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  1. Haha. He is except when his views match mine, which isn't often.
  2. That's the barman from my local Wetherspoons.
  3. Troubling though, that this actually works in retail. People see the highlighted red square and then disregard the actual fact.
  4. Saggy tits. 2 bags of porridge. Not even enough there to take your mind of her face.
  5. Aldi diet lemonade. For a sugar free soft drink it[s the dog's... And if you like a G&T their low cal tonic is pretty decent. I won't pay £1.50 plus, for Fever Tree when I can get a decent basic, albeit unflavoured equivalent, that tastes good. For me Fever Tree is over-hyped. It's nice but nothing special.
  6. My first ice cold Fanta lemon was in Greece many years ago and.. OMG! Never found the same emotion in the UK. Does foreign Fanta contain a drug of some sort?
  7. I don't think any fizzy soft drink could be called "world class".
  8. So glad we have Jonny Evans. Calmness and great decision making from a truly experienced pro. Disregard the fouls he committed. All CB's do that for the good of the team.
  9. Just listened to Chris Sutton on R5live and he has more or less said just what I have pointed out with regard to CP.
  10. The only threat CP posed was from their corners. We had them on toast for most of the game. They were absolutely the image of any Hodgson team, including when he was England boss. Sit with 4/5 in midfield, block any forward routes for the opposition, make 5 at the back when under attack and show no spearhead going forward. They hardly ever play on the break. Shit team, shit manager, shit moaning foul-faking players. Jonathon Moss can do one. He's not fit to ref Northampton v Forest Green never mind the PL.
  11. I must have missed that. He made a fairly routine catch low to his right but other than that, I can't think of a save he had to make.
  12. And defy Jon Moss's attempts to put us under.
  13. I haven't read the whole thread but for me, Vardy isn't on form but he's not getting the service he got in the games last season nor in the title winning year or the earlier part of this season. Defences work to isolate him now and we have no way of countering that. Ianacho is probably a better option right now as he runs at defenders with pace and has some trickery which JV seems to have lost or he has been found out. I think sadly, he has become too one dimensional.
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