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  1. I always thought Praet played more as a holding midfielder or similar position to where Tielemans plays when playing for Sampdoria. Has he ever actually played in this position for the club I'm not so sure and against Palace I think he should have played alongside Mendy, with Perez ahead of them.
  2. Stick him in midfield with Tielemans and N'didi then judge him. I thought he was decent yesterday but imagine having to play alongside Hamza and Mendy who only pass sideways and backwards.
  3. What I find with him there's no real urgency about his game and I think that's down to his personality I reckon he's pretty laid back. Since he's been here he never busts a gut to get back on side which is frustrating especially when using a quick ball out of defence.
  4. I don't think he was shaking but I'm sure he gulped a few times😂
  5. Surely if Wilf plays in his best position could Morgan not cope with Calvert-Lewin. I can never understand why you don't play the best holding midfielder in the Premier league in his best position.
  6. Mendy is only any good against sides that come to play Everton didn't really.
  7. With Tielemans and Praet in the middle of the park we are definitely more fluid, also playing pacey wingers helps stretch the opposition.
  8. As the old saying goes "where were you when we were shit"
  9. This apart from Praet for N'didi get Youri and Dennis alongside each other.
  10. Not so sure about 6 but good old Jamie hates the blades and normally bags against them.
  11. I'm not sure if he will but the defence is looking shaky right now conceded eight in the last three games.
  12. A flat back four might help him I'm sure St Ettiene played that system while he was there.
  13. Can't wait for Pereira and Castagne to get back in the side and get rid of this shit 3 at the back system. Also bringing Maddison back in at the expense of Praet has ruin the flow between him, Youri and Mendy in my opinion.
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