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  1. Both Youri and Wilf's games have dropped off since Maddison has been slotted back in the side I think we'd look better with Perez or Praet in front of them if you ask me.
  2. Ask SHANE_ it'll come straight from the horses mouth
  3. SHANE_ I loved that see through rucksack😂 I bet it cost a pretty penny?
  4. You weren't that bad tonight SHANE_🤣
  5. James seems a bit angry or should I say SHANE_😂
  6. He looks to me like he might be a bit pissed off because he's been taken off corners and most of the free kicks, he wants to be the main man and he's had his nose pushed out of joint a bit.
  7. This is what I was thinking about tonight after his interview it doesn't make sense you'd think he'd be the other way strange if you ask me
  8. Should have gone to a back 4 half way through the first half we looked shakey as f**k in a back 3 without Evans there.
  9. This guy doesn't mind putting a foot in either unlike Chilwell.
  10. I think you're probably right about playing for a bigger club I bet he thinks that's why he doesn't get picked by England very often probably has Chilwell on the blower telling how good it is at Chelsea.
  11. Let's smash these cockney w*nkers tomorrow please
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