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  1. Didn’t Dunk start his career there?
  2. dayday

    James Justin

    Listening to Radio Leicester earlier it said we are close to signing him, they also had a Luton correspondent on there saying he’s a wingback so I can see them working in tandem.
  3. He is everywhere, last week he was in the Crown at Gilmorton
  4. If we did go for Perisic what are his qualities?, as my mate reckons he’s not very quick.
  5. Yep same here, we would never get a better chance of overtaking Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea, next season we could make a big statement of intent.
  6. One game that sticks in my mind was Leicester v Tranmere in 1992, Leicester absolutely battered them but just couldn’t score, I was with my brother and another lad when my brother said come on we will never score, as the game just went into injury time we left, just as we came out of the Carling Stand, Kevin Russell scored, I was gutted and happy at the same time
  7. I was reading the red cafe forum yesterday and a couple of there ITK’s was saying he was off to Man City.
  8. No doubt Brendan has been given a budget and most likely it will depend on what happens with Tielemans before we start to see some movement.
  9. dayday

    James Maddison

    I wouldn’t sell anybody, next season with a couple of quality additions we could bypass Man U and Arsenal, I really hope we go for it. This young side is only going to get better it would be heart breaking if it got dismantled.
  10. dayday


    How strange they want 60 million for a player they want rid off, ain’t happening.
  11. Mate went to a Bayern Munich v Bayern Leverkusen game last season, said he was brilliant, and scored a cracker , Also said in the club shop they have one bit dedicated just to Robben shirts as he was that popular.
  12. dayday

    Free agents

    I’m not in ITK, but was told today that he has been at the club and could be coming to us. As for being over the hill he is far from it, still a fantastic player.
  13. My memory of that Pompey game was Sousa trying to give I think it was Jack Hobbs instructions just before he came on as sub, and Hobbs looked totally baffled to what he was supposed to do.
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