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  1. Buses usually go from The Terrace around the corner from the station..it’s about £3 return... Whether the same for friendlies I am not so sure..
  2. Rigga

    Papy Mendy

    27-29 is normally considered a players prime ?
  3. The slow style was awful to watch..Enough to put some off going to matches. his failure to acknowledge we needed to strengthen in some areas (target man) especially when his play was centred around delivery into the box was more than strange.. Topped off by dropping Vardy for Gray...His time was up..
  4. Barnes has definitely shown promise in games but I don’t think him and Chilwell really connect down the left side.. moves don’t really flow and Barnes at times doesn’t know which run to make. He needs a goal for confidence purposes..would rate him 6.5/10 since back from WBA
  5. After either an u18 or preferably a 10/11 ticket for Chelsea match in SK1 Dad on this occasion forgot to order his ticket...😬 Can meet at Newcastle or Arsenal match Thanks
  6. Floats in a pretty shit corner doesn’t he
  7. If you are happy with things, fair play to you.. we had 20+ attempts on their goal, but when did we really test their keeper ?? tippy tappy from left to right, then back to the left..ball goes in to the box to who ? Absolutely no point in us crossing a ball. anyone remember our last headed goal by a striker from open play? what direction is Puel pushing us too exactly ? (Except the obvious one) Gray played very well last game according to puel...but then wasn’t good enough to start as a ST or winger next game?? he has created the atmosphere... his time is up
  8. It’s a results game my friend... FxxK the performances!
  9. Pretty tip tap football...that doesn’t go anywhere... no cutting edge... no leaders... shit plan A.... no plan B.. yet we have people that are happy with this tool we have in charge. Carbon copy of last season when we were 7th and having hopes of Europe.. This time, we are looking over our shoulders...
  10. And if you were a fan that watches LCFC week in week out you would say that Puel is talking bollox
  11. Rigga


    It’s all coming to a head now in my opinion Puel obviously does not fancy playing Vardy ( 2nd time been dropped now) so go out and buy a replacement last summer or in the last transfer window rather than neglect the situation. Gray isn’t a striker and never will be despite Puels bizarre comments after the game. Our striking options are terrible.. Shinji and Nacho are a waste of time. Theres no target man to finish off the crosses. Never liked Slimani but he would have had some great opportunities during games to finish off promising moves. The one thing he could do was head a ball. We sign a ball playing CM in Tielemans but then drop the player that would benefit from him I think if we lose our next two games, Claude is gone..
  12. Again, all the fans know that.... Puel tries and fails to make him something he is not!
  13. He has had two windows to get a target man in...loan/transfer etc.. Not even been linked with one. Sold Ulloa, loans out Slimani...
  14. If played as an attacking player, getting into the box late and finishing moves then you have a decent signing.. He will go unnoticed during a game but pop up with a goal.. If employed as a deeper midfield player like in recent years and possession football, it will be safe and sideways football...he will be ineffective.
  15. Let’s hope so because he isn’t here for many games anyway...missed one already...will be in the bench no doubt Sunday.... Stupid decisions..
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