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  1. Cheers for the advice. I had one lesson with the pro (a father's Day gift) and he was generally positive about my swing and just said the backswing needed some work. Grip and follow through spot on but was too rigid on the back swing and locking my left knee up. Tried to take what he said on board but hard to iron out errors that have become natural. Managed to sneak 7 holes in on the way home and played some of my best golf ever. My first birdie on a par 4 followed up with what would have been a par on a par 3 had I bothered taking the flag out. A putt hit the flag and pushed it back out when at that pace it would have dropped if it wasn't in. Valuable lesson there!!! I need to spend a lot of time on my short game. Little chips from around the edge of the green is a major weak spot and often I'm leaving myself with 10-15 foot putts. Just never seem to commit to them and leave way short. Problem is that it's more fun to be out on the course rather than the practice green!!
  2. I started to play at the back end of last summer and have picked it up more now that the weather is warming up. Joined my local club and enjoying getting out and just playing a few holes or the par 3 as I don't have masses of free time what with work and a young family at home. Set myself two targets for this year: 1 - Shoot a round in 95 or under. (I've played 5 full rounds in my life so seems like an achievable target) 2 - Hit a birdie - already managed that on my second round of the year. I should have met the first target or come close already but lost my head on a round last week and had to walk away from a hole after losing three balls into water. Poor club selection meant that my second shot on a par 5 went further than expected and landed plumb in the hazard. Decided to have another go with an lower iron as realised I would be able to clear it...... under hit it and same result. Sulked my way down to confirm they were in the water and took a drop shot and then was so pissed off with myself that I topped the ball, it hit the bank and fell in again. Had been about +8 through the first 8 holes and that smashed my confidence and didn't play well on the back nine. My biggest problem is that I just cannot seem to hit two consecutive good shots. If I do a straight 250 yard drive, I'll follow up with a duff of an Iron shot that misses the green. Summed up perfectly on my last round when I scuffed a drive along the ground and it nestled behind a tree, had to just chip out sideways to the fairway and then hit a 200 yard iron shot to within 3 feet of the hole. It's such a ridiculous sport how you can go from a shot that the pros would be happy with to a shot that makes you think you should hand your membership card back and leave the club immediately.
  3. Mine is as follows: Arsenal Villa Bournemouth Chelsea Palace Everton Leicester Liverpool Man City Man Utd Newcastle Norwich Southampton Stoke Sunderland Swansea Spurs Watford West Brom West Ham All the teams from 2015/16 - it was the perfect season!!
  4. Alan Smith apparently in a 2-1 win over Coventry. By some strange twist of fate, Julian Watts scored the first goal against us in my first ever visit to Filbert Street in a 2-0 reserves defeat to Sheff Weds. In my first first-team game, he scored the opener for us in a 3-1 defeat to Chelsea. Can't imagine Julian Watts scored many goals in his career so the odds on that happening are ridiculous!
  5. syston_fox


    I'm a manager at an accountancy firm. Not the most exciting at times but has its moments and they're a great bunch to work for!
  6. If any potential manager says "intensity" or "quality" in their interview then they should be asked to leave!
  7. Didn't a lot of bit part players do the same when we won the league...... Matty James for example? Good luck to him - he had the opportunity to go and be a part of what is arguably one of the greatest ever squads in talent. He would have been a fool for not going.
  8. I think the key to a good series is how the contestants interact with each other in the studio as much as the actual tasks themselves.
  9. I suck so badly at this game!!! Probably helps if you play with friends rather than random match ups and know the map a bit better. Could do with a basic solo mode so I can have a play around and learn the characters a bit as like Manwell says, it's pretty unforgiving if you're a newbie!
  10. Don't worry Bob, I've got this..... Won 2-1 against Strasbourg My life is now complete!!
  11. I think they said they were FA Cup goals whilst at Fleetwood but may be wrong.
  12. Just finished Statik on psvr. Very good little puzzle game and only a few quid on the PlayStation store at the moment if you have a very headset. Very simple concept - your hands are trapped in a mechanical puzzle box and every button / stick on your controller does something different on each box. You get no instructions so it's all trial and error to see what action is triggered by each control and then a case of combining them to solve the puzzle. Works very well as a VR game but only a few of hours long to solve everything.
  13. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 74 seconds  
  14. syston_fox


    When we sold ours, we sold with Melton Premier (https://www.meltonpremier.co.uk) as they were much cheaper than the "high street" lot. In our mind, what does an estate agent actually do in the short term other than put your house on rightmove? In the end it was the best decision we made. The team there were brilliant and helped us push things through when Harrison Murray (who we bought from) and the solicitors were faffing around. They were also available to contact on the phone at any point, even outside of office hours and because they were a bit smaller, they knew all about our property without needing to look at the files etc. Total fee for selling our property with them was under £1k which was really cheap compared to what Harrison Murray, Spencers, Newton Fallowell etc quoted. Best advice as well is to get at least three valuations. We had two lots who came in and gave us a valuation for our property around what we were expecting and then one person came in and quoted £20k less than the other two. Ridiculous thing is that we had had it valued a year before by that company out of interest to see if we could afford to move and they had valued it at £15k higher than a year later. She then told me that most companies would try and charge a % of the sale fee but they didn't think that that was fair on us and quoted me a fee instead...... she seemed a bit confused when I pointed out that the fee she had just suggested for their services was more than the set percentage that she had warned me others would try and con me for.
  15. Bad game today but nothing wrong with just being "tidy". I would say he's having a far better season than N'didi is so far. Clumsy for the penalty and very poor for the second. Everyone has a bad game here and there so not going to slate him as it was a one off ... Just a shame that his bad day was a VERY bad day and cost us two goals!
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