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  1. One thing was more noticeable, we didn’t look nowhere near as fatigued as Sunday.
  2. I thought we was a lot better when the subs came on
  3. Hard to watch at times, passing was disappointing Good point under the circumstances
  4. I’m watching, plenty of endeavour, plenty off misplaced passes.
  5. That’s it nothing because I’ve barely heard his name
  6. Choudhury even though was at fault for there goal and should of scored is actually getting in decent areas
  7. I did, as bad as it sounds I think Rodgers is just trying to freshen it up and hope we get an ugly win He obviously doesn’t trust Under, Albrighton has been very poor recently, so yes I did half expect it.
  8. I’ve got a feeling Cengiz will finally come good and show us all what he is capable of, it’s in the stars
  9. Last seasons games against Bournemouth away, Brighton at home, Watford away and Everton away stick in the mind, games we should of done a lot better in and ultimately them games cost us our Champions league spot
  10. That debut against Wolves was impressive, the power he got on that header, went in like a bullet.
  11. We made 5 changes today, so there is no excuse to sit back and defend from the 7th minute. Try and get the second then bring on your Choudhurys and Mendys of this world to shut up shop. You can blame fatigue, but I expected more.
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