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  1. I agree, especially with Man United, Spurs and Liverpool in the 5 games after this one. Wins v Sheff United and Bournemouth needed.
  2. This. I want to see this 3 again on Saturday
  3. Really want to win the next two v Sheff United and Bournemouth. After those we go Old Trafford and have Spurs so it would be good to be feeling good about ourselves going in to those.
  4. I think it's great how often ex players and pundits say what a great coach Brendan is since he was appointed manager. It happened again today with Ashley Cole. He's really respected by top players he has worked with, players talk and that message spreads. It fills me with confidence that we're going to have a good season.
  5. I feel this too. Brendan's teams aren't known for a lack of goals. It will come. We've not played anyone shit yet
  6. Praet and Barnes in for Perez and Hamza. Win it.
  7. The Arsenal game was good, we were well on top even before they went down to 10 men. I really hope it picks up. The fact Brendan's previous teams score plenty of goals gives me hope we'll find that edge.
  8. Not Maddison on the wing please
  9. If they've got a bank account they probably do. Most 15yr olds have a bank account, no?
  10. Yeh I really don't get this. Can people not go 2 hours without a beer? End up missing 15-20 mins out of 90 mins of action you've paid for. Fair play if you can get a beer and drank within half time but it's not worth missing part of the match for
  11. Makes sense. Who doesn't have a contactless bank card these days? I can't remember the last time I carried cash.
  12. We didn't for Youri....
  13. My first post was a joke one in response to the OP I'm a DD fan.
  14. Interesting to see how he does tbh. A full season of regular football could see his stock rise again.
  15. Would have liked to see this but nevermind. We go with our current 4, one of which is Wes and one is injury prone.
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