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  1. Seen this a lot from our players this season. Better team on what grounds? Possession? Shots? Certainly weren't better in terms of goals or even quality of chance creation.
  2. My big worry is that the Puel style was supposed to aid us in these types of games where we had lots of possession. Man City, Chelsea and Everton mean we can play counter attack, and we're very good at that. Puel was supposed to transition us in to a team who knew what to do with the ball but we look largely clueless. Long punts towards Iheanacho today. Why? Just moronic. I know he can't account for players missing good chances but we're talking about a league 2 side today. If a player isn't up for the task don't send him out there. Inexcusable.
  3. Bold move. Especially for a manager that has divided fans.
  4. Major concern still not addressed for me is inability to put a performance in against those we will be competing for places with. Loads of home games against weaker opposition where we were terrible. This season we've put in good performances against Utd and Liverpool and probably half of a game against Wolves (once on top). Truth is that mixed results is part and parcel of a being a mid table team now. The gap between 8th and 17th is small and a few extra wins can make you look relatively comfortable. We saw with Stoke and West Brom last season that that gap can soon vanish though and those concerns are there for me.
  5. Not a modern fullback but a proper defender. Bailed us out at the back post on numerous occasions. Would personally keep him
  6. We all knew it was coming. Think it's a fair price. You can talk about Coutinho fees but got to remember for every one of them there's a Salah. Not that many players have been sold for greater sums. Got to spend it wisely now. Seen teams try to spread out windfalls in the past and it doesn't work. Only way to replace a star is to buy another star. Don't normally call for marquee signings but could be the time. Business has been good so far this summer so hopefully that continues. After their Ranieri songs and throwing weight around Man City are becoming another horrid club to me. Inevitable with success I guess. Enjoy an 80% filled stadium for champions league nights Riyad.
  7. Huth comes out before the game...massive ovation. Martin Keown tomorrow: "Leicester fans were even booing before the game started this week".
  8. It's become a sterile nonsense anyway hasn't it? Used the be players going round and interacting with the crowd. Now we've got full families meaning don't see half the players and they're busy watching their kids anyway. More an indication of crappy modern football. Don't blame any for going but some were very eager to bring out the booing yesterday. Will always support my team through the 90, just counterproductive otherwise.
  9. If he stays the best we can hope for is starting next season with 4 or 5 new faces in the line up. If he goes maybe 2 or 3 new faces but a new manager to boot. I really hope we get a kind fixture list. First 10 games of next season are massive.
  10. I don't really like the guy, but if you wanted to throw loads of money at someone to implement a passing style of football and is available then he'd be top of the list wouldn't he?
  11. Think he's clutching at straws. It's harder when teams sit back but we're not creating GOOD scoring chances.
  12. OP points are all great. As is a shift to LCFC and not KPFC. Would like a more expansive concourse that could be used at HT. Would like to see some unique stadium features, no exposed brick, something modern and clean. Stick solar panels on the roof or something and have a light up thing akin to Allianz. Structural support/improvement so events can be held at KP. Improvement around the ground for travelling fans / allowing fans to get away from the ground quicker. Better beer. Want to be able to smash a DIPA at HT please. Got good Leicester breweries now too. Get Framework to create a LCFC beer like Magic Rock did for Hudds.
  13. Just for reference: Shakespeare P26 W11 D6 Pts39 PtsPG 1.5 Win% 42.3 Puel P29 W12 D8 Pts44 PtsPG 1.52 Win% 41.4
  14. For me the main worry is trajectory. Puel reintroduced some passing into our team and we looked fantastic. That Soton win being the highlight for me. Seems to have then introduced even more emphasis on ball retention and we look so much worse for it. Happily stroking the ball across the back 4 but going nowhere. It is more difficult when teams sit back but we don't start off on the front foot in games and the passing style has meant errors have crept in. If we want to shift to a passing style that's fine, but wait till we have the players to do it. This season isn't a throwaway, 7th was well within grasp. Do what we're good at for the last 6 games.
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