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  1. In our last 13 games including cups we have W6 D2 L5. In them games S Prague deserved to lose Arsenal- deserved to lose Burnley- very lucky to draw Brighton- very lucky to win Sheff Utd- beat a poor team Man Utd - beat a jaded team Man City- deserved to lose West Ham- deserved to lose Southampton( cup)just shaded it WBA- beat a poor side C Palace- very lucky to win Southampton- disappointing draw Newcastle- deserved to lose Looking at them games, we have only looked good in 3 of them, 2 against crap team
  2. I’ve said for a long time we need a no-nonsense box to box midfielder who can pull the strings along with a LB, RW and a forward that’s the minimum amount of players we should bring in We have the nucleus of a very good side, and it would be heartbreaking if we don’t make big changes this summer and keep it going, I suppose where we finish will make a big difference
  3. Just for the record who’s idea is it to water the pitch, never seen so much slipping from our players
  4. He did make one burst of pace in the first half past there defender to give me hope that he’s not totally done.
  5. Somehow, somewhere, we need to find some form, as for next season we need to get 3 or 4 faces because we’re starting to look a bit shit.
  6. Poor from Brendan tonight and that’s without the errors, team was unbalanced , to slow to change things As for Maddison and I hate to say it Vardy should not be in the first team on current form.
  7. This has now made tonight’s game even worse, disgrace that we’re only playing now, the players need to have a long look at themselves
  8. Weekend ruined again, thank you very much
  9. I’d love to know what Brendans writing down on that paper
  10. We’re losing this tactically and making errors
  11. Looks like we have over watered the pitch
  12. Need to change our boots, slipping all over the place
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