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  1. Trouble is I think he'd already stuck the ball in his own net by then.
  2. Shocking!! But funny because my mate captained him in fantasy team! Ha!
  3. Gutted there'll be no fans at this one. I've never been to Elland Road and would loved to have gone for a night game.
  4. They might offer match tickets to season ticket holders. Charge for individual match tickets with no direct debit for season ticket. Once you've had your chance to go to a match you go to the bottom of the queue for the next one.
  5. I've got ST and Chelsea cup refunds now
  6. I think this would be the perfect opportunity to trial swapping those fans in the kop with those in the family stand. Anyone agree?
  7. It's a shame we're not building it during this enforced break!!
  8. It's psychological. If we'd just gone 3rd by overtaking someone, even by one point, we'd all feel ecstatic. 3rd for ages and the gap narrowing feels so much worse
  9. Any sort of win here will do.
  10. One of the most difficult bits is arranging it at home after using the "It's ok if it costs loads because it's a once in a lifetime for Leicester City" excuse only 3 years ago!!! That's not really going to work this time.
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