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  1. My hamstring is acting as if I have done it a terrible wrong
  2. I'd lie to the Queen all the time but if I'm honest I rarely get the opportunity
  3. National Service to be brought back in Glen Parva: https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/local-news/group-youths-set-glen-parva-3306817
  4. This is great news, as at last we learn that there is a point to Brexit after all
  5. I dream of those sorts of times. Judging by what I managed yesterday, I've an outside chance of a sub 2 hour Leicester Half, which given my advancing years I'd be ecstatic with, but I'll be going some to do that
  6. Did 11 miles this morning, which wasn't too bad actually. Thank goodness the temperature's dropping a bit. Been walking like Old Man Steptoe since, mind
  7. The simple answer is 'no', but only last night somebody said pretty much the same thing to me, so I've done a bit of research today. I didn't even know such things existed, which is ridiculous because OF COURSE they would, wouldn't they?
  8. Yeah, I'm in. Not trained as much as I should've done so my bold plans of getting a PB won't come to anything but I should get round OK. Keep getting massive blisters on my feet, but interestingly, they seem to be healing up faster each time
  9. The turnout won't be great, what with most people having gone to bed
  10. Apply for asylum wherever it is you're going?
  11. Well it's got a setting for it so it must be fine
  12. If you spin the drum by hand on mine it doesn't move as smoothly as it did, and someone reckons it sounds like the bearings have gone, whatever that means. Also, it stinks, emitting an odour that no amount of 90 degree cycles and white vinegar will shift. Its days are well and truly numbered
  13. Did ten hot and slow miles this morning. Felt alright for most of it, then started to feel a bit cold which apparently is a sign of heat exhaustion. Whoops! Had a bit of a rest and an energy gel thing and was good to go. Careful out there, people
  14. My Bosch washer hasn't been happy for a while and the racket it makes when spinning makes me think it might blow up soon. Mind you, we've had 8 years out of it and that period has covered two babies so it's been absolutely caned. The dishwasher also gave up the ghost earlier this year so I reckon I'll be going down Mark's Electrical and laying out about £900 soon. Mercifully, they do interest free credit
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