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  1. If only they could take a leaf out of youris book. Similar age, busts a gut every week, plays game after game and always gives it his all. Future club captain and they should all be looking at his mentality if they really want to be top players for club and country
  2. Just watched the Turkey Netherlands highlights. Soyuncu looked like he had a mare but they still bagged a great win.
  3. Kasper ricky Fofana/wilf Cags. Thomas mark. Youri. Wilf/mendy. Timmy Under Vardy little worried about who’s going to be able to collect the ball and make something happen higher up the pitch in this one, hope I’m proved wrong but can’t see under being able to replicate anything like what mads does on the turn to open up play. Think we’re going to be heavily reliant on youri from deep and mark trying the killer pass, hopefully Ric
  4. Didn’t press well against slavia at all and kelechi is probably the worst player at pressing that we have, hopefully Perez is back. Desperately lacking a backup to mads at the minute
  5. Big Dan rb again for this one? Cags and fuchs in the middle?
  6. I’m baffled as to why hamza deserves to start instead of Mendy. Granted he was always going to be 2nd fiddle when ndidi was fit but did more than enough at the start of the season to warrant the position when ndidis out. What did hamza do to get in ahead of him?
  7. Then again seen some nice link up play between Perez and Ricardo in the past. Up the foxesssss
  8. I hope I’m proven wrong but what on earth is he thinking. Lol
  9. Same team except covering the injuries to castagne and fofana with Ricardo and Cags. I’d keep albrighton on the right for his link up play with Ricky. We really need the win here and can’t afford to gamble, plus you know mark will cover Ricardo going forward whereas I’m not so sure with under.
  10. Well that’s chilwell on the scrapheap now, benched by tuchel for alonso, whos scored and on course for a clean sheet
  11. Don’t get me wrong I think little Wes has been fantastic but I still think cags deserves to be back in the starting lineup for this one
  12. Ricardo scimeca, signed from the dirty forest
  13. Jon Stevenson bagged a late equaliser at filbert street. Might have been against Southampton. Got to be around 20 years ago, seemed to disappear after that
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