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  1. I am not surprised to read of your experience but i would add a couple of comments... Absolutely right about the coaches....they are in a very privileged position at one of Europe's leading clubs but their "job for life" mindset is to the detrement of the club and the potential of young players It will always be the case that the exceptional 2/3 players in each group will receive preferential treatment, and I don't think this is specific to LCFC as im sure this happens at almost every club. There are some "big time" parents at football academies who fail to underst
  2. Fully agree with the fist point you make and i don't think its been suggested that from an education and admin perspective he is incapable or not doing a good job. The point of this discussion is that there are NOT great coaches doing a great job at U23s level downwards and if you are the Academy Manager but don't have a background or great knowledge of football, how would you recognise where the fault lies and how would you identify what is required to fix that? "If players are not being developed properly then we've either got crap coaches, they're being told to coach
  3. You are absolutely right! He has an exceptional background in education and admin which is why he was brought in as Head of Education to support our schooling programme when we achieved PL Cat 1 status as that is a pre-requisite.....but he knows nothing about football by his own admission. It was astonishing for many when he was promoted to the football side of things.....but he is a Rudkin devotee and very loyal to JR so the assumption is it was a way of Rudkin retaining his control of the Academy "indirectly" by putting "one of his own" in charge.
  4. Beaglehole & Dempsey was a clash of egos that was never going to work. Difficult to know where the blame lies on that one.......but players dont get released without Rudkins approval as they are seen as potential assets first and foremost
  5. You are right about the change in appreciation for Rudkin.....but there is no doubt that Rudkin has protected Beaglehole in his position for years and even now continues to protect him.....how else would Beaglehole have remained in charge for so long in view of the quality of football he teaches our U23s to play? My view of Rudkin has changed 180 degrees in the past few years and he is now delivering results i thought were way beyond him.......but his protection of Beaglehole (& Peake) for too long has been to his detrement and the detrement of some talented footballers whose t
  6. He was the most talented of the 3 brothers who have been at LCFC academy....reminded me a bit of Rooney in way he played....but very big time in his attitude and his ego. Seems to run in his family... Seemed to act like he was the main attraction on the pitch and the others were just there as his supporting acts .....and perfectly summed up by issuing a release 'statement' in true celebrity style. Could possibly have been a player if he had been a bit more humble and there weren't so many hangers on blowing so much smoke up his arse and "encouraging" his ego..
  7. Always contract discussions in May as most contracts run from 1/7 to 30/6. Who is Adam Leathers....never heard of him?
  8. Your comments are very informative and suggest a degree of "inside knowledge" but there have been many on here (myself included!) that have been saying for years that the U18 and U23 coaching set up did not change or evolve with the evolution and aspirations we have seen at our club in the past 5 years. Beagleball was designed for Lg1 10 years ago....and he's still with us! Most of the current generation of youngsters who have progressed through to the first team benefitted from the outstanding coaching of Idiakez 5 years ago and since his departure, we have regressed at youth leve
  9. Obviously got a lot of free-time on your hands...?!?
  10. got to find a positive spin on the situation somehow. Reality is it was probably the agent who put the story out about 'other clubs' being interested as United presumably didn't want to offer him a contract.....although i am surprised we have offered him a 3 year deal under those circumstances.....perhaps we see the value in him where others dont.....wouldnt be the 1st time that's happened?
  11. Good point and does make me wonder why United didn't offer him a contract and kept signing other RBs? Is he any more likely to break through at LCFC than MUFC with our full back options?
  12. Sounds a decent player. Lets just hope his development continues and hope his size doesn't count against him when he reaches our U23's? Connor Tee barely got any game time for Beagleholes giants...
  13. So how on earth did he ever score for our U23s team....?!?!? Would have thought Beagle-ball would have prepared him perfectly for that style of football. i sometimes wonder if the amount of penalty's Hirst scores actually distorts peoples view of what a good player/goalscorer he is. On paper his record looks decent....but without his "connections" and penalty's, i dont think he's anywhere near the player some folk seem to think he is. Ive seen several better forwards of his age who weren't included in those England Yth squads and i do question whether George Hirst wo
  14. Absolutely right. I think we are definitely on the same page on that point.....which comes down to coaches who are just not good enough for what we now require.
  15. And that is exactly the point of the question that was initially raised.....our inability to produce attacking players good enough for the level we now require. The coaches skills may have been well suited to what was required of them 15 years ago with our limited resources and expectations......but that is not the case today. This is not about our scouting and recruitment which has massively improved and is proving very successful.......this is about coaching ability. Our club has developed in all areas beyond recognition from 5-10 years ago.....with the exceptio
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