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  1. OK Shit first half. Fuchs on as he is a leader, left back flat back four. Take Ricardo off. Under for Albrighton if no return by 60 min Last throw is Perez for Maddison. 3-2 win......I'm deluded
  2. Make them play it tomorrow 9am, behind closed doors, no live TV.
  3. My error. I'm hoping Villa get a point vs Man Utd, but that's unlikely.
  4. Pessimist. 3 teams in flip flops and one team chasing the CL. Villa will want to do the double over Liverpool. Anyway I'm an optimistic nut and frankly don't give one.
  5. I'm nuts then. Does anyone really think Liverpool will gain 8 more points than us in next 5 games? Statistically we have a far better chance of getting ahead of Man Utd especially if they lose to Liverpool and us.
  6. Oops a bit of welch predictive text crept in above...you get the gist folks
  7. We will run them close as I've said before but I think they will end up on 74-75 and we will have 72-73. Our best chance is if we win the fa Cup and Chelsea make CL final as they wi Llanbedr field a weakened team in our penultimate match.
  8. Surely the Chelsea league game will have to be after the FA Cup final due to their fixtures. My guess is Wed 18th May. Oh and I think we will give Man Utd a close run for second; I fancy Liverpool to beat them as Manure will be focused on Europa League. If we beat them we may nip ahead of them briefly assuming we dispatch Soton and Newcastle who hopefully will have their flip flops on.
  9. More importantly why are the board members of these clubs not resigning en masse?
  10. Because they are ran by greedy autocrats who couldn't give a flying **** about their clubs fans
  11. I remember us having two loanees who looked a bit lightweight and didn't impress........turned out to be decent players did Harry Kate and Jessie Lingard.
  12. Ridiculous that one loss to the best team in UK leads to a 4% loss in manager confidence. Give your head a wobble folks.
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