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  1. If I were a bell I'd go ding dong ding dong ding
  2. Pre game manager interviews are usually pretty bland, but Rogers before this game oozed confidence and said " Leeds play one on one which leaves lots of space...." Boy did we exploit it! Systems are interesting but of themselves don't win games. In the Premier league quality of players and depth of squad (when well managed) usually come out on top in the long run. Bamford is not bad but to me looks more like this season's Pukki than a contender for the golden boot. Vardy however........... Even with our long list of injuries we were able to bring on Maddison and Under to see of
  3. Oh dear, Gareth has spotted our secret weapon Great achievement for him and great confidence builder. Training with the England squad should be good for him too.
  4. A very good analysis @StriderHiryu as always. An evolved way of playing on the counter gives us another strong weapon in our armoury I don't think it will be long before other teams realise what a key player Barnes has become for us while all eyes are on Vardy!
  5. Wow, all I missed was our away crowd chanting "can we play you every week"
  6. Although Muzzy was and still is one of my all time favourite players, I agree that Lennon was the key player in that side. My favourite moment was towards the end of a game (if I remember correctly when we were beating Chelsea) when he headed out to the left wing, received a long ball and sat on it
  7. Cooking something new with Ian Holloway doesn't bear thinking about
  8. Well it is certainly good for the finances. The "facility fee" part of TV payments is £12.3M plus £1.1M for every TV game over 10. Last season we had 15 games on TV and so got £17.8M. The "big six" got in the region of £30M last season so we could well finish up there or thereabouts this season.
  9. Well, you wait for a winger's goal at home and then three come along together
  10. Nah - he'll go back to the 1950's with 2-3-5
  11. I only have a very mild irritation at the regular shrieks of "get rid of it!" from near me
  12. Some good observations in the last few pages and in that context I'd like to comment on the regular discussions I see (not just here!) about which players from another team would get in our team (and vice versa). Rodgers has developed this team to play in a certain way and the plan is to continue to develop that. We have a team where all the parts fit together, where the team spirit is fantastic and where everyone works for everyone one else. The plan is for future recruitment to add players that fit into this template. This is surely the best way to go for a club - it is not ju
  13. I'll go with fivethirtyeight, they currently give us a 58% chance of top four
  14. Still, you don't see so many mentions of Pearson lately
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