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  1. PES 2018

    Ha - I did think that after the first game but by the end of the third, it felt like something was up as it was my opponent missing simple chances too. Went back to try against the computer and on second hardest difficulty, I scored 5 from 7 shots. Maybe the default online settings are different to single player
  2. PES 2018

    Anyone tried this online yet? Of the three games played, we must have been at least 5 clear cut chances each and none of them were going in. Open goals missed, one on ones always striking the post etc. Not having a problem scoring goals against the computer on Top Player difficulty but as soon as venture online, Vardy and Slimani turn into Akinbiyi and Junior Lewis.
  3. Smuts' NFL Thread

    You heard the farce with this? Apparently they didn't actually have tickets to give away and so have had to give out compensation to the people who "won them". Either sky sports for free for a year or £150 ticketmaster gift cards
  4. Difference there is that the game is blacked out if you're within a certain distance of the stadium. If the game sells out then that blackout is lifted I believe.
  5. Cambiasso Retires

    I don't think he's in the same club legend status as the class of 2016 but his impact on that team was clear to see. I remember a first time pass to Ulloa against Chelsea during the great escape and being blown away by it. (if Ulloa had controlled and finished then would have been one of the great goals!) Roll on to the next season and Drinkwater is attempting the same sort of pass week in week out. His biggest influence was on what he taught to others during his time here. A joy to watch him play? Yes. A privilege to have had him play for us? Most definitely! Club legend? No.
  6. Cambiasso Retires

    As sign offs go, the goal against QPR and then bowing to the crowd was pretty special.
  7. Leicester City Launch Foxes Rewards

    The expiry date for the £10 "bonus points" will have passed before they get this working correctly!
  8. PES 2018

    My general rule is that if I want to just sit down and play a football game, PES wins every time. If I want to play multiplayer against mates, then FIFA is the way to go. Single player on hardest difficulty on PES is always a challenge and each game can be so different.
  9. PES 2018

    It is on the PS4 although features last season's squads still. I've only played 2 games and a couple of moments left me really impressed in terms of the graphics and physics.
  10. Houses

    Random question..... has anyone else had to jump through hoops lately for the estate agent that they are BUYING the house from? We've had to go in and provide details of identity for money laundering purposes (which is fair enough) and show a mortgage in principle document to confirm we're not wasting time when the offer was accepted on the house we wanted. Things then went quiet for 2 weeks and then we were asked to provide a current mortgage statement to show the equity in the house we were selling. Frustrated that this has taken two weeks but I took it in.... A week later, had a phone call to say that there was an issue and the mortgage in principle plus the equity in our house was £157 short of the offer we had put in and we needed to prove that we could afford the balance. In reality, its because the MIP was done at the start of the month and the mortgage statement I provided was from the end of the month and so it was just the interest we'd been charged that month. 4 days later, our next mortgage payment would be made and it would swing the other way and technically there would be too much with the MIP plus equity. I explained this to them and was told they would not proceed until I confirmed I had £157 in a bank account yet was not allowed to use a printout from internet banking or an ATM receipt, it had to be a physical bank statement received from the bank. As they had dragged their heels for so long and our solicitors needed the memo of sale, I went in with a three week old statement and told them how stupid they were being. I used a statement of an old savings account with a couple of hundred quid in that was dated the 3 weeks ago. Gave it to them and pointed out the fact that it was old and said that I would not be willing to confirm that that amount was still in the account as at today and whether that would be acceptable - shockingly they said yes at which point I confirmed how stupid the rules were. Proving that we have the balance is fair enough and I would expect that from solicitors but not from bloody estate agents!! 3 weeks from having an offer accepted to them actually processing the memo of sale? Our estate agents had done our sale within 24 hours of solicitors being appointed!
  11. Smuts' NFL Thread

    It's a good day out really and we've been treated to some cracking games over the last few years (and some horrendous ones too!) I follow the Packers and if they ever come over then I'll move heaven and earth to get a ticket for that as the demand will be huge!! For now though, I'm happy just getting to watch some live NFL action and have adopted the Jags as "London's team" while they're here (although I kinda hope they don't relocate for the long term!)
  12. Smuts' NFL Thread

    Yup - I'll be at the two Wembley games again this year. Never bother with Twickenham purely because of the ball ache of getting there and back.
  13. Houses

    I wasn't nervous until reading Bab's posts.... now I'm convinced ours is going to fall through!
  14. Houses

    Ditto! We just seem to be going along with the flow now. From what we found, solicitor fees seem to be fairly standard. We got quite a few quotes and all were within about £150 of each other. We've actually landed in pretty much the dream scenario with our house. The people buying ours are first time buyers and the person we're buying off is moving in with family so the chain is minimal! Watch there still be some snags somewhere though!
  15. Houses

    Happy days!! We've moved on with ours as well now. Had a chap come back last week for a second viewing having gone into hiding for two weeks and then he offered full asking price within half an hour of leaving. Now at the fun stage of solicitors and estate agents who I swear are competing to be as frustrating as possible: - On Friday I took our mortgage in principal decision into vendor's estate agents along with my ID. He took a copy while I was with him, read it and filed it. Monday morning, I get a call from the same chap saying that he has my ID but is still waiting on the mortgage in principal documents..... - Yesterday signed some documents for the solicitors, my wife took them in along with my ID. Today have an e-mail asking when am I going to complete and sign them. Tell them that my wife did it yesterday, solicitor denies all knowledge. We have to go in, she shows us the blank form to prove that it's not completed. Underneath the blank form she picks up from our file, is our completed and signed one and all our ID. Fills you with great confidence!