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  1. Watched the first 2 episodes of The Terror on BBC 1 last night. Produced and directed by Ridley Scott. Excellent so far and looking good for the whole series.
  2. Backwards and sideways passing has been such a part of our game against the "lower" teams for some reason. We only seem to be expansive and direct against the better teams in the PL. Apart from Arsenal, which was shite.
  3. I could have done 2 million single handedly in my back garden if only they'd let me.
  4. I can't disagree with most of that but the term "bottler" implies cowardice and I do not for one minute think that BR is a coward.
  5. Bloodlands is about the IRA as a national terrorist organisation. Marcello is about an Irish gang family, not involved with the IRA
  6. Not me. He's definitely not a bottler. It's just that there are several immature FT posters who don't have the years of following us under various managers. Imagine what they would have said about the likes of Mark McGee.
  7. One thing to come out of this after applying to be a vaccinator, I now have an enhanced DBS result. Cleared, BTW. Still waiting to be "called up", as it were.
  8. Must be why my neighbour got a jab last week
  9. Does Scotland count as "abroad"?
  10. Thanks for your supportive responses. Had a difficult day again today but she's calmed down now. The trouble is when she's like this we can't manage face to face contact and she thinks we don't care and aren't there for her. We are, but at a distance.
  11. I try and put off the first cut as long as possible because once it's done, you have to do it probably, once a week and I can't be arsed yet. Also one of our 2 cats seem to think it's ok to shit on the grass after it's been cut. In fact, cats seem to take a dump in some bizarre places, such as the pea gravel border at the side of our house.
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