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  1. It is embarrassing, the club have given something for free to commemorate a tragic accident and people feel the need to cash in and/ or take other people's? Sadly, I'm not surprised.
  2. eishasodha 2 days ago Filbert Street station for Leicester is still the same just re-named King Power and updated a bit ?
  3. Don't we have some of the women's games or have I dreamed that?
  4. Hopefully not. Disgraceful how the ECB allow the England players to play in this but barely play for their counties.
  5. Why are Man United bringing on 12 year olds near the end? Who are these players?
  6. Liverpool have been utterly dreadful. Rodgers got so much criticism after his match at Old Trafford yet Liverpool have a much better and Man United in worse form since that game and they've barely created anything.
  7. Nailed on he was going to score. Bit of a shame it wasn't in the second half and he could've stood in front of them cupping ears.
  8. Only if it was given on the pitch. They seem to uphold the on-field call. I understand that but you are seeing blatant penalties not given twice in effect.
  9. He does link up well but needs an end product. I think Christmas/ New Year is a big time for him as I'm not sure Vardy will play all the matches in a short space of time so he may be given a chance up front.
  10. Yeah, this story is running out of steam now.
  11. Yes, fair point. I just feel frustrated that in the ground we aren't getting much information. On Dyche's comments, there is no guarantee the referee looking at the screen wouldn't have changed his mind. I'm fairly sure they are looking for contact in these situations, especially if they've been asked to judge themselves.
  12. We may not create tons of chances but we score some bloody good goals.
  13. Not a thriller and not our best performance but we've ground out a victory, two very well worked and finished goals. Maybe some luck with the disallowed goal, I'll judge later on MOTD. At times our tempo was too slow and other times we stepped it up and looked threatening. Burnley were very well organised with a threat so it wasn't a comfortable match but I felt we defended their set-pieces particularly well. A very encouraging couple of months results-wise and I think we can improve in some areas too.
  14. Again, nobody in the ground is sure what is being checked for (offside, handball, foul?). The fans in the ground need better guidance. You don't need to show the incident, just say what is being checked then goal or no goal.
  15. At no other time of the season does this happen, either. The Thursday night games in early December mean that all the teams playing have their next game knocked back to the Sunday. Yet over Christmas teams are playing twice within 48 hours.
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