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  1. TBC? Four sets of fans not knowing when their game is moved to for a second time. Really helpful.
  2. Win here should all but guarantee top half at least, I think it will be tight but 2-1 to us, I've generally been impressed with how we've done away from home.
  3. There is no excuse for this. Why not put the game on Sunday originally so there's no doubt that it could be moved? Instead, they've pissed people around for no reason.
  4. It wasn't around in Afridi's time, that was the one-day league and the C & G Trophy which was knockout. I think this came in around 2007 and I don't remember getting through. To be honest, I'm not hugely fussed by it, I want the team to be competitive and win the matches obviously but the Championship is most important, then the T20, I'd much prefer this to be a league format with promotion and relegation throughout the season.
  5. Can't work out whether it was a red, he lunged in and stopped the player but would the defenders have prevented a shot going in? If he'd given a yellow, I don't think there would be huge complaints.
  6. I don't think we'll win this competition.
  7. Nice to see Sky helping the clubs now, we had bugger all two years ago.
  8. People can't accept human error, though. Well, they can with players but not officials. You're going to have to accept VAR will lessen the impact of great moments in the quest for the correct decision.
  9. The 2009/2010 kits were brilliant- no sponsor on the home one, the lovely black with blue sash on the away.
  10. I meant Monday night is a dreadful kick-off time, at least Saturday lunchtime doesn't disrupt plans too much. Why couldn't it be at 3pm on the Monday? What does it clash with?
  11. A dreadful kick-off time in the first place and inexcusable on a Bank Holiday.
  12. At least we had quality insight and impartiality from the co-commentator.
  13. A rendition of Sky TV is fvcking shit fully deserved in this instance.
  14. As bovril said, the Coca-Cola Cup semi-finals was clearly what you meant so we'll let you off
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