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  1. Strong bench. Gray to come in from the cold shocker and score winner in super sub cameo
  2. and next thread up could be our defence is the best in the league (now our players are returning from injury).......on the back of 1 clean sheet We have a very good squad, great manager, lots of players who are still developing but lets not kid ourselves we have very few truly world class players (in my opinion just Vardy and possibly Ndidi). Several who have potential to get a lot better Cags, little Wes, Youri, Barnes, Madders, Castagne and Ricardo but currently far from world class. Lets stay grounded and enjoys the highs and lows whist Brendan builds us a sustainable team capable
  3. Barnsley fans still purring about the quality of Matty James in a number of threads. Is he still a squad option for us? https://barnsleyfc.org.uk/threads/matty-james-is-the-best-footballer-i-have-ever-seen.296979/
  4. Does anyone know whether Daniel Amartey is fit? Looked ok at RB and played CB at ACON.
  5. Wayne Brown, Josh Low, Elvis Hammond and Trevor Benjamin have to in this team with Craig Levein as manager
  6. I doubt it. I suspect we will start with Mendy and Teilemans in centre Midfield until Wif has had a holiday after Afcon
  7. Spurs will come fifth in a three horse race (perennial failures) and join us in the Europa League.
  8. Woeful that only defenders and Madders stepped up to take a peno. Spineless.
  9. Please could someone kindly PM me a stream if anyone has a decent one
  10. Pretty irrational statement. We have very little chance of winning the league this year but might win a cup.
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