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  1. He’s both sided seems to be much better on left
  2. Typical journalists who can’t bother doing their Homework who if they did would know Timothy Castagne can play and is better playing on the left side of defence, so this poll is null and void really and Brendan has no headache in choosing Ricardo or Tim for Right back ! Bloody Journalistic Cockwombles!! https://www.footballfancast.com/snack-poll/who-is-the-better-right-back-for-leicester
  3. Pity they didn’t put a roof on it would have been even more like a bog seat !
  4. We definitely need a decent quality striker to back up Vardy I know he’s Leicester’s Peter Pan but he won’t keep going on for for as many years as we’d love him too, plus the fact Nacho has had some great displays scored some great goals but he’s so inconsistent we need a striker like Vardy really such a pity we overlooked and missed out on Ollie Watkins that lads going to be quality.
  5. I’d hate to be the bloke who has to face Marcin “ THE GRIM REAPER !!” Wasileski !! Especially in a Fuching cage you could just imaging me the guy Snarling and ready to steam roll you !!
  6. He has his good days and damn awful days, if only we had the Johnny Evans of at least 10 years ago the one that was amazing game in game out! I love Johnny the way he plays for us but sometimes you think Fuch that’s a hospital tackle or he’s lost his pace so hacks down the opponent either way he’d be an amazing defensive coach with Big Wes when they hang up their boots !
  7. It looks pretty decent at least it doesn’t look like a huge Toilet seat alike Stadium Spud 🥔 a great looking stadium with a stupid looking top to it that resembles a bog seat !!
  8. What do you expect when the Premier League bend over backwards for Liverpool, you knew it wouldn’t be a fairly officiated game when Liverpool had Cootes removed from VAR duties and Kavanagh was the ref? We had some unlucky yellow card on Sunday JJ’s was a joke the others just blurred into hilarity, and the hand ball by Matip that Kavanagh didn’t even check with VAR makes you think it was fixed ?
  9. To be honest when a team with a 4000 fan capacity can have 2000 fans in is that really fair to the bigger teams with bigger grounds to only have 2000 fans into the stadium, and logistically & financially would it be worth it to the club & how will they fairly allocate the tickets then there’s the restrictions no singing or chanting no refreshments ? So i for one will hang on till we can experience the KP how we love it !
  10. If he gets this team playing how we know and love and bring in in a quality player or two in January I’m sure it won’t be long before Brendan Delivers a trophy or 2 for the Leicester !
  11. Really hoping we can go all the way in this competition it’s going to be down to if we can keep everyone fit and injury free, Be amazing if we can finish top 4 come May and a trophy or 2 especially a European Trophy that would make people take us even more serious as a Team to compete at the highest levels ?
  12. I don’t really want anyone but Leicester to win it this season seems as open as anything a number of clubs have a chance, but as it was obvious at last seasons biases It’s whoever the Premier League want to win it this season😉? By the way Liverpool miraculously had Cootes kicked off VAR Duties and the fact how the press & Tv are going on so much about Their injury list makes if you’re a conspiracy theorist believe they want Liverpool to retain the Title !
  13. Great performance tonight & 2 quality goals from that New lad Demarai Gray 😉
  14. Well that was one hell of a disappointing sh it show tonight all I can say is thank god for Budweiser very cold Budweiser!! whoever said Supporting Leicester could turn you to Drink LoL !!😂😂
  15. Bring back Ricky Ndidi Souyuncu we need you !’
  16. Nah we’re not a bunch of whinging whining oh woe us the world hates us bunch of Cnuty Cockwomble Ardenholes !!
  17. Top get the cheque book out January bud 😉
  18. Rollocks Bolla ck s ah well move on to the next game ffs what a disappointing game had so much to live up for but died like a slug in a bath of Salt in the first half !!
  19. Got the wife to put a few beers in the freezer for me for when I got home from work really starting to soften the blow of this Shocking Sh IT SHOW TONIGHT !! Brendan Make this the last crap performance of the Season
  20. The footballing gods are smiling on us a draw on the line here a Vardy double inbound😉
  21. To think o rushed home from work for this phfutwa !!
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