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  1. Danny Drinkwater has gone a screwed up again, this time headbutting a Aston Villa teammate on the training ground. That could prove useful training for the next time he goes to nightclub but the press keep on referring to him as a former Leicester City player. Rather than current Chelsea player. They never refer to Kante as that former Leicester City player. The press can just fuk off, Pisses me off an its not even Monday.
  2. I've never really been a fan but over the entire season for his play and lack of injuries and stamina at his age my vote my man of the season so far acclaim would go to Mr Evans.
  3. Wilf needs to be put on a mil a week contract.
  4. We shouldn't get too excited, it is Villa after all. But its been a long time since I enjoyed watching a LC game
  5. Villa not 1 shot on target.
  6. Chilwell will play till the season end to maximise the shafting of Chelski.
  7. Leaves up only 30 points off top. Shows what a waste of a competition this season has been.
  8. Sven must be pissed, he is totally incoherent.
  9. Ricardo has lost his golden touch tonight. Hopefully it'll come back later.
  10. Coming up to half time, Albrighton gets the gnome of the half award
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