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  1. Thought Gray looked positive, confident and 'up for it' ...... …… but then the referee blew his whistle to start the match
  2. I also thought we looked like Barcelona but just a bit quicker
  3. Don’t think, even with Morgan, we’ll get that many goals
  4. Last manager we had who picked a side that strong for the league cup was Martin O’Neil
  5. Fake news surely? BTW, 'Fake' means not true. I just made up the word - don't think anyone else has used it ….. ever!
  6. This team would be fine as long as we never, ever lose posession After we score, I'd be worried about getting the ball back after they kick off
  7. ??? ….. a pink cap ….. that's why I'm going!
  8. Agree, if anything, he's got better
  9. W M Formation and player nos. 1 to 11 with one sub, no.12 Chelsea's no. 6 was Drinkwater hence an other
  10. Only if we're allowed a 2nd Sub
  11. We need to get back to the traditions of Association Football.... Leicester: Schmeichel Justin Chilwell Soyuncu Morgan Evans Gray Tielemans Vardy Maddison Albrighton Sub (for injured player): Ward Chelsea: Arrizabalaga Rudiger Alonso Christensen Jorginho A.N. Other Kante Barclay Abraham Willian Pedro Sub (for injured player) Loftus-Cheek
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