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  1. Pitch looks really heavy , ball not running as well as we would want in the Final pass
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56030564 Interview on Football Focus tomorrow
  3. Airbus UK also play in the Welsh Leagues
  4. Glad we spent 2 mins setting up that free kick
  5. Yup, a draw today and winning our next few fixtures makes this far more palatable.
  6. We played well and shithoused a goal. They were awful and scored a worldie. Just need a few more teeth in front of goal.
  7. Snow forecast tomorrow at Brentford, hope we can get this one played and not have to rearrange.
  8. Did someone drive into the back of McManaman on Narborough Road tonight, he's properly anti Leicester today
  9. Broke his leg away at Chelsea, I think colliding with one of our own players. Guppy scored a fantastic goal and we drew 2-2
  10. I rewinded, sky did say that. But other sources say the opposite
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