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  1. Why the fvck would you shave you balls unless you are either, a) a porn actor, or b) you have lice. There must be frantic scratching after day 3.
  2. Parafox

    Notre Dame

    What, you mean like the bowstring bridge and the Belgrave flyover?
  3. They're Americans, they can't move unaided.
  4. A bellend being influenced by characters from a film is a bellend with no sense of self and lacking in direction in life, if they think wearing a flat cap and a waistcoat makes them look threatening then they are simple minded. Films don't influence me at all. I realise I don't have a 12 inch cock and can cum like a fountain
  5. Started by me, as I remember.
  6. This is a big problem that the Gov need to address. "Insurance companies" target middle 50's to 60's people, offering cheap insurance that will pay out £20,000 or whatever, that they say will cover their funeral costs if you die within the length of the contract and it seems like this is what the OP's parents have fallen for. It's usually a fixed term deal and after the fixed term is over and you're still alive, you lose that cover and the money they've paid in is lost as well. Usually, the cost of the installments almost always exceeds the amount paid out because people live beyond the end date of the policy. An absolute rip-off but not outside the law yet. Still, on the plus side, you get a free pen.
  7. But the style of play and the pressing forward is different to Puel. I feel that, under BR, we will progress further and play better and more positively than Puel would allow us to.
  8. Go to bed mate, watch it on iPlayer tomorrow.
  9. You must be the only person who has ever dreamt of Fish from Marillion. Dreams are so random, which is why I started this thread.
  10. Ten minutes of extra life or death by train... but I know what you mean, the lights do change well in advance of a train being on the crossing. Narborough crossing is very frustrating. I've had to sit with blue lights on for several minutes until the train came through at a snails pace to stop at the station. Before it became totally automated, if we approached with lights on the signal box man would lift the barriers if he knew it was safe. Now almost all level crossings are automated and have no discretion. Even when the jittery old bat in front freaks out.
  11. I saw her once at the Melton food festival, that pic flatters her.
  12. I could tell you about the optic nerve and its functions and its pathways if you really, really want me to...
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