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  1. Have you seen him play? Big strong guy but mobile he is not
  2. Normally last one to leave the pitch at the end of the game....was no where to be seen as soon as the whistle went... hes a goner
  3. It's a no brainer...A perfect fit for our attacking options. if it's £25m...Then pay it..Can not beat proven premiership class
  4. Sigurdsson has been the most obvious signing we need. cant believe folks are wondering where he would play. The guy is class...assists, goals and work rate with it. The missing link that we have been crying out for from midfield to attack
  5. Nope, I can just imagine those slating Mahrez are not slating Drinky and offering excuses for Drinky and his average season
  6. Both had great seasons last year, both been poor this year.. fans are selective who they hammer. need any more relevance ?
  7. I wonder how many of the Drinky praisers on here have knocked Mahrez this season ?
  8. If he didn't give the ball away so cheaply, he would t have to do all that running in midfield to get it back! he has been very one dimensional this season
  9. Tuesday night 9.30 ish As fans made their way through one of the plaza mayor exits (this particular one was like a jitty) the riot police were about 10 metres away but half a dozen more in riot gear ran around and blocked the exit at the other end and charged towards 4/5 innocent fans...struck them repeatedly with their batons and arrested them. i was 3/4 seconds from being cornered myself. This was after already being struck by a baton inside the square whilst being simply stood their offering no threat to anyone. Tuesday the police were totally out of order!!
  10. Is there still travel available from King Power for Palace game does any one know please ? cheers
  11. 2 Adult tickets still available for Palace away. £50 the pair. Will be in Madrid Tues-Thurs so can exchange there if the buyer is also present
  12. Have in boxed you mate....Both tickets still available...let me know ASAP...Have messaged you...Thanks
  13. Block 3 or 6, are any of these higher level please? Can't tell when loonking in my phone