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  1. No doubt Ndidi is a big miss but I reckon with Mendy Tielemens Praet Ûnder and Barnes they will think we have enough. Ball retention and breaking forward I probably agree but we will miss Ndidi recovering the ball. If we get a 3rd centre back expect we go 343 352.
  2. Expect with Ndidi’s injury we will put all our pound notes down on getting a centre back and pivot to 3 centre backs with Praet + Tiels as our midfield. 2/3 of ünder, Barnes and madders supporting Vards. Will be a hard season if we get a couple of injuries as back up outside first XI not good enough.
  3. BR likes Perez for his work off the ball but with Ünder now in he will need to improve his final ball if he wants to stay in the first XI. Win win do better or find yourself on the bench. That is what we need competition for places.
  4. Hearing BR said Castagne’s shoulder popped out and had to be put back in ... makes his performance even more impressive. The lad oozes class. 🙌🙌
  5. Clear Castagne is a big upgrade on Chilwell, Tielemens has been really at it so far and loving Barnes simply terrifying defenders. Lots of positives with Evans & Ricardo to return. If we can land a quality centre back we are in a good place, even though more challenging games to come.
  6. Agreed and I don’t dismiss / want to downplay the mental issues He has had since. just a shame that at our peak he decided to twist and not stick.
  7. I struggle with the deflation bit tbh. He should have been part of group saying let’s push on together to achieve more (not saying league wins, but Europe & FA Cups) rather than thinking of his career. Not sure if urban myth but I recall that when Arsenal wanted Vardy a group of players (probably including Drinky) begged him to stay...shame he didn’t think like Vards. Up the city!
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