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  1. Tried that, thanks. Didn't work. Oh well, I guess I'll miss out on some pretty irrelevant but humorous stuff.
  2. I thought was only for airline pilots, banks and MI5 when they have a computer problem.
  3. For a few weeks now, whenever I click on a Twitter playback link on the "Phunny Photo's" thread, I get a "This Media Cannot Be Played" message. Is there something I need to change in settings. Does anyone else have this problem.
  4. I have a Nextbase camera, £99 from Halfords. They can wire it in to the fusebox and hide the wiring for £30 if you need that doing. It's a pretty comprehensive little camera.
  5. "without a doubt" Really? Nothing can be "without a doubt" unless it's proven to be beyond doubt. And there is nothing to prove that he would have won the league with us because there is no evidence to prove it "without a doubt", Had he gone one to win the league with us then yes. But he didn't. Grow up and get over it. We're better off now without him. That's just the way it goes.
  6. I have a feeling the Secret Service might now be looking into your internet account.
  7. No. We. Wouldn't. You make it sound like he's been in PL for the last 3 years, when in fact he's been in Belgium doing pretty much nothing. He'll keep Watford up I believe, but they won't be any more of a PL force than we were under him after the great escape.
  8. For whatever reason, Chilwell isn't chilled at all. He seems to be lacking in confidence and unsure of his role in this side at the moment. He needs a manager's arm round his shoulders, be on the bench and then be asked to come on as a game changing sub, maybe. If he can influence as a sub that might boost his confidence. Barnes wasn't as lively as usual. Chowder didn't have the influence he has had when coming off the bench. Maddison and Perez were neutralised by Southampton's formation and tactics. N'Didi is a big miss. It's what would have been like when Kante was missing.
  9. I take it you're not a royalist.
  10. I have to admire your self control. I had a very nice single malt for Christmas which I intended to savour over several weeks. Gone by New Years day!
  11. Agreed. You've enhanced and added to my post.
  12. Take That were actually a decent boy band and have matured well. Gary Barlow is a nice bloke and decent songwriter as is Mark Owen. And they're better off without Robbie "the ego" Williams.
  13. I think the influence of Meghan Markle has contributed to this. I really get the impression that she doesn't like the high profile and responsibilities of being married to a leading member of the royal family, despite what many thought when they got engaged, that she was a gold-digger, desperate to marry a British royal. I think her motives were those of genuine love for Harry. I don't think she was prepared for the baggage that goes with his public role. I think they should generate their own income in some form and it seems that is the plan. They should also continue in their charitable roles as that lends kudos to whichever charities they are involved in. I also feel their police/secret service protection should be paid out of the public purse.
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