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  1. We could play Lokomotiv Farmer away every Thursday for eternity and I would still be over the moon with our season 🏆
  2. What a performance, was a bit worried after the first half hour but we blew them away in the second half. Thought we'd gone too defensive too early when Big Wes and Hamza came on. All came good in the end! Youri our starman x
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/football/1999/sep/02/newsstory.sport5
  4. Certain players selling their Wembley allocation to Spurs fans in 1999 with predictable outcomes.
  5. Roy Essandoh - the teletext striker in the FA Cup!
  6. Annoying Chelsea won but as they are already in the top 4, it's not too bad. A Southampton point or more tonight would be divine
  7. This is a post vaccine hallucination right?
  8. Didn't realise Liverpool were playing on the Sunday 😁
  9. Tomorrow or lunchtime on cup final day is my guess
  10. We have a week to prepare now for Newcastle, time to recharge. Another point on the board, one more that the chasing pack need to get. Crap performance, not a dreadful result - that could get better depending on the rest of the weekend
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