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  1. It was shite game, England were slow, uncommitted and crap but, we've as good as qualified top of the group. They have nothing to fight for. Nothing to push for. They won't exhaust themselves when they have important PL, CL, games coming up. I do understand the criticism of GS though. But I don't think he was really willing to chuck much at this game given the undoubted pressure from the PL managers to not risk their top English players on a nothing game.
  2. Parafox


    And becomes "fake news"
  3. Just caught up with Breaking Bad (I know, been around for ages). Now watching the spin off, "Better call Saul". Saul being the dodgy lawyer, as I'm sure you know. It's a kind of prequel to his life before his involvement with Walter white. I can recommend it if you haven't seen it already.
  4. We need aliens to land here and then ask them what propelled their spacecraft millions of miles to Earth. We need aliens to land here and then we can ask them how they propelled themselves millions of mile to Earth.
  5. I wish I could find the Jasper Carrot skit where he talks about the European cup winners cup, winners cup, league cup winners trophy, trophy winners shield.
  6. You must have a different ITV to the rest of us then. I hope they get the CL because it's always worth a watch but their football commentators/coverage is shite. If they can replace the likes of Martin Tyler and Glenn Hoddle then it would make it much more attractive.
  7. Who the FK are hinge and bracket? Joke makes no sense
  8. I don't think aliens would eat all my cabbages. Worms are natures creation for naturally improving soil by breaking down waste matter and are remarkable creatures. Slugs, however have no discernable useful function
  9. Corrected for you. No need to thank me
  10. I have often wondered if our planet is actually a single molecular part of a bigger entity. Which then itself may be a part of an even bigger entity...
  11. Isn't that Serena Williams?
  12. Parafox


    :I said, lip service. Tusk can say anything. doesn't make it truth until they have something definitive that says they agree. Endorsing is not the same as agreeing and going ahead. Otherwise May would still have a job and we wouldn't be in a war of words right now. It's weasel words from tusk and the EU. I could endorse a quote from a builder to do an extension for me, but that doesn't mean I will accept it.
  13. Parafox


    No they weren't. They paid lip-service to May. They weren't then, nor will ever be, about to agree to any UK terms on Brexit. The EU, in particular France and Germany, are shit-scared of us leaving the EU because of the destabilising effect it will have on Europe and on the control that Germany and ironically, France, has over the EU. Whatever the terms of leaving are or aren't, they will have us over a barrel for years to come.
  14. Our neighbours... She has OCD, He's a pretentious cnut. Asking price for their house? £400,000 in an area where the average is £290,000. Full width extension with bi-fold doors and a music system enough to fill the KP. Twat of a family. Drives a BMW which he's had Mtech modified. Full on security cameras with direct links to the police (or so he says). Thinks his son is the next Harry Kane, which tells you all you need to know.
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