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  1. We have to build our attack around Barnes and Kelechi.. Vardy is a fading force so cameos from the bench will be his role next season. maddison, I would cash in on and buy a ST , AM and Winger (would no doubt need to add to the cash we get for Maddison to do this)
  2. Someone offers decent money just take it.. Fed up of his shite now.. issue is, I think we are actually his level.. not good enough for a top 4 club...
  3. Injuries or not... we were firmly in control of a CL place..... until...... and we actually had fans on here wanting a Liverpool win v Man Utd so we could go for 2nd place 🙈🙈
  4. Be pretty pissed off if all of a sudden we actually pass the ball forward on Sunday...😂
  5. Now the pressure is on ? Lol Pressure has been on the last dozen games to stay in the top 4.... We’ve not been able to cope with that pressure unfortunately
  6. Let’s hope we play on the front foot... especially as we need to win by a few goals margin.. please no 5-3-2 negative stuff..
  7. Still say it’s our mentality...
  8. So, we win the PL next year ? In your **** opinion ?
  9. What has he learnt from last season.?? BR has done a tremendous job in his time with us.. Non of us expected a top 4 push and we are certainly currently punching above our weight... I don’t see though where either BR or the team has learnt from last season.. We have been negative and defensive in the league since Xmas..
  10. Potter will go onto bigger and better things than Brighton.. they have a great open style of football.. if they had a striker or two they would be top 10.
  11. We will push for EL places for sure. The forwards that these clubs could possibly sign for next season though just widens the gap.. we beat a Man Utd reserve team.. it took a wonder strike to beat Chelsea after they were all over us.. we beat them in the league because lampard was way out of his depth as a manager.. most of the time it’s our mindset... we failed miserably in the end last season. never learnt our lesson this season and start games poorly the last 2/3 months.. we play defensively and with fear Man City Man U
  12. Rigga

    Ryan Bertrand

    Let’s be honest- Goosens was if we got CL Bertrand will be our EL alternative... Attacking areas is where we need a complete rethink... A winger or two, an AM and an out and out forward that starts..With JV having cameos... and get back to playing 4 at the back... 3-5-2 is really 5-3-2 and defensive and negative and has probably cost us the Top 4
  13. Possibly not... those 3 teams will be buying big though in attacking positions...
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