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  1. Can see him going to somewhere like Arsenal or Spurs if he goes anywhere in this country.
  2. Ian Nacho

    Papy Mendy

    Business wise, probably best to sell. Already have 3 solid defensive midfielders and Mendy is the oldest of the lot. Not a bad player, we just don't really need him.
  3. Brilliant ball once again, just wonder sometimes if he is a luxury when things aren't going so well, such as the first half.
  4. So frustrating. He needs to add some sort of end product to his game. Runs into a good position, then makes the wrong decision or doesn't execute it properly.
  5. Whatever the result today, West Ham are the losers having to play in that ground every other week. Absolutely soulless. Would be dreadful doing it week in week out. Whenever people clap it sounds like someone's just been bowled out
  6. I was thinking this at the time, may as well had Papy Mendy playing at fullback. He was dreadful.
  7. I swear that's where they tell you to park anyway? Probably not related.
  8. At the end of the day Man City have been unfortunate with a decision, just like Spurs were at home with the penalty decision. Man City may consider themselves unlucky, especially losing on away goals to a domestic team, which personally doesn't make much sense, but if you can't beat a team over 180 minutes you don't deserve to go through.
  9. I don't mind the gold. At least our kit will look slightly different to Cardiff's
  10. It's because Sky had the game originally, so they still want it for one of their slots.
  11. Basically Ajax have a cup final on Sunday so they have to play on Wednesday, meaning Liverpool have to play on Tuesday. Liverpool originally were supposed to play on a Sunday but due to the short turn around they get the 12:30 Saturday slot we originally had. Spurs get the slot Liverpool had on the Sunday, leaving us with the Monday night game.
  12. POS: Ricardo YPOS: Chilwell GOS: Fuchs v Fleetwood.
  13. It was only a matter of time before we had a luminous green or pink kit.
  14. Gives Gray some long term competition. Before Albrighton's injury Gray was in the team no matter what.
  15. Not sure who's the bigger plonker, the players or you spending £100 on Chang
  16. Rodgers hasn't drew with us yet so it'll be a draw. 1-1 I'm going.
  17. I honestly don't understand why people don't rate Kasper. Can't people see the reason why he's played some dodgy balls in recent weeks because that is what he's being told to do? It's all about risk and return. You play a risky ball, you might lose it and concede but if that ball pays off you've got more of a chance of scoring as a result, opposed to just to passing it to the centre half, who passed it to the fullback, who passes it back to the keeper.
  18. I did go, Seville and Madrid. Just don't think we're ready for it. If we were in Europe next season, it wouldn't allow Brendan to get the players he wants in, with the squad neeeding an overhaul. I just worry that if we were in Europe next season it would ruin our league season. Much prefer us to build in the summer and really push on next season and get into Europe comfortably. Of course I want those away days again but I'm willing to be patient to be more successful in Europe and in the league.
  19. Isn't he a totally different player to Ndidi?
  20. Think we need someone in midfield, even if we do buy Tielemans. I can see Mendy going as Ndidi, Mendy and Choudhury are all similar so no point of having 3 very similar players when you can only really have one starting. Personally would have liked us to keep Iborra to offer something a bit different to the likes of Mendy and co.
  21. People said no to Ings and although he's not lit the league on fire, he's been decent enough. Think this could be a good move.
  22. Not being funny, but even if Tielemans scored a hat trick in every game, the clue is in the name, player of the season and he's only been here half a season. Maybe if we were shockingly bad and there was literally nobody to pick, but that isn't the case.
  23. I reckon he does. After the Bournemouth game, Brendan was giving him loads of praise.
  24. I'd be happy with this. Can't be any worse than what we've had in the past, especially if we don't have to spend a penny buying him. Hopefully Brendan can get the best out of him.
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