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  1. Some of it's not even that bad, it just doesn't sit well with me for some reason. I proper Lego isn't cheap, but I'd rather people buy a smaller set than a big box of the less than real thing. Check out this ungrateful bastard
  2. Knock off/'compatible' Lego. The kids don't care but it makes me furious
  3. It was a lovely day when I did it, which I'm sure helped. Also had literally no sleep the night before thanks to the worst snoring I've ever heard from some pissed up geezer in the bunk above me in the youth hostel we stayed in
  4. I've done it, and like any physical challenge it was daunting but in some ways a lot easier on the day than it might have been because there were loads of other folk doing it and you get carried away by the occasion to an extent. As far as preparation is concerned, it may seem blindingly obvious but train by walking up hills. Unless you're INCREDIBLY unfit, walking on the flat isn't that much of an effort (according to my heart rate monitor anyway), so save time by just walking up any hills you can find (Edale's a good base for this if you're in the Midlands) rather than focussing on getting miles under your belt, as it were
  5. Well this is pretty c* nty if the allegations hold any water:
  6. He's really played a blinder this time, hasn't he? "Journalists" (if you want to call them that) shitting out controversial opinions for money is as old as the newspaper industry itself but, boy oh boy, some dismal editorial decisions have been made there. To quote Brasseye: "would it really matter if any of these men died?"
  7. Struggling to think of a time when I wouldn't have actively wanted to be forcibly removed from a plane I'd just got on
  8. I was a big fan of MG Discs (was it MG records originally - it was CD only by the time I got involved with it) but it was utterly depressing to see its demise unfold over a couple of years. Should never have moved from the top of Granby Street - easy to say with hindsight. Bought tons of new release stuff in Castles, but rarely ventured into LLP. Spent too much time for too little return in the second hand places in Leicester - Backtrack, in particular. That was my life for about 15 years. The demise of the CD single was as sad as the demise of the shops themselves, for me. I bought hundreds of them, frequently without even having heard the act, let alone the track - had surprisingly few disasters doing this
  9. I wouldn't worry, I'm sure it'll be fine. They can't do anything! See, I told you you shouldn't have ignored it.
  10. I never end posts with full stops, by the way
  11. I fully endorse this man's reckless antics. I saw a story the other day (about people who want to bring back Imperial measurements, naturally) where a market trader had a sign that referred to 'Today's deal', but for no reason at all he'd got the quotation marks around the first word only. Needless to say, I was furious - every bit as livid as those wanting to bin decimalisation, and bring back Florins or whatever it is they're demanding. Superfluous apostrophe's (spot my crazy joke there) are bad enough but putting things in quotation marks that aren't quotes is a crime that's surely up there with murder
  12. I'm sure it's fine. Nothing to see here. Lock her/him up! Lock her/him up! Probably easier just to lock everyone up
  13. I've been able to sell my body to foreigners like never before!
  14. I must admit, as I lay there earlier on my side watching the inside of my lower bowel on a screen, all I could think about was "if only someone could profit from this"
  15. Can't even write a slogan that you didn't mean anything by in massive letters on the side of a bus and drive it up and down the country without people reading stuff into it, these days. Anyway, a handsome young Greek man stuck a camera up my arse today, and STILL people complain about the EU. Makes no sense to me