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  1. Captain Kasper, what an incredible leader and man he is. Well done to everyone who helped and reacted so quickly.
  2. Jeez, poor Timmy! Get well soon
  3. Poor Timmy, that looks horrendous πŸ˜”
  4. Ward is having a brilliant game! Go on Danny!
  5. A friendly pre-season game at Cambridge would be lovely!
  6. Yes I agree but I was reacting more to comments about Perez and Praet before mine and the fact if I had one place left to fill I would play praet rather than perez! Perez has fleeting moments of good play but Dennis is more of a technical steady eddy who I would have more trust in. The Belgians play great together and link up well. I'm beyond frustrated with Perez now to be honest. The Belgian coach even said he was surprised by Praet's levels and fitness given he hasn't played. I'm not sure what Brendan sees in some over others but I guess I'm not a manager πŸ˜‚ I think Praet will have a good E
  7. If it was a choice between Perez and Praet, no question for me - Praet every time!
  8. Great for his match fitness to play the full 90 minutes. I didnt watch the match but according to reports and comments afterwards he played well. I expect he was buzzing to actually play!
  9. Hales

    Dennis Praet

    Nothing concrete other than a twitter report a couple of weeks back saying Seville where interested. I think a lot is presumption he may want to go or Brendan wants to sell due to the weird lack of game time? Brendan has since explained a little why he wasn't used and Dennis has said he was frustrated at trying to fight back into the team as any player would that just wants to play. I hope he stays.
  10. It's a massive shame either have to win it! 😁
  11. That's going to be a nasty black eye for Kev!
  12. Well this has put a downer on my morning. I really hope Youri stays. This could potentially put a hold on other transfers? Would the club let Mendy, Praet and Hamza go if Youri is a possible to go? We wouldn't have much of a midfield left? Stay Youri please!!!!!!!
  13. I'm trying to have sympathy for Bruno, no I can't....... 😁
  14. Had to be de gea to miss πŸ˜‚
  15. This is going to go on all night πŸ˜‚
  16. Their goalie is getting closer than De gea πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€ž
  17. Hales


    Well done agent Fofana! 🀩😍
  18. I'm not really sure why you think I am high and mighty or taking a cheap swipe? I'm entitled to my opinion as are you. In actual fact you are taking a cheap swipe at me when you nothing about me. Ironic really. Anyway back to Madders, I actually really like him and want to achieve his best. I am not against him but he doesn't help himself sometimes. He has fallen behind other players. He wants to reach his peak and play for England. He therefore needs to put the effort in. I'm not overly fussed normally about his off field antics, yes let him enjoy his fame and money but the party
  19. For me Madders has been incredibly frustrating. I know he has suffered with fitness but his lack of effort and off field antics have not been acceptable. I hope he can spend his time now having a break but working on his attitude and fitness. I really want him to succeed but he has the chance of being his own worse enemy.
  20. Yes i was disappointed yesterday as we were so close! The season has been great and im going to be positive. The FA cup was magical and there were some massive results against the "big 6". We are on a journey and next season will be even better! I think Top will back Brendan in the transfer window and hopefully we can make some great signings and get players back from injuries. Time for them to rest, recuperate and come back fighting. Hope Youri, Timmy, Dennis, Cags, Kasper etc. have a great Euros and come back fit and well and full of confidence for next season. I'm looking forward to it, bri
  21. I think I would cry if he left, I love Youri! I hope it wasn't a goodbye and that contract can get sorted really soon.
  22. https://epl24x7.com/2021/05/23/04/00/28/65907/ Brendan and Dennis' thoughts
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