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  1. i think that was more down to how gash mike dean was during that game.
  2. rather those luscious thick legs of mahrez tbh
  3. nah not at all. i was just saying we've had to make more transitions than wolves. we can't really be compared i suppose. i do agree we need to step out of this keep ball just to keep ball mentality. it's leading to too many chances for the opposition.
  4. we've had 3 different managers since they've had nuno. as for 3 yeah, definitely.
  5. they've stuck with their manager. chopping and changing perhaps hasn't worked out how you'd like? when nuno leaves wolves we'll see how hard it is for them to adapt. i think it'll be a massive uphill struggle for them. having said that if they manage to keep hold of him then they could make that extra step up. i don't see wolves as an exciting team to watch tbh. they are effective at what they do tho.
  6. wolves are a good burnley. they are a decent side but i don't see the hype around them and adama. they will every now and then look awesome against a top side i suppose.
  7. watch the game without commentary and you'll see it
  8. also the foul on maddison which was a penalty.
  9. point was fair overall imo. should've had a pen, course not given.
  10. wolves are right dirty gits. pulling and pushing everywhere
  11. it's about time a var decision has gone for us tbh. what are all these people going on about twice in a row? they changed the rules for that handball in the home game. handball is handball so i don't see the problem there
  12. oh that's good news that matty is back. title challenge accepted then
  13. no worries bro. you'll need to be a member tho
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