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  1. Quiz of Quizzes of Quizness

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  2. Smuts' NFL Thread

    Quite a key thing for me was that they took a knee with 50 seconds remaining of the first half with 3 time outs. You're essentially saying that you don't trust yourselves to be able to get you to within field goal range. Bortles was having a solid game - give him a chance at least especially with Lambo's record for field goals this season.
  3. Anyone still have terrible internet?

    As mentioned before, our broadband is pretty pants. Average speed of 5mbps and if someone in the house streams a video, no one else really can! With sky at the moment and thinking of upgrading to the fibre unlimited package (costs an extra £6 a month). Will I notice a significant difference or are the speeds they mention going to be a fraction of what they are in reality and just wasting more money with them?
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 114 seconds  
  5. Anyone still have terrible internet?

    We've just moved and kept sky broadband. No real issues in the old house - did a job and rarely any problems with Streaming / gaming although downloading PS4 updates took hours. Since we've moved it's dreadful and if someone is streaming a video, I can't even refresh a twitter feed. Going to have to look at upgrading to fibre as its ridiculous that we pay that much for broadband when the internet is faster if I set up a giffgaff sim card on an old phone and use that as a hotspot
  6. Smuts' NFL Thread

    As much as it annoys me, the Vikings have done brilliantly this season. The key moment of their season was when they knocked Aaron Rodgers down and broke his collar bone. Packers were 4-1 and looking very strong, Vikings were 3-2. If Rodgers had remained fit all season, I think they would have won the division and left the Vikings with a wildcard game and road trips to the superbowl. As it is, they made the right call in the off season and recruited a reasonable backup QB with experience when it was understood that they were would be without Bridgewater and he has more than took his chance. My full backing is behind the Jags now though and would love them to go all the way but can't see it.
  7. What grinds my gears...

    Possible that it's been allocated to the wrong year? Would suggest you log onto your online record and make sure that the payment is showing and that it's sat against the correct period. It may be something stupid like you've got one year showing as underpaid (hence these letters) and another year showing as overpaid. The two net off but their system is automated and just focussing on the fact that one year is underpaid.
  8. Sports in movies quiz.

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  9. Sky TV, broadband, packages etc.,

    We've just moved and our broadband speed is now appalling. It's got to the point where if one person is streaming a video, even things like loading twitter on your phone is slow and quicker to switch to 4g. Going to have to jump to fibre I think but will need to leave sky as the price for unlimited usage is just way too much!!
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  11. Union FS tifo display

    Could have done with that view for the full 90 minutes!
  12. Christmas Quiz

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  13. Houses

    Famous last words..... we've still not moved!! Our solicitors have been spot on and our paperwork has been done and agreed back in October. Then person we are buying off has since found a property and no longer moving in with family so whole process stalled and a new chain attached. Her solicitors have been fricking useless - no communication coming out from them at all and also were not on the approved list of solicitors for her bank so had to have a second solicitor working alongside dealing with the mortgage. Hoping to still be in by Christmas but so bloody frustrating.
  14. Premier League Saturday night football

    I believe that this new TV deal takes the premier league to a position where at least 50% of the matches will now be moved for TV purposes.
  15. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 61 seconds