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  1. Slimani's strength is in the air...He is woeful on the floor.. If he is not going to contribute in open play and compete for the ball then he is not helping our cause. I think it's plain to see he is not PL class from what we have seen so far.
  2. It was obviously on general sale last season for home tickets tbh.. The away tickets I would have purchased when down to our priority. Thanks for your reply
  3. We normally go as a 3...My mate is on holiday though for this game so I was planning on taking my lad...It wont allow me though to purchase a kids ticket as I am obviously over 18.. last season, I was able to purchase home and away tickets at times for my lad when they became available and had no problem with being n 'adult' does this mean that I will have to purchase adult tickets at adult prices for him?? Any help is appreciated Thanks
  4. Slimani is cack on the floor...He cant just rely on crosses....He also rarely even jumps for the punts that Morgan aims up top... Shinji is the position that we need to look at and no doubt Ineahacho will be filing it..Shinji simply does not score enough goals and I am fed up of us signing workhorses that constantly have to chase the opposition round the pitch because we don't have good enough players to keep the ball in the first place.
  5. We have an abundence of strikers in Vardy, Slimani,Okazaki,Ulloa and Musa with only Vardy who is true PL class.. Similarly with the Midfield. Drinkwater, King, James,Ndidi, Mendy, Iborra and Amartey. All of which do very similar defensive jobs and lack the creativity that we are obviously crying out for. i moan like hell at Wes for his awful long ball distribution but when we have so many midfielders that don't appear to be comfortable with the ball at their feet and don't want to show for the ball, what hope do we have in keeping the ball..
  6. Right, I am in through my desktop (cant view loyalty points on my phone though) We had 5 of us on family and friends last season....Yet only myself and son I can see now..Any ideas how to add people ?
  7. I just get my name show with logout underneath it ??
  8. Can't see to see my points at all? Have set up a new acc etc but can't see anything anywhere stating my loyalty pts...HELP!!!
  9. How do I see my loyalty points please?
  10. If Sissoko is worth 30m then we want at least 40m/45 for Riyad.. Get him sold and sold quick so we can invest wisely this time around and not on similar dross to last summer
  11. Have you seen him play? Big strong guy but mobile he is not
  12. Normally last one to leave the pitch at the end of the game....was no where to be seen as soon as the whistle went... hes a goner
  13. Didn't miss the kit at all during the game..
  14. I know there was the lap of honour today but straight after the game, Kasper was nowhere to be seen..He is normally the last to leave the pitch Any one else notice this ??
  15. It's a no brainer...A perfect fit for our attacking options. if it's £25m...Then pay it..Can not beat proven premiership class