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  1. This can't be accurate, he would be subject to out of competition testing so if you had any doubts you surely wouldnt invite the testers over in this way
  2. Can this be casted to chromecast from lcfc player?
  3. Collins John and discounted tickets on your birthday
  4. Thanks for doing this - managed to make a good number of aways on general sale this season
  5. All sorted, 103 remaining
  6. 4th April 1998 Leicester 1-1 Coventry Sitting in the Double Decker, Stuart Wilson opened for Leicester before Noel Whelan equalised about 90secs later
  7. I'm hoping this will make General Sale especially with it being moved to Midday Sunday.
  8. We are incredibly lucky to have somebody of his charisma and integrity at our football club. The fact he is a tidy goalkeeper is a bonus really! I really hope he is around the club in one capacity or another for many years to come.
  9. Just roll up to the car park gates, your name will be down on a list
  10. I thought this worked really well last night at Fulham
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