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  1. That was my favourite of the night! 😁
  2. He did alright today and as a third choice behind Ndidi and Mendy he is ok 🤷‍♀️
  3. He was great today and played with grit and determination. Well done Madders 🥰
  4. I meant it in the context that Madders needs to bulk up a bit more and not be so easily pushed off of the ball. I know he draws fouls but it does annoy me sometimes seeing him sitting on the floor waving his hands around when play has carried on. I just think he needs a bit more grit about him sometimes 😊 Praet is one of the more grittier players we have.
  5. Johnny is brilliant but recently has been off. Maybe that's injuries or just lack of form I'm not sure. He will come good but maybe does need a rest thursday.
  6. Also, have I missed something, but where is Perez?
  7. Not many will beat Liverpool. We had a mare, let's win the next few and move on.
  8. He needs to get in the gym with Praet and bulk up a bit!
  9. It will look amazing. Look at the training ground. What they do, they do well. Exciting times!
  10. He does the dirtyy work. He isn't afraid to track back and defend but will also get forward and is capable of a killer pass. He doesnt do the pretty stuff like Madders but is more consistent in the games he plays. Tielemans is better with him in the side and he also connects well with Timmy too. They have all played together for a while and it shows! He has the physicality Madders lacks and isn't shoved off of the ball. He also isn't afraid to get stuck into a tackle. You don't see him rolling around waving his hands looking at the referee if he gets tackled, he just gets up and carries on. He
  11. He should be one of the first names on the team sheet at the minute and not making way for Madders or Harvey. Our midfield works better when he is in it.
  12. Positive pants on 🤷‍♀️ we got beaten by the champions as will many others this season. We are still having a great season so far and wins at arsenal and man city were incredible. They will bounce back and hopefully this is another learning curve in what they need to do to be the best. I'm frustrated Praet didnt start as the midfield is better with him and Youri. The passing is more fluid and they bring the 💪 we need. Madders wants to be the main man then he has more learning to do as he isnt there yet. He loses his place to Praet for me everytime at the moment. What frustrated me most tonight
  13. Already looking better with those changes
  14. If we are going to lose let's go down fighting. Praet and Under on and let's get at them!
  15. Youri needs Praet not Madders. Our midfield is missing
  16. The bleach has made little Wes a bit nuts and I like it! 😁 pass it around to the others!
  17. Madders wants to be the main man he needs to step it up and start fighting
  18. I'm not doubting Brendan but I really think Praet should have started
  19. So it hits his HAND but it's not HANDball?!!!! 🤔🤷‍♀️
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