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  1. Not a film but a documentary series. Dark Tourism. Weird but fascinating series about places to visit that are macabre or odd or have been disaster zones. It's strangely interesting. Hard to describe. I'm not even sure if it's true or faked. If it's fake it's brilliantly done.
  2. All the negativity and doom mongers and nay sayers need to be banned from match threads. Constructive criticism is fine but blowing us off after 16 mins is unreasonable and stupid. Wait for the result then criticise if you feel the need
  3. How can the FA allow Paulson to ref any Man U game? They must know about his "secret" affiliation. Same with John Moss.
  4. We really miss Barnes in games like this. He'd have turned the defence so easily in this game.
  5. Why are we slowing the game down all the time when we're at our best when pressing high and getting JV or Ian involved?
  6. Yes it's an Eldridge Pope brew. I'm not sure she'll let me, whatever the occasion. Maybe I should drink it if we win then claim I broke the bottle as a result of over reacting in celebration.
  7. Virgin offered me a promo a couple of months ago which included access to Sky Cinema. I accepted but now I find that Sky Cinema isn't all that great. I could get many of the same stuff on either Virgin, Amazon or Netflix, which I already have subscriptions for.
  8. Mrs Para has one of these from 1979. Apparently worth a few quid as a vintage brew. Wait 5 years and you never know. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294159506910?hash=item447d45ddde:g:yo8AAOSwE3tgkZ70
  9. I think there's an element of that given the events in his life. Although he believed who he was, what he was doing and why
  10. Watched Shutter Island for the first time last night. Very good, although I worked it out before the end.
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