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  1. Foxy-Lady

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Barnes preferred position is No.10. Recently moved into the 10 position for the Baggies and already showing why this is his best position.
  2. Foxy-Lady

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    No problem at all for me and as you rightly say, clubs should be free to chose how they approach their "development" programmes. Im just trying to add a little perspective as I get a bit tired reading the clubs media propaganda about how well the U23s are doing when in reality, they are achieving results against much younger and less experienced opponents.
  3. Foxy-Lady

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    I believe one of the key the intentions of PL extending U21 league to U23 was to reduce the number of players who were being lost to the game age 21-23 as they had nowhere to play and to provide them with a "safety-net" so they could stay in the game longer. Not entirely sure the logic is perfect as you are potentially just keeping players in the game who may never make it at the expenses of others The intention was well intended but unfortuanetly, it now merely serves to clog up the system for younger players as the number of players available for U23 selection and competton for places has now increased....thereby having the adverse counter-effect of reducing opportunities for players age 19-20 who are no longer eligible for U18s football. Unless, of course, you take the forward thinking approach of a club like Chelsea who simply promote youngsters who are good enough to play at whatever level will "stretch" them the most and they will gain the most benefit from....hence the reason most of their best U18 players are now playing in their U23s team....and no doubt, most of their best U16 players are also playing in their U18 team as a result. I think its called a "progressive pathway..." (By comparison, LCFC had NONE of their 1st year pros involved in yesterdays squad...but we had 6 players with 1st team experience in the starting X1)
  4. Foxy-Lady

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    I agree with you but then again, not everyone is using the U23s 'development' league the way LCFC are. Clearly Chelsea are using the system in the way the way the PL intended by playing U20s to give them experience and those that are good enough are moved up or loaned out and those that are not going to make it are released to clear a pathway for more promising younger players to come through. It was same last season when most sides LCFC U23s played against had a much lower avg age and we were rolling them over as a result....but the LCFC media portrayed the impression that we were excelling above others. AT Leicester the emphasis appears to be on results rather than development so Rudkin/Beaglehole can point to the league table and tell people what a great job they are doing The U23 development concept is ok in principle but when WINNING and results are seemingly put ahead of player development, the competition becomes an illusion that we are doing better than we actually are
  5. Foxy-Lady

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Just to add a little perspective to this result before the LCFC media put their spin on this result... - LCFC U23s with an avg starting age of 22.4 years old and 209 PL appearances between them managed to secure a 1-1 draw Vs Chelsea U23s with an avg starting age of 18.4 years old (4 PL appearances) - 7 of the Chelsea starting X1 were still young enough to be playing for their U18s team (LCFC youngest player = 19) In essence, a vastly older (+4 years avg age difference) and more experienced Leicester U23s team managed to secure a draw against the core of Chelsea's U18 team. Development football at its finest...although I suspect that at least Chelsea's youngsters will have gained valuable experience from playing against much older players...!
  6. Foxy-Lady

    Checkatrade Trophy v Fleetwood

    I think Muskwe and Hughes are quite close to being back playing again.
  7. Foxy-Lady

    Checkatrade Trophy v Fleetwood

    A combination of BOTH is probably the most accurate answer...!
  8. Foxy-Lady

    Checkatrade Trophy v Fleetwood

    According to reports, out injured for 3-4 months...!
  9. Foxy-Lady

    Checkatrade Trophy v Fleetwood

    Do you think Barton was excluding Choudhury and Knight from that sentence seeing as BOTH have already played for our senior team...?!?
  10. Foxy-Lady

    Checkatrade Trophy v Fleetwood

    Beaglehole doesn't like Uche which is why he was loaned out. Good technical player but not enough of a bruiser for 'hoofball'. Probably only playing now due to long terms injuries to Eppiah and Muskwe He didn't rate Knight either which is why he was going to be released.....until Shakespeare saw him play and elevated him into the 1st team squad. The rest is history...
  11. Great post mate! Quite painful to read of your difficulties and no doubt incredibly difficult for you to write such an honest personal account but total respect for you in doing so! I suffered badly from severe depression many years ago but, in hindsight, it taught me the value and benefits of speaking to people open and honestly as I was always a very closed book and speaking with counsellors/friends was my saviour. Ultimately, it demonstrated to me the importance of 'opening up' and sharing problems as opposed to keeping everything hidden away. Not everyone will be judgemental and those that are aren't worth knowing anyway. Today, I am absolutely fine and in a strange way I look back on my experience of depression in a positive way as the period in my life where I probably learnt more valuable lessons about life, people and myself than at any other time...! Two quotes I often use when speaking with people about my experiences... "Adversity introduces a man to himself...!" (Tony Adams) " Only if you have been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain" (Richard Nixon) Keep the faith my friend......the view from the top at the end of the journey is definitely worth the climb!
  12. Foxy-Lady

    1970s - Enderby Town vs LCFC Help

    Ian Marsden was also known as Mr.Marsden....?!? That's incredible!! How did you ever manage to make that connection...?!?
  13. Foxy-Lady

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    You mean somewhere like Belgium...??
  14. Foxy-Lady

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Playing him in cup matches would certainly give a more accurate indication of where he is at in terms of ability, temperament and attitude. Certainly a better test for him than U23s which seems too effortless for him IMO and wont improve or develop him in the longer run...