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  1. I wish we stopped passing around our box, we will concede if we carry on
  2. I think this is just the type of player we need, last season we became easy to defend against as we had nobody other than Barnes that could beat a man, quite often down both flanks our runs would stop, and the ball will be played backwards or side ways. With this guy it will now give us 2 players that will draw players to them, and allow Teilemans and Maddison more space in midfield to do there stuff, this can only be great for Vardy, as he will get more space to run in behind defenders. Its no secret we have been crying out for this type of player, and I for one I see this as a very positive signing rather than the negative one from other posters.
  3. I can see him working for bt sport as a pundit, then he can tell Chris Sutton what a Cnut he is.
  4. Fofana explains Leicester ambitions: They're insulting my mother; attacking my sister by Paul Vegas2 days ago SHARE THE LOVE St Etienne defender Wesley Fofana has launched an extraordinary explanation why he's pushing to join Leicester City. Leicester City are in contact with ASSE about a deal for the young stopper - an approach Fofana is desperate to take advantage of. The centre-half has made it clear - publicly - he wishes to be sold to the Foxes this summer. And he admits the situation, with St Etiennefighting hard to keep hold of him, is spilling into his family's day-to-day life and creating problems. Fofana revealed to L'Equipe via Le 10 Sport on Friday: "To be called a 'mercenary', 'traitor', hurt me. "But that the Stéphanois come to insult my mother and my little sister, that affects me a lot. I am disgusted. Some have even gone further. My little sister was taken to task in her high school. They insulted her, they pushed her. "She does not know football and she suffered that. It is unacceptable. I saw her cry ... I spoke with her, then I took her to high school. She was the victim of idiots and their behavior really weighed on my decision making. "Where I come from, the northern districts of Marseille and a not-so-well-off family, that's not possible. I'd be crazy to say no to Leicester. This contract can change my life. I have to protect my family by keeping them safe. The sporting and financial aspects being combined, I have to say yes." Despite Leicester's attempts, St Etienne coach Claude Puel played Fofana for this weekend's victory over Strasbourg. ASSE won 2-0 with Fofana lining up at centre-half and playing the full 90. Fofana has spent his entire career with St Etienne and signed a new contract only in April to 2024. Last season, he managed 24 appearances, scoring twice. Don’t know if this has been posted before, sounds like his desperate to come.
  5. It was said in previous topics like Soyuncu he is a better player 2nd season.
  6. Harvey ( Barn Door) Barnes
  7. Anybody who saw him for Belguim recently , would not of been surprised
  8. dayday


    Early doors yet! Give the boy a chance, Mr Fickle
  9. More like they have been seeing how pessimistic we're on FoxesTalk
  10. I miss Puels post match comments
  11. His stats say he’s quick, dominant in the air, yet he’s big weakness is concentration ...ummmm
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