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  1. Sorry when you said you groaning , I thought you was one of the boo boys. I bet the ones that booed him, was the same ones cheering at the end
  2. Do you sit in the West stand?, cuz a lot of the booing when he came on was from there. That is one thing in football that winds me up.
  3. From the fighting cocks, Spurs forum Leicester fans singing we’re all going on a European tour I remember their last European tour, the most embarrassing showing of any English club in Europe. Totally out of there depth and they will be again.
  4. Just seen his interview, so much potential here with the new training facilities and the growth of the stadium. Top has basically sat him down and told him to be part of the legacy. What a time to be a Leicester fan.
  5. Taken from the Villa forum! Always looked to this one as the most likely win of the last 3 games. They can’t win 8 in a row, They need reminding we are the biggest club in the whole of the Midlands. 1-0 McGinn Done nothing for years and still think they’re the dogs bollocks, just like the Forest fans used to be.
  6. This game will suit us much better than the last two, and seeing Chelsea had 25 attempts last night, they are there for the taking.
  7. Who’s leaving early tonight?
  8. I see our friends on the fightingcocks forum are upset we’ve won today, they really don’t like us
  9. He also said the same thing about Celtic, 2 weeks before he quit them , that’s why I’m hoping that there no official approach from Arsenal.
  10. Sav was only saying Brendan should quit Leicester for Arsenal in the Mirror today. I do feel unless we increase the capacity, we will always have that little Leicester tag, and be seen as a stepping stone.
  11. But they have no right to belittle us when they have done nothing for years.
  12. They remind me of Aston Villa, think they’re bigger than they actually are.
  13. To be fair to Kammy, I quite like him and he’s quite informative on goals on Sunday
  14. I was there at his debut, he was a instant favourite with the fans after that game
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