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  1. The things I detest about the transfers like Mahrez to Citeh is its manufactured by the player going on strike and it results in a key regular start asset being stripped from an opponent to just polish a seat during match time. He would be best off heading to Spurs to replace Trippier. At least at Spurs he should get plenty of game time.
  2. Over at the Mercury they have several choices for player of the season from various punters. Lets help them out with our own thoughts on their list of players.
  3. Since leaving us, Mahrez has found himself becoming a habitual bench warmer at Citeh and he is reported today to be considering his future away from Citeh. If any holiday makers spot him in a departure lounge then post up the pics. Maybe Spurs would be a good fit to replace Trippier?
  4. Gray runs out of ideas and that usually means he surrenders possession which is never ideal with a slow back line like we have at our disposal. I'm struggling to see any improvement over last year or two years ago. We need a midfielder capable of scoring 15 goals a season if we are ever to challenge anywhere near the top of the league again. A top side usually relies on one prolific attacking midfield player in their starting 11, for me Frank Lampard was always the best in that role for club regularly contributing 20 goals a season for Chelsea.. I cannot ever see Gray being a shadow of the likes of Lampard in terms of contribution to goal scoring.
  5. Should have left Barnes at West Brom.
  6. This team would be really shit without Vardy.
  7. Albrighton is back to his snow capped chipped crosses again
  8. The players are playing like they don't care if they are a feature next season or not.
  9. Thought we managed to pass the ball around midfield well enough.
  10. Did Natcho actually come on?
  11. Gray might as well take a tea break for 15.
  12. Barnes and Chilwell doesn't work
  13. Someone has hit the panic button
  14. Just switched on and all I've seen is tappy tappy sidey sidy and Barnes losing the ball twice. Is Rodgers on holiday and Puel standing in?
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