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  1. If they are changing laws get rid of the hop penalty takers do. Unfair advantage over goal keepers!
  2. I think the problem is that training and coaching have been minimal due to the congested schedule. They have only really had time for recovery and tactics. I'm sure now we have less games per week they can train more together as a full squad.
  3. When Madders was injured Praet played? Youri cannot play every game and when he was rested previously Praet played? Either that or I imagined those games?! 🤷‍♀️😂
  4. Praet means we have someone to slot in for Madders and also Youri can get a rest. We need him back asap. Love the 3 Belgians playing together, they connect so well.
  5. I can't stand him. I only have to look at him and he gives me rage! 😂
  6. I love Wes, not as much as i love the Belgians but very nearly 😂 So nice to see him back!
  7. Give your heads a wobble! Top 4 gone? Jeez not in any way shape or form. We didn't lose, we got a point. We have Fofana back and others due back imminently. Burnley was always going to be the toughest. We can get more points in the next two. Positivity!
  8. Considering it's a cobbled together team that has had minimal time to prepare they did well, heads didn't drop and they carried on trying. Burnley was always going to be tough! I thought they did well too!
  9. A point is ok, probably the toughest on paper of the 3. Little Wes back next game to stabilise the defence and put Ndidi back in his proper position. We will be ok. Perez training. Madders and Praet training next week. Pick up points in every game and get to the break and they must then come back firing afterwards. We will be ok!
  10. Little wes back next game and push Ndidi back into midfield.
  11. Kel 🥰 He has been practising on the training pitch! The lift the team need, now come on lads!
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