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  1. Wow....doesnt time just fly by when you're watching Slimani....just like everyone else around him!
  2. Slimani wasn't worth the money 3 years ago....and he certainly doesn't seem to have improved in that time Worrying that we get one injury up top and suddenly we revert to a player we've been trying to sell for the past 2 seasons and we haven't been able to ....because no-one else wants him!
  3. One of the big problems with Choudhury from an early age is that he's always looking to get noticed by making a spectacular interventions and big tackles....which some of the time are actually the result of him being out of position in the first place and using his athleticism to make recovery tackles! Doesn't actually get highlighted very often as his pace usually gets him out of trouble and people just notice the spectacular tackle....but it certainly cost us yesterday. Moment i saw their goal i was wondering why Barkley had so much space to run into and why Hamza was sprint
  4. doubt whether that hammering was influenced too much by playing away from home.....but i do understand the point you are making and suspect you are probably right about the traning ground facility.
  5. I think the key point about the success of the Harvey Barnes loans was that it happened when he was 19 rather than him being stuck in PL2 U23 football under the win-at-all cost mentality of Beaglehoie for 2-3 years...possibly same with Chilwell also at HTFC! This is precisely why we should be loaning out the better "younger " players at a younger age rather than 21-23....those 2 years on loan playing regular lower league football will be far more beneficial to their longer term development (and LCFC!) than U23 football ever will. What does it prove when you stand out in U23 football when
  6. I think it will be a great character building experience for him. WWFC are definitely going to struggle every game this season but it will be a great test for a young centre back to be up against it every week in a standard he's never played before. Always liked Knights character as he always gives 100% so if you want to see whether he's good enough for the Championship, what better place than the club who are going to spend most of their season defending for their lives? You'll never learn much about a player when they're having an armchair ride....its only when the s***'s fly
  7. I think the loan system at LCFC is now far better and more progressive than it was 4 years ago which is unfortunate for the likes of KDH as its a bit late for him personally....but i suspect that going forward, we will be looking to loan players who are ready at a younger age rather than focus efforts on trying to win the meaningless U23 league to massage Beagleholes ego. Suspect this is a benefit of Rodgers now looking at things from a 360 degree view rather than Beaglehole being a kingmaker for any players between 18-22
  8. Gotta say mate....Pontus Kamaark was some player for LCFC! Absolutely loved him! Definitely one of the unsung heroes in the MON era.....although i bet Juniniho still expects to see him right behind him every time he turns round even now 23 years later!!!
  9. would be very surprised if he had the same impact as Josh Knight... or KD-Hall. Knight and KDH have always been much better footballers (technically & reading of the game) where as Johnson is just a big guy with pace who relies on his physical attributes (Ade Akinbaye in disguise??)....and his status as Heskeys nephew (LCFC media guys love a good story!) Having said that, those attributes might serve him well in the lower divisions.... but i doubt he will ever be technically good enough to play in PL
  10. Think the same thing could be said about Marcos Rashford's introduction at ManUre....and that didnt work out too badly! Sometimes it takes a lucky break to force coaches to give young players a chance and then realise that for some, the step up through the glass ceiling is not as big as folk would have you believe
  11. Not sure about Hughes? Decent player with a great attitude but dont think his style or ability will be suited to a club with Top4 PL aspirations....should be good enough for Lg1 or maybe even championship level at some point. Cant imagine we wont be signing better CBs over the coming season who are already finished article so not sure where he will fit in to the senior set-up (& Josh Knight might be back next season?) I think Shade has great potential if managed well. Quick, strong, good feet and skillful with a good work ethic. Great bit of scouting from whoever picked
  12. Just seen the latest list of released players. Very surprised to see Johannsen released as he was a quality keeper who left Villa to join Leicester partly (strong relationship with Ben Petty at Villa and joined just after Petty joined us) Wondering if his departure may be connected once again to Petty moving on 'elsewhere'..? However, not surprised at all to see Connor Tee released despite the fact he was Academy Player of the year 2 years ago. I said at the time 2 years ago he would not feature under Beaglehole in the U23s due to his size....and he NEVER did! Watc
  13. didnt realise Petty had gone and not sure of the background why but think this is quite telling if he has "walked away" as he was a good footballing coach who assumed he was being groomed to take over from Beaglehole. Like Idiakez before him, I suspect he was not prepared to work indefinitely under Beaglehole.....which suggests "hoof-ball" Beaglehole may be staying! Concerning that we keep losing progressive tactically astute coaches more in tune with the modern game at such a key stage in young players development yet Beaglehole remains in situ coaching a style of football th
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