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  1. In my opinion it's a crap comparison they are totally different in every way.
  2. Everyone sees different things in different players, you'll probably be the first to moan if Chilwell clears off to Chelsea quoting a lack of loyalty or something like that.
  3. Chilwell is no Vardy though and never will be.
  4. Let's hope they link up better than Harvey does with Chilwell.
  5. Eze from QPR is the man absolute quality and he's going places.
  6. Ryan Bennett, Charlie Taylor it's looking a bit ominous😂
  7. I don't understand you mate never have.
  8. Tell us more then mate I'm only speculating it would be interesting hear your take on his drop of form and not signing an alleged new contract.
  9. Swings and roundabouts mate I just think something doesn't feel quite right about us and I can't put my finger on it, this has been going on for a while now though. Opposite opinions make this forum tick so all's good👍🏻
  10. Blue tinted specs wearers who think there isn't a problem even though we are playing crap and won 3 in twelve.
  11. And that's why we should have gone out and got a winger or an attack minded player in January either on loan or permanent.
  12. I think this could be part of the problem perhaps Leicester have told him if we qualify for the champions league he'll not get his big move so he's refusing to sign it and gone on a bit of a sulk. There's obviously a bit of a clique in the dressing room as well which won't help either.
  13. I think it means they've actually lost the dressing room i.e they can't find it.
  14. Maddison and Chilwell have had a lovers tiff😂
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