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  1. Bellend Sebastian

    Last Minute Christmas Advice and ideas

    I've got the non-Alexa version of this, and it's great. https://www.whathifi.com/ultimate-ears/megablast/review It's cheaper than a Sonos, probably not as good, but I'd wager significantly better than an Echo
  2. Bellend Sebastian

    Racism in Football

    That guy's just been interviewed on the telly saying he couldn't hear what was said from where he was. He wasn't saying it didn't happen though
  3. Bellend Sebastian

    What's in the news?

    It's not been without its laughs though. Apparently the stewards had to tell some veterans to lower their banner as you could barely see Tiny Tommy's head over the top of it
  4. Bellend Sebastian

    What's in the news?

  5. Bellend Sebastian

    President Trump & the USA

    She lost, as I recall, old chap
  6. Bellend Sebastian

    What's in the news?

    Still some way to go, isn't there? https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/dec/06/quarter-of-adults-think-marital-sex-without-consent-is-not-uk-survey-finds
  7. Bellend Sebastian

    Smart TVs

    When people were fighting over these in the Black Friday sale at Asda a couple of years ago was when I realised all was lost
  8. Bellend Sebastian

    Smart TVs

    My Samsung can supposedly record to a USB stick. Never tried it though
  9. Bellend Sebastian

    Smart TVs

    I don't know who's got what at the minute, but historically not every manufacturer has the rights to have all the apps. It's about 4 years ago since I bought mine, but Samsung had everything you'd want at that point, whereas not all the others did - they were the only one at the time that gave access to all the main terrestrial providers' apps. May not be the same now, but worth checking - it's a pain in the arse to find you've got everything except All 4, when you're a big Naked Attraction fan, for example
  10. Bellend Sebastian

    Technology, Science and the Environment.

    We're so f***** aren't we?
  11. Bellend Sebastian

    The Car thread

    My mate had a Renault 11 that he kept running years after most of them had died. Had pretty much no interior trim left my the time it gave up the ghost
  12. Bellend Sebastian

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Getting rear ended OOOH MISSUS Never happened before, first time for everything and all that
  13. Bellend Sebastian

    Soar Valley Way

    Arrest made. No indication of who, or what for
  14. Bellend Sebastian

    Soar Valley Way

    Such a waste of life. Given all the stuff that people get wound up about, road safety seems pretty low on the agenda given the sheer number of people that are getting killed on them. Things like this happen far, far too much http://www.brake.org.uk
  15. Bellend Sebastian

    President Trump & the USA

    I don't think the daft orange shite would take it seriously even when Mar a Lago is underwater