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  1. Although Muzzy was and still is one of my all time favourite players, I agree that Lennon was the key player in that side. My favourite moment was towards the end of a game (if I remember correctly when we were beating Chelsea) when he headed out to the left wing, received a long ball and sat on it
  2. Cooking something new with Ian Holloway doesn't bear thinking about
  3. Well it is certainly good for the finances. The "facility fee" part of TV payments is £12.3M plus £1.1M for every TV game over 10. Last season we had 15 games on TV and so got £17.8M. The "big six" got in the region of £30M last season so we could well finish up there or thereabouts this season.
  4. Well, you wait for a winger's goal at home and then three come along together
  5. Nah - he'll go back to the 1950's with 2-3-5
  6. I only have a very mild irritation at the regular shrieks of "get rid of it!" from near me
  7. Some good observations in the last few pages and in that context I'd like to comment on the regular discussions I see (not just here!) about which players from another team would get in our team (and vice versa). Rodgers has developed this team to play in a certain way and the plan is to continue to develop that. We have a team where all the parts fit together, where the team spirit is fantastic and where everyone works for everyone one else. The plan is for future recruitment to add players that fit into this template. This is surely the best way to go for a club - it is not just about the relative merits of players as individuals or what they are worth. The 15/16 team was built like that and so was O'Neill's - teams that punched above their weight. Every team in the PL has talented players and many games are decided by small margins. Having the right structure and team spirit gives you that extra few % towards succeeding. I wouldn't swap any of them
  8. I'll go with fivethirtyeight, they currently give us a 58% chance of top four
  9. Still, you don't see so many mentions of Pearson lately
  10. Fivethirtyeight have the chances of a top four finish as: Chelsea 68% City 46% Spurs 23% Arsenal 24% United 17% Looks promising
  11. - How would you rate our season so far out of 10? 9 - Who has been our best player? This is a tough one - Ndidi by a whisker - Who has been our worst player? I don't think anyone has been bad, but Grey for least good - Which player has improved the most? Soyuncu - Where do you think we will finish this season? I'm going with the Fivethirtyeight prediction of a comfortable 4th - How would you rate our manager so far out of 10? 9 - What's been the biggest surprise in the league so far? How well Chelsea have done - predicted 3rd place
  12. Nothing to add but Wow! Not often we get a result that has to be spelled out 0 - 9 (NINE)
  13. A point that has to be born in mind with this measure is that in Statistics, "expected" simply means average. So as said above it measures how many goals on average would be scored from the positions created in a game. It does not take into account the individual a chance falls to, so the best strikers (like JV) consistently outscore xG and vice versa. A very detailed data set is available for every game played in the premier league and this goes back some years. The way the measure is calculated has got more sophisticated over the years taking into account more and more factors and there are now several different versions of it and continuing debate over which of these is best and over ways of improving it. I'd say it is a useful indicator, especially when considered over a long run of games but of course like all statistical measures has to be interpreted with caution.
  14. Well that was fun Some great performances, but as a few have mentioned what was so impressive was the way we pressed the ball. Every time Newcastle were in possession a swarm of Leicester players were around the play area giving them no time on the ball and most of the time we were winning it back. We were still doing this to the very end as well.
  15. Another analysis which overlaps quite a bit with the one quoted above but has a few more in play shots: https://totalfootballanalysis.com/match-analysis/premier-league-201920-leicester-city-vs-tottenham-hotspur-tactical-analysis-tactics
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