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  1. syston_fox

    What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    Just finished Statik on psvr. Very good little puzzle game and only a few quid on the PlayStation store at the moment if you have a very headset. Very simple concept - your hands are trapped in a mechanical puzzle box and every button / stick on your controller does something different on each box. You get no instructions so it's all trial and error to see what action is triggered by each control and then a case of combining them to solve the puzzle. Works very well as a VR game but only a few of hours long to solve everything.
  2. syston_fox

    Football in 2018 Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 74 seconds  
  3. syston_fox


    When we sold ours, we sold with Melton Premier (https://www.meltonpremier.co.uk) as they were much cheaper than the "high street" lot. In our mind, what does an estate agent actually do in the short term other than put your house on rightmove? In the end it was the best decision we made. The team there were brilliant and helped us push things through when Harrison Murray (who we bought from) and the solicitors were faffing around. They were also available to contact on the phone at any point, even outside of office hours and because they were a bit smaller, they knew all about our property without needing to look at the files etc. Total fee for selling our property with them was under £1k which was really cheap compared to what Harrison Murray, Spencers, Newton Fallowell etc quoted. Best advice as well is to get at least three valuations. We had two lots who came in and gave us a valuation for our property around what we were expecting and then one person came in and quoted £20k less than the other two. Ridiculous thing is that we had had it valued a year before by that company out of interest to see if we could afford to move and they had valued it at £15k higher than a year later. She then told me that most companies would try and charge a % of the sale fee but they didn't think that that was fair on us and quoted me a fee instead...... she seemed a bit confused when I pointed out that the fee she had just suggested for their services was more than the set percentage that she had warned me others would try and con me for.
  4. syston_fox


    Bad game today but nothing wrong with just being "tidy". I would say he's having a far better season than N'didi is so far. Clumsy for the penalty and very poor for the second. Everyone has a bad game here and there so not going to slate him as it was a one off ... Just a shame that his bad day was a VERY bad day and cost us two goals!
  5. syston_fox


    It was a fault on the game. Deleted and reinstalled and looks to have fixed it
  6. syston_fox


    Tried on a different device and works ok on that. Odd
  7. syston_fox


    That's me. I wasn't even close to getting a charged attack either.
  8. syston_fox


    See what I mean @Phube? Charged attacks don't work for me so im a sitting duck
  9. syston_fox


    I've sent you one but think you need to be online to get it. Mine is broken it seems.... The charge attack meter doesn't fill up. Used a 3600 cp against a 2500 executor and they got 4 solar beams before I was even a quarter up my charge meter. Seems a few people have this issue
  10. syston_fox


    Have you seen Syston recently? That started with 2 gyms in the whole town I think and now it's up to 8 Goscote has three within 30 seconds of each other as well.
  11. syston_fox

    Spider-Man PS4

    It's the first game I've completed 100% in a long time! Best tip is to keep getting the collectibles as you go along as if you don't then can be a right slog afterwards swinging round one section of the city waiting for crimes to trigger if you want to platinum it.
  12. syston_fox


    Over 1000 and no shiny. My pride and joy in the shiny world is a 100iv shiny Kyogre. It's an absolute tank in battles!
  13. syston_fox


    I use an app on Android phones called calcy IV.
  14. syston_fox

    Ps4 VR headset and games bundle advice needed

    Ps Worlds (or whatever it is called) that comes with the bundle is a download code in the box. The "demo disk" is also an online download from the PS Store. Other games that are part of a bundle made by wherever you buy it will likely be disks though.
  15. syston_fox


    2 days to spare? Is there a time limit on this one or do you just mean that the regular spawns you need will change in two days?