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  1. First real memory of taking an interest was late in the 94/95 season and listening to us lose 4-3 to Wimbledon on Radio Leicester. Following season I started to get more into it and then my first real match was a 3-1 defeat to Chelsea in 96. Random fact, my first time going to Filbert Street was a FNF game against Sheffield Wednesday and we lost 2-0. The next time I went was the defeat to Chelsea above. Bizarrely, Julian Watts scored in both of those games!
  2. It'll essentially be like a Nectar or Tesco club card I imagine. Spend a fortune, see you have earned hundreds of points when you look at the receipt and then get a 50p off voucher 6 months down the line.
  3. Not me either - didn't make it out last week as had a week off work spent with family time and binge eating. Vowed to go out this week and explore again though as did a 26 mile ride last time I went out through Hoby towards Sixhills etc. Really nice route and then back down through Barrow, Sileby etc. Felt good (although my arse was starting to feel it!) and would have happily done another 15 miles or so had it not been for the sun starting to set and as SystonFox says above, fear of a nagging wife!!! Decided to not go for a road bike just yet and stick with the hybrid. Can't commit to going out enough at the moment as only get the chance once the kids are asleep (and my youngest wakes at the crack of dawn so not like I can go for a pre work cycle either!!)
  4. Sorry I'll try again. The Sainsburys that is within spitting distance of thurmaston but technically is in Rushey Mead although everyone around here still classes it as Thurmaston due to it being very close to the border.....have got it spot on with their parent and kid spaces.
  5. People who park so far on the pavement that I've got to go onto the road to get my kids pushchair past. Also the neighbours down the street who have 4 cars and a van and only enough off road parking for 2 small cars.
  6. Sainsburys in thurmaston have got it spot on with their parent and kid spaces. They have them further away from the door but on the main path. Because they're not bang at the entrance, no one wants the spaces except for the parents who need the extra space to get car seats in and out. It's the only supermarket where we can almost guarantee being able to get one of the parent and kid spaces everytime.
  7. And yet you haven't aged at all. You're the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer of foxestalk.
  8. Dave is all about Taskmaster. Best show on tv bar none
  9. Cheers both. Unfortunately missed the boat and the offer on the bike ended on Friday so will stick to the hybrid for now until another decent offer comes along then will take the plunge. Only really got into it about a month ago and already use strava as just adds that competitive edge... and shows how bloody slow I am compared to my foxestalk (almost) namesake! Set myself the goal of clearing 500 miles by the end of the year and if I'm still going strong then my aim is to push on next year and ride leics to Skegness or something similar next summer.
  10. After some advice folks. I bought a hybrid bike a couple of months back and am enjoying riding that and the freedom of being able to switch from roads to round the lakes with ease.... I am however spending more time on the road and wondering if worth getting a road bike too? Generally average around 15 miles on a ride when I go out and look on with envy at how people seem to glide along on their road bikes with very little effort. I've been looking at the carrera virtuoso as I can pick one up for just over 200 quid. Seems to have decent reviews as an entry level to road biking but anyone know if I will actually notice much difference from my hybrid with it being a cheaper bike?
  11. I reckon I could get 5 or 6....on the assumption that I was the penalty taker and we won at least 10 penalties in the season.
  12. Little big planet would probably be right up her street if she's likes Lego games
  13. Oh and anyone moaning about encroachment and keepers off their line.... ive just watched back the Kasper save against Sevilla and he was off his line and Huth and N'didi both had a foot in the box as the ball was struck. If that had been retaken and Sevilla had scored then I probably would have cried.
  14. But take the first touch away and god knows where the ball would have gone. If you want a rule change then it would have to be retake regardless of whether the ball goes in or not. For me though, it's football. These things happen. It's bad luck.