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  1. Ndidi looks like he’s come on loads, composure on the ball is quality
  2. Good lineup but feel disappointed for praet after his performance in the last game
  3. Soyuncu was quality last night, tbf the whole turkey defence was, stifled griezman and co. Deschamps is a pillock for not starting giroud though, absolute weapon in the air.
  4. Praet was ****ing class, I would’ve took tielemans off for him no doubt. Salah deserved what he got the cheating c*nt, how does the ref not give his push as a foul before hamza rightfully mangles him. Feel for albrighton I really do, he sprinted his arse off to get to get to that ball, just wanted it too much and lost his head at the last second
  5. Change choudhury for praet and that’s bang on, go defensive and we lose..
  6. Anyone have any news on soyuncu for this game? Need to know for my dream team haha
  7. Albrighton sounded fantastic from what I heard tonight, left wondering who Rodgers will go with for Newcastle out of him and Perez
  8. Ward justin morgan soyuncu chilwell Choudhury albrighton praet tielemans barnes Perez dont see any point in giving nacho a start when he isn’t going to be near the first team in the league, would rather keep the main bunch fit and sharp. Really like the look of praet, youri did look a bit tired towards the end of the spurs game but wouldn’t feel disheartened about him and praet being rotated throughout the season to keep fresh legs.
  9. Ssshh with your negativity. Leicester to win it 3-1
  10. Barnes and Ricardo are arguably the only ‘gambling’ players we have where if they go at the man and beat him we’re in, whereas if they get tackled we’re in the shit, these are the kind of players you pay to watch. ‘I wasn’t the best because I killed quickly, I was the best because the crowd loved me, win the crowd and you will have your freedom’
  11. id love to see Barnes and Ricardo play together for a few games, think he’d get much more of the ball and Ricardo’s decoy runs would leave him in a 1 on 1 situation with the defender much more often.
  12. If son gets out through then yeah he’s got no chance, but if he goes at him he’s clever enough to position himself well and is good at timing his tackles..
  13. I think Evans is clever enough to contain son, it’s soyuncu stopping harry that I’m more worried about
  14. We’ve gotta get at em from the off high press and attack minded lineup Kasper ricardo Evans Soyuncu chilwell Ndidi albrighton youri maddison barnes Vardy
  15. Crazy the amount of brain Barnes has over the lad.
  16. Positive from it all is we are extremely unlikely to gray in a Leicester shirt again this season
  17. We should absolutely boss the centre of midfield in this, only tricky selection is the wingers, hmmm...
  18. Certainly going to keep the lad motivated, treat em mean keep em keen they say ha
  19. Calling your top scorer shit says a lot about their team
  20. No I meant to come into the game as subs haha
  21. I’d go for the same 11, Perez, choudhury and gray to come into the game. Was really impressed with gray Saturday, looked like being left out really has put a rocket up his arse and his attitude was bang on when he came on, seems to be in good spirits from his insta, let’s hope Rodgers can the best out of him
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