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  1. Does Thomas need to be named in the squad as under 21 and from the academy Posted this when still on the first page now seen it’s been answered already
  2. Mendy looking good again feels like a new signing
  3. I very much doubt that is the case, I think we will get a couple of good new signings plus the new contracts
  4. Whilst we don't have much else to talk about I was wondering what everyone's first memory of watching Leicester is and who your first favourite player was? Mine are: First favourite player - Matty Fryatt First memory - beating Tottenham 3-2 in the league cup with Mark de vries scoring the winner
  5. Oh yes I forgot about that probably a good shout for it being the expansion then. Just didn’t want to get excited and it turn out to be nothing
  6. We did and it could be. But I think this is the 7th loan we have taken out with Macquarie since 2018 so is just as likely to be a cash flow thing but I don’t know so could easily be to do with the expansion
  7. Probably just a cash flow thing so we have all the tv money upfront so we can use it to buy players and invest straight away I think a lot of clubs do it like this
  8. I think the point is as fans and even players there is no need to dwell on this and we should move on. But as a club they should ask for clarification on places where we think VAR has made a mistake so it can be reflected on and learned from so the same mistake isn’t made twice.
  9. I thought Chilwell played much better today as did much of the team but there still seem to be a few people who like to abuse Chilwell at the slightest mistake. There were some around me how were chanting “fing useless” when he made a slight mistake. This abuse of our own players is disgusting not helpful and needs to stop
  10. My view of that game is the problem was a mixture of complacency slipping in plus missing Ndidi it really looked like some of our players were not up for that match at all
  11. This is brilliant can’t stop singing it
  12. Brilliant news good solid backup and I get the feeling he is a great person to have around the dressing room aswell
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