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  1. Great shout on West Brom. I took my lad to his first away game that day. Bit much for a four year old! Still talks about it though. So tense. Any day top and tailed in the vine is a treat though.
  2. Palace in the title winning season was a great day. Atmosphere was electric. The day we all started to believe. We shall not be moved. Southend in about 92 was my first away game. Just a special feeling; sunshine and singing......lost though!
  3. A bit like Gazza used to. Running across defenders so they can't get at the ball without fouling him.
  4. Completely agree. Seems to have everything now. The fitness and strength that he has added has taken him to the top table. He is so patient with his positional play, knowing he can wait for a couple of passes before he gets it in that bit more space. Like cambiaso seems to be able to play crisp first time passes. Awareness is as good as anyone, sees the picture. Love him.
  5. Self belief and positivity have to be there from the word go. Passing forwards when we can, aggressive closing down, concentrate on runners and be clinical. Win.
  6. Selby, quite rightly always gets a good reception. Agree about the Riders, they are an absolute institution in British Basketball. They should be celebrated more. They should put their games on straight after the City with some sort of ticket package/travel/food. The link up would be superb.
  7. Newcastle away. Lost 7-1. We were all thinking we were in for a right kicking after the events of the previous season. Luckily they won the league on the day in question and were in party mode. I remember them singing 'Andy Cole, gets the ball and scores a goal'. Then Walshy scored and the whole ground was singing 'Gets the ball and scores a goal, Stevie, Stevie Walsh'. Great day out on the Leazes Terrace.
  8. Good call went nuts when Larry scored.
  9. Is there a moment you remember where a particular song was iconic or memorable? Palace away- we shall not be moved. Cov at home- all the way through half time 'Iwan is a Welshman'
  10. Youri is obviously capable of playing further forward, but he is by far and away the best option for recieving the ball on the half turn to work the ball forward and dictate the play. He picks the ball up beyond the opposing team first line of the press and plays out. To be honest he has also really improved his defensive cover and tracking. I guess his conditioning this season has increased with time. I would prefer sacrificing the number 10 position with Kellsy or Barnes or under rather than youri to keep him where he is?
  11. Forgot to add. Jack Curtis was a legend in my eyes. Such a nice bloke. We were young lads and always had time for us. Got us playing for Leicester Foxes at belvoir drive.
  12. I started in the family enclosure at the front of the main stand terrace. Just great days, the players were genuinely in touching distance. The view of the wingers and full backs on the near side in each half was inspiring. Tommy Wright flying past was a treat. Seem to remember Ali Mauchlan smashing into tackles and hearing a crunch! Anyone remember when at a night match in the rain when walkers were giving out poppadoms crisps? They must have had so many or not many takers we all had a box each on used the boxes as hats to keep dry, watching the game through the hole in the front. F
  13. He takes too many touches. Allowing defenders to crowd him out, always seems to take the ball facing away from goal and tries to turn into trouble. He needs to get on the half term and move the ball on. There is ability there, but if we are honest, we haven't seen it anywhere consistently enough.
  14. We had a bit of everything to be impressed with. Solid shape, hard work, creativity, decision making when to go quick and combination play with 1 and 2 touches. Just a pleasure to watch.
  15. I actually think he is getting better. I wouldn't swap him for anyone at the moment based on his influence and performances. He seems demanding of others which is massive when today, 100% effort and body on the line attitude isn't a given. His shot stopping, reaction work and closing angles for 1 on 1's are all match saving.
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