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  1. I take it we still have to pick the free scarf up before the West Ham game?
  2. Let’s sign him and let the Bull loose
  3. If it’s true that training is so intensive, then I just think the players are knackered, we’ve been poor for quite a while, so many players having off days, we're starting to get out pressed now, that’s how bad things have got.
  4. Looks like Maddison is out injured
  5. I agree, when we won the title, we had a no fear factor and more than matched the big sides, with the current side we look like a team that’s beaten before they’ve started. The 2 games against Man City and Liverpool was very painful to watch
  6. My mate tried getting 4 for him and his mates, would only allow 3, even though he had the right priority points, work that out when my mate phoned on behalf of me for 4 tickets, the lady asked for D.O.Bs, I’ve never ever been asked that before, so he couldn’t get any. so I phoned at 9.50, the lady would only allow me 2, because 1 of the references didn’t have the right points, the other because my daughter was disabled, I said to the lady never had a problem in the past in getting adult tickets with my daughters season ticket, she couldn’t really answer me, but still refused me, and also she didnt mention d.o.bs. Its like they make it up as they go along.
  7. My point is CBs around 30 seem to read the game better and are more assured around that age, Elliot,Walsh,Taggart, Morgan and Evans alone spring to mind that’s just for Leicester, definitely better with experience. Tony Adams and Keown at Arsenal, was fantastic John Terry at Chelsea.
  8. I always thought CB’s come into there own when they’re around 30
  9. Can somebody put me right, was speaking to a Everton fan earlier, and he said the Leicester fans was being knobs saying Boris Johnson is going to close down the NHS, to the Everton fans, I said I couldn’t comment as I wasn’t there, but I’m sure we was misheard, am I right or is he?
  10. If that fails it might be worth driving to Rugby train station, a lot cheaper train tickets
  11. Since Leicester have been in the Walkers/King Power Stadium, Forest have only bettered is once on average gates
  12. You do realise we’re a 1 club city/county, with a large catchment area, name me another club who can say the same? As for the f.a.cup it’s not that bigger deal anymore, I can remember queuing against Bristol City in the early 90s, we will never get them times anymore.
  13. When I was talking to the Newcastle fans before we signed him , they said that he is a better player in the hole, than as a winger, when I mentioned that on here the so called experts on here was saying he is better coming in from the right, I thought to myself it’s not worth arguing, when fans who have hardly seen him play compared to fans that watch week in, week out.
  14. I thought Ricardo and Maddison scored
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