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  1. Just don’t drop your soap that’s always the biggest advice in movies !!😏🤭😳
  2. Great news super Wilf could be back to bolster midfield hope it’s not too soon tho? At work again for this one bloody work gets in the way of visiting the KP far too much lately but😥 but will be finding somewhere to watch the game on a decent stream and hope the Bleep stays bloody quiet for a couple of hours, but on last few nights I’m not sure it will 😉💙🦊 Hoping for a return in our great form again now Wilf looks like he’s fit and a decent positive performance from the foxes so I’ll go for a 2-1 win Vardy & Perez !🙏
  3. Nostalgia personified my lad said what was Blue Peter ? Even then it showed how much we were ahead of others in Technology, wasn’t we also one of the first to install under soil heating too?
  4. They’d probably still boo him even if he played for them lads probably choked on his cornflakes probably why he didn’t play today !!🤪
  5. Trouble is yes Vardy missed a penalty but the blame can’t just lay on one player, just thought it was a collective cock up by many today and Blurnley wanted it more than us they hit us hard and got their 3points !! We just need to do better or is it the old transfer window saga worrying unsettling a few either way Brendan needs to kick a few up the arse and sort this blip out !!
  6. At first glance I thought this was a Korean or Chinese player we were signing ?? #WHOOPS !!
  7. It does show we need to bring in a bit of quality when we leave Tielemans on the bench and rotate so much, for today would have thought JJ would have been ideal to fill the Chilwell role ? Just think at times to our mojo has left us first half of the season such amazing ball skills and performances it’s as if the lads are now either lost their way or have lost faith in themselves being top 4 contenders either way Brendan needs to sort something out ASAP as we’re in real danger of dropping out of the top 4 with more dreadful performances like today !! Ive got faith in our team I’m sure we’ll pick ourselves up and start winning again Wednesday !!💙🦊💙🦊
  8. Could do with Brendan going in for Hakim Ziyech from Ajax been linked quite a few times would be a quality signing !
  9. Sounds like he’s going to sign for the Baggies on loan then a sign permanent but Leeds trying to spoil the party be a shame if we miss out he does looks a pretty decent prospect ?
  10. Predictive text should have looked before posting !!🤯
  11. I don’t know if this has been posted before but every time you look at a website it says about some sort of number crunching super computer Which says which club will win the league will come second and will come third etc etc etc, What I want now first of all where is and what is the super bloody computer and has it really worked in the past and if so can you give me the winning lottery numbers for the EuroMillions tonight? This one says that we will not lose again this season and finish second behind Diverpool or as I’ve heard done call them VARerpool so what’s your thoughts on this secret super computer That predicts the final positions in the Premier League? https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/leciester-premier-league-prediction-liverpool-3747948
  12. Sounds a bit like that Kate Bush song oh Kapustka Kapustka Kapustka ah ah !! not that I’m old enough to remember that !!( cough splutter!!)
  13. Really need Wilf back for his calmness in midfield, hoping Brendan has learned from that debacle that was home to Southampton but really feel that video of the 0-9 drubbing Before the game got their backs up gave them extra motivation to go an beat us ! But surely we can’t be that Bad again V Burnley surely not ? Bit of a Brendan kick up the arse , Vardy grabs a Hatrick and we win 0-4 Chilwell grabs one too !!
  14. You’ll get the odd ones bringing inflatable cocks !!
  15. When watching him sometimes it seems like his head and feet aren’t in sync, you can see his idea of what he wants to do but his feet tend to go a bit prematurely at times is there a cure for this condition?
  16. Been in Morrisons once I heard?
  17. Halfway into January 16 days left of the transfer window we still really haven’t had a sniff of a new signing, so is it no news is good news or Leicester will trust in what we have and build in the summer I know I’d rather them take their time and bring in some quality rather than rushing and buying a lemon 🍋 or two ?
  18. Seen a few clips for his goals certainly looks like a quality striker 49 goals 27 assists in 112 games at Celtic, has a great first touch likes to run at defenders big aerial presence I’d say take the chance offer Neil £25m send them one of our young lads on loan too
  19. Be great for the Lad he looks real quality on the ball but wouldn’t mind Eppiah Making the step up maybe in our FA cup next leg?
  20. Ashley Young from Man U still has a few years in him, his move to Inter & Roma doesn’t look like it’s going ahead maybe we could put a cheeky bid in him?
  21. He’s been pretty poor last few games losing possession for Southamptons first really think the lad needs a break, maybe give James Justin a run out he can play both flanks and when he’s played looks very handy .
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