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  1. Rigga

    Danny Drinkwater

    I think that’s why Hills offered 12s
  2. Rigga

    Danny Drinkwater

    Stuck a tenner on this...Then realised loan does not count.. really dont see us buying him... Sigh...
  3. Totally understand it against Chelsea/Man City.. Saturday though, was just plain daft. I have harped on about last seasons woeful attempt at 7th place.. Before Saturday we were in a great position of no danger of relegation and we could take the shackles off and really push to make 7th our own.. Absolutely nothing to lose yet we serve up that embarrassment. its clear to see Puel has plan A and that’s it... And as for 7th and potential Europe, not a hope in hell unfortunately.. This guy is draining the life out of the fans, barely a song chanted on Saturday.
  4. Home v Relegation threatened Southampton 3 DMs...? Can’t remember recall reading that too much on here tbh.. Shouldn't need 2 DMs at home against them never mind 3!
  5. Rigga

    Who do you want January 2019

    We won’t want him..too tall.. may be in danger of scoring from crosses
  6. Rigga

    Who do you want January 2019

    Cardiff look like they are about to sign a Striker from Nantes..£20m Decent enough scoring record.. Oh wait, hes over 6ft... so we can’t buy him!
  7. Sky panel had a real pop regarding our selection in Cuo games...MOTD now also are at it.. Danny Higgingbottom has done a great peace regarding saturdays line up/tactics.. Saying what nearly all of us have been thinking and saying
  8. Rigga

    Southampton (H).. pre match thread

    Hoped we would be a bit more attack minded...but that’s where we are at I suppose
  9. Rigga

    Jarrod Bowen

    Looks accomplished on the ball.. Fear he may lack a yard of pace. This is why Ghezzal struggles imo. Nice pretty touches but goes nowhere with the ball. Think we need to look at that creative CM And the guy that said Gray is better than Mahrez was at 21/22. You obviously don’t get to many games! Its a shame with Gray as I like quick direct players but as with so many of that type, the end product is zilch!
  10. Rigga

    Barnes coming back

    Well lets hope he gets his chance...Not just off the bench either..’Especially if we are not in the market for any players which is what it seems..
  11. Rigga

    Barnes coming back

    Bad planning by us tbh. We should have brought him back as soon as the window opened..Could have started in the FA Cup and be able to see some of our future rather than the deadwood that was on show.
  12. Rigga


    2 CMs for me 4 isn’t enough nowadays.. especially if we are to play 3 in there at times. Defo needs to be different to what we already have also.... I’m not having James as a 5th either...
  13. Rigga

    Che Adams

    😂😂 Should be in the betting market Leicester headed goal from cross.. Shinji had a pathetic effort Sunday!
  14. Rigga

    Che Adams

    I just wanna see a headed goal from a cross...
  15. Rigga


    We could easily be 14th... bar a couple of v good performances I do think our performances have been inconsistent.. much like the block of teams around us.. win a couple we are 7th, lose a couple we plummet.