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  1. Foxy-Lady

    Elliott Moore

    My understanding is that he wasn't treated very well at Leicester and he is vey happy playing and living in Belgium. Perhaps its what the player himself actually wants...
  2. Foxy-Lady

    James Maddison

    Hmmm.....a bit like being the best downhill skier in Morocco really in view of all the great players they've had in the past 10 years...
  3. Foxy-Lady

    George Thomas

    Totally agree on all points.....and I guess the fact t LCFC increased his salary to +£3k/week makes the gamble financially worthwhile for him. Win-win scenario really for GT as he is good enough to earn the same money in Championship/Div1 standard with regular 1st team football
  4. Foxy-Lady

    Samuel Gigot / Tom Bayliss

    I think we are in agreement, but im not 100% sure...?!? My point about experience related to match-day experience (ie being on the 1st team bench). Young players tend to appear on the 1st team bench at end season when clubs are trying to showcase them for loan deals the following season (excepting Barnes and Chaudhoury who are now firmly established but were not signed from elsewhere). Doubtful that any of Ndukwu, Hughes or Thomas will be on our 1st team bench at start of next season when new signings/injured players are all fit and we are looking to make a strong start. More likely they will all be looking for loan deals and the 1st team involvement will add to their CVs for any potential interested parties The Young player revenue stream I am referring to is the relatively NEW direction the club embarked on 12-18 months ago whereby they are signing lower league/non-league players for relatively minor fees in the hope they can develop them via the U23s and then sell them on for profit to Championship/Div1 sides. In the event they progress to 1st team level that would be a major bonus but I suspect that the logic behind signing Hughes, Gordon, Thomas, Shade, Davies etc is that they were available for relatively small fees (<£500k) and potential sell on reward far outweighs any financial risk
  5. Foxy-Lady

    Samuel Gigot / Tom Bayliss

    I agree that hes a good player but with new signings and players returning from injury he will be back down the pecking order and only likely to get bench time if/when we are trying to "showcase" him to other clubs for a loan deal. I think he was due to go out on loan last Jan so suspect he might be on loan from Aug/Dec in Championship/Div1....which is exactly where Cov will be next season
  6. Foxy-Lady

    Samuel Gigot / Tom Bayliss

    Its a revenue stream. Buy them cheap from lower league/non-league clubs, give them some experience and then hope to make a profit when we re-sell back to championship/Div1 level clubs. Very doubtful that Gordon, Hughes, Thomas or Iversen will feature regularly for our 1st team in next 2-3 seasons Bayliss would not feature in our 1st team so not sure what he would gain by playing U23s football when he is currently playing 1st team football in the lower leagues...?
  7. Foxy-Lady

    It's not Rudkins Fault

    No offence. Apologies if my reply came across as abrupt.
  8. Foxy-Lady

    It's not Rudkins Fault

    That joke just never gets old... Don't recall ever saying I was a big wig, merely that I had connections within the club who relay information that might not otherwise be known publicly. Apologies for trying to offer an informed insight.
  9. Foxy-Lady

    It's not Rudkins Fault

    Thanks for your informed opinion. I don't suppose you've got anything to back that statement up with other than "you don't agree with what I say" therefore its "crap" I guess that's why keyboard warriors like you love the internet and social media as it gives you a "free" platform to be abusive rather than debate.
  10. Foxy-Lady

    It's not Rudkins Fault

    "Uneducated example"? " No idea of the true facts?" Im probably better informed on this than you can ever even imagine so it is quite weird that you should describe people as being uneducated when you have absolutely no idea of their background or their connections with the club. However, im quite happy to let you be led by the media as I genuinely cant be bothered to argue with folk who can only guess at what actually goes on based on what stories are planted in the papers. Later...! (PS The silva deal was just an example. fully agree with you on N'didi, Maguire and Iborra but then again, even my husband gets things right occasionally!)
  11. Foxy-Lady

    Goalkeepers: Jordan Archer + Jakupovic / Hamer

    Fact?? Seriously...???? Iversen was offered out on loan to several clubs in January (including OH Leuven) but none of them wanted him. And several of the other U23s players were all told they in Aug they would be going out on loan in Jan (Hughes, Gordon, Wood, Johnson, Thomas, Knight etc..) but these moves were subsequently 'blocked' when it was felt they had a chance of winning the U23s league Off the top of my head, let me cite you the following 7 U23s keepers (without hardly any research!) who have all been out on loan this season from other clubs so in what way is LCFCs policy of keeping GKs in house a progressive policy...?. Arron Ramsdale (Bournemouth to Chesterfield) Angus Gunn (Man City to Norwich) Brad Collins (Chelsea to Forst Green) Freddie Woomdan (Newcastle to Aberdeen) Ryan Schofield (Huddersfield to Telford) Nathan Baxter (Chelsea to Woking) Jaryd Thompson (Chelsea to Chippenham) Are you quite sure of your FACTS...?
  12. Foxy-Lady

    It's not Rudkins Fault

    Ive always found that in business, research beats sarcasm.....unless of course you know differently? Its not about whether I would prefer Levy or Rudkin, its about who is best qualified to do the job and I don't think Rudkins background makes him better qualified or experienced to do the job than Levy....or many others. Doing deals in a protracted fashion doesn't necessarily mean you reach the right outcome. It just means the negotiations take longer than they should which is not a time efficient way of doing business and you might not ultimately achieve the best result. (ie Adrien Silva)
  13. Foxy-Lady

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Most other clubs play teams with an avg age ranging from 18-21 so only reason we would we get "thumped" if we were playing a team with an average age of 19-20 would be if our players (or coaches?) were not as good as theirs? Talent/potential should be the determining factor....not age or height
  14. Foxy-Lady

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    It was a well intended initiative from the PL to enable players to stay in the game longer....but unfortunately, it is proving counter-productive as 22-23 year olds who would previously have been 'filtered out' of the system are now clogging up the pathway and restricting opportunities for promising younger players coming through. The Josh Gordon case is a classic example of a 23 year-old player who will never play for our 1st team but is still occupying the main striker role for the U23s and denying younger 18-20 year olds the chance to play against 18-20 year olds from Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City etc, etc... I'm guessing the plan is that we will make a few quid out of selling him on to a lower league club once his contract expires next season but should we really be focussing our energies on making 'a few quid' or should we be aiming for something bigger and better with our current resources...?!? (PS I think we would need to sell him for >£300k to make any kind of profit considering the fee we paid for him and the wages we will have paid him)
  15. Foxy-Lady

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    There isn't a U19s league.....only a u19s champions league trophy for clubs participating in the CL. Most of the top clubs play their most promising U18s in the U23s league to speed up their development.