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  1. Don't do yourself down. I'm very familiar with the joys of a Dyson returned to full efficiency
  2. Just went for a 5k and scraped in at about 25:15, so it's not just you that's old and slow
  3. From the legal argument: "Colin has acquired and retains an enhanced distinctive character and reputation." A bold claim on behalf of a cake in the shape of an unrealistic caterpillar, I'd have said. Aldi should've called it Simon the caterpillar or something to make it more distinct. Amateurs. It's like when Asda got done for selling Puffin bars
  4. I went to Watford for my last car. This one is 167 miles, doesn't say which direction! It's got a reversing camera too, another plus. The advert's a bit rubbish though - no description of condition or anything, and only 4 photos. Presumably an actual private sale if they're that amateurish! I think this one may have come up a bit soon, but I'm going to keep an eye on it
  5. Believe it or not, one's just come up on motors.co.uk. Private sale, but a long way away. So they do exist!
  6. I may yet need to ask you about how to track down rare models. According to the Skoda dealership, Octavias with the audio upgrade are so rare they might as well not exist!
  7. Absolutely. I'll have to find out what he actually means as it may not be a company car in the traditional sense, but I'm sure will involve some cunning tax wheeze. I'll have to find out what he's thinking, which I don't like to do as it sounds like I'm asking for something, but at the same time I don't want to enter into some arrangement now, which may not be easy to extricate myself from in a year's time. A few days ago I was seriously considering taking out a loan, as I could do so at a ridiculously low rate, but now unsure whether this is the right thing to do
  8. Loving the vigorous defence of Honda on here. We've only had ours a few years but I know a few people who have been driving really old examples and been very content doing so. My Mazda is being a bit of a pain in the arse - the occasional electrical gremlins that have characterised my ownership seem to be getting more frequent, and I pretty much convinced myself that I would look to change it sooner rather than later. Got as far as looking at finance (and for reasons unclear I'm apparently quite credit worthy) and seriously thinking about biting the bullet, when my boss
  9. This adds to an already strong look: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/apr/11/downing-street-rewrote-independent-report-on-race-experts-claim
  10. Saw this earlier in the week and took the time just now to watch it all the way through. It's great, isn't it? I agree with pretty much everything said. The more I've thought about it, the more incredulous I feel at the level of cynicism associated with that race report. It's so absurd, so flimsy that it's difficult not to see it as an act of provocation. My initial reaction when I saw its conclusions was to ask myself what's more likely, that institutional racism doesn't exist, or that the Tories have managed to find a dozen or so people of colour to state that's the c
  11. They're proper buggers. It's quite an edgy take on the story. Sadly they had to edit out the bit where they give Domhall Gleeson a severe allergic reaction by shooting blackberries at his face after complaints, but at least they kept in the bit where they wire up his door handles to the electric
  12. My daughter is watching the recent Peter Rabbit film which despite the involvement of James Corden is much better than is made out (the electrocution scene is one of the funniest things I've seen in a film for ages) and is pushed into the realm of enjoyable by the lovely, lovely Rose Byrne
  13. Glad it worked out. I might head out that way myself some time - finding routes from home that aren't crushingly dull is always a challenge
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