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  1. I'm the metropolitan liberal elite, so I am duty bound to, obviously. I was raised in a house where I only had access to the Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and occasionally the Daily Express, so when I first read the Guardian I was confused as to why it doesn't feel like being metaphorically punched in the face, over and over again, except perhaps when it's Owen Jones writing and I don't read his bits anyway
  2. The background of this is pretty c*nty anyway, but someone's really stepped it up a level: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jun/24/woman-poses-dead-cyclist-eilidh-cairns-aunt-oppose-london-bike-lane
  3. Max Hastings has been laying into Boris Johnson again. Posted simply because it's quite entertaining: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jun/24/boris-johnson-prime-minister-tory-party-britain
  4. Not every sketch in this show is gold, but it's pretty good and I've watched this particular one at least a dozen times. "Pierce your baby's ears'
  5. I too like to play it, inexpertly. Used to be my party piece, many many years ago
  6. Accidentally chopped chunks out of both of my new trees with the strimmer. Really hoping I've not f****** them up. What a dozy tit
  7. FANTASTIC. If you ever witness someone driving around Leicester with their windows down and this blasting out, it's my good self
  8. Not checking the weather forecast and then the wind smashing our expensive wooden parasol to bits
  9. Well I did have a banana and some milk before heading off, and on top of the no caffeine and alcohol think I slept even better, so I think you're on to something
  10. Not long come back from one just south of Lisbon. Great beaches to both the west and south. The one we had would be too big for 5, but judging by how quiet it was loads of the gaffs round there must be holiday lets
  11. No booze yesterday, no coffee since mid afternoon, turned the PS4 off well before bedtime and a better night's sleep than I've had for a while (despite my daughter getting up at 3am AGAIN). Going to repeat this again for a few days and see if it genuinely makes a difference
  12. Which leadership contender will be first to admit to smoking crack?
  13. It's difficult to know what is career ending these days. If US Evangelicals can turn a blind eye to Trump going on about pussy grabbing, you can get away with saying you sucked PCP out of Darren from Balham's arsehole in a Soho gay club for all I know
  14. Don't know for sure, but having just read the description of his book, could well be
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