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  1. Nor do I and he may well have been, particularly given that his stress levels must have been sky high. Most of the other main characters, in particular the police officers were also smoking in virtually every scene. I'm not that bothered but it did seem very much more than was necessary for the story.
  2. I've missed something in translation then?
  3. Agreed, but I thought there was some kind of limitation on characters in TV drama/soaps being seen to be smoking to try to limit it being a "thing". It just seemed to be in every scene. There's cinematic accuracy and then there's cinematic licence. The amount and regularity of smoking could have been scaled down without having any detriment to the story.
  4. Yes, good post. but please try and use a spell checker before you submit your post. No disrespect to you, though. Just might make your posts easier to read.
  5. It was about as direct and real as it could get. Brilliantly filmed and directed. Nothing in it was previously unknown to the general public and many of those that complained must have read the newspapers at the time. Just sad, serial moaners, I expect. Me and the wife were remarking on the amount of characters smoking in this series. We agree that in those times people smoked A LOT. But was it necessary for the plot line and the story that almost every person was chain-smoking? Doesn't bother me in particular, but it seemed to be making a point. Agreed, Tennant was spectacularly excellent. If you watch the follow up documentary, which he narrates, it's chilling how accurate he was in his portrayal of Nielsen and how much they look like each other.
  6. Hardly worthy of a response. I don't know how old you are but did you ever see him play for City? I mean, you can't even spell his name correctly ffs. He was a local legend, He helped us out financially when we were in danger of going bust. He regularly refers to his love and support for his old club. He often comes to Leicester games, or did until March. Is it because he is an anchor on the highest rated football show on British TV? Is it because he went to bigger clubs than us and back then Everton were bigger, like that or not. Who in their right mind would think "No, I wont go to Barca because my roots are in a non-descript east midlands city". Explain why he is sanctimonious. And an A-hole.
  7. I don't understand the hike in pay for someone who is on radio pretty much exclusively and is mainly a radio presenter, and pretty poor at that. It can only be the beeb trying to equalise pay gap. Fair enough but why Zoe Ball? That said, Gary only does about 5 hours of BBC per week and is also handsomely paid (I imagine) by BT sports as well.
  8. As well as driving their own clickbait.
  9. I know what you mean about his writings and they are very shambolic at times.
  10. So what's at the end of the universe? If the light we see from distant stars is millions of years old, how do we know what is beyond that. It's inevitable that there will be light arriving from stars that hasn't reached us yet because they are hundreds of millions light years away. I need to ring Brian Cox, he'd know.
  11. What if English isn't fuchsntf's first language, or there's another reason such as dyslexia? Doesn't matter. Everyone has a right to contribute. Even the negative naysayers on the matchday threads.
  12. Is The Shed the pub off Yeoman St. area that had open mike nights and seemed to "specialise" in blues and country? If so I always wanted to go there but never seemed to find the time in the evenings to travel to it.
  13. Not Netflix or any other subscription channel, but Mortimer and Whitehouse Go Fishing. You'd not really think it would be wort a watch but, if you want to chill and escape for 30 mins, take a look. I was sceptical at first and I've missed the 1st 2 series, I wish I'd got involved earlier.
  14. Is being a bandit a job role? Could be, if they're a builder/plumber/electrician/mechanic/plaster... etc. (Not all, Webbo is exempt)
  15. There are a minimum of 2 occasions during a flight where an aircraft, including a space rocket, is 1,000,000th of an inch from the ground. Can't get my head around that but it has to be a fact.
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