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  1. I reckon I could get 5 or 6....on the assumption that I was the penalty taker and we won at least 10 penalties in the season.
  2. Little big planet would probably be right up her street if she's likes Lego games
  3. Oh and anyone moaning about encroachment and keepers off their line.... ive just watched back the Kasper save against Sevilla and he was off his line and Huth and N'didi both had a foot in the box as the ball was struck. If that had been retaken and Sevilla had scored then I probably would have cried.
  4. But take the first touch away and god knows where the ball would have gone. If you want a rule change then it would have to be retake regardless of whether the ball goes in or not. For me though, it's football. These things happen. It's bad luck.
  5. So in this case, standing foot catches the ball and it goes in then Mahrez gets to retake? Standing foot catches the ball and he misses and that's just bad luck? That tiny touch with the standing foot could be the reason why you score rather than Miss or vice versa.
  6. Where do you draw the line? John Terry's slip in the champions league final? Beckham lashing one over the bar for England because the turf moved? Both unfortunate but I wouldn't suggest either should be retaken but in "normal" circumstances, both would have scored but instead went on to lose the games. Yes it sucks and is incredible bad luck in this case but I don't think a rule change is needed.
  7. I disagree
  8. The live versions are a mix of both Saturday and Sunday I think rather than all from one show.
  9. Is Ingleborough the one that looks like a vertical climb as you approach it? I remember the climb of Pen-y-Gent being deceptive as hadn't done much hill walking before. Set off at too quick a pace and was breathing pretty heavily by the time we were near the top.
  10. I say guide but he was just the organisers husband and he had done the walk before rather than anything official You should try the National one if you enjoy this but you would need a mate who would do the driving for you rather to give you a chance to rest a bit. The idea is to do it in 24 hours but in reality that's so tough as relying on clear roads to some degree. Ours was part of a work organised event and we did it on a coach so no chance of 24 hours as the coach couldn't even get to the bottom of Scarfell! Snowdon is a good one for training on as it's not difficult at all and pretty quick going up and down. I think we started climbing that at about 4am when we did it so was pretty cool being on it and watching the sun come up
  11. Yeah I did it as part of the training for the National three peaks. Mentally I found the Yorkshire three peaks tougher as it is a long old slog of a walk - particularly in between two of the peaks where it felt never ending. On the national three peaks it's up and down and then back onto your transport for a sit down and break, with the Yorkshire one, that luxury of being taken to the base of the next climb is gone. If you're going to do it then make sure you are with a group of people who you can happily just chat to for hours on end because the actual walk itself wasn't that difficult - it was just mind numbing!! Our group of 6 people doing it was down to 3 by half way and one of those was the guide who was a dot in the distance for a good chunk of it! Oh and there's a place just by the viaduct which is great to meet up with someone if you are with someone who is driving - meant we didn't have to carry too much and could change soggy clothes at that point. There was also a random tea / coffee van which was a god send as it was bloody freezing when we did it. Must admit that my feet were ruined by the end of it but that was more down to it being the first "big" walk of our training. Good walking boots and socks are essential I would say - and make sure you have a couple of spare dry pairs of socks too - nothing worse than soggy socks when you're walking!
  12. That had me in stitches. That barrel sequence in particular because I spent about 15 minutes throwing a barrel and getting it slightly wrong only to roll down again. In fact on my first attempt I got it perfect and to stay.... but then knocked it down when I jumped across. Trico did kill me a couple of times by jumping onto ledges and knocking me off. Or my personal favourite was when I finally got him to jump over a bridge and I took my finger off the button to grip onto the feathers in my excitement that he was finally doing something and I fell off. One of my biggest issues with the game was towards the end and a tower climbing sequence. Climb tower, go up stairs, gap in stairs that you jump over, pull lever, repeat.... after doing it twice there was another staircase with a gap in that I kept dying on everytime I tried to jump it. Having just had to do the same thing twice as part of climbing the tower, it seemed logical that another staircase with identical gap would need jumping but the games physics wouldn't let me jump it successfully even though a smaller gap. Drove me insane!!
  13. Holy shit!!!! Played the first 6 chapters and my god it's impressive. Having played the first three in quick succession over the last month or so you really notice the step up in quality.
  14. Just finished The Last Guardian. Lovely idea for a game and some brilliant moments but overall I was glad it was over at the end as was getting so frustrated with it. Such a shame that a game as original as that can be let down by some horrendous controls and camera action. Almost unplayable at times.
  15. I'm close to the end now and have to say that the poor controls and Trico being a general moron have ruined this game for me. The concept is brilliant and when it works it's a joy to play but I feel like I've spent 75% of the game either trying to move the camera into a position where the screen is not full of feathers or stood on Trico's back telling him to so something only for him to walk the other way or just ignore me. When it works, like in the scenes where bridges collapse and you get saved when falling by a swinging tail, it's brilliant but how many times have I fallen due the awful controls and the feathery **** has just watched me die?!