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  1. Inept twat on Abbey Park boating lake
  2. If you park you have to reverse in and keep your rear against the wall.
  3. I was saying that to Mrs Para. Apparently the food has to be indigenous. I can't see what's not indigenous about rats or grass snakes.
  4. I have to say, I'm disappointed that we're in Hinckley and we come under West Mids level 3. Our own IR is 1.0 But West Mids is higher. I feel more and more hopeless and depressed by the whole thing. I know that most of the country is in a state of frustration and despair and it is what it is, but really? Still can't go out anywhere socially rewarding or meaningful. I worked on the front line in the early days as most FT members will know and that was tough but now, after retiring, I'm finding being socially isolated a lot tougher. I worked as a paramedic which gave me a sense of being nee
  5. I have to be at home all day tomorrow awaiting a new comfy chair. When it arrives I will watch this. Thanks.
  6. Hand of "let's make money out of this" more likely. Subscribe to All4/C4 and it's available. FFS. Last night's The GBBO is available immediately.
  7. Tried finding the Maradona doc on C4/All4. Seems it's been blocked? WTF?
  8. Maybe you need to accept that idols have feet of clay?
  9. For a few moments there I was thinking you meant the console game
  10. Awful. It's like the AB players had been instructed to assault him. That said said, the ref was as weak as paediatric piss.
  11. Or better... one day sniffing it, next day snuffing it
  12. Damn him! I was looking on YouTube. I didn't realise I had been beaten to it. to AlfBentley
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