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  1. Have you not read any of his other posts 🤣
  2. Nothing wrong with a pitch invasion they've shown a bit of passion in my eyes can't imagine our fans doing that unlike the good old days, used to love a good pitch invasion.
  3. Exactly this mate great post we can't deal with the high press and Liverpool and Man city have shown other teams how to deal with us.
  4. Quality footballer but another player not being utilised properly by Rodgers with his micro management same as Chilwell. Asking them to do a job they can't do very well will only result in less productivity.
  5. Let's hope he plays the centre backs in the right places then 👍🏻
  6. Nothing negative about Chilwell thought he did ok, as I said Brendan looks to go a bit cautious in the big games. He seems to worry about the opposition to much for my liking but hey that's just my opinion.
  7. Fuchs should played then, Chilwell looks better on the front foot if you ask me.
  8. Brendan "big game" Rodgers negative tactics unfortunately.
  9. I bet they were told they weren't playing this weekend earlier in the week so they thought **** it we'll not bother turning up to the meeting and Rodgers has gone ape shit 😂
  10. Points 4 and 5 I totally agree with two young players who are both low on confidence doesn't help. I've noticed Chilwell berating Barnes quite a number times and if you ask me Chilwell needs to look at his own game before shouting at Barnes. No wonder Barnes doesn't know if he's coming or going, Someone mentioned earlier about Barnes having his back to goal in advanced positions I honestly think he's not sure what to do at the minute. Brendan needs to sort this on the training ground or go out and buy an experienced winger.
  11. I bet they want release clauses in there new contracts but the club won't let them have them.
  12. I noticed that as well today, if you watch though he does that all the time.
  13. What I've noticed a lot this season but more so recently that Chilwell and Barnes seem to have made each other worse as the season has gone on they don't link up very well at all. It's like they are strangers to each other and they don't train together or work together in training, because I believe they're both decent players in the own right.
  14. I've got a feeling you could be right.
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