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  1. Its like valuing a bit of jewellery with our Arry. Lots of guff being written about Maguire, latest in the Metro of all places has "United reportedly value Maguire at £40m". Then there were reports yesterday the Citeh were coming in with a £75mn offer. At the end of the day, he is English which is worth a premium, he is a regular International player which is worth a premium in shirt sales and he'd probably cost £70mn to replace like for like and there is the Hull City cut on any transfer fee to consider. Now Citeh are reportedly keen on Maguire as a Kompany boot filler, with the amount of game time Kompany has had in recent seasons he could well end up shining a seat alongside Mahrez.
  2. I recall watching a Leicester City versus Manchester United game on Sky Sports where the hour build up before the game was 45 minutes on Manchester players, tactics and replays of loads of fine goals from across time. Then the next 15 minutes on Leicester City centred around did you know Kaspers dad used to play for Manchester United. I cancelled Sky as soon as the contract period was up and never regretted it. That's what a Kodi box does for you.
  3. Our own Arry has had his head turned since the World Cup he has played mostly like he cannot really be arsed. I think we should do Hull City a favour and sell him on while we have Wes to step into the breech. One big arse is the same as any other one back to goal. No wonder Kasper is flapping these days.
  4. Bazly

    James Maddison

    From what I've read we are selling Chilwell, Maguire, Maddison. Can we keep James, Morgan and rehire Simpson?
  5. I think our Arry has lost interest since it was rumoured the 'big' clubs would come calling after his decent spell at last years World cup. He sometimes just doesn't look arsed. With the prospect of Filip Benkovic coming off loan from a good season at Celtic I wouldn't be upset to see Arry moved on for a decent profit. Sell him and offload a few others for a bit of change, like Slim, then there could by around £100mn for BR to hit the casino with.
  6. Have to say the visitors seem a classier side that us.
  7. Albrighton is too slow these days to be any good. Perfect slot for a Summer upgrade over Gray and Albrighton.
  8. Anyone seen our midfield? Are they still in the dressing room?
  9. LC has always performed best with little strikers, the most celebrated of course are Lineker and Vardy. Clumpa Lumpas just aren't our game apart from Steve Walsh and maybe the clumpa lumpa to beat all clumpa lumpas, our man Heskey. What we really need is a midfield that can contribute 25 goals a season.
  10. Citeh foul a lot around the centre circle
  11. Thats Natchos transfer to Everton fast tracked
  12. This has degenerated to lump and pump and lets see where it ends up
  13. Giving the ball away too easily.
  14. Evans shit again - he does those opps I missed it too often
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