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  1. But will we be able to go to buy a pub beer, sandwich or coffee around wembley? Or are we going to be held in a holding pen/stadium bubble with their vastly inflated prices? I'm suspecting the latter.
  2. Took nearly an hour in the queue but got mine at just after 2pm.
  3. Almost certainly 305 points required!!
  4. Sorry mate it's sold out, you missed them
  5. The concourse wasn't being broadcast around the world?!
  6. Anyone know how much Spurs and Man City fans were charged for tickets for today?
  7. Think there's an outdoor screen and tables at oadby town. Might try there for a pre-book
  8. We should have auditions for the loudest, most raucous fans and send those!
  9. I did spurs and Tranmere then Man United charity shield. Tranmere was a brilliant day. Actually enjoyed Liverpool v Barcelona the day before the charity shield much more. Had a much better view and no tw*t behind me telling me to sit down every 3 minutes!!
  10. Rendell Munroe the boxer. Leicester Riders, nearly every year. Always popular because they win so much!
  11. From the outside she seems to to get most decisions spot on
  12. The next home game in Europe we'll all be in the stadium. And fingers crossed for the next away in Europe.
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