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  1. Rodri is still learning about football. Don't be too hard on him. Bless
  2. I think that Pep deserves a lot of credit for managing to field a team of 11 and even a few substitutes
  3. I was also very disappointed by Maguire's contribution in 2015-16
  4. I reckon their young kid Delap might have a pretty good throw-in
  5. I'm sure that's where Brideshead Revisited was filmed
  6. No Vardy tonight and fortunately no VAR either
  7. Zey are just following hors d'oeuvres As John cleese would say
  8. Really pleased with the performance and win tonight. It's good to see Maddison getting some game time but I must confess I was uneasy about him being introduced when he was. We became slower, inviting Burnley back into the game and there were a couple of occasions when we/he lost the ball, with Maddison staying on the ground and appealing for a free kick? Nah, the guy needs a kick up the arse and shouldn't think his place is guaranteed. But I'm still happy
  9. … ish I'm sure he'll be coached to improve when he's up against aerial bombardment. He's a great young player to have around
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