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  1. It's been posted before but I certainly don't get tired of seeing it, so I assume other people won't!
  2. He was a free transfer signing wasn't he?
  3. There ya go
  4. West Ham are in the hunt though.
  5. Perhaps don't bother with January in that case! Seriously though I'm enjoying these.
  6. Top trolling. Ignore!
  7. You must have gone mental - I'd love to see what the other passengers thought!
  8. Hope they put the kop and family stand in the right place in their new stadium
  9. As you say, this is exactly what Atletico didn't do, and this was reflected in that press conference with Godin prior to the game where he lavished praise on our club and said that Vardy would get into most teams in world football.
  10. Is that correct, where have you seen that?
  11. Why does it always have to be a competition? Why can't we just say that Forest made a great achievement and Leicester also made a great achievement. No, it has to be that one or the other was the absolute greatest, so eff all the others. By the way...I thought Forest didn't care about us, so..?
  12. It's not new news, but he shared it on Instagram only this weekend so that means it's new news to the Mail Online!
  13. There's no choice really. I don't believe that Wasyl is in the Champ squad, and Amartey is the only other fit centre half, assuming Morgan is still out.
  14. "Remember Smithers, in and out in 17 seconds"
  15. I think you should probably give this one a miss - if you haven't seen the games i'm not sure what kind of relevant info or extra insight you're going to be able to give your readers.