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  1. Pleased that we had a good strong finish - should give the team confidence for the semi final. I agree with the disciplinary action taken against the 'Covid boys'. Not overly helpful today but I believe it will benefit the club longer term.
  2. agree it was good to see him 'finish' yesterday. Think he'll score at West Ham though - probably twice
  3. Gave Kasper a 5 due to distribution. 5 also for Pereira and Maddison 8 for Fofana 7 for Ndidi, Castagne and Perez 6 the rest
  4. For me: 4 September 1976 V. Everton at Filbert Street. Never found any film of this but it's in my memory. Early in the 2nd half Frankie Wortho ran from the halfway line and beat 8 players (think it was 6 but he went round 2 of them twice, including the goalkeeper). Then he stood in front of the Kop enjoying the adulation for quite some time. A fantastic goal to garnish any victory. Unfortunately Bob Latchford got a tap in later to earn a draw.
  5. Product Placement Alert! At he start of the 2nd half: "this match is being played in Leuven - the brewing capital of Belgium. Wales will need a STELLA performance to get anything here"
  6. 4? Four? that's insane: (2) Ordering Four Naan (That's Insane) - Peep Show - YouTube
  7. Not sure about the referee (take that any which way) but I think Shilton was clobbered in the 2nd half and remained groggy for the rest of the game.
  8. My all-time favourite player. Frank was too unconventional (not boring enough) to get the many England caps that his talent deserved. Mind you, Joe Mercer could pick a decent England team:
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