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  1. It says something when people think Slimani is better than Deeney.
  2. Knockeart didn't help matters when he said Leicester was just a stepping stone just after getting promoted back to the prem
  3. Quite a few said that on the day, I must have watched a different game as I thought he looked like a fish out of water, didn't give me any confidence at all.
  4. That's not the point for me, better to have a ground that's big enough even though sometimes it won't be filled. At least it caters for everyone then
  5. This guy is just the type of player we need, he Would be ideal in the no 10 role. Rudkin needs to make this happen.
  6. A lot of grounds I've been are just as bad as Leicester for traffic congestion after a match.
  7. So how would they know unless it's done? I think they should just get on with it, never been a better opportunity.
  8. What about N'didi, everybody loves him
  9. It was right by me, Albrighton was doing his nut and rightly so
  10. So we got £17.1 million for finishing 12th, could of been £22.8 million if the linesman hadn't flagged for offside, talk about fine margins Anybody know what we roughly made this season with TV, champions league etc.
  11. I heard it's a done deal that Bourne is leaving
  12. This game summed him up, first half awful and got a rollicking off Albrighton for his lack of work rate, second half much improved, though wasteful at times was a constant threat.
  13. I will miss you big guy ,committed to the cause.
  14. I agree, and I also think CB could ultimately be his position. Looked composed there, where as he looks all at sea in midfield.