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  1. You're only as good as your last six or so games.
  2. His assessment of the game is not only ridiculous but factually untrue. Was he even at the game? On the basis of his own woefully lacking performance, he might as well not have been.
  3. Brazil, you sort out the attacking flair. Leave the defending to the Germans.
  4. My assumption - and I could be wrong - is that if I don't get to see £70 worth of live football, I'll be a due a pro rata refund of some sort. I can't realistically foresee going to many (or any) live games this season, despite renewing my ticket. I'm basically trusting the club not to shaft me.
  5. Dyche thinks we're moneybags Leicester, so he's going to rinse us for every penny. Does sound a lot of money for a centre half to sit on the bench.
  6. Yeah seem to remember a stat where our slow, lumbering centre-halfs Morgan and Wasilewski were actually two of the three fastest players in the Prem.
  7. I hear Christian Fuchs is going to mentor him setting up his own line of clothing to be sold in the clubs shop, just like No Fuchs Given. It's going to be called ÜnderWear.
  8. I don't get that Jota transfer. He's a superb player, but unlikely to get in Liverpool's first XI at present. I hope he enjoys the Carabao Cup.
  9. We're getting that desperate for new signings I reckon most supporters would take him,
  10. My car does no miles now. On the odd occasion I do leave the house, I take the wife's car because it's at the front of the drive. I pay a not-insubstantial amount per month for the car. Really, I could do with chopping it in and running a shitbox. Unfortunately I don't think financially it'd work selling it yet. Anybody else in a similar situation due to lockdown / working from home / etc.?
  11. Sounds a bit odd that they'd charge the excess mileage if you're buying the car off them. Perhaps worth a conversation.
  12. Yeah, on reflection the correlation is poor.
  13. I'm concerned. The players whose transfers drag on forever usually end up disappointing (Slimani, Musa, SIlva). The players we sign pretty much out of the blue usually end up being amazing (Soyuncu, Ndidi).
  14. Nobody seems to have a bad word to say about the man.
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