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  1. If this was Puel side, he’d be getting slaughtered.
  2. It was alright, not the worse end in the world. Went a bit quiet after the VAR though.
  3. Tielemans has been dropped, now it’s time Maddison is.
  4. All over the place tonight. Choudhury’s worst performance in a Leicester shirt. Regardless of who we had upfront, he was getting little to no service again. Perez isn’t good enough. Barnes runs but doesn’t do much else with it. Only Iheanacho and Praet were players to be half decent tonight.
  5. Needs to produce the goods tonight.
  6. Good signs for the future. Henderson at Sheffield United was in a similar position two years ago, at Shrewsbury near the top of League One. Hopefully something happens here.
  7. Ings was a nobody at Liverpool, just saying.
  8. JL4 was absolutely appalling tonight. Didn’t think I heard one song all night.
  9. Definitely an upgrade on Gray. £20m + Gray, for a combined £15m
  10. Not to have a go at them, because they're just doing a job, but my god do lorries get on my tits. The other morning I pulled up behind a lorry going slow (virtually stopped) on a hill and thought there isn't normally traffic at this time in the morning, just slowed down and because he was barely moving I put my handbrake on. Anyway turns out there was no traffic at all, it literally took him 2-3 minutes to get up a hill which would normally take 20 seconds. And of course he went the exact same way I was going. Just pure impatience on my side, but still irritating.
  11. Got myself a virtually brand new Seat Ibiza FR. It's absolutely unreal. Can't get over the quality of it.
  12. The Mercury is the new Sun.
  13. Henderson has to be playing in the Euros. Pickford is dire.
  14. I thought he was quality today
  15. Has anyone got a clip of the handball?
  16. Unless you're a child, on £10 pocket money a month, get the real thing.
  17. Almost should be an orange card. No yellow card should ever be a good yellow card to take.
  18. Since when was Wilf's hair like that
  19. Chilwell and centre half and Barnes at wing back baffled me.
  20. He certainly has a strange decision in him in big games.
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