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  1. Not sure about Hughes? Decent player with a great attitude but dont think his style or ability will be suited to a club with Top4 PL aspirations....should be good enough for Lg1 or maybe even championship level at some point. Cant imagine we wont be signing better CBs over the coming season who are already finished article so not sure where he will fit in to the senior set-up (& Josh Knight might be back next season?) I think Shade has great potential if managed well. Quick, strong, good feet and skillful with a good work ethic. Great bit of scouting from whoever picked him up as got him cheaply from non-league football (possibly Free?). Bit interesting to see how quickly and how well he progresses under BR.... if its left to Beaglehole, it would be a waste of talent just like Ndukwu.
  2. Just seen the latest list of released players. Very surprised to see Johannsen released as he was a quality keeper who left Villa to join Leicester partly (strong relationship with Ben Petty at Villa and joined just after Petty joined us) Wondering if his departure may be connected once again to Petty moving on 'elsewhere'..? However, not surprised at all to see Connor Tee released despite the fact he was Academy Player of the year 2 years ago. I said at the time 2 years ago he would not feature under Beaglehole in the U23s due to his size....and he NEVER did! Watched a documentary on Barcelona last night where they used to have a MINIMUM height restriction for players to join their Academy.....until Johann Cryuff took over and told them to scrap it....and then they produced Messi, Iniesta and Xavi. I guess that should have ended the debate on minimum height for ever....but maybe not?? Also worth noting that the previous Academy Player of the year (Alex Pascanu) also left due to lack of opportunity. What happens to such promising players in such a short period of time as soon as they reach our U23s...?!? Im guessing anyone in our current U18s must be dreading being awarded the Academy Player of the year as seems to be a bit of a poisoned chalice...!
  3. didnt realise Petty had gone and not sure of the background why but think this is quite telling if he has "walked away" as he was a good footballing coach who assumed he was being groomed to take over from Beaglehole. Like Idiakez before him, I suspect he was not prepared to work indefinitely under Beaglehole.....which suggests "hoof-ball" Beaglehole may be staying! Concerning that we keep losing progressive tactically astute coaches more in tune with the modern game at such a key stage in young players development yet Beaglehole remains in situ coaching a style of football that was suited to his own lower league playing days.... If we are to produce players playing at the standard our first team now play at we will be reliant on world class coaches at U23 level OR a world class recruitment team to sign young players age 18-20 who are already capable of breaking into the team before they join us.....not quite sure which of those 2 criteria Beaglehole is suited to as Beaglehole does seem to have a talent for turning Wine into water?!? On the positive side, at least we will continue to be strong challengers for the PL2 U23 title under Beaglehole...!!
  4. If hes behind Loft then i suggest he starts looking at alternative careers pretty quickly as i think even i might have a chance of being picked above Loft...!
  5. Agree with you 100%! Quick, strong, holds the ball up well and brings in others players well. Just lacks the killer instinct in front of goal occassionally but when hes fit and playing well, id definitely put him ahead of Muskwe, Hurst and Shade as i think he has a better all round game than them all....although i think Shade has great potential if managed well. Wont even comment on the comparison with Loft as i just assumed that was a joke.....or that the poster had never actually seen Loft play...?!?
  6. Generally, the players wages are not automatically increased as a result of a first team appearance BUT they do receive sizeable one-off appearance bonuses on a match-by-match basis (if they appear before 70th minute i believe?) and win/draw match bonuses
  7. Just for the record, I have it on good authority that Hamza's absence from training was due to a personal ongoing family issue and not related to any off-field misdemeanours. Dont know anything about Chilwell's circumstances but i can see why Rodgers was keen not to comment on Hamza's situation as it is a purely personal & private matter. From Rodgers perspective, it would probably have seemed unfair to publicly explain Hamza's absence without adding comment on Chilwell as that would have added more fuel to the media fire on Chilwell.....but knowing how the media work, i guess he and the players were going to be publicly flogged wither way. "Damned if you do...& damned if you dont!"
  8. I guess that will all depend on how much Beaglehole wants to win the PL2 title and whether he is prepared to listen to Rodgers advice about development rather than winning...?!? Luke Thomas looks a fine prospect BUT Eppiah is possibly the most talented of all in that group who has excelled in every single age group. Last 3-4 years his career has been ravaged by long-term injuries but if he can rediscover his old form and pace and stay injury free, im convinced he is the one who can step up and excel at the highest level...!
  9. Definitely agree! Fabulous player....great work rate, great awareness, quick, strong and holds the ball up well.......makes defenders lives very difficult! Ironically, always been short of goals....but not recently! Career has been ravaged by injuries past 3-4 seasons. Hopefully can stay injury free from now and push on again as great potential
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