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  1. That’s a fair comment. Not sure anyone could muster a 5 out of 10 rating tonight. I hope they shake off this stinker of a performance for Sunday.
  2. Your post has cheered me a bit, only a bit mind
  3. Really hard to take this. As abject a performance I have seen in sometime. Threadbare squad is fraying at the edges, BR clearly tried to manage and balance the demands of this situation and the gamble didn’t pay off. I do hope he properly reflects and notes that he cannot play a starting 11 including Amartey, Choudhary and Albrighton. All hard working and honest players but not good enough. As a Leicester fan gloom can set in quickly, i hope we can shake this off and get back to winning ways against Arsenal.
  4. I think the return of Wilf has had a big part to play in the improvement in our set piece defending. He is excellent at clearing headers from corners as evidenced on Thursday night in Prague.
  5. Hamza showed real energy when he came on but that game was meh.
  6. We’ve defended well and have created good chances. I know Liverpool press unbelievably well but we’ve got to work harder to retain the ball when playing out from the back.
  7. Oh know poor JJ. Looks like an ACL or MCL, rotten luck for him and Leicester.
  8. That was a forgettable first half where no one performed much above par. It’s okay though Perez will get a solid 5 in the Leicester Mockery post match player ratings.
  9. Has anyone seen Daley-Campbell play for the U23? Is he ready to make the step up?
  10. I totally agree, he was my MOTM. I don’t think Hamza is technically good enough for this Leicester side. There was a moment in the second half where he failed to control the ball and fortunatelyWolves failed to exploit it but he worked so hard and was at the heart of everything good about our defensive play, he was blocking everything. Credit where credit is due, the lad played a blinder.
  11. He has taken the baton from Gray, all promise but no end product.
  12. Is Goodman blind as well as stupid. Semedo clearly dived he should have been booked. Atkinson has had a very poor first half with Portugal reserves play acting and diving at the slightest contact.
  13. ‘Creator of Mrs Brown’s Boys’ fecking hate it ha ha ha
  14. There is no doubt that Ndidi is indispensable to this team and system. Mendy is an able deputy but today looks right off it.
  15. I found this a frustrating game to watch with Everton playing the lowest of low blocks at home. I guess it shows a level of respect to us but who’d have thought that Carlo Ancelotti (ex Real Madrid) would reveal his inner Neil Warnock 🤨
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