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  1. This makes for bleak, but interesting reading:
  2. When I first saw the news this morning my heart sank but since then I've felt weirdly detached about it all. It's beyond your worst imaginings and I'm wondering if there's something in my brain that's stopping me from processing it as some sort of defence mechanism. I'm really hoping I've not just become hardened to bad stuff happening
  3. I'd bin them off, definitely. If he's not got a valid will get him to his solicitor's. As for yourself, I'd say yes, you do need one. It's less about the money for a lot of people, but more about what would happen to your kids if you and your missus weren't around. You probably have an idea about who'd look after them, but without legal documentation to back it up, you might get all sorts muscling in after the event. You can also appoint trustees to look after their money, and these might be different people or in addition to those that would look after them. It just makes it a lot easier to sort out for those left behind and greatly improves the chances of what you want to happen happening Edit: I'm assuming your kids aren't grown up
  4. It's meatballs/hotdogs for tea for the rest of your childhood then, kids
  5. It's an interesting question, don't you think, of what you'd do to stop your offspring becoming utterly feckless in that situation. I like to think my kids wouldn't have quite such a powerful sense of entitlement, but until it happens (which it won't), who knows? Interesting to note (in one of the reports I read, anyway) that one of the things the parents did was set up a charity. I think that's what I'd do if that happened to me, and then make being involved in that my job. Obviously you could just live a complete life of leisure, but I think the pointlessness of that would start to get to me, particularly after the novelty wears off. Or I might just sit around in my pants all day eating every type of Super Noodles there are, it's hard to say
  6. Michael, you've been a proper bellend and no mistake
  7. Disappointed by the dumping of Leveson part 2 but not surprised
  8. I don't think everyone's offended, but I expect bereaved children will be upset and confused as to why a situation mirroring their own is being used to promote fast food. Also, I don't think everyone needs support and counselling, but I would hazard a guess that bereaved children would be a group more in need of it than most. And in answer to the Captain's very valid question: my wife, so I literally get to say, "fillet o'fish for my...." oh never mind
  9. It's one of those things where, regardless of the fact that whoever came up with the idea has taken leave of their senses, you'd have thought there would be enough people involved in its production for someone to stick their hand up and say, 'hang on, are you sure about this', but somehow nobody speaks up and then it's there for all to see. A bit like The Phantom Menace
  10. McDonalds go full Brasseye
  11. I can smell it in practically every outdoor public place I go now anyway
  12. It's a valid question, and I'd guess the answer would be 'no'. The law clearly allows such officers to issue FPNs (otherwise the Magistrate wouldn't be interested in their non payment, presumably) but I assume it has to be in a 'caught red handed' type of scenario. It would be different for something like fly tipping where you'd automatically be taken to court, I reckon, and there would need to be rather more evidence presented
  13. File in subfolder daftest cvnts of our time, perhaps.
  14. Sounds like lack of moral fibre to me
  15. What a lazy bastard