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  1. After Man U beating Citeh its looking like its left up to us alone to continue any kind of title challenge to LuvVARapool.
  2. What are the odds he makes it to 2025? I'd venture 100/1. the club has potentially just set itself up for a big severance package unless there is a relegation opt out clause.
  3. Justin James looks like a possible drop in for Chilwell next season.
  4. Silva new Watford manager in the morning.
  5. He could hardly swing a leg there - madders is knackered
  6. The subs really haven't performed this game
  7. Could swap Fuchs for Natcho and go 3 at the back
  8. Fuchs need to teach chilwell how to block crosses before he retires
  9. Ricardo encroached - could be cancelled
  10. Got to win this - chelsea winning liverpool winning citeh already won
  11. Looking at the Liverpool game - score quickly and all over Everton,. Leicester game Perez fuks up and its a big snore.
  12. If Everton lose tonight they will be bottom 3 and Watford can have their manager back.
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