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  1. I watched the Travel Man episode with Aisling Bea the other night, and she's very high in my chart at the moment. I also really like Natasia Demetriou. As time goes on it becomes more and more apparent I have a thing for what would commonly described as cheeky cows
  2. The mother-in-law's just died (her phone, not herself), which I think was just unlucky. My boss had one having previously been an iPhone man and was very impressed. Another thing that puts me off the (current) G8 is that there's no magnetometer/compass in it which presumably means that the navigation in Google Maps doesn't really work properly
  3. Closer to £350 but still good value for money. Looks favourite to me at the minute, but there's a waiting list!
  4. I think my original Moto G would still be going if the processor was quick enough for modern demands. Your point about kicking up a stink is a good one - I think Motorolas have a 2 year warranty in the UK and I've not had this one as long as I thought I had. People I know who have them are really happy with them. That one does look great - but the deal breaker for me is the lack of a headphone socket. I know that probably none will have them in a couple of years but for now it's pretty important to me
  5. That's pretty much exactly what I've done since my first and last flagship phone, which was an HTC Desire so that shows you how long ago that was. Just feels like the quality of the cheaper devices is going downhill even if the capability is going up. Mother in law had a Moto G7 Power pack up in a matter of months and she barely uses it. The charging port on my G6 is on its way out, it's generally slowed right down and the battery only lasts for about 60% as long as it did when it was new
  6. I think I've done ok out of cheapo phones, but increasingly I'm a bit annoyed about the assumption that you just chuck them in the bin and buy another one after less than 2 years (which still works out cheaper than having a flagship phone for longer) which just seems a bit horrible and wasteful, so it's not even about the money anymore. I don't even use my phone for that much. The odd photo and fannying around on here, mainly. I'd cheerily spend more if I could be reasonably sure I'd get the kind of lifespan out of a device that you did
  7. How long do people expect to get out of their phones, I mean in terms of the life of the phone rather than its battery life? My original 2014 Moto G never actually went wrong, but was so cheap I didn't begrudge buying the newer version. Unfortunately since Lenovo started making them they're clearly not built to last, and 2 years seems to be about all you get before they go to shite. I'm massively tight, but maybe I'd spend a bit more if there was a reasonable hope you'd get some longevity out of it. I like the look of the new Google Pixel 4a (ooh, headphone socket, yes please) but it's literally twice as much as a Moto G8 and I'd be a bit put out if I forked out £350 and it needed replacing after 2 years
  8. I'll be honest, I'm not really driven to eat chicken McNuggets anyway, but if anything this puts me off: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-hampshire-53662400/face-mask-found-in-chicken-nugget-in-aldershot Mind you, why didn't I get a mention on the national news when I found a chopped up blue sticking plaster in a Ye Olde Oak tinned hotdog? Probably because I ate the remaining hotdogs and told nobody else about it until years later, and also you know, sometimes it's just bad luck and can't be helped
  9. Just the crimes against music then
  10. I'm with Z-layrex on this. They should be murdered
  11. You're very kind. Weirdly, it took me ages to notice the very obvious Pixies influence, given that I really like them. I always suggest Open Season to new listeners for exactly the reasons you've described. Contains 'Please Stand Up', which could well have been a breakthrough hit if MTV hadn't removed it from their playlist after deeming some of the words a bit naughty (they're really not). Yet more BSP misfortune
  12. I was at that, think everyone (including the band) thought it was a weird set up at first but as usual it ended up being a triumph I don't think THEY dressed up as trees although there probably were some on stage. Had you had a drink? I know I had A quick Google reveals this to not be the result of a fever dream but completely true (the bit about Dick Emery, not whether your mate was a club member). I mean, who wouldn't join such an enterprise? Thank you and damn your eyes at the same time. I may yet get to B&S but I can think of at least 3 turns I'd probably write about first
  13. Come on everyone. Not a single other 'why I love.. ' piece by anyone else yet. You know what this means, don't you? It means I'll do another one
  14. This hasn't had a lot of coverage given how significant it could be. I've chosen the Buxton Advertiser's report at random from all the regional newspapers that have covered it, as the Guardian is the only national that has as far as I can see and I know how popular links to its website are with some of you: https://www.buxtonadvertiser.co.uk/lifestyle/cars/highway-code-changes-give-cyclists-and-pedestrians-priority-2927094
  15. I know what you mean. Being a bit of a knob is part of his stage persona and doesn't always quite hit the mark. When being interviewed as 'himself' he's very sensible and down to earth
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