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  1. I hired a hitman to kill my late wife by shooting her in the left breast. She died from a gunshot wound to her left knee.
  2. Probably a better shag than her. Certainly better looking. The chicken would have had much firmer breasts and better legs.
  3. We had some kind of finch in our garden yesterday. I have no idea what it was and it flew before I could get a pic. It had quite distinctive colouring, green head, yellow breast, red tips on the wings I think, red beak and a bit of blue somewhere. Never seen one in our garden before. Any ideas what it might have been?
  4. Further to the above, until recently we were banned from using bus lanes in an emergency even though they were empty and we were having to "force" cars to move into them in order to let us pass. EMAS appealed to the council and we now have an exemption. Baffles me why we weren't given an exemption in the first place.
  5. Bus lane cameras should be able to pick out when a vehicle is giving way to ambulance/police/fire and the fine should be challenged. We are aware of the bus lanes/red light cameras and we've had to change our emergency driving tutoring to take account of this. If we're in traffic that can't move over a red light we turn off the sirens but keep the blues on and wait until the lights change to green and then, hopefully, people will move over once they can move ahead. The problem with that is that it confuses other drivers who have rightly been taught to give way to emergency vehicles and many start beeping their horns thinking that they absolutely have to move out of our way. Having to wait for lights to change is very frustrating when you're on the way to a cardiac arrest and to be frank, increases our stress levels. When the council make these alterations to the road layout, they don't consult with the emergency services. Walnut Street used to be a main route to A&E and without consulting us, the council installed speed humps which resulted in us having to slow down and also caused additional discomfort to our patients that were already in pain.
  6. The problem for me is, cycle lanes and other traffic obstructing measures, such as central bollards, compress traffic into less space giving drivers nowhere to go when we're trying to get through on blue lights. It's frustrating for us and anxiety inducing for drivers when they are unable to move over.
  7. Easy access, free parking, big stores... McDonalds
  8. And to think, there was talk of Maitlis taking over Question Time. She tried to be confrontational and draw some controversy from the 5 bumbling fools in front of her. Even they were too savvy to take the bait she kept trying to throw. Also, did any of them manage to directly answer a question put to them? Waffle, lip service and patronising platitudes. All full of self aggrandisement and I wouldn't care for any of them as a PM. That said, what's the alternative? Corbyn's Venezuelan socialism? God, what a choice.
  9. Also, he looks like a human incarnation of Kermit the Frog.
  10. At least you took the weekend off to give us some respite
  11. 2nd week of June and I've had to put the heating on. Can't get out the back door because the patio is flooded.
  12. This thread could so easily descend into a Carry On script.
  13. I too suffer from anxiety related to my job and long term issues with my daughter who has Bi-polar disorder and ADHD and I think I may have a degree of PTSD. I have had at last found a counsellor/life coach who has adjusted my thinking processes and I find it easier to sleep for at least 4 hours before waking. When I do wake I am able to use the methods she has taught me to enable myself to wind down again and I generally get back of to sleep. In the past anxiety has caused me to vomit most mornings. Now I feel more in control of my mind. Maybe a decent counsellor will help you manage your anxiety problem, assuming you haven't already tried that.
  14. Possibly, but unlikely, funnier than you.
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