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  1. Best if he leaves, his career is just passing him by staying here
  2. Enjoyed the 2nd half, but who was the guy with more of a deep voice the Sean Dyche ?
  3. I think that’s a tad harsh considering with Castagne, Ricardo and Wilf to come back.
  4. My concern was after last seasons Boxing Day mauling by Liverpool, we never really recovered after that defeat
  5. Need to get Liverpool out of our system quick, it would be nice to see Ricardo and Castagne feature, just to give us some belief again.
  6. We got toyed with and that comes down to the managers tactics, our press and passing tonight was shocking. We was so in awe of them, it was embarrassing I really hope we don’t capitulate like we did last season after get mauled by Liverpool
  7. Let’s just hope this game doesn’t go to our heads after last seasons hammering by Liverpool.
  8. I expect some fight even if our manager got it tactically wrong from the start.
  9. Why’s it always take Rodgers 60 minutes to make the changes
  10. If you set up like we have, then you’re inviting trouble. Our midfield is getting over run, the annoying thing is we can see this, Rodgers can see this, and that’s why he will never be considered a top manager as tactically he can be so poor!
  11. ****in pathetic tactics this half, Liverpool running rings around us
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