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  1. I thought all the players performed decently with a few very good performances. You can see we are moving in the right direction as a team, especially bearing in mind that we were missing 10 players for most of pre-season, we've had an international break and two games without Vardy. Still a work in progress of course but with some very promising signs. Personally I much prefer watching us playing like we are aiming to now - I find it entertaining to watch, especially in comparison to the sometimes dire backs to the wall, low possession stuff we have witnessed at times in the past.
  2. Woof

    Mobile data at KP Stadium?

    Correct! Of course this assumes that the 17 are a random sample which they probably aren't. Nevertheless I'd guess that nowhere near 50% would hold the opposite view
  3. I thought it was OK. The layout hasn't changed much; just a paint job and some new furniture, refurbished loos and outside bit oh and TV's on every wall. Only a couple of beers on handpumps though.
  4. He was indeed one of my favourite players - so much time and composure on the ball, not something we saw too much of in those days
  5. Woof


    You are far too sensible for this forum Rumble. What I mean is I often agree with you
  6. Woof

    Robert Huth

    I'll never forget the club twitter account saying "If you are just joining us at half time, Leicester are 2-0 up and Huth is on a hat trick"
  7. Woof


    But Shakespeare points 39, loss% 34.6 Puel points 42, loss% 25.9 I don't think win% tells the whole story
  8. Woof


    I keep seeing it said that Southampton were right to sack Puel and (some) of their fans were all in favour of it. They have not exactly been pulling up any trees with their new manager though have they. Be careful what you wish for!
  9. Woof

    Bournemouth post match 1-1

    "Puel's shit tactics don't suit Vardy" or even "drop Vardy" ???? Did I dream it or has he just had a run of scoring in 5 consecutive games?
  10. Woof

    FT charity of the Season 2018/19

    Nice idea - I'd happily contribute to something like this.
  11. Woof

    Fuchs or Chilwell

    Fuchs is still a good full back, but obviously getting near the end of his top flight career. Chilwell on the other hand is young and developing. Of course he still has work to do - a lot of the debate on here about him reminds me of when Ashley Cole first broke through - "quick going forward but defensively suspect". It turned out all right for him though! A good combination to have I'd say and if he continues to develop Chilwell could be very good indeed - let's hope!
  12. At least 11 and hopefully 15 - It would be good to get to 50 points. End of season games are hard to predict and I don't think too many of the teams we will be playing will have nothing to play for, looks like it's going to be a dogfight to avoid relegation this season. We on the other hand might lack that extra bit of motivation that desparation gives you if we soon get to over 40 points. Personally I am not too fussed about getting European football next season, a period of consolidation and strengthening without all those extra games might be for the best in the long run.
  13. Woof

    Bentley's Roof

    I've been looking at "Bentley's Roof" from even before it was called that, but never actually posted anything on it. I do enjoy some of the posts on there though, especially from the saner posters such as yourself It does require a bit of perseverance though to find the more interesting stuff - it is extremely random in the way it is (dis)organised!