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  1. Parafox

    Your decade

    Saved a few lives. Unable to save a few lives, that feeling of letting them down lives on. Saw a few new little lives' arrive, amazing, even when my involvement is entirely as just "being there" Said goodbye to my mum and dad for the last time Lost my youngest brother to a catastrophic haemorrhage Became semi-retired… then became very bored Nearly lost my wife because I was a twat Went to Alcoholics Anonymous Tried and failed to find an interesting hobby Had 2 granddaughters adopted, never to see them again Watched almost helplessly as my (adopted) daughter spiralled into mental illness Watched as that same daughter turned her life around and is now becoming the person she strives to be Been excruciatingly, tearfully happy when we got promoted, again when we survived relegation and then again when we won the PL Discovered that I can actually cook good food My adopted daughter self-analysed and told my wife and I how much she loved us and what we meant to her after years of hate, violence and abuse (from her, not us) This could be the first Christmas where we haven't had to have to invite the police to our house on Christmas day.
  2. I'm really sorry, I misread your post, I didn't realise that you were a Welsh foxes fan guy re-posting a post from an idiot who isn't Welsh.
  3. He's clearly an idiot, need we say more?
  4. Been said many times in this thread already but, we were massively superior. The table doesn't lie and we are easily the 2nd best team in the country. Maybe after we play Liverpool we could be the best, even though the points difference won't reflect that immediately. Villa were out of their depth with us and they had to resort (not for the first time) to dirty spoiling tactics, diving, obvious fouls,moaning, bickering with the ref who was as weak as bucket of slops. Grealish is a petulant, unpleasant footballer despite his skill. He wants it all to go for him and when it doesn't he falls over like a twat, moans and gestures, sneakily fouls other players to wind them up. I would never want him here.
  5. Same here. I've set a series link from the start but actually I haven't watched a full episode since day 5. I have just spooled through till I found Kate Garraway in a bikini top. Since then... nah. The tasks are the same, the dingo dollar booth is dull, everyone knows that a camel's penis is going to be chewy and a bit wiffy, a crocodile isn't a crocodile, it's a baby croc with barely any teeth, scorpions have had their sting removed. Crabs are probably the most likely to hurt. Fish guts are probably the most repulsive thing they have to eat/drink. For me the most challenging thing they do is in the first episode, jumping from a helicopter, swimming in the "swamp" and particularly, the walk out from the high building. But then I'm scared of heights. Let's be real, no one is going to be injured/unwell/dead in a TV show. They're all massively protected in spite of what we see on TV. It's as fake as XFactor/BGT
  6. Will never happen, even though it makes sense for commuters and will alleviate the pressure on the A50/A46 into and around Coalville and Leicester. They will cite cost as being prohibitive.
  7. She looked like she was wearing her grandmother's knickers
  8. He's never going to say, yeah, I'm ****ing off. It's always a game of words. A bit like boards backing a manager before sacking them 2 weeks later. I genuinely hope it's bullshit media talk. Who knows? BR might have bigger ambitions than us. It would be a negative statement and undermine the team, the board and the supporters if he was to say he was going to Arsenal or any other club. Managers, players, boards never reveal what they are thinking. It's like MI6, no ordinary person knows what the **** is going on. Secrecy is paramount. Don't forget we "poached" BR from Celtic when he was about to win a treble. no-one really saw that coming.
  9. BR says he's here to stay as he's been given a job to do at Leicester, that he's enjoyed every minute of his time here so far. Bit non-committal really.
  10. BR says he's here to stay as he's been given a job to do at Leicester, that he's enjoyed every minute of his time here so far. Bit non-committal really.
  11. Brendan says he's here to stay... don't they all? BR says he's here to stay as he's been given a job to do at Leicester, that he's enjoyed every minute of his time here so far. Bit non-committal really.
  12. I'd rather hope he was not an FT contributor
  13. Rodgers about to give an interview on R5 606 on the speculation on a move to Arshole
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