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  1. Embarrassing

    Your right about James that's when an extra midfielder needed to come on. He should have taken Vardy off then put Iheanacho up top on his own then an extra player in midfield would have helped. In my opinion he got the substitutes the wrong way round.
  2. Embarrassing

    I think the first substitution was a bit negative and to early for my liking there was still 20 minutes to go. But hopefully he will learn from this experience.
  3. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Wrong subs at the wrong time Okazaki off for Iheanacho first then take Vardy off for a midfielder near the end would have been better. Mahrez should have been taken off for Gray as well decent performance though so let's hope shakey learns quickly.
  4. I can remember we played Lincoln in a pre-season friendly the season we won the league and we were pretty crap against them. So I think it's worth waiting until season starts before we start worrying to much.
  5. Troy Deeney

    Deeney and Vardy will dovetail nicely if you ask me looks a good combination.
  6. Pearson Part 3?

    If Nigel comes back can he bring Cambiasso with him then we will have a good chance of staying up.
  7. Kasper interview sky sports

    Kasper for Manager.
  8. Ranieri sacked

    Who is RC?
  9. He does look a bit of a mummy's boy though don't you think he doesn't like his hair out of place.
  10. Going down

    On the last sentence I bet you we don't.
  11. If the players aren't playing for you it doesn't matter what tactics are used just look at Chelsea and in particular Hazard fell out with Mourinho and look how that turned out.
  12. Now this does make me laugh nice one.
  13. "If they dont believe in me..."

    It's all gonna end in tears if you ask me I personally believe he's lost some of the players and he knows it. Thats the first time he has called out the players and it's his last throw of the dice.
  14. Manchester United pre-match

    Schmeichel Wague Benny Huth Chilwell Ndidi Mendy Mahrez Drinky Gray Slimani That's what I'd go for get Drinkwater further up pitch so he can't go long.