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  1. May be it’s because I have only purchased my Season Ticket tonight.
  2. This on sale yet ? Says 18th but is greyed out when I go to look
  3. This sold out or waiting for other blocks to open ?
  4. The last 3 games have been torturous to watch. From the first kick where we always boot it out of play for a throw in to the last kick which is usually sideways / backwards. Our best winger it seems is instructed to go into a congested midfield where he takes the ball of the back four and more often than not with a wall of opposition players in front of him. Our full backs overlap and put aimless crosses into our 5ft 9 striker and all of this at the most leisurely and pedestrian pace possible Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. Rigga

    Burnley (A) - Sat 14th April 3pm

    How are sales going for this please guys ? i have 2 priorities tomorrow and one on Monday... want all tickets together so was going to risk waiting until Monday
  6. Plenty of ups and downs the past year concerning Mahrez. The truth is, we're lucky to still have him. Enjoy him while he is here A truly fantastic talent who would grace any top club. Ran the show Saturday.
  7. Great reply... lets hope your child never leaves your side eh...
  8. There was a little boy lost behind the away end at about 2.45: police guy had him.. hoping he found his parents ??
  9. Rigga

    Would you go full strength against Man City?

    Strong v Man City Rest a few v Utd Strong v Watford Rest a few v Liverpool Strong v Huddersfield
  10. Still looking for an u17 ticket in block 123 please.. thanks
  11. I'm after an u17s ticket for this if any references about please? Or if someone would be willing to buy it and I pay them at palace game or bank transfer? It has to be in block 123 though..there are only restricted left but that is fine as I will just my son him to stand with the 3 of us who already have tickets thanks
  12. Rigga

    Calling....Huth and Dragovic

    Maguire hasn't been at the races in recent games with his positioning decision making or distribution...A bit of Liam Moore about him as switches off at times. 1 on 1 with Moting 1st half, he got wrong footed very easily showing his lack of mobility.. He needs time as he is a different kind of centre back than we are used to having but the mistakes need to be cut out.
  13. Rigga

    Stoke away - 12.30pm, Sat 4 Nov

    Think cardiff fox will join us ?😜