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  1. Liverpool get their hands on the trophy after the Chelsea game so there's enough motivation there to put in a good performance hopefully.
  2. Liverpool now lost as many games as we did in our title season.
  3. This is going to be a hide behind the sofa second half isn't it. Come on!
  4. Did seem like a batsman struggling to make their century. Now that's done I think there's a weight lifted whether he will admit it not
  5. Feels like a good point, of course we won't know until the end of the season. Fancy Villa to do something odd tomorrow night. There will be twists.
  6. So many companies talk the talk about culture and ethos, but this club is absolutely streets ahead when it comes to this. Club and Community in absolute synchronisation. I know we are slightly biased but this club really is fantastic.
  7. Rugby Union in England below the Premiership have come up with an equation based on "best playing record" - Honours awarded, promotion and relegation stands - not sure about how play-offs are overcome though. https://www.englandrugby.com/news/article/league-positions-for-professional-and-community-game-confirmed Of course, there's no money involved here really so its a decision solely based on "integrity of the season".
  8. Community Shield for the 1st team but would be a very good achievement for the youngsters
  9. Please let us nab this in the 90 - Straight to Pens otherwise
  10. IMagine if VAR was run by a completely independant body - I think you would see far more decisions overturned than currently.
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