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  1. Well with the touted closed shop European champions leagues in 2024, who knows
  2. I remember Rodgers post match comments after the Newcastle game last season, where he said next season they won’t beat us. Well the worrying thing for me Wolves set up pretty similar to Newcastle, but yet again we couldn’t break that sort of team down. I just hope we find a way, as the likes Bournemouth and Southampton etc will come and frustrate, there was a lot of talk pre season about preference for a winger and not a striker, well I’m definitely firmly in the striker camp, a Andy Carroll type player would of made a big difference.
  3. Isn’t Loftus- Cheek injured?
  4. Even our free kicks were poor
  5. Games like these you need a target man, we was to predictable in our play
  6. Positives: Soyuncu Ricardo Wilf And the full time whistle. Negatives: Chilwell Perez And the new Pink tops.
  7. I would of loved it if we had a new version of the kop and double decker at the Kp when we was building it.
  8. dayday

    Dennis Praet

    Let’s have a whip round
  9. When Leicester played Man City, Gary Neville kept saying City, Tyler said which team! As for City, isn’t it because there are 2 Manchester teams and it’s easier to say?
  10. Quick get Liam to track that car.
  11. I find it hard to believe people spat at Brian Little prior to our promotion
  12. I honestly hope he fails, this Leicester side is the best squad I’ve known and he jumps ship for a global brand who I think is a weaker side than us, good effing riddance
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