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  1. Surprised they didn't tweet out a video of 18 years ago today- Leicester 0-5 Bolton.
  2. Just ridiculous. I didn't like the idea originally but taking other people's is just cvntish behaviour.
  3. Showed the benefit of having a fully fit pace attack plus an in-form spinner. With Anderson out and Ali all over the place, we were in effect two bowlers down in the First Test. In this one we looked threatening throughout.
  4. Six points from six matches at Stamford Bridge since promotion. That is a very impressive return.
  5. Two games in and I'm impressed. Hopefully this partnership can remain for a while yet.
  6. Would've taken that at half-time, frustrated we didn't win it in the end. Second half performance much better- we played quickly, kept the ball better and got Vardy into the game. Maddison was dictating things. Certainly merited a point and glad Ndidi made up for his error.
  7. We've got no threat going forward. Combined with a general lack of organisation this hasn't been good.
  8. VAR was brought in to get the most accurate decision, however tortuous the process. We shouldn't have to break it down as they do but that's what is required to get the absolute correct decision. As soon as something isn't correct with the technology, hell will break loose and the complaints even louder.
  9. Like his players collapsing with cramp every time they are winning/ drawing but magically avoiding cramp when they are losing and chasing a goal?
  10. They seem set up to get the best out of him, like we did with Vardy.
  11. VAR is never going to be a magic fix. It is just another referee looking at a video several times. A clear and obvious error to us might be different to theirs. It was always going to bring talking points because it is still a subjective thing. Although now we have a definitive thing causing annoyance. I'd get rid of it at the end of the season. I didn't want it but you can't get rid mid-season. Bin this off and accept crap decisions by humans.
  12. VAR is here because people can't accept honest errors.
  13. Yeah, the ball changed direction after hitting the arm into the path of Jesus. The new law is in place and correctly adhered to twice. If it is shit, tough.
  14. Our top order are terrible, no matter who plays. Ridiculous how often we're in trouble early on.
  15. That Lonergan goal really did sum up Micky Adams' appalling Dad's Army policy. Just lump every available over-35 together no matter how past it they were. Pressman just one of a number of pointless signings.
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