoric creatures kind of make sense if it’s a lost in time sort of place but gigantic monkeys 🐒 sorry no. Yeah him falling for a tiny little human blonde is weird , it’s like me falling for a little female rat 🐀
  7. Overrated- Any King Kong film , nobody ever explains why a massive monkey exists, did he have a massive mum and dad ? Makes no sense Underrated - Litle Miss Sunshine, got some praise when it came out but kind of forgotten these days but I watch it when I need a lift
  8. Started watching Married at First Sight Aussie version with the mrs for the first time. Always thought the idea was messed up but the show is crazy especially since Aussie women are completely mental. weirdly enjoyable
  9. The UK 🇬🇧 is fourth , shocking in my opinion if you look at the countries below.
  10. What an embarrassing statistic for the U.K. Anyone who thinks this government is doing a good job needs to go and check themselves into an asylum right now.
  11. Yes totally agree , putting London into tier 2 even at the time looked crazy but now looks like one of the worst decisions yet and then on top of that everyone having a small party for Christmas. the only way out of this now is a really hard lockdown with curfews and Papers needed to leave the house. I have relatives living in Greece where they need a downloadable form they have to have with them to go out and also they have an app on the phone which monitors how many times you’ve been out , sounds crazy but the rates are now almost zero.
  12. Yeah I got that too and so far watched Prestige lord of the rings seen both before but great to see again. Id say there must only be 10 on the list I haven’t seen which made me realise I watch a lot of films
  13. She lives in Spain if I remember right 🤔
  14. Yea your right in a way but it will be a bumpy ride for a good year I reckon whilst all the red tape and passport issues are sorted and also the 90 day rule is going to catch some expats out if they get caught staying longer. It will be interesting to see if it’s enforced.
  15. looks like it’s started , I think a lot of brits abroad are going to get a big shock in the next few months https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9108199/British-expats-flying-home-Spain-stopped-boarding-BA-flight-Heathrow-Madrid.html
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