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  1. Not if we can get someone better in👍🏻
  2. It's only a matter of time.
  3. nettle


    Surely any upgrade on Ghezzal or Gray shouldn't be sniffed at and will strengthen the team no end? Townsend knows the league so no bedding in required has decent end product and will track back which will allow Pereira to overlap all day long. What's not to like especially if we could get him at a decent price.
  4. Transfer request incoming soon then.
  5. nettle

    A. Perez

    We paid £12.5 million for Ghezzal and Perez is at least twice the player that he is and that's the way I'm looking at it.
  6. No proof just a gut feeling.
  7. Harry's gonna drop the transfer request bombshell soon if he thinks Man Utd or Man City are losing interest😮
  8. nettle


    Is that your wife because she's fit👍🏻
  9. He got his idea for the outfit from the Ali g movie!
  10. He's definitely forgettable 👍🏻
  11. I honestly don't think many left early years ago I believe it's how modern supporters are now they go for the food, merchandise etc the whole experience of the day. I'm only going on my own experience and years ago it was just about the football kids could go on the pitch at the end get autographs shake the players hands etc.
  12. Well I can't remember many leaving filbert street early when stood in the kop👍🏻
  13. I wouldn't worry about it mate that's modern football unfortunately there's plenty of plastics at Leicester now.
  14. I think they were too long and not intense enough especially on the Friday before a game.
  15. He's not exactly old though is he 46 I think that's pretty young in management terms he's got decent experience as well what's not to like. Plays decent football certainly better than Puel and by the looks of it wants the job give the guy a chance👍🏻
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