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  1. I still think next month will be Puel's last.
  2. I'm still struggling to get a working stream. Bummer - I'm missing all the fun.
  3. This lot got paid £1mn to turn up today, Value for money isn't that great.
  4. Don't worry folks - subs will appear in the 87th to rescue the day.
  5. Think we can kiss our title hopes goodbye 5 games into the season.
  6. One end into the other.
  7. Commentators calling for a pen there - rubbish
  8. Looks like the usual desperate to concede start.
  9. Not certain we will catch Liverpool unless we win today.
  10. Bazly

    Harry Maguire signs new contract until 2023!

    Seems to be the last piece in the backbone jigsaw. At least Puel has his rocks that he can build around with some semblance of stability, until of course the press think the player is too good to be stuck at Leicester City.
  11. We always seem to just about struggle a draw against these so I'm really hoping we can extract a draw from this game, that'd be a good result.
  12. Apparently Matty James has picked up an injury to his injury and is undergoing additional surgery. It could make for a whole series on casualty.
  13. I was wondering where the Wonga sliders would end up.
  14. Bazly

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    This side would struggle to yield 1 goal let alone 3 and who says Liverpool wont score two or three more in the 2nd.