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  1. I want a video though. None of this statement nonsense. I want to see some tears of regret
  2. It's not dead but I think we need maximum points from the next four games. Vardy scoring again would go a long way to help that happen. Let's see how they play out.
  3. He's a bit of a love rat by all accounts...the stories are out there on the internet. https://mysportsanalysis.com/blogs/latest-sports-news-results-live-scores-fixtures-the-sun/fiancee-of-leicester-city-ace-wes-morgan-kicks-him-out-of-their-mansion-after-learning-he-has-a-pregnant-mistress
  4. If it's organised women....that makes sense as to why Wes was there...
  5. Same mate I'm sick of the sight of all of them right now but I'll be pumped by the weekend.
  6. Or could have just stayed at home. He didn't have to watch it. It's a poor managing of the situation.
  7. Mate. He's just been bombed out of the squad, the news was breaking today to the media and he's out playing golf at the same time as we're playing. You really think that was a good idea? It's nothing to do with controlling free time. Read the situation.
  8. Maddison isn't employed by England though. If you're not in the England squad you're free to do whatever you want. Not sure the same is said for your employer.
  9. There's no way he should be out playing golf while his team mates are playing. I don't think Brendan will be happy to hear that when be finds out.
  10. He could have still brought covid in to the team bubble. It's just as stupid.
  11. Stupid to do that though isn't it. Why would you sack a 50m asset like Maddison for another club to pick up on a free?
  12. Carrying him at the moment. It's sad we've got to a point where I expect so little of him
  13. F**k off Maddison. Could cost us and hope it removes any chance he had of going to the euros.
  14. Yeh that's what I mean, sorry He always does but not today. Even when crocked.
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