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  1. Puel

    I meant the next season (2016/17) if results had been the same.
  2. why not offer 10million

    No thanks, would rather have someone better than a bloke who needed a dreadful penalty decision to beat a Craig Shakespeare team.
  3. Puel

    He probably won't be. It wouldn't shock me if he left in the summer. I don't think we'll have another manager here for three years in one spell because we are one bad run away from being near the relegation zone and a probable departure. If Ranieri had finished 6th, for instance, instead of 1st he'd have been out by Christmas. We're a bad start away from a manager leaving, I think the only way one will be secure enough is to stay away from the bottom five or six throughout the season.
  4. PUEL IN

    It is reassuring that, even in a comfortable position, we still have threads saying the manager should stay or go. We'll never change.
  5. Ex-Leicester City player news

    He was our assistant under Brian Little before becoming an unsufferable twat at the likes of Villa and Derby. Notable for criticising our style of play under O'Neill. "ARE YOU WATCHING, GREGORY?" ringing around Filbert St after beating Sunderland 5-2 a week after lifting the League Cup was laavvly.
  6. Meet the new manager- again. And again. And again. And again. And again. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43456712
  7. Kante v Ndidi

    Kante was always going to be irreplaceable for a team like ourselves. Ndidi is a good player and offers plenty but yesterday he was up against a top class player.
  8. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    Yesterday pushed forward the argument on here that we should have 30 minute halves and stop the clock when the ball goes out of play or a player goes down. One minute at the end of a tight match with substitutions, players down and time wasting was baffling and leaves no flexibility. I don't think we would've scored but that isn't the main point, fans are being short changed with the amount of game time we have.
  9. Our final ball lets us down so much. So many times it was overhit, hit the first man or just drifted into the keeper. The difference was Iheanacho's wayward pass (after some great work in beating two players) to Mahrez which lost the momentum and 30 seconds later Willian played a perfect pass into the path of Morata. These moments are so crucial in tight games. Can't fault the effort or desire of the players but without the quality it only gets you so far. I've been disappointed more in the past after defeats because of a lack of urgency or intent but I didn't feel that yesterday. For next season we need a physical striker as we still look to cross high balls in, a new right back as Simpson has probably had his time and a new winger because Mahrez will go, Albrighton is limited and Gray doesn't cut it for me. Would be nice if Chilwell stopped trying to be clever near our box and play sensibly but he improved as the game went on. Very frustrating game.
  10. Puel

    He's been here five months so it is time to move him on and moan about the next man and his style of play and boring interviews in a second language that I think most would struggle to do in French if the situation was reversed. I've just accepted we're going to change managers quite regularly so there's no point getting too worked up about them.
  11. FA Cup 2017-18

    Danny Mills has a horrible, patronising tone of voice when he speaks. Usually speaks crap too which makes it even worse.
  12. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    This "never been relegated as a manager" argument currently used is so misleading. Yes, Mark Hughes hasn't been relegated (yet) but that doesn't mean he's avoided relegation battles and has been sacked twice with clubs in disarray and heading down. It is bad enough when the likes of Redknapp have relegations airbrushed from their history but being sacked near the bottom of the table doesn't exonerate you from blame if the team goes down after you've gone.
  13. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    I think it will be a good atmosphere, important cup game plus being an underdog usually gets our fans going.
  14. A year ago

    Everyone, from players to manager to fans, was unbeliveable that night. A game that will live with me forever.