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  1. My take is very simple - we were not great, but neither were we terrible and we were within a nat's whisker of a point against a team , who remember, are above us in the league. I saw some small changes today - Madison for instance was much more in the face of his opponent than previously. Onwards an upwards I hope
  2. I agree - he came across as an engaging character, you can see why he has been around for so long. I particularly liked his remarks about having told the players that winning ugly was better than playing well and loosing, but that maybe they took that too literally
  3. Thank God for that - a home win at last A few periods of sparkling attacking play , but not surprisingly after the run we have had, signs of nerves, lack of confidence and some silly mistakes. Still - two cracking goals and Barnes looks like he could become a hell of a player .
  4. Well at least I now don't have to read the post match thread! I liked the plan, but his inability to really engage with the fans and maybe the players I guess seems to have lead to his downfall
  5. We are in Southend for the weekend and the Blackpool team are staying in our hotel complete with star striker Jo Dodoo. I had completely forgotten that he scored a hat trick for us not so long ago Seems to be doing well in L1 now
  6. So glad the club have posted this. It really got to me at the ground when "Time to say Goodbye" suddenly came on.
  7. We went down at lunchtime today. The tributes were still all there and hundreds of people still there. Walking to the ground most groups of people, like us, were carrying flowers. It really is an incredible reflection of how highly regarded he was.
  8. What a shocking end to the day to get home after the game and see this news. The only comfort is seeing the incredible support on here from football fans from so many other clubs.
  9. For Stats lovers I discovered an interesting site today: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/premier-league The people behind this have had a lot of success predicting US election results and sports and have recently starting looking at football. They have an interesting and evolving prediction model. According to their current predictions we will finish 7th with 52 points. 6th is predicted to be Man U with 62 points, but Bournemouth, Watford, Everton and Wolves are predicted to be within 3 points of us. So, basically 7-11 is anyone of four , but 6th is out of reach. I don't think that is much of a surprise even without any statistical analysis. We are currently expected to, on average, score 1.9 goals per match and concede 0.8 goals. If you look at the whole table it is clearly the goals scored that is the decisive factor - there is not much to chose between teams in terms of expected goals against. In case you are interested they predict that in the US mid term elections there is a 6/7 chance of the Democrats taking the House of Representatives, but only a 2/9 chance for the Senate
  10. I thought all the players performed decently with a few very good performances. You can see we are moving in the right direction as a team, especially bearing in mind that we were missing 10 players for most of pre-season, we've had an international break and two games without Vardy. Still a work in progress of course but with some very promising signs. Personally I much prefer watching us playing like we are aiming to now - I find it entertaining to watch, especially in comparison to the sometimes dire backs to the wall, low possession stuff we have witnessed at times in the past.
  11. Correct! Of course this assumes that the 17 are a random sample which they probably aren't. Nevertheless I'd guess that nowhere near 50% would hold the opposite view
  12. I thought it was OK. The layout hasn't changed much; just a paint job and some new furniture, refurbished loos and outside bit oh and TV's on every wall. Only a couple of beers on handpumps though.
  13. He was indeed one of my favourite players - so much time and composure on the ball, not something we saw too much of in those days
  14. You are far too sensible for this forum Rumble. What I mean is I often agree with you
  15. I'll never forget the club twitter account saying "If you are just joining us at half time, Leicester are 2-0 up and Huth is on a hat trick"
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