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  1. Most teams around the 70s/80s had there fair share of nasty players, yes Steve Walsh was a no nonsense centre half but your constant sniping of him makes me wonder what kind of Leicester fan you really are.
  2. I hope we hammer Spurs, they really despise us since we won the title.
  3. Forest just hate it that they are no longer the biggest club in the EM.
  4. Wants premier league football next season, so we could be in with a chance , Conte could let us sign him as a thank you for Kante
  5. Does he accept being called Shakes now he is manager? As for Shakes getting the job, I think he deserves a crack at it, the players all like him and is one of the main reasons we have been so successful, Ranieri hadn't really done anything, the system was in place before he got here.
  6. I like to go other forums, discuss football, nearest pubs etc. I found them to be utter pricks, not the usual minority, it was most of them. What made me laugh was when somebody posted a Geoff Peters twitter page picture showing a load of skeletons, saying we waited that long we all died, they hated that. If anybody can find it, it's quite funny
  7. I think with the emergence of N'didi, it's rather smoothed thinks over
  8. If you read the Spurs forum then you would think differently, they like to refer us as little Leicester. Not the fact they haven't won the title for well over 50 years
  9. Surely he is entitled to a testimonial?
  10. It's a good job Gary Neville ain't a chairman
  11. Well will see in the summer as we need at least 6 new signings
  12. To be fair there is a lot of decent posters and then you get the bear and a few others who are just completely anti Leicester.
  13. Carragher and Keown
  14. Looked good Saturday , shame he is not the quickest.