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  1. Just for the record, I have it on good authority that Hamza's absence from training was due to a personal ongoing family issue and not related to any off-field misdemeanours. Dont know anything about Chilwell's circumstances but i can see why Rodgers was keen not to comment on Hamza's situation as it is a purely personal & private matter. From Rodgers perspective, it would probably have seemed unfair to publicly explain Hamza's absence without adding comment on Chilwell as that would have added more fuel to the media fire on Chilwell.....but knowing how the media work, i guess he and the players were going to be publicly flogged wither way. "Damned if you do...& damned if you dont!"
  2. I guess that will all depend on how much Beaglehole wants to win the PL2 title and whether he is prepared to listen to Rodgers advice about development rather than winning...?!? Luke Thomas looks a fine prospect BUT Eppiah is possibly the most talented of all in that group who has excelled in every single age group. Last 3-4 years his career has been ravaged by long-term injuries but if he can rediscover his old form and pace and stay injury free, im convinced he is the one who can step up and excel at the highest level...!
  3. Definitely agree! Fabulous player....great work rate, great awareness, quick, strong and holds the ball up well.......makes defenders lives very difficult! Ironically, always been short of goals....but not recently! Career has been ravaged by injuries past 3-4 seasons. Hopefully can stay injury free from now and push on again as great potential
  4. Are you aware that in his 1st pro-season and without ever starting a game at CB for the U23s, Beaglehole (& Rudkin) both advised knights agent that he wasn't good enough and didn't feature in their future plans and he would not be getting an end of season contract extension?? It was only 3 months later when due to an injury crisis that Knight was given the opportunity to play his FIRST game at CB alongside the new loan signing WAGGE at Holmes Park (Vs Southampton) in front of Ranieri and Shakespears who had come to have a look at WAGGE (who went off injured in 1st half, never to be seen again!). Knight was outstanding that evening (as he ususally is and has been for many years!!) and the following week Shakespears elevated him to train with the first team so he could have a closer look....and the rest is history!. Knight has been an ever present in the U23s ever since that day.....his contract was subsequently extended and he has gone on to be one of our most highly regarded prospects. To many, this is no great surprise but without the intervention of Shakespeare or an U23 injury crisis, Knight would most likely have been released by LCFC without even being given an opportunity on the advice of Beaglehole. Just a little something for you to ponder next time you hear Beagelhole eulogising about his role in Josh Knights development...! (PS Yes....my sources on this are 100% reliable!)
  5. Let us hope so as it was almost certainly their loan experience and NOT sitting in the PL2 U23s team trying to win a meaningless league that helped them develop more quickly than others Personally, I think there is far more kudos to be gained by the club from evidencing academy players breaking into to the 1st team than there ever will be in Steve Beaglehole highlighting how well we are doing in the PL2 U23s league so we should DEFINETLY focus on player pathway and development and NOT where we finish in the development leagues...!
  6. Only if he's 6ft 5", built like a brick s***house and can throw the ball a long way...!
  7. Its a development league so it definitely should not be all about winning Problem is, last season when we were rolling over younger and less physically developed sides, Beaglehole (and LCFC social media!) were obsessed about the importance of winning and challenging for the league to the point where several potential loan deals were scuppered in an attempt to try and win the league last season (Knight, Johnson, Iversen, Nduwkwu, Hughes, Chaudhoury, Thomas....). Now the the shoes on the other foot and we're being beaten heavily by more experienced sides, the reverse viewpoint appears to have been conveniently adopted that its all about development and we shouldn't worry about the result...! Therefore, I suspect your question might be better targetted at the likes of Beaglehole and Rudkin who don't seem overly concerned with player pathways and development when they are winning games and challenging for irrelevant silverware...only when they are getting soundly beaten!
  8. a high proportion of our goals last season came from our big centre halves scoring from set-pieces...and knight was one of our leading scorers this season until they finally allowed him to go out on loan to Peterborough. I guess the danger of being results oriented, overly reliant on route1 "hoofball" and not focussing on technical development is that when you stop scoring from set-pieces, how else are you going to score...?!?
  9. U23s Results have been poor recently so will be very interesting to see if Beaglehole uses the younger players as the excuse for the downturn in results.......bearing in mind that he never previously acknowledged that part of last seasons "success" was due to the avg age of LCFC U23s being significantly older than the sides they were playing against...?!?
  10. been saying this for years. Fingers crossed that BeagleHoof's limitations might finally be exposed sooner rather than later for the sake of any technically gifted young players we have coming through our ranks...
  11. please tell me you didn't seriously believe they would let him stay on the pitch for the full 90 minutes...?!?
  12. Spot on...! This is the same 'warped' logic that has held back so many talented youngsters in English Football for so many years....and will probably continue to do so! Hopefully the example of Marcus Rashford (& Jadon Sancho in Germany) might someday break that mindset as he only ever got his chance to play because of an injury crisis and would probably not have had that opportunity otherwise due to his "lack of PL experience". I think we all know what happened next...!.
  13. Don't want to get into any disagreement with you over this as suspect we have different views (which is fair enough) but just for the record... Barnes has only just turned 21 and spent first half of this season at WBA, first half of last season at Barnsley and then returned after Xmas to mainly be a 1st team squad player and previous season before that on loan at MK Dons. In essence, he spent 1 season with Beaglehole at which point his agent (Same agent as Jamie Vardy) pushed for a move away as playing U23s with Beaglehole wasn't doing him any good...! Chilwell has only just turned 22 and has spent last TWO seasons with the first team (incl this one) and the season before that on loan at Huddersfield so again, he spent less than 1 year with Beagleholes U23 in what was a very unsuccessful campaign culminating in near relegation. Once again, it was his agent who pushed for the move away and I know his dad was fully supportive of this for fears that his development was being stifled...! Impossible to conclusively say whether they would NOT have succeeded if they had spent more time with Beaglehole but equally, he certainly shouldn't be the man taking the credit for their success...
  14. None of those 3 goalkeepers were developed through our Academy system, They were all signed on a pro contracts from other clubs....and Davies has barely featured in any games since his arrival so I suspect his call up is might actually be related to LCFC trying to recoup some of the money they paid when his contract expires this summer by giving him some international credibility as my understanding is that one of the LCFC Academy goalkeeper coaches is actually also employed on a part-time basis by the Welsh U21 FA. Seems very odd that Davies isn't considered good enough to play for LCFC U23s yet without any meaningful game time or exposure, he manages to secure an international call-up...?!?
  15. Thank you.....look forward to having something to burn on my fire this winter. I wonder if that smiling image was taken before OR after he had forced through the signing of Ryan Loft...?!? I think you'll also find that TWO of those PL quality England Internationals (ie Chilwell & Barnes) largely by-passed Beagleholes U23s set-up due to the insistence of their agents to go out on loan rather than play U23s. Quite possibly the reason why they are now where they are don't you think...in spite of him and not because of him?!?
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