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  1. Plus they became a force in the early years of the Premier League when the coverage of the game exploded so they had a lot of focus with the ground being full and classic matches against Liverpool, Manchester United etc which raised their profile hugely.
  2. That premature cheer which sounded like Burnley had taken 20k fans.
  3. Losing 1-0 at home to Burnley to end a long unbeaten home record is so Leicester.
  4. Managers in the ring Klopp v ex-Carrot Top AND IT'S LIVE
  5. Most teams should be fine to host fans at Championship matches. The only issue maybe where the likes of Somerset and Essex who get large crowds relative to their capacities. We average, what, 250 at four day games? We should get everyone in for those.
  6. Ashley Barnes is one detestable twat. Wish he'd **** off, sick of seeing his snarling face after clattering someone then falling to the ground under little contact.
  7. Someone has created a fake account for John Percy!?
  8. Three staples of Scottish football this season- Lennon looking pissed off, Rangers winning a penalty and Kris Boyd smirking at a camera.
  9. You can tell the incompetence of the officials when Peter Walton disagrees with them. Dean Smith becomes the 522nd person to be sent off for abusing Jon Moss.
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