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  1. Watford cancelled training yesterday. Pearson just did press conference
  2. Given corona, cancelled games, closed doors, would say chances of going ahead on scheduled day are virtually nil
  3. no-one will know anything until after the FA Cup game. But feels almost certain will go to mid week IMO
  4. The timing and the potential movement give it a better chance this season. No thought for fans when they leave it open like that.
  5. This seems fair. Rolling 5 year limit of STH so it still rewards long term but means away followers can build up points. I have one high priority and one low (when kids were little I went on my own) so often have to buy one ticket for away and hope to buy one on here if it sells out or chance a game going low priority.
  6. I can’t make the Norwich game now, have two spare. Send me a message if you want them
  7. Also after 1 or 2 for this. I have one (have one ticket with a higher priority) but prefer to go with someone - can buy two or one
  8. Have to remember that the away allocation only 2,200 or so. So, no surprise might sell out thur/fri
  9. Every time last night. Any team playing against us knows we go light out wide and if you press us there, no one tracks back.
  10. 3-1 win, remember it well. Standing terrace, could almost touch the ceiling
  11. If Harvey could finish, he’d be a hell of a player. The chance last night when he got injured should have been tucked away. Great cross from Vardy. All season he’s getting into lovely positions but his shooting and composure is weak. Improve that and this thread becomes how great he is
  12. being knocked out the Champions League is bad for us though, we want them to stay in it
  13. Have to remember though that they are going to go deep in the champions league which brings complications. They only need a couple of injuries to cause problems (same as any team I know!) so we just have to keep applying pressure and beat them on Boxing Day
  14. should be fine I think, there are about 500 left now. So many better away games coming up (Man City, Newcastle on NYD, Burnley - that will sell out) and West Ham is an awful ground. Add KO time, train coming back, Christmas, just think with numbers left today it will go to Members, possibly General Sale. May not even sell out till close to game with all those factors.
  15. These look like going to Members and general sale. The kick off time is a killer (all our fixtures at the minute seem to be moved) and the trains are not working properly in between Christmas so really hard to get home that day.
  16. Some tickets just got released on the club site. 8 in total
  17. Parking non existent around the Brighton ground. Actively make you get public transport in.
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