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  1. Alright..alright - have it your way!
  2. Uh-oh. Here it comes - the gasbag hiss of a infinitely frail ego being punctured. You've wasted your time and energy on trying to prove you know something I don't, whilst attempting to save face by mocking me. Well done!
  3. Thanks and, yes, it's easy to look at another club and forget the similarities with your own. But the Glazers and their ilk are very different from the Srivaddhanaprabha family - who appear to be unique in their approach to Leicester and the Leicester community. A lot of United supporters have accepted the basis of the takeover and seem only to object when their team isn't winning trophies year-in - year-out. Of course, some 'United' youths felt it necessary to express their baser instincts, but the responsible supporters, who were against the infiltration back in 2003, have shown real te
  4. Realism - a catch-all word with a broad remit. If I thought that our club shared the same moral plane as the Glazers, Kroenke, Henry, Singer and any other vulture capitalists who've slimed their way into European football, then I'd have to attend some form of therapy to lessen my devotion to LCFC. The whole passive attitude of accepting unrecalcitrant liars and manipulators to continue perverting our national game into some version of the American football league system is tacit approval of a cultural takeover of England and Wales by these unrepentant globe-gobblers. At least the Uni
  5. Muzzy was the better midfielder but Channy scored so many goals.
  6. In a word - yes. What modern players have in comparison to that stream of great players from all the eras of world football is the benefit of nutritional knowledge, specific exercise regimes, improved medical knowledge and surgery, and the development of tactics and strategy. Also the detrimental effects of fags 'n booze are now accepted as gospel and any player smoking or over-indulging in alcohol should know they carry a disadvantage into any game. In addition, the pitches were often awful and the balls, in rain and on soggy ground, became sodden lumps of leather. Those players y
  7. "With respect, mate" always brings a wry smile to my mouth - especially when there's a "haha" prefacing it. It means you mean just the opposite. And the "foaming at the mouth" bit of hyperbole means you're implying, to the others reading this thread, that I'm a teensy bit unhinged. I know your gambit - it's the 'don't address the issue but have a dig at the person expressing their opinion' variation. Why don't you just stick to the point? Yes, I've been watching ALL the games too - so what? Maybe your eyesight is better than mine, but your assessment is subject to the same jury min
  8. I seem to recall that Chilwell was excellent at going forward the season before the boo-boys started their vendetta on him. He's not doing badly at Chelsea now, either.
  9. Maybe they're all overthinking and feeling the pressure. He's the one whose bound to be in the spotlight much more when the blame game starts, so maybe he's getting cautious. It hasn't stopped BR picking him and subbing him didn't bring anything more positive. It took a centre-back to claw a draw.
  10. Maybe he has been reading this thread! Took responsibility for the free-kick though...and got criticised for that. The kid can't win - on here that is.
  11. Certain posters appear to feel the need to single out individuals, but why Luke Thomas, is for me, indicative of something very negative about the general mood on this forum at this time. This season we've been hugely successful, in spite of injuries, yet I think the prospect of the prizes not materialising is causing a certain amount of insecurity and 'snappiness', but in his case that's hidden behind the faint praise - 'done ok, but he's not experienced enough' or 'he got found out in the Arsenal game'. The thing is, whoever counters these flimsy criticisms might as well save their brea
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