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  1. His first Liverpool goal as well...... makes it an even greater act of sportsmanship!
  2. I'd rather have had a day out at Wembley than care what a few kids on twitter think thanks!
  3. I'm not sure how we were number two seeds as it's not been a brilliant season by any means. We've looked rusty and struggled to see out games for the majority of the season but we're still there and grinding out wins. Last night for three quarters was probably some of the best we've seen this season as we looked decent on both sides of the ball but then had no answer at all when Wilson started running it. Led for a very nerve wracking ending and now we march on to next week against the 49ers, a team that absolutely destroyed us earlier in the season. I'm always nervous when it comes to Rodgers v Richard Sherman too - he seems to always be able to stop us. Stick him on Adams and we could be relying on the running game a lot more!
  4. In my opinion, the location of union FS where it is is fine and if anything it should slide round more to the right as it expands rather than to the kop. Let's face it, the majority of people in the middle of each stand have probably been there for the longest whereas that corner was pretty empty up until a few years ago so logically, if people did need to move it should be them, to better seats without paying more. Only way you could do it in my opinion. I appreciate what you're doing with the atmosphere etc but the whole elitist attitude pisses me off. I used to be vocal as a fan and travelled the country but now my approach has changed. I enjoy watching the game for the sport it is and going to Filbert Way is about spending time with my old man (or little boy who went to his first game on Saturday). My dad would struggle to stand for 90 minutes and has been a season ticket holder since the stadium opened. The fact that he (and I for that matter) don't want to stand, jump, sing, wave flags etc doesn't make us any less of fans than the people in Union FS and I don't appreciate being referred to as less of a fan because of it. We were there pre the fosse boys, pre union fs, pre good football and we will be there in the future too. We've been at the staidum to see us battle it out in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy and the Champions League. We've been there in the sunshine of May, we battled through the snow to get there for the Boro game that was nearly called off. I am a fan of Leicester City, the same as any of you. I choose to support them in a different way is all. It certainly doesn't mean im "holding back the fan base" For the record, I'm not against Union FS and I think youre doing a great job. Just some people in this thread need to realise that everyone is equal as a fan.
  5. Professional performance and got the job done. Good run out for fringe players and safely into round 4 - that'll do me.
  6. Liverpool don't have the best eleven players in the league but what they do is compliment each other very well. Their tactics were spot on, pressured hard when they needed too, forced mistakes and broke fast. Not the best individual players but best team by a country mile. Similar to when we won it. All this bollocks about them being so far clear because of VAR and referee decisions is bollocks. Klopp has got them playing very well as a collective unit. Fair play to them.
  7. Couldn't have been or I would have finished third in our two player game
  8. Mario Party is good except for the bonuses at the end. I lost the game itself but was then given two bonus stars for being the "unluckiest player" and ended up winning which felt like it made the whole hour long board game before it irrelevant! Luigi's mansion was pretty good but was starting to feel repetitive by the end. Mario Kart is obviously always a good laugh.
  9. But that makes their current run even more impressive in my opinion. They find a way to win games - it's what made Man Utd such a force under Fergie for all those years. Fair play to them - they're not just blowing teams away, they're winning dirty where they need to.
  10. That went about 5 years ago. We're doing a party for my son's 6th birthday next week. Hired a village hall with a bouncy castle for a couple of hours. Easiest just to try and keep things simple! He went to a similar one a few months back and for food they just got a load of cobs and then someone popped to the chippy and got a load of chips. Chip cobs all round! So simple and everyone loved it!
  11. Luigi's mansion 3 on the switch...... as always with Nintendo, simple game done very well!! Really enjoying it as a game to just pick up and spend half an hour or so on at a time.
  12. It might just be me but have the last couple of series had less tasks per episode and more advert breaks?
  13. It is getting pathetic now. I gave up going to away games when I had kids because to me, it's not fair to disappear for a whole day and not see them. By being a better Dad, I'm suddenly not a real fan or "plastic" according to some on here. To be honest, stopping going was one of the best things I did because it used to be fun and people enjoyed themselves. Now it seems more like a school playground and peer pressure to act in a certain way. Wear a football shirt - wrong sort of fan Sit down - wrong sort of fan Take a photo - wrong sort of fan Enjoy yourself - wrong sort of fan Crack a smile - wrong sort of fan People have paid their money to watch the game in the way that they want to. If you're worried about how we look on Match of the Day and how other fans might see us then you clearly have some sort of complex. I don't pause the TV and comment on how the fans of other teams are looking, I care about what happens on the pitch and 99% of people will be the same.
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