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  1. £130 million in the bank, lavvly. Cheers Mancs.
  2. Only England could get to number one in the world playing thrilling cricket then not make the top four in their own World Cup due to limp batting efforts.
  3. Man likes being praised by somebody is obviously massive news. God, transfer speculation is the worst part of football. Thank **** we have this confined to about three months per year.
  4. What was it about pitching outside leg that he didn't agree with?
  5. Does the crowd really need to roar every time Kohli plays a shot? I was reading and heard a massive scream so looked up expecting a huge six and he'd just knocked it away for a leisurely single.
  6. What has Lingard actually done? I've heard so much about what a disgrace he is, has he done anything illegal?
  7. He should spend his life saying how amazing we are after his spell with us.
  8. Maddison with the usual last minute smash it from anywhere but 20 yards wide effort to finish.
  9. So they've beaten another club by £25 million? Blimey, that was close.
  10. To no-one's surprise, Salford's first game is live on TV.
  11. It was probably going to happen so good idea to think ahead. Although Sunday games are why I'm not hugely keen on the Europa League.
  12. Helps when you can keep a world class player in your squad and have the national team hold his main contract. Huge surprise the best Test match bowler in the world is knocking over second division county players.
  13. The people running the club don't cave in easily. Look how tough it was for Mahrez to leave. And from what we read, it seems Maguire is ok about staying. If we're £40 million apart, there's no chance of a deal.
  14. There is no way we are £40 million apart. You can't compromise from that gap, any negotiation would've finished long ago.
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