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  1. No chance. They would rather be in the conference league than nothing in order to maintain their coefficient. Could be an easy way back into the UCL
  2. I think you can be a proper supporter without being born and bred close to a club. I’ve got a friend from Leicester who has supported Chelsea for years, probably goes to 10+ games a season. I also have Leicester supporting friends who have always been armchair fans and only really started trying to go to games circa 2016.
  3. No. Spurs finished 4th once and missed out as Chelsea won the UCL. Only four teams from the same country were allowed back then, they would have been ok under the current rules.
  4. Arsenal probably won’t be in Europe next season, we will be. the coefficient is based over a 5 year period, we probably have a higher coefficient than Arsenal by 2024 so more chance this benefits us than them
  5. Probably more to do with their long term injuries, two nailed on starters ruled out for the season after a handful of games.
  6. Correct. We were talking about Arsenal v Benfica. One game is in Rome the other leg is in Athens. Makes a lot of sense
  7. The away tie is in Rome, their home leg is in Athens
  8. Arsenal's home game against benfica has been switched to Athens we play them 3 days after so hopefully the travelling can knacker them
  9. Bolton had a good run about 15 years back, 4 consecutive top 8 finishes and a few points off top 4 on a couple of occasions
  10. Their postponed game against Everton is now on the Wednesday between the Spurs and Arsenal game. Difficult run
  11. https://m.imgur.com/f7eOQXz the only contact is Jose’s trailing leg clipping Luizs knee. Very harsh pen
  12. Isn’t Iheanacho older than he says as well? He has a 14 year old son apparently
  13. TBF I think we have only beat 1 team in the top half
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