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  1. For those who don't have Sky here is a chance to catch up on the post-match review. Its worth watching if only to see Richards wail, moan and then wail some more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PITuCqOu1CU&ab_channel=SoccerGossips
  2. All down to too many Citeh player injured according to 5L pundits
  3. From the bluemoon forum: "Absolutely schooled by Brenton Rodgers." Just as well they don't read our threads
  4. I think its been a good response following a shitty start. Bit harsh here fromt he Guardian.
  5. The injury list isn't getting any shorter. Can't wait till James makes it back for a game, then off again.
  6. Odds are shrtening on LC winning the EPL. We are now the same as Leeds United
  7. The bummer is there are 40 minutes left in the game
  8. He is probably on a promise if he scored today so just checking
  9. I'd like to see Castagne and Justin switch sides seeing they are all over our left.
  10. We need to get Albrighton on to scare them with some snow lobs.
  11. I've seen enough of this 5-4-1 with the 1 5 yards up from the D.
  12. If we find its Barnes, Justin and Mahrez on our left then its only a question of how many goals we concede. So, hopefully Justin will be on the right, protected by Castagne leaving Soju to muscle Mahrez.
  13. JJ just needs to do a pass across our box to a Burnley player and I'll imagine its the good old Chillie days again.
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