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  1. We need to find something better than Perez or Natcho man to bring on in an attacking vein.
  2. Iff we ship one goal here I've got a feeling it'll be a Walcott second soon after.
  3. With that nice headed lob straight to a Southampton player - Almost reminded my of Chillie.
  4. Midfield has disappeared this half, anyone seen them?
  5. How can you remember players you have forgotten, be better to have the biggest t**t that you remember for being a big t**t. Denise Wise springs to mind, straight away. No hesitation. Remembered him.
  6. It will likely be Justin that has to give way to a returning Ricardo or Soyu which is a shame as he is improving all the time while playing but Brenda will likely see him as a wild card super sub that can slot into one of three positions/roles as tactics, injuries or yellow cards demand. Having a flexible sub is worth a lot, a lot more than having a one role player on the bench.
  7. The top of the table is starting to look very familiar.
  8. In those days before £500k a week wages, Gerry Francis showed you could get by and didn't really need a barber at all.
  9. Here is another old boy - look like Lineker must have had a nose job - as well as a haircut. or maybe smaller hair makes it look like smaller nose?
  10. Reported in the Mail today that footballers might get a visit from PC Plod enquiring about their haircut's being super immaculate at a time all salons are closed. Time to bring back the mullet. Picture is of a former LC manager.
  11. Potentially our most valuable player seeing he can play effectively in at least three positions. A major bonus when there are a lot of player who struggle with just one. I used to look at Matt Oakley as a prime example of the I shouldn't really be here player.
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