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  1. Hasper had his best showing for years. Others all pretty crap, especially chilwell. Chilwell was before this game the lowest ranked player in the forum match rankings. I think he has helped secure that spot after the display today.
  2. Full time: Leicester 1-2 Southampton A glorious and deserved win for Southampton, who exorcised that 9-0 defeat with a quite wonderful performance at the King Power Stadium. Bravo.
  3. Chilwell has given up with forward passes to a Southampton player and now just passing back when we need a goal
  4. This game beats the Liverpool on for how bad can you possibly play
  5. Chilwell is securing his bottom ranked player in the forum ranking.
  6. Barnes done nothing so nothing lost by his departure
  7. Chilwell is trying to get to 40 by the end of the game
  8. Probably because he cannot tackle. Foul yes, but tackle no.
  9. I think Southampton are playing good football.
  10. The better team is drawing at the moment. They probably won't be drawing for much longer.
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