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  1. It’s not an either/or. Winning teams keep winning. Being dumped out a cup can often kill a team’s momentum.
  2. Let's hope not; he'll turn out to have been a fraudster who isn't actually qualified in medicine. Wait...we've had quite a few injuries this season...
  3. We always hoped something like that would happen, but - deep down - we probably knew it never would. The Carling Stand was just a way of bringing the ground / club into the modern era on a smaller budget. There just wasn't that sort of money in football at the time. It was also around the time of clubs changing to all-seater grounds after Hillsborough and the Taylor Report. To be fair, it was also a little bit before the era of clubs moving to all new grounds. You could possibly have done things like shift the pitch a little bit to the west, opening up some space on the eastern sid
  4. According to the commentators the other night, he used to go to Leicester home and away games with his uncle. Either way, he's been with the club since he was eight or so.
  5. First point: there's never such thing as a 'proven signing', because you never know how a player is getting to fit in at a new club or - even less so - in a new league. Second point: It's just common sense to bring players through. Every player has to come through a youth academy or some similar somewhere, so why not make it ours? I think clubs are starting to realise again that it's good business sense to give young players senior game time. The only way for a player to transition from academy prospect to first team player is to get game time - there is no other way. C
  6. The more you think about it, the more ludicrous it is how short-lived the Carling Stand was!
  7. Agree. Everybody misses Filbert Street, but football has moved on. One of the biggest criticisms of the new ground (and all new grounds) is the atmosphere. But there are a few things to say to that: Everybody has rose tinted memories of the past. Things were always bigger and better in 'the olden days'. Yeah, Filbert Street was absolutely banging a lot of the time, but I also remember plenty of dreadful atmospheres there too. People forget that. We can't say there's never any atmosphere at KP, especially when you think back to some of the games between around 2014-2018 (Gr
  8. I only sat in the North Stand once or twice. It was absolutely brilliant. I remember sitting just to the outside of the goalpost, and David Lowe thumping in a header from what felt like about one metre away from me. Because it probably was about one metre away from me.
  9. I used to go in what I think you're calling the 'players' bar' with my Dad. My uncle (i.e. my Dad's mate) used to be able to get us in there somehow. It was quite small, and used to be full of ex-players on a match day. I also remember the big bar at ground level. Was absolutely packed.
  10. Done. Am I **** going back to spending a significant proportion of my salary on petrol.
  11. VAR actually works really well now.
  12. I just been reduced to actual tears of laughter watching that. Bloody brilliant!
  13. I feel like Slimani was EXACTLY the sort of alternative striker we need. But, unfortunately, he was shite. I really wanted him to come good, but it was obvious he was nowhere near the standard required in the Premier League. One of the rare occasions of our recruitment team getting it wrong - both ability wise and personality wise, it seems.
  14. Blowing loads of cash on players rarely works. When you look at the big, big spenders, most of them have had more misses than hits.
  15. RIP. Every club seems to have these ever-present legends, who help to preserve the soul of the club while managers and players come and go. Bet she had some stories.
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