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  1. Difficult to know where to start... We don’t work hard enough any more.. it seems an effort for some to get back and defend. Our creativity has gone missing. It doesn’t help that our first thought is to go sideways when in possession. Maddison is a shadow of the player in the early part of the season. Likes to look pretty on the ball but no drive about him any more.. when we go behind, we seem to accept the result.. No urgency in getting the ball forward quickly.. it’s still tippy tappy.. Get some big centre backs in the box like the old days and make the opposition work harder.
  2. Rigga


    Hamza Hamza Hamza Whether one tackle is worth a yellow over the other. I dunno. soon as he goes to ground though it looks reckless and whichever tool of a ref we have .......they will punish him..
  3. How have tickets been selling please guys ? My turn tomorrow..
  4. Young English.. £25-£30m ? Have loved Kasper during his time here..I just see bits in his game that doesn’t make him top class and he won’t be getting better over the next couple of years.
  5. Nick Pope.... good shot stopper... commands his box well.. will only get better.. Lure of CL football...
  6. But then when we do get higher up the pitch.. Maddison almost drops too deep into Youri/Wilfs positions meaning there is very little support for our front man.. Wont be over critical of our performance last night. Their keeper had a worldie. We played well.. Just disappointing to concede so late after doing all the hard work of getting back into the game.. We allowed them too much space to cross for the winning goal.. Gray made a token effort.. You press the player with the ball..
  7. Southampton exposed our frailties in playing the ball out from Kasper. High press and continued press throughout any of our attacks. We couldn’t get any rhythm. its our new style though and as much as I hate the painfully slow build up at times, our results until recently have been fantastic this season.. I think we are in danger of being worked out a little though so expect a real bumpy ride between now and the end of the season.
  8. Substitutions and formation changes fine, but it’s still all pass pass pass.... The opposition pressures us, we go back to the CBs and start again.. We have become predictable in our build up and now we need to find an alternative at times against teams that don’t give us the space to play in.
  9. So carry on trying to walk it in and.......lose it’s an option, not just against Burnley. We never do it anymore..
  10. I miss the days of throwing the CB up top for the last few mins when chasing the game.. Walsh and Elliott used to get us out the shit on occasions. It seems it’s Plan A and if that doesn’t work, thats that..
  11. Ndidi wouldn’t have affected the game today.. Burnley miss out the midfield and go direct.. It’s painful to watch at times, slow build up and then we are only half hearted when getting the ball back. We have been outworked consecutive weeks by teams fighting for their lives. Deserving all we get at the moment
  12. I would say we are very predictable this season... first 15 mins of games happy to play the ball along the back 3 or 4... with very little attacking intent We gradually step it up through midfield as the games go on but also let the opposition get back into formation by playing needless sideways/backward passes. Fine manager that he is, Rodgers needs to settle in a formation and find a way to breakdown stubborn defences especially at the KP. Our lack of a plan B late in games when chasing the game is all too evident also.. Every PL squad should have a big striker as an alternative option. Just don’t want our fantastic start to the season going to waste.. The pack are beginning to close..
  13. Southampton were fantastic today.. Gave us a right going over.. Each one of their players wanted it more than us. Yes they had a point to prove after the 9-0 drubbing but that makes it even more disappointing that we weren’t up for the fight ourselves. Our passing is becoming slower, almost Puel like again and we are very predictable. We will come back strong I hope. We need to find a formation and stick to it as the players don’t seem to know their jobs at times
  14. Man City will finish 2nd...we need them on our side and help beat teams in 5/6th position etc.. Chelsea looked comfy 4 games ago... now look at them
  15. Nice to be helped by others should we slip like Chelsea have done recently... We are not guaranteed top 4 at all..
  16. Fans happier that the gap from us to 5th has gone from 10 pts to 9pts ..... Jeez... Some nutters about
  17. Referees... Dermot Dickhead is half the reason people can’t get to grips with VAR. He says no way was TAA a penalty when it was the most blatant handball Pen of the season then says Soyuncu was . Tbh, they both were, but to have a ref, ex ref etc say one was and one wasn’t.. It’s no wonder no one has a clue from game to game what the rules are.. The ex pros that appear alongside get as frustrated as fans watching when he does his stupid ref watch. perfect example of referees not knowing the game in any capacity.. Why sky bother with him and line his pockets I have no idea.
  18. We got it wrong tonight... selection and performance.. Manager and players..we learn, and move on..
  19. Every time he receives the ball I expect him too lose it.. just does not fill me with any confidence. Wont go up for a header and spends half his time on his arse. That all said, He when we are playing well, he fits our style of play. Gray, Albrighton and Barnes don’t convince though either. We definitely could improve on the flanks.
  20. A wide man is a must, needs to be creative with goals in him. Although young and still finding his feet, Barnes decision making isn’t great. He doesn’t link well at all with Chilwell which is surprising as they no doubt would have played together in our youth teams. Gray also despite promising cameos this season was back to his frustrating self yesterday when coming on. the chequebook needs to come out for a finished article. CB also as Morgan as backup just isn’t enough... Still think we lack that go to striker when things aren’t going well with plan A, oh and the diamond just doesn’t suit us, especially with Youri as one of the flankers.
  21. I don’t want to see any changes at all.. absolutely no need.. we had a ‘training session ‘ last Friday and don’t play again until Sunday.
  22. BAFC will be more than up for this and will play their strongest side possible. It’s a tight pitch at the Pirelli and they will be in our faces for 90mins. they have scored some decent team goals this season so are more than capable of causing a shock if we are not at our best. We pick our strongest side, simple as.
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