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  1. We went through phase in the 2000s when we used to sign about 60 players a season (and release a similar number). There's a lot of churn from that era that I struggle to remember.
  2. No vaccine is going to save this year for Forest.
  3. According to anecdotal accounts, he is a lovely bloke. Obviously wish him all the best.
  4. He used to go and watch the Tigers a lot. Big rugby fan being Argentinian.
  5. I'm 50/50 on that one, because such a situation seems the ideal opportunity to blood in a youngster. If they've got a future at a good level, they should be good enough. It's not like Iversen is a child. He's 23(?) and has been in the full Denmark squad!
  6. What's more, aren't the operators responsible for staffing and stewarding, yet West Ham collect 100% of the gate receipts? It's a ridiculous deal for everybody except West Ham. Or should I say WEST SCAM.
  7. Can't work out why we have Eldin on the books. He's a good keeper (or at least he was at Hull) yet he's very much our third choice. What's more, we have highly rated youngsters including Iversen and Stolarczyk.
  8. My Peterborough-supporting colleagues absolutely raved about him when he was there. He played CM. I suspect his level is somewhere around Championship / League 1.
  9. Given that he somehow managed to get us smash our transfer record to sign him, I'd say he's easily the best agent in the world.
  10. If you're suffering from an actual anxiety disorder (or you think you might be), get down the docs and get prescribed something. It's worth it. Re. the having f-all to do, I think a lot of people will be in similar situations. I expect most people just doss in the evenings. I'm bloody terrible at going to bed (and getting up again).
  11. Paul Kanchelski. For ****'S sake.
  12. I want a big b*stard striker. Basically Slimani, but not crap. Steve Howard 2.0 We need a big target man as a plan B. I know he's basically a failure, but I'd take Benteke. With some Rodgers coaching magic and some confidence, he could be a good player again. At least he'll be able to win headers in the opposition's penalty area.
  13. Can't stress how good he was yesterday. He makes Kante look lazy.
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