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  1. Expected Goals

    Possibly one of the problems with this stat is the use of the word "expected". It is the word used in Statistics for mean or average. All it is saying is that over thousands of different kinds of shots on average a % result in a goal. Of course as we all know things vary around the average, but over the course of a season the average scored from the shots you take will tend to get closer to the actual number you score.
  2. Everton 2-0 (H) Post Match Thread

    Puel certainly made a statement with that starting lineup - and it worked! First 30 minutes were fantastic. Second half Everton subbed both their wingers and had to change their formation to cope with us - they clearly weren't expecting what we did in the first half. They had a lot of possession 2nd half but I don't remember them creating a single good chance. We resorted to defending deep and hoofing it up the field. We defended well and I bet Claude will be looking to get a bit more composure and less hoof ball from defensive positions. Good logical subs as well. An experienced manager with tactical nous and not afraid to make changes even in game 1 - looks very promising to me
  3. If you log into your account with the LCFC shop, go to your account profile and click the "Foxes rewards" header, it tells you how much credit you have.
  4. Lots of good explanations of "expected goals " as referenced above. The term is a bit confusing if you are not into statistical analysis where "expected" just means average - so it is based on the average number of goals scored over a large number of games from different situations and positions. Expected goals and actual goals will of course be a lot closer over a whole season than just 4 games. I don't think they include a Sclupp factor - who is actually taking the shot
  5. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    FIFA's involvement is simply matching up the documents from the two clubs involved - the FA documentation was time stamped 14 seconds late so FIFA couldn't accept it according to their rules. The issue is not when the documentation is submitted to FIFA it is when it was submitted to the FA .
  6. LCFC Internationals 2017/18

    King is on the bench, but I see that Lawrence is starting for Wales
  7. Daniel Amartey

    I wasn't too impressed with him at RB on the occasions he played there last season, but it was not a position he was used to and he only got the occasional game. It looks very much to me as if Shakey wants the option of a more attacking RB and is going to develop him in that role - he's certainly quick and he can cross the ball - not notable characteristics of Simpson. I don't think he has done so badly in the two pre-season games and with further development and game opportunities he could turn out alright, we will see.
  8. Scrappy first half but we looked much the better team in the second and could easily have scored more. My main reflection though was how on earth have Watford been above us in the league for so much of the season
  9. Shakespeare

    Personally I think having a big name manager who makes all the decisions is no longer the way to go for many clubs. We have already demonstrated the value of a more team based approach and you can see this happening more and more at other clubs. I would see Craig Shakespeare as very much a team player happy to work with the other coaches, the medical/ physio staff, the analysts, the recruitment staff and so on. Of course the buck stops with the manager ultimately and he has already demonstrated that he is quite comfortable with making decisions even when under pressure. Another essential for a manager is being the public face of the club, dealing with the media and so on and he already seems to be taking well to that role. Finally, a manager as well as listening needs to be able to inspire and motivate others, especially the players - he has certainly demonstrated that so far. If I was writing a job description for our next manager I'd say that he ticks all the boxes.
  10. According to the Mercury there is no release clause in his contract, so perhaps we are getting excited about nothing. Shock
  11. I've gone for 11th which is the best I think we can realistically do, but as long as we stay up I will be happy
  12. Confidence and momentum are so important in football and at last you can see this swinging in our favour. Plus, at last, a bit of Mahrez magic!
  13. Birch taken ill at awards ceremony

    fingers crossed he is OK. Terrible news
  14. Man City Post Match Thread 4 - 2

    Well what a miserable wet evening that was walking to the ground with doom and gloom in the air and then bang! 3-0 in 20 odd minutes! Football is full of surprises, especially if you support Leicester City What a joy to watch (apart from the last 10 minutes). Every player busting a gut just like last season and some brilliant direct football - we found our mojo again, let's hope we keep it!
  15. Positives...post 'em here

    It certainly made the players that didn't play look better than they have mainly been rated so far. I don't see many of tonight's squad who haven't been starting banging on Claudio's door anytime soon.