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  1. It is getting pathetic now. I gave up going to away games when I had kids because to me, it's not fair to disappear for a whole day and not see them. By being a better Dad, I'm suddenly not a real fan or "plastic" according to some on here. To be honest, stopping going was one of the best things I did because it used to be fun and people enjoyed themselves. Now it seems more like a school playground and peer pressure to act in a certain way. Wear a football shirt - wrong sort of fan Sit down - wrong sort of fan Take a photo - wrong sort of fan Enjoy yourself - wrong sort of fan Crack a smile - wrong sort of fan People have paid their money to watch the game in the way that they want to. If you're worried about how we look on Match of the Day and how other fans might see us then you clearly have some sort of complex. I don't pause the TV and comment on how the fans of other teams are looking, I care about what happens on the pitch and 99% of people will be the same.
  2. I think the real question is why do people even care that other fans were filming it etc.
  3. syston_fox


    Yeah the rain and reduced daylight hours are killing my cycling just as it's fully gotten started. Had the target of doing 500 miles in the calendar year and was only on about 50 by June so bought a roadbike to motivate myself and make it more enjoyable than my old hybrid..... smashed the 500 miles over the summer and totalled over 200 miles in September alone. Love looking back on Strava at the improvement in times over various sections and the increased speed on my commute. When I first tried it on the road bike, it was around 24 minutes but I managed to break the 20 minute mark a couple of weeks back so was over the moon with that. Has anyone had much experience with turbo trainers as tempted to get one for the winter months and sign up to Zwift to make sure I keep at it?
  4. Well that was a shock.... wasn't expecting much from that line up but really enjoyed the first episode. (David Baddiel is pretty much as predicted though!)
  5. Lucky friend. Sick of bloody dittos
  6. According to some in the media that defensive record would have been 100% down to Harry Maguire..... even the Wolves clean sheet would have been as a result of his influence in pre-season or something.
  7. Ditto. Never had one either!
  8. The most ridiculous thing about this for me is that we got more for him than we did for Mahrez!!
  9. Packers @ Seahawks in 2012 - the fail mary with the final play to lose the game. I was fuming to lose the game with such a crap call at the end of it having played so well. Likewise Packers @ Seahawks in the play offs in 2015. We were on a great season and seemed certain to win the Superbowl. Championship game, comfortably in front against a Seahawks team who were near unbeatable at home it seemed.... 19-7 up with three minutes to go and after some awful play calling and a disasterous attempt at recovering an onside kick, we ended up being 22-19 down with seconds remaining. Got it back to 22-22 to take it to overtime but heads had gone and Seahawks finished it off something like 4 plays later. Never like Seattle after that those two games. Other mentions: England v Germany in Euro 96. Still wince when Gazza slides in and just can't stretch enough to knock into the empty net.
  10. You're not alone - took me about 20 attempts to beat it!! Can you change character in adventure mode as couldn't find a way of doing it so had to stick with Crash throughout Shortcut?!?!?
  11. syston_fox


    Yeah I'm on the hoods but still taking getting used to. Enjoying it much more than my old hybrid though. Done a couple of 25 mile rides and felt good after them whereas it was a slog if I did that before. The main difference is the hills though, the difference in weight of the bike means it's so much easier getting you some of the smaller ones. Don't get me wrong, it still kills me but my slow death is now 25% or so quicker
  12. Someone has already noted on twitter that there are a potential 406 Trevor Benjamin derbies if you factor in all teams he has played for.
  13. Beat Saber on PSVR..... horribly addictive and nothing more frustrating then slicing your way through a track on expert difficulty only to come unstuck on the outro and fail the song!
  14. I was never really a huge fan of the FF series but I remember being addicted to the card game in FF8!
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