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  1. Hoping we can get this one signed up before a big boy top4 steps in and buys him under our nose really pis Sec of that Liverpool beat us to that Greek young lad they didn’t really need another left back but at least it stops one of their rivals buying a quality player !
  2. Great another young prospect we were after who’d get plenty of game time with us gets to now sit on the Liverpool bench week in week out, as can’t see Robertson or the other established defenders in front of Tsimikas be replaced by the young Greek ?
  3. Ghezal & Diabate are a couple that come to mind ?
  4. Just wondering if Jovic is a no go or are we still going in for him ?
  5. Looking forward in seeing what Brendan and Co bring in during the short closed season, but what we’re hoping for is they bring in some real quality peaches of players to improve the squad and our ambition of a top 6 club rather than bringing in the usual Lemons 🍋 that we often seem to sign for ridiculous money ?!
  6. Seems the world football rankings are showing Leicester City are the 17th best club in the world, above the likes of Juventus and AC Milan and way above Spuds and Gooneys according to this article ! Not aware of this has been posted before? https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/leicester-city-move-above-european-4407394
  7. Yeah why not especially with a cracking new golf course at the new training ground ?😉
  8. Maybe we can get Bale in the real too still can play a solid game knows how to score amazing goals and free kicks 😇
  9. Just what I thought but reading some reports saying Barca are willing to pay £40m for Cags we needy to keep him not let him go, Evans has been amazing but he’s not getting any younger so we need to bring in another decent CB or do to Benkovic what we did to Cags just drop him in?
  10. Sounds like he’s going to be or could be used as leverage to bring in Francisco Trincao ?
  11. My thoughts exactly typical Chelsea wanting a player on the cheap mind you Rogers should call their bluff be as arrogant as them and say ok £50m plus Alonso !
  12. So looking at the sports news Chelsea want Nick Pope figure of around £50m so if Pope is about £50m how much would Manure have to pay to prise Kasper from Leicester ?
  13. Been a few reports were trying to offload Demarai to Newcastle Steve Bruce wants him to join the Magpies, Really think we should keep him unless we have a solid replacement on the way ?
  14. Same old stories popping up we’re looking at signing Muriqi so spurs and Man U have appeared interested now ?
  15. Impressive scoring just imagine Muriqi & Vardy together feeding off each other jeez bit of a goal fest and it looks like he won’t take any sh it from anyone ? GET HIM IN !!
  16. Anyone take Richarlison from Everton seems to pop up nearly every time we play them and is still only 23 read he would listen to offers from other clubs, then got me thinking have we ever had a Brazilian play for Leicester before ?
  17. That wage keeps going up was reported late last week £85k then £90k now it’s up to £110k wonder what the end wage will be ?
  18. It’s a typical Chelsea ploy buy all the decent young players so other clubs can’t get them then send them into the loan wilderness or like they did to DD RUIN THEM !
  19. He’ll sent off into the loan wilderness or sat on his arse on the bench another waste of a decent talent that Chelski like to hoard away from other clubs ! But it’s probably all gossip who knows until he actually signs for a club hoping else can get a chance signing him he does look a decent prospect ?
  20. Didn’t work out for us but GOOD LUCK on his next club ( Dodged a bullet there!!😅)
  21. We need to get rid of the dead wood can’t wait for Ricardo to come back bring in a few new players hopefully Jovic will arrive it’s just frustrating how we went from scoring for fun to couldn’t hit a barn door at 3 paces ! We need to see who he brings in and tries to rebuild us closed season yes it’s only 6 weeks but we should have been Lining up new players weeks ago tho join us will be disappointed as fuch if we bring in a couple of what we have already or to that fact nothing at all, I’m sure Top will give him this window to rebuild give him til January if we’re low in the table then I’m sure Top will wield the Axe ? Be a shame he came here with so much promise and some great performances but what happened after Christmas did he lose some of the players as some recon or has he just not got the players to play his way?
  22. can't really complain at that can you European football a record win a golden boot we just fell off the rails after restart because mainly of injuries to key players, I’m proud of this achievement it will only make us push harder next season as an almost made the CL again? Who knows with Brendan bringing in a few decent players if we can get Jovic and a few more to rebuild let go of the dead wood get a winning mentality back.
  23. Benkovic & Souyuncu would love to see how they worked together ?
  24. It was written in the stars VARchester were going to get a penalty you knew when Maguire should have been sent off before the goal the ref looked away when he clipped Vardy before the tackle we thought he’s going then Atkinson saw his summer holiday bonus so waved it away !
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