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  1. thegaffer9

    Brugge fans

    Bruges at the end when the rest of the police and stewards came out and around their end
  2. thegaffer9

    Jamie Vardy : From Nowhere - New book

    I've just read the book and although their is nothing groundbreaking in there. I did wonder how it was recieved by his teammates. Rugby player Gavin Henson was critical of players/coaches past and present in his autobiography while he was still playing. That caused a huge amount of ill feeling at the time.
  3. thegaffer9

    Schmeichel vs Zieler

    I thought Zieler did well on Tuesday night, some very accomplished saves. We were lucky last season with our goalkeeping cover that it was not really required as it was wafer thin to say the least.
  4. thegaffer9

    Champions League 2016/17

    Tottenham will be playing their CL games at Wembley
  5. thegaffer9

    Oxford (A) Pre Season 19th July

    Mate is an Oxford fan so this is music to my ears.
  6. thegaffer9

    The "do they mean us?" thread

    Aylesbury 0-7 England I think it was the late 80s?
  7. thegaffer9

    Nuneaton station

    The chap who ran the old cafe was a big Nuneaton Borough fan , always used to talk about them when I was going up on train to City before I could drive.
  8. He should have had the number ten on the back of his shirt as a tenor
  9. thegaffer9

    The 5 players who came out initially...

    I think there were chocolate medals given out to the children - I saw one with foil half off and choc underneath
  10. Yellow for the fox on the badge no? Regardless of the Thai connection it's not wildly outrageous
  11. What a time to be alive !
  12. Whilst the same in value, a point after being behind is always better than being pegged back. A well earned point at Old Trafford, where, despite the much publicised problems - Utd have been very strong. Would have been nice to wrap it up today, but it will be in our hands until the final kick of the season - testament to our achievements to date.
  13. thegaffer9

    Am I plastic?

  14. Palace away! I thought it might even have been put to bed a week or two ago aswell!
  15. I agree, that was a great kit. My other favourite was the one with the pinstripes, a JJB branded one I think