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  1. Why does it all have to be down to a lack of bottle? We were missing Maddison and Perez with injuries, Barnes wasn't fit enough to start and Iheanacho was suspended. That's an awful lot of attacking talent to miss in the middle of a hectic schedule at the time. Sometimes you are beaten by the better team on the day and also circumstances don't help. With a close to full strength team I think we'd beat them.
  2. Why are they allowed fans in when some of them produced a racist banner a few weeks ago?
  3. Fortunately my age means I've never known them to be the dominant team and when they eventually won the league again, it was "what took you so long?" because Leicester was the bester years before
  4. We are sensibly taking our time and stopping their top five from mullering our attack so I fully expect we'll be 372-7dec by tea on day 4.
  5. There was a bit of needle between them and the others
  6. When he joined Schmeichel had not completed the season due to injury so there was a chance he'd play more but not to be. Our previous back-ups were Conrad Logan and Ben Hamer- if he's happy to do that role then fine. We don't know how long Schmeichel will keep up the consistency.
  7. To Marc Albrighton, Well done for convincing everyone you are 31 and younger than Andy King when you are clearly at least 35.
  8. All those years of glory hunting kids at school brought that resentment?
  9. Because it brings moments like the Atletico game last year where he and the rest of BT (plus the Liverpool manager and squad) went into complete meltdown to provide incredible entertainment.
  10. Elements of this fanbase threw fireworks at a building in their own city during celebrations, let's not forget.
  11. Playing for and managing Celtic must've been his absolute dream but the fact is that in nearly five years at Leicester he was able to live a quiet life (although I think he said he suffered with depression during his time with us). We missed him massively when he left and I'm sure a part of him missed us too.
  12. They haven't been killed by it. VAR wasn't wrong, they've just had a lot of the marginal decisions go against them that pre-VAR would've been shrugged off. But again, if it is so bad, bin it. If the game really has gone, get it back.
  13. I think it looks busier than it is due to the lack of indoor facilities at the moment, obviously you wouldn't have queues of people snaking down the street too. We were reaching a point where more people wanted to be out and allowing it legally is the right way forward. People shouldn't be harassed or fined for walking on beaches or quiet places a few miles away.
  14. I've said all I need to say on the issue involving our players but this bloke has some front. He'll pick who he likes regardless of their off-field issues. You're telling me if Harry Kane did the same as Maddison he'd be left out of the squad? Do me a favour. He has double standards like the rest of us.
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