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  1. That was a very disappointing half. Felt disjointed, as one could expect given the mass changes.
  2. West Ham might be horrific but we’re matching them step for step. Playing to their level.
  3. A little surprised not to see Justin get the start. Suspect that if we're secure he'll be coming on, along with Hamza for Ndidi and Nacho for Vardy.
  4. Expecting Everton to turn out a strong side for this one. We'll have 2-4 starters on the bench, but that still ought to be enough to sneak through. Honestly, at this point, our focus ought to be on CL qualification and the FA Cup, which is the more prestigious competition and one we've not won before.
  5. Injuries have plagued them - unfortunately. Rough run of form for a while.
  6. Very unfortunate not to have kept the streak going today.
  7. For all of your sakes, I hope you don’t go down the path my country has taken for healthcare. For the love of Christ, don’t do it.
  8. Banana peel sort of fixture, if we’re not focused. This Norwich like to show up against the big clubs, it seems.
  9. Wasn’t aware of that - interesting! I would think they are aware of his Championship experience, however.
  10. It’s an attempt to stay up, and if not, to prepare for life in the Championship. Contingency for relegation and bounce back.
  11. They really suffer whenever Martial is injured or goes quiet.
  12. Lovely. Great time for those in the states, as well.
  13. Keeping Watford up will be a difficult job, but if anyone can do it -
  14. Rodgers being the reason, potentially, that Liverpool doesn’t win the PL...
  15. The congested fixture list complicates things, though. Looking to decrease injury through squad management, etc.
  16. Also disappointed that they have Mousset on the bench. He's their most dangerous attacking threat.
  17. Start this one with Praet in for Youri, Gray on the pitch, Nacho for Perez, Chilly back on, and Justin in for Ricardo?
  18. Sometimes you have to fight a war of attrition, and we did that today. Broke them down by continuously pressuring them and defending resolutely when they tried to return fire. Not pretty, but pretty good.
  19. Post Malone is so uninspiring, but man can that guy do a hook.
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