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  1. Being totally outplayed by a team that hasn’t been able to win a football match for months... laugable how bad we are... we ain’t making EL never mind CL... we bottled last season....thought we would learn from our mistakes maybe.... same is same old though...
  2. Down blind alleys.. That run in the game he got injured may have actually contributed to his injury.. youthful exuberance...
  3. Vardy isn’t and hasn’t been right since his Injury... he pulled up after about 10 mins of the first half.. not sure why we do though tbh. it’s not like we have anyone anymore to actually give him any supply
  4. A couple would have been better than the business we did do... CL , FA Cup and top 4 and injuries around... but we settled for what we had... and any scarce links were very much last minute ones.. Just think we haven’t learnt from last season.. not often a club like ours could find themselves in the CL... we blew it last season.. Could possibly go the same way this season..
  5. Folks need a reason for what’s happening..lol.. injuries, I’m having non of it... poor application, poor decisions , awful set pieces defending, and pretty much over the last two games...teams wanting it mor me than us..
  6. Teams would play with 14 man squad in the 80s on awful pitches twice a week... if you want to blame the injuries and lack of squad depth though...maybe go back to our January window where we didn’t learn from the previous season..
  7. We will not sign Under... just doesn’t perform for me.... We have no depth on the wing x 2. Centre /attacking mid... A forward or two also needed. A 4th CB and I would probably say a fullback now with JJ out til Xmas probably.. with CL/EL possible next season we will need a strong squad.. Wes and Fuchs will leave along with Hamza i imagine... we need to use the carrot of European football to attract players
  8. We seem to be either very good or very poor..not much in between. This season has been a tremendous one so far.. The lack of a signing in an attacking position in January was a big negative. True we couldn’t envisage our injuries piling up but if you take Maddison and Barnes (tonight) out of the team we are distinctly average with no creativity at all. it’s games like tonight you realize our depth isn’t as deep as we think. No replacement forward or AM on the bench to chance things... let’s push on though with what we have done especially in the next 3 ga
  9. Not doubting it... amazed at such a stat in this day and age though.. Certainly won’t beat lineker
  10. Harvey Barnes never been booked in the PL .... really ?
  11. Pre match they said MA was on a yellow.. Didnt hear anything re Youri
  12. Tielemans suspended also then ? Knew nacho was on a Yellow
  13. Hopefully no one will leave especially should we make Europe again.. That said, we have plenty of assets that would command big fees Ricardo Soyuncu Ndidi Tielemans Maddison Barnes We roughly spent £110m on these Now worth £300m +
  14. I like trossard too.. left sided though.. really need a right sided player...not many decent ones about
  15. JWP lookman periera ings toney
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