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  1. Forget all the asterisks about Liverpool's title, nobody going down would be a far bigger bone of contention. This isn't a closed shop. The season should finish at this level, every match should mean something, every record. If we have to wait, we will. Finishing the current season is more pressing than starting the next one.
  2. One of those was an own goal, he was on the byline and smashed it across goal where Schwarzer pushed the ball in. I was sat right behind it. Quiet player who got on with the job effectively.
  3. Gardening with Di Canio. He'll be good at that- I remember a game when he played for Charlton at our place where he inspected the grass an awful lot, often with little encouragement.
  4. Corky

    Corona Virus

    Yep. I, like many others I'm sure on here, will come into neither category- I'm not a key worker but don't work in a non-essential shop either. I travel on public transport (which, actually, is fairly safe at the moment as so few people are using them) so I may well be stopped by authority at some point. Companies have a duty now to set up working from home or giving official guidance to workers about having to come in to an office. I could work from home but can't right now, if you get my drift.
  5. He scored a fair amount of headed goals for a fairly small bloke. On the subject of his loyalty, it's clear he wanted to go at certain points- he was too good for us as mentioned. His wages were very high too. But his commitment on the field was exemplary- in his last two seasons (a First Division season and a relegation) he was probably our most influential player and gave everything to the cause.
  6. Corky

    Corona Virus

    People have to accept that their way of life has changed. My weekly football is off until early April at the earliest (I'm sure it will be longer), I probably won't be able to see people for a while and the only time I've been out is to work (hopefully working from home at some point) and a short walk to the shop yesterday. It's frustrating but that is that, just put up with it. If you stick to the measures in place we have a better chance of stemming the flow. But it is ingrained in people not to listen, not to take things seriously, not to abide by rules. Then we've got the media who've trivialised things like the weather that we all joke about but adds to the perception that things are blown out of proportion and therefore when serious issues hit they aren't taken seriously enough. It is a sad state of affairs if people can't be trusted to do the right thing but let's not be ostriches- some people can't. We'll go into full lockdown soon for non-essential workforces and I hope the authorities are out and about making sure it stays that way.
  7. My first hero and will always be my favourite, as I'm sure he was for plenty of kids who started in the mid to late 90's. Brilliant set-piece taker, such a classy striker of the ball and actually good in the air in front of goal. Micky Adams said we were a different team with him than without, in his last season didn't he have the most assists in the league?
  8. A real shame if the One Day Cup goes, many club grounds were being used for those matches, plus we had several Minor v First Class county games that will now in all likelihood be cancelled.
  9. The most pivotal season in our history. Who knows where we'd be if we'd failed to win promotion? Had a lot of fun and enjoyment that year and the relief at going up was huge.
  10. Just you and Stringer allowed to enter the stadium.
  11. The season, if it does resume, will be over a month behind schedule so in effect they could well be selling tickets for a game months in advance- that's if fans are allowed to attend which I doubt. Amazing.
  12. We're seeing that in action soon. I'm sure loads of social functions are being cancelled that have nothing to do with sport. There'll be so little organised stuff to do soon, it really will be eye-opening.
  13. Lineker's aged badly on MOTD tonight
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