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  1. The Rodri / Man City reaction reminds me of how Harry Redknapp would always react if he lost to us. "Yeah, well we always knew they were good at set pieces..." We'd have scored four world class goals from open play and he'd trot that out just because in the nineties Matt Elliott had a magnet in his forehead and Guppy could take a corner. As other have said, Mendy and Amartey feel like new signings. Pleased for those lads.
  2. Vardy. Although all three goals filled me with so much happiness as to make the rest of my life feel empty.
  3. Every single one of my non-Leicester supporting friends is convinced that Demarai Gray is a phenomenal footballer who is worth well over one hundred million pounds. They genuinely all think he's absolutely brilliant.
  4. Ah, I remember that win at Old Trafford. As I was leaving the ground with my Dad, a very red man with an Irish accent walked up to me, said "cheating Leicester b*stards" and punched me in the face. They weren't used to losing games back then 😂
  5. I'm not looking forward to this. I think it's because Mark Lawrenson has predicted that we'll win. I feel sick.
  6. I used to work with him back in 2010-11 and he was always a decent bloke (as were Jason Bourne, John Sinclair and Charles Dagnall, even if Daggers was a Burnley fan) and contrary to what a few people have suggested, easy to work with. Obviously you can't please everyone but I'm happy to hear him commentating on games when I'm away with work and can't find a way to watch. I think he sometimes rubs people up the wrong way because we all love Leicester SO much that even the slightest irritating thing can be magnified by a million. Am curious: did we all dislike
  7. As most of our fans have roots in Leicester... how can you be from our wonderful city and ever grow up to be a racist? Baffles me. One of my proudest moments of being a City fan and from Leicester is when the EDL had a march in the city centre and got mocked by everybody until they just left. I've only ever seen daft 16 year old kids wearing fake Stone Island say anything racist (Southampton away years ago) and a few older lads basically told them to never say stuff like that again or they'd throw them out themselves. Really sad if this stuff is creeping ba
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