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  1. Get him in so we can, huuuuuume.
  2. Ian Nacho

    Papy Mendy

    Makes good business sense to me. Will get a bit of cash for him instead of him doing for free next year. Not like we desperately need him when we have Hamza.
  3. Yeah but all you need is one person to subscribe and either copy and paste the article on here.
  4. No matter who we buy as a replacement for Maguire, we will get ripped off. Clubs know how much we got for Maguire so it'd be stupid of them not to squeeze every penny out of us.
  5. He'll probably turn out to be like Waghorn after this. Quality on loan, sh*t on a permanent
  6. I thought he had tiny legs for a second.
  7. Good backup striker.
  8. I know but I couldn't resist. Open goal.
  9. Most of of us are grown adults and we're tracking a bloke on a plane
  10. Ryanair isnt worse than Cardiff's choice of air travel though.
  11. Can't argue with the Swahili times.
  12. Ian Nacho

    A. Perez

    I think £30m isn't a bad fee. Bournemouth paid £21m for Solanke that's what you call a bad fee.
  13. Ian Nacho

    A. Perez

    Maybe it is €30m?
  14. We've seen the good side and the bad side of VAR tonight with the offside and the penalty. There needs to be some sort of margin of error for linesmen, say if there decision is wrong but within 25mm of being right, the original decision stands. Offsides which don't even look offside to the naked out with a line drawn in ruin the game. Nobody wanted VAR for that and you haven't exactly gained an advantage if your toenail is offside. I know you're either offside or not but the A in VAR suggests the system is to assist the referee, not take over.
  15. Ian Nacho

    Gary Cahill

    The sun is always used for agent talk.
  16. When do people reckon the kop will open for the Atalanta game? Can't be doing with sitting in the West stand.
  17. Ian Nacho

    A. Perez

    Good bit of business. Barca were linked this time last year.
  18. Can see him going now. Don't want him to leave but 90 gets him. If they pay 50 for a player who isn't an international and has only played one full season in the Premier league there's no chance Harry isn't worth 90.
  19. Ihean kdjdn Edit: meant Iheanacho, missed the right keys.
  20. Comes across as a clickbait report, saying Ricardo would be a good signing if so and so left.
  21. Ironic that women don't know the offside rule.
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