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  1. I have thought the same about Praet the last few games and he has looked fuming at Brendan. He clearly was thinking wtf when Brendan spoke to him. To be honest most didnt look like they were really listening to him.....
  2. I actually cannot believe people are yet again having a pop at him! He has been one of the best players back since the restart and works his socks off every game and Barnes does nothing to help him so he has to run continually for 90 minutes defending and attacking. He has the whole left side to work on his own. He clearly has worked on his defence and made a great tackle which would not have happened a few months back. Is the Barnes, Vardy, JJ etc. thread being hammered now? No! Always Chilly! Ridiculous! I think maybe Fuchs needs to start to cover for Ben in defence and drop Barnes and get Chilly to run down the wing. He cannot keep doing it all down that left side. Barnes needs benching.
  3. I agree, joke! He ran his socks off yet let's blame Chilwell again 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Vardy was shocking, JJ not good enough and Barnes non existent but let's blame Chilly again. You couldn't blame him if he did leave.....
  4. My god he has actually made changes!
  5. Madders on please, I'd also put Fuchs on to cover defence and let chilly get up and run, he can't keep running from one end to the other. Barnes off please. Bring on kelechi too. We need 3 goals now ....
  6. I think Barnes is still in lockdown. He needs to bring on perez and madders at half time and not wait for 70 minutes.
  7. Praet was not happy! If he subs him I'm going to scream! Not a happy team!
  8. I know it's sad but I'm feeling more optimistic now they are in the pink kit 😁 Jamie is rocking neon pink socks and a mohican - he is going to score!
  9. Scroll down to sky sports action 👍
  10. Scroll down to sky sports action 👍
  11. Sky sports action and sky sports main event
  12. 👏👏👏👏👏👏
  13. I was glad to see him screaming for help in a way as it shows he has been working on the defending side of his game and obviously analysing performances. A few months back (man city for example) he didn't seem to know what to do! He knew where he needed help this time. If Brendan wants him to get forward and score more goals maybe he needs to look at another option to help him out other than Barnes as it's not the first time Barnes hasn't helped him. That reaction also shows he cares surely?
  14. I'm feeling a little more positive today. The first half was much better and the rustiness seemed to be flaking away. I feel more positive but still feel we need to be more clinical and get the lead in the first half as maybe fitness levels are suffering in the second half. Full strong team starting every game from now on. I think Praet needs to start too. We have been suffering with squad depth and the new sub rule. That was obvious against Chelsea. We had chance to score that first half and go in at half time in front. They need to be more clinical with passing and shooting. We go in half time in the lead we will have more confidence too and I can see a win.
  15. It is total frustration, however my frustration is at Brendan not a player smiling to be honest. Granted it wasn't the best look but no-one knows what was said or what he was like before or after?! I think there were many worse players tonight. I'm frustrated at Brendan's lack of emotion and honesty. Hope there is some honest chats happening behind the scenes!
  16. To be honest I thought that too but he always seems that he wants to please Brendan and I think is playing badly sometimes as he is trying too hard and getting frustrated at not getting goals and assists. He always comes across well in interviews. They both will be popular for tv and social media as they are young, rich and good looking. Madders has grown on me, I think he just needs to chill a little and relax and he will play better. He is always honest about his own performance. Maybe he needs to have a chat with chilly!
  17. To be fair to Madders he was pretty miffed in his previous post match interview and didnt look happy today either. I never doubt his passion in wanting to win. In fact I think sometimes he tries too hard...
  18. Totally agree! Show some blooming passion Brendan. Be pissed off! He is really beginning to annoy me with his monotone shite. We were losing and you don't bring on kelechi? You take off Praet when he was one of our best? I'm mean what the hell? I actually don't think I can watch much more this season to be honest. Positives though we were better in the first half and It felt better but that's no good if you dont score. We should not be relying on full backs to score!
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