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  1. Liverpool tickets

    After an U16 in SK1 if possible.. Will be in Leicester from 2.30pm on Saturday to collect if so..
  2. West Brom Home - 16th October

    Any ideas when any remaining tickets are available for general sale please ?
  3. Dragovic looks some player

    Albrighton covered every blade of grass last ngt and it's due to our formation of two in the middle that forces Albrighton inside to help out our 2..
  4. Ulloa new contract

    I do hope that Ulloa's injury is not serious but that performance he served up last night was absolutely abysmal. Even if he was loaned out to a championship club you could not give him a decent reference
  5. We need an identity

    Virtually same team and players, virtually same manager too.. I have seen nothing from Shakey in his 20+ games that was any different to Pearson or Ranieri
  6. We need an identity

    I said after our PL win that we would need a new identity and since then, we have wasted 3 transfer windows and tbh gone backwards as a squad. We are still as such a counter attacking team (not as good as we were even at that) Too many non 'footballers' within the team. Simpson and Morgan in particular absolutely 💩 themselves at the thought of receiving the ball from Schmeichel when he has it. Wagner has not been at Huddersfield long but it is blatantly obvious the stamp he has put on that club. We need a named manager to help get named players to even get us anywhere around 7-10th
  7. Although Iborra has undoubted quality on the ball, I don't see him clocking up 90 mins in a 2 man midfield harassing the opposition for the ball.. suits a 3....But when do we ever play a 3...

    We had our opportunity to invest in real talent after our PL win...Gilfi, Keane amongst others would be a firm part of LCFC going forward if we had been a tadge more ambitious instead of relying on cheaper failures! still not convinced with one or two signings . Dragovic not match fit after playing for club and country before we signed him ? What is that all about ? Ulloa on any contract never mind a 2 year one is crazy. i certainly don't think we have made the most of our success from the past couple seasons and don't see us getting anywhere nr where the owners want us to be consistently!
  9. Seems reluctant for change... Chilwell has to be pushing for a start and will give us a mother dimension going forward. We needed competition/improvement on Simpson during the window but no joy and I think Sagna is past it. 2 yr deal for Ulloa who is going to get nowhere nr the starting lineup. Will be on decent wages too, idv preferred a young hungry signing with potential for probably half the wages. Shakey needs to move on from the PL winning season. I hated our end to last season, we were safe with a few games to go yet still set up quite negative in games. jury is out still imo
  10. Come to prince of punjab pub before the match

    Visited here yesterday...Both food and beer very nice... There were a few other LCFC fans in too but not over crowded at all and great to be able to sit and enjoy the early KO
  11. Huddersfield (A) - 16 September 3pm

    I'm sure that won't be a problem!! 🤔
  12. Yeh I get it re low capacities and small grounds.. Just that I'm back in the 210-223 lowest cat ..