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  1. He does get fouled a fair bit but he tends to go over easily when he's taken too many touches or lost possession when crowded out and hits the deck. Very good player but can be even better if he cut this out.
  2. Liverpool were comfortable, Man United had one serious chance and that was Martial blazing over. Liverpool should've won by 4, Tyler and Neville making it closer than it was. Just a shame we couldn't increase the gap.
  3. We need Ndidi back badly, we need Tielemans, Vardy and Ricardo to find form and to pick a settled team. I realise we've had a lot of games in the past six weeks but all this changing can't be helping.
  4. The amount of times he's on the floor having wasted a chance to do something is ridiculous.
  5. Three penalties missed this season in league games, not good enough.
  6. Not particularly thrilling but we look the more threatening side, good goal by Barnes. Think another one will finish this, Mendy has played well.
  7. He's really going to want to play for a manager who slagged him off earlier this season.
  8. Stop the clock when the ball goes out, start it again when it is back in play- no moaning about time-wasting and you play the full game. The game will be quicker as teams won't take forever to take throw-ins etc.
  9. The current way generally is fine, you do need a spell during the season to make changes if required but no more than a month. I loathe transfer rumours so having it open for just a month is a good thing, and it helps the clubs focus on the season without players heads being turned after February.
  10. Still not convinced Vardy retired through his own choice alone but his time with England is done, he seems content away from it all and England look elsewhere. He could've been involved but Southgate chose the Kane-only route and that's his decision.
  11. Hope he can settle there and have a good career beyond us.
  12. In the last winter one (2017), Mahrez went out on the Monday/Tuesday and was back playing for us on the Friday.
  13. Although frustrating for us, they should play it at the best time for the players. No issue really.
  14. Football journalists. Is it a competition to ask the same question on repeat? "Nigel Pearson, you're linked with x player, are you interested?" "I don't talk about players at other clubs and speculation". "Ok, but what about this player at y club?" Pearson, struggling to hide his annoyance- "I've just said, we don't talk about other players until they've joined" "Oh, go on Nige, give us something, pwease". Rodgers has had it with Maddison too recently.
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