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  1. This deserved more recognition than it got
  2. I know apps are really popular and clearly help people, but for me it's just about concentrating on just trying to get in the habit of running regularly, but build up very gradually and don't be afraid of running very slowly at first. Going too far, too fast increases the likelihood of injury and can be demoralising when you find yourself having to stop after a short distance (although there's nothing with wrong with that, of course)
  3. Even worse is when they're doing it in the 3rd lane of a 4 lane section. WHY? It's generally mystifying this, and there's no obvious pattern to who offends. All groups and demographics are represented - the one thing they have in common is probably just that they've switched off
  4. You've got to admire the commitment of those Iranian lads. I mean, if (off the top of my head), Dominic Cummings was killed in a drone strike, would we all take to the streets waving beautifully framed portraits of the scowling egg? I've thought about it and I don't think we would
  5. I agree with the others on here that say get off the treadmill. I'm sure it's easier if you're used to it, but for me, my perception of time passing on the treadmill is that it feels like it takes literally twice as long as running outside, if that even makes sense. As a bloke in my 40s as well, I can honestly say, get out there and embrace the outdoors, mud and all. Over the fields! Up Old John! Along the canal! If you'd have told me at any point in my life that I would get a taste for cross country at the age of 44 I'd have said you were having some sort of episode, but here we are. Invest in some trail shoes if you don't want to end up on your arse, mind. The ground is softer, but uneven surfaces will work different muscles and can take some getting used to. If running on the road, make sure your shoes are in good condition and build up distances gradually, as your body will protest if you force things on it it's not used to, especially at our age
  6. I had to look that up, but a very noble cause, hope it goes well for you. You'll be in tip-top condition if you stick to that. I'm in better shape now than I was after last Christmas, not that that's saying much. Promised myself I'd run three times over the break, and I managed that so I haven't let stuff get too out of hand
  7. Did six miles yesterday, some of which were a lot quicker than usual and now my legs feel like someone else's, and not in a good way
  8. Well that explains why the streets around the ground were empty at five to eight. Thought I'd got the KO time wrong
  9. I was nude, so yes, probably should've done. I'm not really a confrontational kind of bellend, but in the name of getting something positive done I'm contacting the football academy and the boy's school to get them to politely ask parents to have a think about whether this is a good idea or not. Stuff like this is dealt with reasonably effectively by getting kids to guilt trip their parents, I find
  10. Not seen Skywalker yet. Agree about Rogue One - it's the one film of the franchise that for me sits in the Star Wars universe, makes the most of it and isn't compromised in some way, be it trying too hard to keep fans on side, playing it too safe, trying to appeal to all age groups etc. A miracle given the problems they had making it
  11. Naturally there's some clown in an X-trail parked outside my house with the engine running for no reason. He can't be that cold or presumably he'd shut his windows. Ten minutes and counting
  12. I'm sure that's what they were doing. It's not like we live in the Arctic Circle though is it? Put another jumper on something. Doesn't it muck your engine up as well? The DPF won't be happy
  13. These f*****g divs that sit in their cars for ages with the engine running. The other night at my lad's football training, there were 8 cars parked up with their engines running for the whole hour. I can't get my head round it. This is metres from where their own children are running up and down getting out of breath, and they're sitting there giving them diesel fumes to breathe. I don't think it's actually illegal to do this yet, but some councils seem to have the power to fine you for it, though seemingly not in Leicester
  14. I think all 3 of your points are true, but I think she'd have a better chance of getting back the traditional Labour voters that the current set up has been so good at alienating. Her manner is far from statesman-like, but that seems less of an issue these days, and for everyone that thinks she's a bit too much I think there'll be at least as many that relate to her
  15. Jess Phillips, because she's a normal person, passionate but not weird
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