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  1. Hopefully, Perez as the senior player in terms of age will find himself shipped out in the Summer as an example, with hacker to carry his bags just because. I don't think we would miss those two anyway in the big scheme of things.
  2. Its more a lack of pace and form issue. There is no pace in midfield without Justin or Barnes. Little Wes is the closest we have to a break away player and he is starting from way back. Add in Vardy is clearly still carrying his groin injury so cannot quite stretch his legs like he would normally do then there isn't much likely to happen. The one positive yesterday is the team started doing more hoof ball which when you have a snail pace midfield is the only kind of ball that is worth anything.
  3. That sounds like Labour after the 2019 general election. To paraphrase, we have been crap and deserve to get our asses kicked..
  4. If we get thrashed by these its hard to see anything coming out of the games against Spurs, Nab U and Chelsea. Maybe we have 6 points left in the season which should be good for 6th or 7th.
  5. Evans has become a bit of an increasing liability this season. Need to look at his position in the Summer.
  6. At least we have had one shot on target this half, thats better than normal.
  7. Unless we get a penalty we may have seen Vardy's last league goal.
  8. Why is Vardy playing left wingman? As a striker? Being right footed?
  9. Its gone all lethargic, standing or walking around.
  10. Not another corner - they are an embarrassment for us
  11. Amartey defensive positioning is very suspect. Marking no one, miles from everyone. Thank god he has a good backpass.
  12. I think if we lose today we should aim for top 10 to avoid disappointment. I'm surprised how much we are missing Barnes as the midfield has been shown to be pretty slow to very slow without him.
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