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  1. Would like to see chilwell go forward more instead of knocking it back inside and going to Maguire. He could be scaring defenders with the pace he has
  2. It shows that in 10 years we learnt absolute zilch about signing Nigerian strikers
  3. This is beautiful to see, a real mutual happiness and connection between the players and gaff, you can feel the energy and belief around the club at the moment
  4. I hope they go down, along with that mardy **** Ashley Barnes, can’t stand the bloke
  5. **** me that was breathtaking to watch, felt like I was back in 2017
  6. These are the differences between picking up the points mistakes like that from Evans that you would’ve never of seen Huth make
  7. Evans is much more to blame for that goal than Schmeichel
  8. Good call, will only make him more hungry to earn his place
  9. Does anyone know why slimani hasn’t made the fenerbache side or even the squad for the last few games now. Can’t seem to find anywhere that he is injured either?
  10. Vardy,mahrez and Kante all have to be in top 10 of all time for me just for their levels of performances over the title winning season, iv never seen us play that level of football and I don’t think I ever will again
  11. I’d take a high offer for chilwell from city and reinvest
  12. Ndidi phenomenal, vardy still can’t believe people were on the phase out bandwagon (jokers), Barnes- the future ,chilwell hmmm
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