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  1. Oh shit, Championship commentator tit is doing the Brighton match now. BRIGHTON FRIGHTEN THE LIFE OUT OF MAN UNITED
  2. https://www.football365.com/news/brendan-rodgers-leicester-manager-of-the-season-so-far Can't really argue with this.
  3. Send them all to Claude and St Etienne as a thank you gesture. I know they probably all hate him but who cares? Leicester call the shots now.
  4. We're going to have first teamers younger than our stadium soon.
  5. Given he's a huge critic of players not playing the ball and just the man, did he lay into Mane for elbowing Tierney in the face?
  6. Thiago out tonight. His man of the match award for turning up gone.
  7. SSN getting ever more desperate for Sancho to join Man United. The obligatory reporter in Dortmund for no apparent reason, no bid made, no bid accepted and Solkehol and Baldy still sure that Dortmund will cave in despite no reasons to suggest it.
  8. Not sure if it was a designated football special but I remember after a match at Scunthorpe we were bussed from the ground to a station outside the town (Althorpe I think) and caught a train from there. Seemed a sensible way of getting people together and out of the area. For a few years Stoke fans had a football special train from Leicester after matches before they were relegated.
  9. A big thing this season is converting the 0-0's from last year into victories. There's no doubt we'll smack a few teams (hopefully another big side into the bargain) but adding 6-8 points in tight games is vital. He's still yet to win a league game 1-0 with us which is ridiculous. Hopefully Brendan's 3-goal wins will be like Nige's 2-0's, just a standard win. Plus, the further ahead you are in matches, the more energy you save later in games which is crucial throughout the season.
  10. We lured them in and snared them, really. We barely looked interested in attacking in the first 30 minutes but gradually grew into it. After our equaliser they couldn't live with us and some of our play was top class. We didn't kick them off the park to unsettle them, we unsettled them by pressing hard, winning it back and playing around and through them.
  11. He was mentioned in an article on Football365 and it was noted another extremely difficult task for defenders and keepers against him is his speed of decision making. He's not somebody who will waste touches regularly and is very adept at shooting quickly, quite a lot first time. It's a really underrated skill.
  12. These top managers are so used to winning and being dominant they struggle to comprehend games like this.
  13. Imagine if we'd actually tried to play....
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