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  1. dayday

    Luka Jovic

    Probably a load of rubbish, according to the Daily star we are interested in this guy, can’t do the link, on Newsnow Leicester
  2. Brendan said yesterday on the Radio that they will be looking to strengthen the forward line.
  3. My only rant with Maddison is his decision making, twice he should of squared it, but decided to go for goal himself
  4. I never get why we don’t have a target man as back up, in games like this we’re crying out for that type of player. It was so predictable what was happening, we ended up running out of ideas.
  5. We created 42 chances to there 12 over the 2 legs.
  6. To be fair to Rodgers it’s not his team, and that team he inherited was a 8th/9th position side, let’s wait for the next signings before we properly judge him.
  7. Showed the Leicester v Man Utd game from November 1976 this morning, but what surprised me was the Utd fans was in part of the family enclosure, and also the East Stand next to compost corner couldn’t tell if they was in the kop, also what was with the white seats in the middle of the East Stand? I didn’t start going to 1979, was this normal for the away fans in that part of the ground in that era?
  8. A while back EM news dedicated a good 10 minutes on the proposed new capacity increase for Forest, I wonder if they do the same for us.
  9. Something on Newsnow Leicester saying the new capacity will be around 42,000, cannot do the link
  10. Does anybody know when we will get ticket refunds from this game?
  11. It was the only game ever I didn’t want Leicester to score, I was only 11 and stood at the front of pen2, like you say the crushing was very scary and I was a terrified kid
  12. Just out of interest, are you Martin Samuel?
  13. Also did he use Brylcreem or Extra Virgin oil for his hair
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