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  1. Agree really. I think docking points is the only answer to uphold the spirit of the game. These sort of incidents always remind me of Compton Cricket club in Los Angeles, which was formed to develop the wider ideals of sportsmanship that cricket embodies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compton_Cricket_Club#:~:text=The Compton Cricket Club (CCC,American-born exhibition cricket team. I think Hampshire has always been my least favourite county side.
  2. Just walk all over the wicket there as well apart from number 58 who hops over at the end. Don't they know they are being filmed and why don't the umpires say anything? Even when I played local league cricket in Leicestershire, players from both sides would scream at anyone walking across the wicket like that. Maybe they all have such little respect for Leics.
  3. Ah well if I see you I'll hail you in a suitably Leicester fashion. General lack of replica sports shirts around Maidstone I've always thought, apart from Maidstone Utd tops on match days. However, I've barely been in Maidstone over the last 13 months. Still trailing by 275, I have no idea what our record innings defeat is but suspect we are past that now.
  4. Oh yes a local lad as well! But nobody could have predicted he would continue this long and his bowling would improve in this way like a fine wine. https://inews.co.uk/sport/cricket/darren-stevens-kent-county-championship-age-946503
  5. Yes no clear plans and then always reacting defensively because the bowling was not accurate enough. Whatever Vince's merits, there is a way of bowling at him, which is outside off-stump. Key moment was when he edged Wright second ball and it fell short of Ackermann, but that's the line that should of been persisted with.
  6. Budget but also ability to attract and hold on to players is key here though. We don't have the playing budget to attract a player like Kyle Abbot in the first place, given his reportedly very large 6 figure salary, which offered enough security to abandon a promising test career. Also, if we had at some point players like Dawson or Vince, they would have been long gone by now. Agreed a loan bowler (especially as we have plumped for an overseas bat) would seem a sensible idea to take the workload off Wright and the pressure off the younger bowlers. But I suspect they have calculated that this
  7. It's a problem going forward (though white ball is where we actually could win games), because Mike has to play to give the side balance, as does Parkinson, the newly anointed vice-captain. But Mike is expensive and Parkinson rarely looks like taking a wicket and we won't find out if that will be different with a bit more turn in the pitch as I can't see us bowling again this game. Alternative to Griiffiths is Klein, who often goes for 8 an over, Barnes who has played virtually no first-class cricket or Davis, who is steady but what, 75-78mph? So yeh, bit of a Hobson's Choice. I agree, every
  8. Vince on his way to a double ton at less than a run a ball. The change bowling just hasn't been accurate enough, going at 5 or 6 an over leaves your captain with few options. They can bowl better than that, on a flatish pitch they had to bowl a good line and length. What I saw Griffiths and Mike were spraying it all over the place
  9. Yeh not kept it tight enough. These bowlers need to improve as there are few other options - erratic Klein or injury-prone Davis. Richard Rae already saying he's worried about us following-on
  10. Evans has a lovely smooth run-up and action. Gets nice and close to the stumps as well.
  11. Hampshire batting. Azad S.Evans Dearden Ackermann Hill Swindells Mike Parkinson Wright Griffiths A. Evans No Patel, which is a bit of a surprise. None of the new signings in fact.
  12. What the pandemic has shown is that cricket is still brilliant to watch on TV even without a live crowd, I mean the Aus v India series was fantastic drama. A big part of the thinking behind the Hundred is to create a new TV audience, which is why some matches are live, prime-time on BBC. With the lack of live cricket to go and watch I know of some devout red-ball only watchers who have even been tuning in to the Abu Dhabi T10 to get their cricket fix! Personally, I wish we could backtrack and just revamp the Blast, allow 3 or 4 overseas per team, more transfers just for that competition etc.
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/apr/07/full-stream-ahead-county-cricket-rolls-out-digital-revolution-for-championship I've just discovered the ECB app, from which you can watch live streams and replays of all the domestic games, and see scorecards or listen to commentary. A far cry from waiting for Ceefax to update or I also remember calling a BT cricket line where you could get score updates or test match commentary.
  14. He's had a great season, hopefully can transfer it to English conditions. Apparently some of the Aussies are spending a little time with their families before coming over (Travis Head), but I don't know if Marcus fits into this category. Australia is not a 'red list' country, but generally 'elite' sportspeople have not had to quarantine after entering the UK. Therefore he should be available for selection on arrival if he passes a COVID test.
  15. Good to see he is ambitious. Hopefully he can kick on this year if given that responsibility of being the all-rounder at 6 or 7.
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