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  1. The Bluetones at the end of the month and The Darkness a few days later. Going to both on my own, a veritable Toby Young I am (although I think the high cost of tickets and indifference to the acts is as much to blame as my challenging personality)
  2. That's an inexplicable sentiment isn't it? The guaranteed way to get a cyclist to slow drivers down is to put him in a car
  3. I'm not that surprised, except maybe about the timing. It's a big loss in that I think Labour would do much, much better with him at the helm, but he's looked like he's in a different party for ages
  4. I say this most years, but there was a time not that long ago - in between the two Gulf wars, which may or may not be a coincidence, when it was really low profile - to the point where some years I actually wanted to buy a poppy but couldn't find a poppy seller anywhere
  5. It's quite up and down, and excitingly muddy in parts yesterday. Think I averaged just under 9 minute miles but I had to work hard to do that
  6. No, but I did the Shepshed 7 today, which was fun. I think I might look out for 10k races as I think I've got more chance of improving my time over shorter distances, as I just don't get the time to train for 10 miles plus stuff
  7. Oh Christ, I remember when that was broadcast. The main office gammon came in the next morning and triumphantly declared that at last that there was firm evidence that climate change was all bollocks. I thought it was of dubious quality even as a layperson, but everything I've read about its making (including from those quoted in the programme and supposedly had their words used massively out of context) suggests that the decision to put it out, by a public service broadcaster, was questionable to say the least
  8. Forgive me if this has already been mentioned, but I read yesterday (and I stress that I don't know if this is true) that there is no minimum age for Conservative Party members to vote in leadership elections. Could apply to all parties for all I know, so although as a child you cannot vote in a general election, there are circumstances where you can have a say in who runs the country. As an aside, my Gran is 99 and my daughter is 4, and I think the latter would be much better able to digest multiple sources of information and consider different arguments before arriving at a decision I don't agree with and consider to be wrong
  9. Mate, I'd like to buy this copy of Aladdin Sane, but some old bastard has scribbled on it, can I have a discount? Actually no, the opposite - that's $300 Wat?
  10. I told them that you said that, so that's what they're doing, and it's taking so long that instead of doing it at 8.30 pm like they said, it's now going to be at 3.30am. I hope you're pleased with yourself
  11. My next door neighbours popped round earlier to tell us what time they're doing their fireworks tonight and check we're cool with that. I wouldn't have minded anyway as I know they only do it for one night, but that sort of consideration always makes me a lot less likely to be irritated
  12. The main thing is that that clip hasn't been edited at all
  13. What's freaked me out recently is that it's not that drivers haven't seen me (which although isn't great is understandable in some circumstances up to a point) but at times they clearly HAVE seen me and pull out in front of me anyway. I'm starting to dread riding past people waiting to turn right out of junctions. I can only assume they assume I'm going a lot slower than I actually am
  14. There are, what, about 4 red light cameras in Leicester? I'd put them on every set if it were up to me, and I wouldn't warn people that they were there. They'd be paid for within a couple of weeks
  15. I know a lot of people don't like cyclists but please stop trying to kill me on my way to and from work
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