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    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    I honestly believe that now is the time when everything will come together and we will fvcking crush them... ...but I honestly believed that about the Spurs game as well!
  2. MonkeyTennis?

    New chants and songs

    Using the tunes from the Muppets, I like: Tielemans! Do-dooh-do-doo-doo! Tielemens! Do-dooh-doo-doo! Tielemans! Do-dooh-do-doo-doo! He'll nick the ball from you! Repeat indefinitely. I appreciate it has the disadvantage that its boring and unimaginative, but its simple enough that it can be easily picked up.
  3. MonkeyTennis?


    I honestly feel like Vardy is more effective coming on as a sub than starting at the moment. (I have no stats to back up whether this is true of not, though.)
  4. MonkeyTennis?

    Songs at KP - the classics?

    I'll hold my hands up: I'm precisely one of those johnny-come-lately fans who has only started coming to King Power in the last few years, and only I've only started coming regularly to every home game this year (the kids have got really into it, which made the difference). I love the atmosphere, but I feel like I could be doing more to support the lads - I just don't know all the songs. So bearing in mind all the discussion about support on FT, this thread is about the lyrics the classic songs, the ones we've always sung at KP. What are classics - the songs we need to know and to pass on to the next generation? So far I've got: Leicester boys are we, Proud of our city (or is it pride of our city?) We'll follow the lads, through good times and bad, We won the Premiere League. Vichai had a dream, To build a football team, He came from Thailand now he's one of our own, We play from the back, We counter-attack, Champions of England, you made us sing that, Oh-oh-oh. Come on Leicester boys, Make some fvcking noise, Go wild, wild wild (or is it come on, come on?) And that's pretty much it...
  5. MonkeyTennis?

    Ben Chilwell's Message for Leicester Fans

    The atmosphere was alright where we were yesterday (family stand, so 'alright' is the best you can hope for). We could have done with a bit more more singing, and there wasn't loads of booing when Ghezzal and Nacho came on - although there was still more than I would like. I'd say all in all it was better and more positive than the Cardiff or Southampton games, I suppose because we expected to win those whereas man u was a more uncertain prospect. And frankly, the football was pretty good yesterday to my eye. But after Christmas when the Cardiff fans started singing 'Your support is fvcking sh1t,' they weren't completely wrong. That was the low point for me.
  6. MonkeyTennis?

    Home Form. Not great reading.

    Its worth watching Sunderland Til I Die on Netflix to see where booing your own team takes you... They had other problems, of course, but once the players confidence is shot, you can go right down the sh1tter, regardless of the manager.
  7. MonkeyTennis?

    Home Form. Not great reading.

    Sorry to make it about Puel again, but ultimately while I do think he has lots of positive qualities, and I’m still broadly behind him, it is true that he’s (1) not great at public speaking, and (B) under him, home performances especially are frequently poor. Which, of course, if you are a fan, is pretty much all you see. Is it him? The players? The relationship between him and the players? The training regimen? The sometimes, let’s say ‘unsupportive,’ atmosphere at KP? Whatever it is, and its probably all of the above and more, some sort of change is needed.
  8. MonkeyTennis?


    The booing was definitely for the player - Madison got a round of applause as he went off, then when Ghezzal came on the booing started. Same for Nacho as far as I could tell. If it was for the decision, presumably people would just boo, boo and boo again. This felt personal, sadly, and I’m sure how the pair of them took it.
  9. MonkeyTennis?

    Liverpool (a) Pre Match Thread

    I know that Leicester are going to lose and the lads are going to adopt the same clumsy, head in hands style of play that has been the norm for the last few games. I know this, but... ...there’s always that little bit of me that hopes that all the moments of class they have showed this season come together, and maybe this is the game, this is the moment, where we realise that Puel had a half decent plan all along, and the lads just needed some time to gel, and it all just comes together. I’ll be hoping this, like I do before every game. So I know it will be 3-1 to Liverpool, and somehow we will have missed a penalty along the way. But I hope it will be 4-2 Leicester, and UP THE FOXES!
  10. MonkeyTennis?

    Your last Pint?

    'Butty Bach' in some pub in Malvern. Dreadful name but a delicious drop.
  11. MonkeyTennis?

    Man City 1-1 (1-3 on penalties) post match bickering

    I was leaning towards Puel out after the Palace game - like a lot of the ‘in crowd’ I admire what he’s apparently trying to do, while not really liking the boring, frustrating way it seems too be playing out on the pitch - but I thought this was a sterling effort. It felt like the first time in a while that glimmers of what the team could become started to show through: The first half hour was pretty much business as usual, but it picked up and then some. They were dogged, they actually pressed, held off Man City, Alibrighton’s goal had me screaming, Hamza was a revelation. I even thought the starting line up and substitutions worked pretty well. Yes, we could have done with Wes over Soyuncu, and Chilwell’s pace (when he’s got it). And the penalties were a rank embarrassment, mostly because the greener players bottled it unbelievably - although, again, I think that’s an experience thing. But the idea that if we had started Vardy we would have won is bonkers. The boy ain’t right at the moment sadly. Anyone can see that. Couldn’t make this last night, but I will be at the Boxing Day game, which previously I had been thinking would be a terrible rout: Now I‘m actively looking forward to it.