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  1. Houses

    Famous last words..... we've still not moved!! Our solicitors have been spot on and our paperwork has been done and agreed back in October. Then person we are buying off has since found a property and no longer moving in with family so whole process stalled and a new chain attached. Her solicitors have been fricking useless - no communication coming out from them at all and also were not on the approved list of solicitors for her bank so had to have a second solicitor working alongside dealing with the mortgage. Hoping to still be in by Christmas but so bloody frustrating.
  2. Premier League Saturday night football

    I believe that this new TV deal takes the premier league to a position where at least 50% of the matches will now be moved for TV purposes.
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 61 seconds  
  4. Nintendo Switch

    @Phube do Nintendo consoles generally start to drop in price like Playstations and Xbox or do they pretty much stay where they are? Just wondering if I can expect any Christmas deals if I hold off on getting one?
  5. Super Mario Odyssey

    Ah man. I've not bothered with a Nintendo console for years but seriously thinking of getting rid of my Xbox one and putting it towards this just so I can play Mario again!
  6. League Cup - Quarter final draw

    Highly expecting us to get Chelsea at home and Drinkwater to score the winner.
  7. 90s Football Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 67 seconds  
  8. Smuts' NFL Thread

    I wonder if we'll make a move for Romo. Decent QB, good experience, intelligent enough to learn the play book quickly (we have a bye in 2 weeks)..... only issue is that how would his back stand up as our O-line isn't exactly solid so he would take hits. Brett Hundley will be in for sure next week and then depending on how he performs will determine what moves are made in that bye week I think. Rodgers and the coaches feel Hundley has a lot to offer and unfair to judge him on last nights game. He made some mistakes but also made some good throws in a difficult game as heads naturally dropped knowing that Rodgers was out injured. Didn't Rodgers get his chance initially due to an injury to Favre and struggled to get going initially?
  9. Smuts' NFL Thread

    Green Bay only had one time out to play with as well when Dak scored. From memory, the defence had a chance to stop Aaron Jones on the one run play then ran on that final drive and ended up missing the tackle and he got out of bounds. Make that tackle and keep the clock ticking. Not that I'm complaining! 4-1 for the season so far!
  10. Stan's Sports Quiz - Part 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 50 seconds  
  11. Premier League Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 113 seconds  
  12. PES 2018

    Ha - I did think that after the first game but by the end of the third, it felt like something was up as it was my opponent missing simple chances too. Went back to try against the computer and on second hardest difficulty, I scored 5 from 7 shots. Maybe the default online settings are different to single player
  13. PES 2018

    Anyone tried this online yet? Of the three games played, we must have been at least 5 clear cut chances each and none of them were going in. Open goals missed, one on ones always striking the post etc. Not having a problem scoring goals against the computer on Top Player difficulty but as soon as venture online, Vardy and Slimani turn into Akinbiyi and Junior Lewis.
  14. Smuts' NFL Thread

    You heard the farce with this? Apparently they didn't actually have tickets to give away and so have had to give out compensation to the people who "won them". Either sky sports for free for a year or £150 ticketmaster gift cards
  15. Difference there is that the game is blacked out if you're within a certain distance of the stadium. If the game sells out then that blackout is lifted I believe.