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  1. syston_fox

    Leicester City Quiz - Season 2001/02

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 64 seconds  
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    LCFC Relegation Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 87 seconds  
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 93 seconds  
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    Smuts' NFL Thread

  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 46 seconds  
  6. syston_fox

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    Because he wants January off!
  7. syston_fox

    Escape Rooms

    Yeah that was my favourite. My Mrs preferred Operations Magnus though. Neither of us were that keen on Chronos (sorry glenny_fox). Done all three now and chronos and reactorvate took about 40 mins with me and the other half and operation Magnus took 50 Mins with a team of four. Even if you're really struggling, the clues that you get given sort of spell it out for you. How many of you doing it? On that room, best advice is don't get destracted by what other people are doing as you don't have to do everything in a certain order like in other escape rooms. The bit you are working on might be completely separate to another's persons but all need doing to get you to the end goal.
  8. syston_fox


    Played 15 of the 18 holes at Beedles Lake last week. Very different to Humberstone Heights as more hazards to consider and more opportunities to go out of bound and ruin your score. Played with my boss and was worried about embarrassing myself but generally played some of the best shots I ever have. Learnt a few valuable lessons though: 1 - nothing wrong with laying up rather than going for the glory shot. Better to leave yourself with a shot pitch than going for the green and ending up a shanking one into the rough. 2 - I need to use a lower tee for irons on par 3s - keep hooking them wildly 3 - most important one here - don't try and retrieve your ball from a brook.... it may look dry but as soon as you put any weight on the bottom, you're going to lose your foot into the mud!! Doh!!!
  9. syston_fox

    North American Sports Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 4 seconds Well that's annoying! Moved from laptop screen to main screen and it kicked me out!!!
  10. syston_fox


    It didn't go to plan. On Wednesday night I hit two buckets of balls on the driving range and hurt my thumb after a bad swing caught the matt before the ball with one of my last shots. Didn't think much of it but when I hit the course, it caused no end of problems and my swing wasn't natural due to the pain. Ended up with drives all over the place and my head went. Lost all confidence of being able to reach the green on par 3s in one shot (which had been no issue the week before) and so tried to over hit them and of course, they flew off anywhere but in the direction of the flag! Ended up recovering on the back 9 a bit after a couple of decent shots boosted my confidence but no repairing the damage. Out in 59, back in 50. I'm starting to realise that 50% of the game is in your head. The best shot I did all day was a great drive that must have gone 280 yards or so (much better than my average) and left a straight forward chip onto the green. With where the bunkers were around the green, I couldn't have placed that drive better if I had walked it down the fairway and dropped it. My head starts thinking about how I could make a nice chip here to leave a little putt and was already thinking how great it was going to feel getting my first birdie on only my second round...... of course I then got the chip all wrong and shot it into some very thick rough, had to hack it out to the edge of the green. Long putt for par wasn't close and ended up taking the 6. Normally I'd be ok with that on a par 4 seeing as still new to the game but I was so mad at myself for getting carried away. Of course I then messed up the next tee shot and so had gone from picturing the birdie to dropping 2 shots on that hole and another 3 on the next because I was so annoyed. I went into the round with the plan to play steady and aim for bogeys..... ended up trying to force the shots because of my injured thumb and played like a clown. Lesson learned!
  11. syston_fox


    Good tips - I'm going out again later and hoping the rain stays off as want to have a fair crack at improving last weeks score. My aim for today is to take it all steady - making sure my shots are straight rather than trying to power them round and looking to accept Bogeys rather than trying to force Pars and ending up 2 over!
  12. syston_fox


    It was only at Humberstone Heights which is quite forgiving I think as really big fairways to aim at and the bunkers aren't too deep - a perfect beginner course really. The real frustration was when you follow up a great drive with an awful second shot. There was one shorter par 4 where I hit a perfect drive to leave me thinking of a pitch and putt and my first birdie on my first round...... obviously getting carried away as then well over hit my second shot over the green, then a bad third shot to try and recover followed by three putting to go from the birdie I had been visualising to a double bogey!! Learnt a big lesson on that hole that you need to work on making sure you're getting pars and bogeys before even thinking of birdies. Yes! Get yourself down the driving range and then we'll go for a round. You're paying.
  13. syston_fox


    I've been toying with getting into golf for ages and finally bought a set of clubs last month. Had my first ever go out on the course on Friday after a few sessions on the driving range and hit 100 so really pleased with that for a first go. Hit two pars on par 3s but generally it was double bogeys for the majority! Itching to get out there again and try and improve on that as there were a few times when I went to try and reach the green and ended up mishitting from trying to generate too much power. A bit of common sense needed and to think more about laying it up and leaving an easier pitch rather than trying to blast it and leaving myself lodged in a bunker!
  14. syston_fox


    My code is 2822 1583 3839. Think I already have a few people on here (tadders86 is my pogo username)
  15. syston_fox

    Football badges quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 59 seconds