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  1. @Wymsey and @Boll Blau why is that funny?
  2. Local Hinckley Restaurant, Inferno, does a take away service now. Decent, authentic Italian. Had one last night. The best pizza in this area.
  3. Parafox

    Corona Virus

    Thank you. Genuinely appreciated.
  4. Parafox

    Corona Virus

    I can't bear to imagine the consequences of this for those countries and their population. It's going to be far worse than anything the West will experience.
  5. Parafox

    Corona Virus

    Hope you're okay and keeping your head above water at this time. Personally we're doing our best to keep people out of hospital but those that need people like you are becoming more frequent in the community.
  6. Parafox

    Corona Virus

    Ah, 1st world problems And a message of support which she does in times of national crisis such as the Gulf/Falklands wars when she addressed the nation to engender a sense of nationalism that we're all in this together and showing that she's not aloof or distanced from the difficulties we face as a nation at times like this.
  7. Parafox

    Corona Virus

    3 days at work, day off today, back tomorrow. 95% of the calls mentioned Covid19 as a possibility, people calling 111 with difficulty breathing as a new problem, 111 not suggesting that they self isolate even though I'm sure they have an algorithm that they use to question callers about their symptoms but they will always err on the side of caution and send us for face to face assessment. Of the 24 patients I've been to 11 had the proper signs and symptoms of Covid19 and with no other underlying issues, were advised to self isolate etc, etc. 2 others had other illnesses such as asthma and they went to hospital. LRI is struggling to cope at the front end and are now taking extra measures to make sure patients arriving at A&E are channelled appropriately which is good. One thing I have noticed is the drop in "inappropriate" 999 calls. Seems the cuts and bruises, the mild abdo pain, feeling generally unwell but the GP can't see you, the simple falls with no injuries, the headache that "might be a stroke" the fractured wrists/ankles/arms, mild burns, have largely dried up. Thank you for staying at home when you can. It really is making a difference. If you genuinely need us we'll be there. If you can manage the situation yourself, please try.
  8. Parafox

    Corona Virus

    Yep. I agree but... Force China to pay trillions and force them into recession where the hungry peasants will start eating all kinds of wild creatures, make tourism cheap to help their economy, invite relatives the world over, then BOOM here we go again.. (tongue in cheek response BTW)
  9. Parafox

    Corona Virus

    Wouldn't want to be in India right now, having seen the news.
  10. Wouldn't want to be in India right now, having just watched the news.
  11. Parafox

    Corona Virus

    That's really going to help. So many dicks on social media.
  12. Parafox

    Corona Virus

    Thank you and the number of responses to my earlier post makes me realise the appreciation you guys have. Thank you all.
  13. Parafox

    Corona Virus

    Thank you Jon. Difficult and unprecedented times, mate. We're in it together.
  14. Parafox

    Corona Virus

    Well. That was emotional. Thank to those that clapped the NHS. Brilliant of you and it made me feel really appreciated. Thank You. My near neighbours who know what I do were outside my house applauding. It's not just me it's all of us. It was a very humbling experience and it brought me to tears. @z-layrex I hope you saw or heard what was happening as well as @Bryn. 2 shifts this week and 3 Covid19 cases for me alone. I'm not heroic or doing anything special, I'm just doing what every other frontline NHS worker is doing. I think we all feel it's our job. Nobody I know in the NHS feels like we're special because there are many other people out there putting themselves at risk, private carers, nursing home staff, pharmacy delivery drivers. In fact, the carers who go to their clients however many times a day and visit multiple clients daily, are really at risk from being ignored or treated differently.There's many people on the front line although we, as ambulance crews, have direct contact to administer treatment and assessment at the "coal face", so I guess we are usually the first to come into contact with Covid19. Again, thank you for showing your appreciation. It really lifted my morale.
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