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  1. Corky

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    Do you really see our squad taking to him?
  2. I remember standing at the bus stop after the quarter-final defeat under Pearson and hearing people complaining he'd prioritised the QPR game the next weekend.
  3. I think he wants to play him in every game, but his injury is delicate. If a groin goes, he's out for a while. The bigger issue is that the back-ups aren't up to it. We badly need a new striker in January.
  4. Corky

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    We've won the league and gone further in the Champions League in recent seasons. Plus a lot of their players joined us and progressed their careers. Leicester > Man United.
  5. They aren't and that is primarily why he is under pressure. Entertaining football is subjective- we might disagree on what we find entertaining or enjoyable. Results are fact- a manager can point to how many games he's won and no-one can argue against that. He needs wins, however they arrive.
  6. But he's right. Managers are judged on results first. Micky Adams' team had some thrilling matches in 2003/04 but were people happy about being entertained when we were relegated?
  7. Sorry, when did people decide this game had become winnable? The first few pages were all talking of us being thrashed and barely getting into their half and this was when it was expected Vardy would start.
  8. And people on here seemed really confident before this news as well.
  9. Our team news does seem to come out very early.
  10. Corky

    Championship 2018-2019

    Derby fans singing about living in the past when their last major trophy was a few years before the opposition's.
  11. Corky

    The beautiful curse

    To be honest, if Puel goes I'm not overly fussed as I don't expect managers to be here for a long time. They are a bad run away from the sack. My main concern is that we aren't sure, beyond Pearson, what the players want in a manager and if he's the one they'll truly accept. Puel will go. If the next man is similar in his methods and ways of managing, how long before we hear rumblings again?
  12. Sky are obsessed with the Man United game. If the first one had finished 3-1 I'm sure we'd have had one match on since. They are desperate for another 5-3.
  13. Corky

    The beautiful curse

    What do the players actually want? They'd had enough of Ranieri and he left after a dreadful run. It seems like they've had enough of Puel and we wait to see if the tenure-ending run is the same as Ranieri's. They liked Shakespeare which made the rotten performances against teams like Huddersfield, Bournemouth and West Brom even worse. Is it only Pearson they'll take beyond a certain time?
  14. Corky

    Time for Puel to go

    He's just average. His record is mid-table, his best run is four wins, his worst run is three defeats. If anything, too many draws have been the biggest problem, both in recent times and at home throughout 2018.
  15. Our League Cup attendances, even under O'Neill, weren't anything special before the semi-finals. We managed 13k for a quarter-final against Fulham in 2000. To be getting 30k as we have been in recent seasons is a great effort.