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  1. If Nigel comes back can he bring Cambiasso with him then we will have a good chance of staying up.
  2. Kasper for Manager.
  3. Who is RC?
  4. He does look a bit of a mummy's boy though don't you think he doesn't like his hair out of place.
  5. On the last sentence I bet you we don't.
  6. If the players aren't playing for you it doesn't matter what tactics are used just look at Chelsea and in particular Hazard fell out with Mourinho and look how that turned out.
  7. Now this does make me laugh nice one.
  8. It's all gonna end in tears if you ask me I personally believe he's lost some of the players and he knows it. Thats the first time he has called out the players and it's his last throw of the dice.
  9. Schmeichel Wague Benny Huth Chilwell Ndidi Mendy Mahrez Drinky Gray Slimani That's what I'd go for get Drinkwater further up pitch so he can't go long.
  10. I agree about Wagner he's got them playing some good football none of this long ball shight. Watched Huddersfield at Christmas with the father in law whose a season ticket holder and he raves about him told me last season about him saying how good he was. The only problem I might have if he came to Leicester is the father in law would be right peed off haha.
  11. Kasper will be gone if we go down.
  12. I'm pretty sure Chelsea changed the manager after Mourinho had lost the dressing room there upturn in form happened after that.
  13. Had some stick off a forest fan which I couldn't believe so I give him some back and he didn't seem to like it haha.
  14. The blokes trying too hard to impress if you ask me. Even when he plays well he's either on the bench for the next game or subbed off early when doing well I think he's the least of our problem's.