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  1. Yeh he seems very ready to go to the US. Probably counting down the days
  2. Maddison and Chilwell a doubt. Front 4 of Gray, Iheanacho, Barnes and Vardy please Claude.
  3. Not sure you can consider Sarri better than Jose and Conte when he's never won anything
  4. Hi Is a STH able to buy me 1 adult ticket for this please? I can transfer the funds immediately and have a positive record for ticket purchases on the forum. Thanks
  5. Where is he going to go for the fee we want? He's here next season - the top 6 are not interested.
  6. Fans of other clubs think very highly of Gray.
  7. His contract expires in 2023. He's going nowhere. We're the best it is going to get for him
  8. Pretty sure 95% of fans don't want that mate....
  9. Can someone tell me where Maguire is going? Is he really wanted by anyone in the top 6 for the fee we would want? Man United have other targets now.
  10. Hard to disagree with most tbh. I'd still have Vardy up top though. He has scored 71 goals in 3.6 seasons.
  11. Vardy's penalty record is fine. Not brilliant but it's fine. Aside from shootouts he's only missed v Everton, Liverpool and Spurs yesterday I believe. There is no issue here. 14 scored and 3 missed = 82% success. The same success rate as C Ronaldo
  12. Yeh I'm not a fan of Puel but this lack of passion stuff is a myth. You can check his celebrations v Everton in his first game and away at Newcastle shortly after.
  13. He's currently on 97 goals for Leicester City. Surely he'll get the 100 this season? Which game do we think? I'm going for Bournemouth at home
  14. Bit harder to sign quality players and keep our best when we've just finished 12th though.....
  15. People saying he is gone in the summer... there needs to be a buyer. Can someone name a club in the top 6 who would want him to spend 50m on him? The only real interest was Man United and they appear to have better targets now.
  16. If we muck up these games against Palace and Brighton we really could end up lower than 12th
  17. Switched off when he said we have played the same way for 2.5 years. Idiot
  18. There isn't any news. If this was real news there would have been some decent movement in the markets
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