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  1. I know we like to say he's awful, but he has recently seemed to sort his form out and missing an ever present defender can only disrupt them for Tuesday (as we saw with Evans). Good news for us.
  2. I don't profess to having seen a ton of him at PSG. I may have got lucky with the occasions that I have! Certainly seems to have been a very useful signing for Utd and has always looked dangerous in their side. Good defensive work too.
  3. Must say, and I won't on Tuesday, but I generally love watching Cavani play. Think people think of him as a bit of a mercenary due to PSG, but his movement is so good. Proper striker.
  4. His form definitely suggests leaving him out is a viable option. But...his form against the big 6 is just too good. Time for one more rustle.
  5. This is a completely original thought. Great thread.
  6. We're we hustling Utd with our performance tonight? It's the only explanation. Go on Ole, rest all your stars.
  7. Absolutely NOBODY comes out of that with any positive spin. Shambles all over the pitch and from the management. Stop worrying about what the opposition might do and impose ourselves on the game FFS. Will sit in a fog all weekend but top 4 isn't over yet. Was always going to be a battle. Time to turn up against the big boys of we want to seriously compete with them on a regular basis.
  8. No action for a both feet off the ground studs first challenge. Ok then.
  9. They could have scored 4 or 5 tonight to be fair.
  10. It's weird how West Ham have managed to hang in the race and overachieve given the state of their defence.
  11. Fair point, I hadn't really considered current form. Winning their last 4 would mean a 6 game run for Chelsea, whish is pretty uncommon. Don't think it affects the rest or us much though as we all seem to have had a recent bad result!
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