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  1. Martin Atkinson today

    But this isnt the May City forum.....and it wasnt a conspriacy as the ref did get the big decisions right.....so what exactly is your point??
  2. Iheanacho

    "..he can only play as a striker..." is a bit of a strange comment from Puel and doesnt bode well for Schmeichel or Morgan who havent shown promise to date in any other positions. Surely we must have know he could only play as a striker before we paid £25m for him...??
  3. Checkatrade v Scunny

    "The club needs always come first" and "...protecting Ulloa's future income" seem slightly contrary statements from you as im not convinced that the future income streams of a multi-millionaire footballer should be one of the clubs primary concerns If we turned down £8m last Jan, are we likley to receive a higher offer in jan'18 or next summer for a player who will be 12-18 months older? We will also have paid him £2-3m in wages to him during that period for a player who has not featured at all other than in the U23s where he deprives younger players an opportunity to develope. I am really not convinced that giving Ulloa a new contract at £40k/week in view of his age, ability, limited contribution and his previous statement about "never playing for the club again" was the right thing to do... but clearly we have differing views on this subject.
  4. Checkatrade v Scunny

    Try telling that to Leonardo "I'll never play for this club again" Ulloa...... "unless of course you pay me £40k a week and allow me to deprive younger players the opportunity to develope in the interest of them possibly being the future of the club..?!?"
  5. George Thomas

    Not qute sure whcih game you are referring to but I have never seen Iheanacho stand out in any game he has played, whereas Thomas has consistently been one of the best players on view whenever I have watched the streams...?!? Both still at a young age and Iheanacho currently has the greater expereience of playing at a higher level and im no doubting he MIGHT be the better player but....purely based on the evidence seen in an LCFC shirt, Thomas would get my vote playing in a CAM role.
  6. Chilwell

    I love Chilwell...! Fantatsic young player with a great attitude who I am convinced WILL succeed and become a top player Only thing that puzzles/concerns me is how such a talented player can be so poor with his weaker foot?!? Most/all footballers have a naturally weaker foot but, at the highest level, that is not quite so apparent. However, Chilwell genuinely doesnt appear to be able to kick with his right foot and seems to go to great lengths at times just to avoid doing so. No cricticm intended as I would love to see him playimng more regularly. Just wondering if anyone else had noticed same...?!?
  7. Huth and James

    Mendy and Kaputska are technically still 'here'. Do they count towards your full X1?
  8. Drinkwater Sell On Clause

    SO.......Rudkin wasnt even involved in the original deal to buy Drinkwater with a buy-back clause..........and then he sells him for +£30m profit! Not quite sure why Rudkin is coming in for ANY criticism on this one...?!?
  9. New training ground

    Top Bundesliga clubs have open access Fans areas within their training selling alcohol so fans can come and watch their players train and socially engage with them. What is so great/secretive about LCFC that we need to protect their privacy as if it is an MOD weapons testing site? Are you concerned that the likes of Bayern Munich might have installed some spies in the houses so they can secretly record LCFCs "revolutionary" training methods?
  10. Have we ever signed a worse defender...

    Only for that amazing 30 yard OG Vs Norwich at Filbert Street......and the fact he played for Vikings Tun Pub Wigston in Leicester Sunday Morning league not long after!
  11. New training ground

    My point is that it doesnt necesssrily matter how you much you spend if you dont spend it wisely as expenditure does not necesssrily guarantee success I think you will find that Sunderland's facilties were much much considered amongst "best in class" when they invested in 2003 so the fact it only cost £10m is not hugeley relevant as that was considered a "huge investment" in a training facility at that time......in same way that Man City and Spurs £50m investment is considered today If you put a horse in a brand new stable, he'll still s**t in it...!
  12. New training ground

    True.....but i doubt the new manager would be making such remaraks before hes even got his feet under the table unless he knew the owners shared the same view. Cant imagine his new bosses would have viewed that remark very favourably from a new employee - unless he already knew something we dont..?!? However, i dont wish to be negtaive about such a positive development as investing in a new trabing facility would be great for the club and its ambitions. I just wanted to caution that for every Man City and Spurs, there is equally a Sunderland and Aston Villa if not everything is done correctly. (PS We managed to win the PL from the "not-fit-for-purpose" Belvoir Drive training base so not sure what else Mr Puel has in mind?)
  13. New training ground

    Two clubs that invested heavily in new training facilities - Sunderland and Aston Villa.... Really positive news that we are potenially investing but this in itself does not guarantee that we will follow the Spurs and Man City sucess story....
  14. Rudkin

    What is your assumption based on?
  15. Rudkin

    But what about his contribution (lack of??) during the Eight previous games that Shakey was in charge and possibly felt obligated to select him? My point was related to Shakeys dilemma and the criticism for selecting an "out-of-form-player". Your point is solely related to Mahrez contribution during ONE game after Shakey was sacked. If his form from Swansea game continues through to Jan then our points tally might improve and his value "might" rise but in view of Mo Salah being bought for £35m, im not sure if we will get £45m in January which is the figure we were holding out for... (and we will still be paying him +£2m in wages during the Sept-Jan period)