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  1. Remember when people were worried about Man City wanting to sign him back?
  2. Tbh we still played well enough to win. Didn't take our chances.
  3. Flag went up but replay probably shows onside. So probably given with VAR
  4. Delighted. Let's get Vardy scoring from open play again and we'll be flying.
  5. They were shut down and dismantled back to original use.
  6. It's a loss. Praet allowed us to mix things up in the middle and not lose too much quality.
  7. When you're looking at onward traffic...
  8. I thought they were supposed to be releasing daily vaccination numbers? Like they do for cases.
  9. Get him back We can't play Youri and Ndidi in every game in three competitions. We have Mendy as cover but would you want to see a midfield of him and Choudhury again? KDH is different and not a holding midfielder. Get him back. He'll get minutes.
  10. Europa for me. It's a shame Man United didn't go through in the CL.
  11. What are the likely 8 teams in the QF then? Assuming no upsets. Think I read one of Man Utd or Liverpool are out as well as Arsenal or Wolves.
  12. This can create a really clear picture of what the 1/4 finals will look like
  13. Surely this isn't correct by the BBC? 2 million in the last week?
  14. Almost as if the engines shut off and it just plummeted?
  15. Deaths will continue to increase. We hit the peak in recent days (we hope) of cases so we'll see the deaths from these in the next two to three weeks. Let's hope the lower case number is the beginning of these dropping.
  16. Yeh. There is no way Boris ever made that decision anyway. Seems like it will be the norm for more immediate impact
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